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and 800-ball free throw? that’s a 2400 point basketball shot right there.

Bad Dates 2/?

A/N: Part two. Flashbacks are in Italics If you have any bad dates you’d like to send in, I’d be happy for some inspiration!

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Part 1


It had been a couple of months since the bathroom debacle and I kept working part time at the Children’s Hospital and the rest of my time was spent in the tower working with Helen Cho and Bruce and training with the team.

Today found me in the gym wrapping up a run, Easily my least favorite part of training, when Sam walked in. “I thought you hated running Y/n.”

Hopping off the treadmill and grabbing my water “Not everyone has cool gear that takes them where they need to go, Samuel. Some of us actually have to work hard to keep up with your sorry asses.” i say as i poke him in the side.

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Friends (Yugyeom)

For: @helinugu

Prompt:   Yugyeom finding out you went to a night club with some of your male friends

You drummed your fingers on the table as you took a sip of your milkshake, narrowing your eyes at the person sitting opposite you. That person happened to be your boyfriend of six months, Kim Yugyeom and sadly he was not bothered in the slightest by the glare you were sending his way making it pointless. Although to be fair this didn’t surprise you since his focus wasn’t on you but on the phone in his hand. You sighed. What was the point of taking the time to meet up if he wasn’t even going to talk to you? Maybe you should confiscate his phone next time you mused. That way his attention wouldn’t be pulled away every time he got a new notification or text message. Which was far too often. How dare he be so popular? You were a little envious. The last time your phone had made a noise had been this morning when your mum had messaged you to ask what time you’d be over for dinner on Sunday. 

And then Yugyeom was talking.

“What’s this?” he asked and you blinked in surprise at the phone that was now right in front of your face.

It had been a whole two words in a row, a definite improvement over ‘Hmm?’ and ‘Yeah’, the only responses you’d managed to get out of him up until now but the tone he’d used had you frowning. It was accusatory and that surprised you. He’d been the one to set up this date and he’d barely said a word to you since you’d sat down, if anyone should be getting mad right now it should be you.

Confused and a little annoyed by the hostility in his voice you took the phone from him and looked down at the image on the screen hoping it would make the sudden change in his demeanour make sense.

It didn’t.

“It’s a dog on a skateboard.” You told him. “Does that bother you for some reason? Because to me he looks pretty happy. But then it’s not my dog and it’s not my skateboard so what do I know?”

Yugyeom’s face coloured slightly, maybe in annoyance or maybe in embarrassment and he snatched the phone back out of your hand. “No, not that.” he said and he scrolled down a little further. “That.”

This time the phone was slid across the table and you had to scramble to catch it before it ended up either hitting you or the floor.

“Explain that to me.” Yugyeom continued once you had it in your hand again.

This time the image that met you was not that of  a dog on a skateboard but one of you. The picture had been taken a couple of days ago when you’d gone out with your cousin to celebrate her birthday. Something you were sure you’d mentioned. And no matter how hard you thought about it you couldn’t see any reason for Yugyeom to be mad about that. “I know I didn’t ask but you couldn’t have come anyway.” You reasoned. “You were working.” Maybe that was it. Maybe he was mad he hadn’t been invited. But he’d had a live radio show appearance with the rest of the group, there’d been no point asking him, he’d have had to say no then he’d have felt guilty about it afterwards. By not asking him you’d been doing you both a favour. Yugyeom wouldn’t have to feel guilty and you wouldn’t feel bad for making him feel that way.

“You didn’t tell me you went to a club.”

Of course you’d gone to a club, it had been her twentieth birthday, where else were you going to go? “I didn’t think I had to tell you. I thought when I said ‘Oh I went out with my cousin at the weekend’ that it would be pretty obvious I meant to a club.”

“Okay, maybe I should have worked that out for myself. But that’s not the point.” he argued.

“Then what is the point?” you asked, trying not to get too frustrated with him. You didn’t need to get into an argument, not here. If you did you’d only draw attention to yourselves and neither of you wanted that.

“The point is those guys are all over you.”

