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College, I get it. You’re important and all that..but can you please stop assigning me buttloads of essays and assignments that won’t help me in my animation career and just let me finish one of my animations for once? (╥﹏╥)

if I watch any Disney movies with you then don’t expect that we’re just gonna “watch it”. no. we’re gonna sing the songs, know the choreography, memorize the lines, and I expect you to understand the references. Because once you agree to watch with me, there is no turning back.

To people in favour  of banning fidgets/spinners in schools:

It’s detrimental to neurotypicals, you say? 

The non-ableist response is “then they should stop using it”, not “then we should ban them and keep them from kids who need them”. 

That’s like banning prescription glasses for everyone because it’s harmful to the vision of kids with 20-20 vision, without any regard for the impact on the health, well-being, and quality of education it would have on people who need glasses.

That’s like blaming prescription glasses for making the vision of kids with 20/20 vision blurry. 

They’re not meant for kids with 20-20 eyesight any more than fidgets are meant for neurotypical kids.