high vibes

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So I was a "spoiled gf" accidently with my ex. He loved taking me shopping and calling me his princess- I loved it. I would love to be a super spoiled gf again but I don't know how to really pick the guy or meet someone like that again. My ex and I met on okcupid and he didn't come off as wealthy.He made like 80,000 a yr but as a young guy with no real expenses he was able to spend most of that on me. Whats your advice on finding another one or even a better one? lol

Hang out at places where successful men go to. Upscale places, i have a list of that in my sugar advice tag. Look your best at all times and give off that high maintenance vibes. If he asks about your previous relationships, mention your ex and how he took care of you and say that’s how you like to be treated. Show appreciation and don’t come off as trying to use them for their money.