high tumbles

The basilica’s tower closes at 4:30 pm. We took our time and stayed until the security told us to leave. On our way up we decided to take photos like this, but when we wanted to take the stairs down, they were closed. We didn’t want to use the elevator so we asked the security guy to open up the stairs again just for us. They did and we could take these epic photos on our way to the ground.


Some of the less well-known Chinese juniors that definitely have the potential to make it BIG.

1. Luo Youjuan (2001)- Your unorthodox Chinese junior - full of power, sky high tumblings, does one of the best double pike dismount on beam in the world (and with decent consistency on all her events). Just scored the only 14s on beam during the National Youth Game team final, and got first on floor as well.

2.Lu Yufei (2000)- The underdog - though not as well known as princess Tingting, Lu Yufei is one of China’s best all-round junior. With a Tsukuhara double on her vault, a decent beam, a huge bar routine with a double-double dismount, and a beautiful floor routine featuring good landings and dynamic movement, Lu Yufei is definitely going to make a statement in her gymnastic career. She recently scored the first in floor, second in vault, second in UB and fourth in beam in the recent National Youth Game qualifier (She doesn’t have a team because her province is unable to fulfill the team requirement). Watch her most recent floor here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xOW79Z3QaSg

3.Wang Cenyu (2001)- The graceful lady - She is such a joy to watch on beam - simply elegant and gracious. While some of her other events may not be as strong, she definitely makes up the lack in difficulty with her grace! Cenyu is currently in the first group in the National Youth Game All-round competition. Watch her beam routine here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s6tBcjcVYbw

4.Yang Haimeng (2002) - A fledgling talent, Haimeng is so new to the pro scene that I was unable to find a clear photo of her on the internet. Yet, she is one of China’s rare talent on vault. She has scored two massive scores with a Y720 in the National Youth Game qualifier, making her to top the ranking in the qualifying round as well as the team final round. At a tender age of 13, Haimeng definitely has the potential to become China’s next Cheng Fei if her potential can be maximized. 


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