“Wait…” you said slowly as realisation dawned “… are you jealous?” Was that what all this was about?

“No,” Yugyeom was quick to retort. “No. I’m not jealous. I just don’t see why they have to have their hands on you.”

You squinted at the picture in front of you trying to work out what he was going on about. You were all standing pretty close in order to make sure all of you could squeeze into the picture and there was a hand on your shoulder. But that was it. “I saw a picture the other day of you and BamBam and he was practically sitting in your lap.” You countered. You didn’t know why a hand on your shoulder had Yugyeom throwing a fit when he had no problem with people being as close if not closer to him.

“That’s different.”

You sighed. It was not different. But there was no point saying so, he wasn’t going to back down just because you thought he was being ridiculous. “How is it different?” you asked instead already knowing what his answer was going to be.

“We’re friends.”

And there it was. “And those are my friends.” You told him even though you were pretty sure he already knew. He’d met at least two of the guys in the picture after all. “See him there?” you asked, jabbing your finger at the man standing to your right. “We went to high school together. And him?” this time you pointed to the man standing behind you. “We’ve known each other since we were five.”

“Yeah I know…”

“But what?” you asked. He hadn’t said it yet but there were was definitely a but coming, you could tell by the look on his face.

“But what if they want to be more than just friends with you?”

“So what?” They didn’t, of course they didn’t. You’d known them forever, if any of them had had feelings for you they’d had plenty of time to confess them and they hadn’t. You doubted that answer would appease Yugyeom though. His voice had wavered slightly, right there at the end, he’d sounded unsure. Meaning this wasn’t just jealousy talking. This whole thing had him feeling insecure. Telling him not to be so stupid wouldn’t fix that. “Even if they did want to be more than friends I don’t. None of them are my boyfriend but you are. You’re the one I want to be with.”

Yugyeom still didn’t look convinced. “But I’m not a good boyfriend.” He argued. “I’m always so busy. I bet if you were dating any one of those guys you’d get to spend so much more time with them.”

You wanted to reach over and smack some sense into him but you managed to hold yourself back. You’d done really well not to draw attention to yourselves thus far and you didn’t want to ruin it. So instead of cuffing him over the back of the head you took his hand. “I don’t want to spend time with them.” You said gently. “I want to spend time with you. And I know we don’t get to do that very often but that doesn’t matter. You make me happy, even when you’re not around. Remember last week when I had that really crappy day at work? Absolutely everything went wrong. It was horrible. But on the way home I took out my phone and there was a picture there from you, of you getting ready for that music show performance. Just knowing you’d taken a few seconds out of your day to send that to me was enough. It meant you’d been thinking about me. I couldn’t stop smiling.”

“Really?” Yugyeom asked, still sounding hesitant.

“Really.” You said, squeezing his hand.

“Well if you’re sure…”

“I’m sure.” You told him, your tone final. “But if you really want to be a better boyfriend maybe next time we go on a date you could leave your phone in your bag.” You suggested, smiling to let him know you weren’t being entirely serious. “Not having your attention when you’re miles away and working is one thing, not having your attention when I’m sitting right in front of you is another.“

anonymous asked:

I love my boyfriend so much! We had kinda a rough start a year ago and a lot of people didn't like that we were together and made up stories and I was really depressed and anxious all the time because of it but we left high school behind us, went to college together, and now we just signed a lease for our first apartment together! It's a crappy little place but I'm so happy to share it with him:)

ahhh your guys’ journey!! so cute! so happy for u friend 💕💕

Where I End and You Begin: Chapter 1

Submitted by: llydiastiles

Description: When Lydia Martin bumps into a vaguely familiar boy from high school she realises Stiles Stilinski is the solution to her current living situation. She has no idea what she’s getting herself into. Also known as the roommate!AU you never knew you wanted.

