high times pant


Alright, part two is up. Here we have 1930s Men’s fashion.

Honestly, I wanted to get a decent amount of references for this one because it’s harder to find diversity in men’s clothing sometimes. You always come across suits and, while that helps, we also need shoes, hats, more specific explanations on said suits, etc. I tried to include less formal wear as well.

As you can see, suits in this era are made to make you like like you have a big torso and broader shoulders. Wrists look kinda small by comparison. Fedoras and straw hats were more in around this time, too. High waisted pants are what you’ll be wanting to draw out when creating outfits and make sure to add a shnazzy little belt. I forgot to add swimwear on my post on women’s fashion, but there are a couple of examples in the second to last image. One pieces were still commonly used around this time, but swim trunks did become somewhat popular amongst more brawny men. I hope this helps. I’ll work on 1940s fashion tomorrow. Until then, I hope you all have a happy new year.

Body positivity week- today I challenged myself and wore high waisted pants and a loose fitted crop top with a Bralet over my regular bra. It actually made my boobs probably pop out more( oops!) but I felt like a pear-shaped goddess, y'all. Never in my life did I ever see myself being confident enough in my body shape and size to go out in a crop top without a tank under it.
Size 18/20 and starting to *really* love my body for the shape it is. It’s been a 22 yr journey. And everyday is different.