Rating: T

Genre: Romance, Roommate!AU

All Parts

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Mean girls

So one time in high school i was hanging out with friends, and we went to walmart and I saw they had mean girls for like $4. So i was like hell yes im getting mean girls, and I convinced them to watch it with me.
Fast forward, we get to my house and we are watching it in my parents room (the only one with a dvd player) in the dark, and my father walks in and is like “oop! Sorry” and walks out.
Later on they needed to head out and after that my father asked where the girls went, and I had no idea because I was hanging out with boys.
Turns out he walked in, saw three heads on thw couch, and heard female voices, and assumed I was on the couch in the dark with two ladies, and not just watching mean girls with two other 15 yo boys

Alice Bee’s Photos from the Women’s March on Washington

I used to carry Alice Bee on my shoulders all the time.  Everywhere we went, she’d beg to “go up high” and I would happily oblige.  But before yesterday, I can’t remember the last time I carried her for any significant amount of time.The past six years have rapidly sped up the deterioration of my body, plus she’s already taller than my mom and currently weighs just south of a thousand pounds. But when she wanted to go up high in order to have a better vantage point to photograph yesterday’s Women’s March on Washington, I couldn’t say no.  All of the following images, with the exception of the final one, were taken by Alice Bee.

I firmly believe that protest is an important part of our democracy, and I find nothing more deplorable or downright un-American than those who seek to shame or silence others from making their voices heard.  Our country was founded in protest, and one of the most important events in the founding of our nation involved the willful destruction of British property.  

Even though I’m a big supporter of public protest in principle, I personally don’t really care much for marches and rallies.  I don’t like crowds, and I’m not particularly adept at all the chanting and singing one is expected to do at these types of things. I’m also always a little saddened by the “Legalize Hemp” guy that inevitably seems to show up, no matter what the actual cause. 

Despite this aversion, my personal and professional path has put me at dozens of protests, rallies, and marches over the past 25 years. But what my family and I experienced yesterday was unlike any other event of this type I have ever personally witnessed.

We were in the middle of a sea of over half a million people, mostly women, who were there to make their voices heard and show their support for one another–half a million people who were angry, scared, and horrified by the words and promises of a man who has shown little respect at all for girls or women.  And yet, this was the most supportive, positive, excited, happy crowd I’ve ever experienced at an event of protest.  To me, it felt less like a typical protest and more like that scene when all the Whos in Whoville got together to sing even though the Grinch had done everything he could to crush their spirits.

I have no doubt that there will be other, less peaceful forms of protest and resistance over the next four years, but the tone and outpouring of support yesterday felt like exactly what was needed at this moment in time.

Our family was out at dinner the night before the march and we noticed a large group of women all wearing pink hand-knitted cat ear hats at the table next to us.  I asked Jen if she thought we should talk to Alice about why so many women at the march would be wearing these “pussyhats.”

“I already did,” Jen replied.

“Really? So what’d you tell her?” 

“The truth.  Why? What would you have told her?”

“Anything but THAT!” was my first thought, but I immediately realized that Jen was right. 

I definitely would have preferred that neither of us have to explain to our six-year-old daughter how that word has another connotation. But since we now live in a country where 62 million people decided that a horny man’s pathetic claims of grabbing women against their consent was not an immediate disqualification to be President, I guess we have to start having these conversations earlier.

Somehow, in the middle of half a million people, we managed to find some old friends who had brought their three amazing daughters down from Philadelphia.  Alice is fascinated by teenagers and young women, so she was completely in heaven hanging out with them for the day.

Afterwards, when I asked Alice what her favorite part of the march was, she immediately replied “The big girls!”   

I think she’s right–that was my favorite part, too.  Seeing all the “big girls” of every age who decided they couldn’t stay silent, that they needed to support one another and provide hope, motivation, and courage was absolutely inspiring.  I’m glad that we could help Alice Bee understand that even though she’s an only child, she actually has millions of sisters around the world. 

I have no idea how many more times I’ll be able to cart Alice Bee around on my shoulders–she’s growing up so fast.  And if yesterday turns out to be the last time, I can only hope that it will be a memory she keeps with her forever.  I know I will.  

The New Year (Yoongi/Reader)

The New Year Min Yoongi/Reader l Rated M

A/N: just some smut for the new year! First time posting a fic on tumblr, hope you guys like it :D 

“Jin, if I trip over one more fucking paper lantern I am going to disembowel you,” you snarled at your older brother. He sheepishly grinned at you, saying sorry! as he grabbed his party decorations off the floor and dumped them on the dining room table so he could sort them out.  

“I’m just so excited to see everyone, Y/N!” He practically squealed, rushing over to you to affectionately rub your head. “2017! It’s gonna! Be! So much better than this shitty year!“ 

 You nodded in agreement. The year had sucked. You were swamped with school, your job sucked 90% of the time, and your love life had either been nonexistent or full of angst. You didn’t believe in celebrating New Years, but you figured you wouldn’t rain on your brother’s parade. Nothing was going to magically change at the stroke of midnight. Time is just a human-made concept after all, but no one wanted to hear your unhelpful thoughts.

 You grabbed some streamers and tape and went to work on decorating the apartment you shared with Jin and his friend Namjoon. Jin had invited all of his friends from university and a couple that he kept in touch with from high school. You had invited a few of your friends, but they were undergrads and still home for Christmas, but you didn’t mind. You had always been close with Jin and his friends.  As you were balanced precariously on the couch, taping up some streamers along the window top, someone knocked on your door. Jin had stepped out to buy alcohol and you were alone, so you shouted "just a minute!” as you finished up before hopping off the ledge. 

When the door swung open, your mouth fell open unattractively as your eyes found a familiar face. You hadn’t seen him in over a year, but he was one of your closest childhood friends. Memories of dancing around on the porch as he gracefully played the baby piano ran through your mind, and you felt like you had been twirling around him for hours, dizzy from the adrenaline. After a beat, you forced yourself to close your mouth and twist your lips into a smile. You stepped aside, leaving him enough room to get into the apartment. “Yoongi-ah! It’s been s-so long!" 

 He smiled as you stuttered in his face and moved towards you, facing you and pulling you into a hug. You let out a small squeak and he laughed. "Y/N I haven’t seen you in forever! How have you been? Do you live here too? I was hoping you’d be here." 

 Your head was spinning. Your mouth was dry. You probably looked so very stupid. "Um. Yeah I live here with Jin and Namjoon, have you met him? Jin’s out doing some errands right now.” He rubbed the back of his neck and looked down. You remembered he used to do that when he felt guilty. You narrowed your eyes at him as you waited for him to speak. 

“Yeah, I met Namjoon a few times…I actually…moved here about a month ago?” He looked up at you after the words left him, and your eyebrows shot up.

 "A month?! A fucking month and you haven’t come by? You’re an asshole Yoongi,“ you spat at him before going to turn away. "You can wait for Jin in here. I’m going to my room." 

 You couldn’t believe him. A month? You were best friends, even closer than him and Jin. He had confided in you when his family had troubles, had talked to you about his passion for music before anyone else, had played you small pieces of compositions before he ever performed for an audience. You had seen him angry, sad, confused. On the flip side, you had seen a dazzling grin when he got the sound he wanted from a song, the brightness in his eyes when he found sudden inspiration and needed to write lyrics down on any surface, the lust when he kissed you for the first time–on a damn piano bench after telling you that you were one of his favorite muses. 

 Then, he went to Seoul to pursue his music and you went to your university, and the distance kept you away from each other, but he always promised he’d be back for you. You had thought he would at least tell you that he MOVED BACK. And quicker than a month after moving. Asshole. 

 He grabbed you by the wrist when you turned to go down the hallway, stopping you and turning you back to face him. He quickly moved his hands to your waist and pulled you to him, until your bodies were just barely grazing each other. "I can explain Y/N,” he said desperately as he searched your face, but you couldn’t raise your eyes to look at his. “Please let me explain.” He said it evenly. So together. So prepared. You, however, were so not prepared. 

 "Yoongi, I…let’s just sit down?“ You felt yourself grow weak immediately. You knew you would listen to anything he had to say. You weren’t even that mad, just surprised to see him. You were a little bit mad though.

 You sat down on the couch and waited for him to do the same before turning and looking at him for the first time in so long. He looked tired and thin, but broad, much more mature. His jawline was so sharp it had you almost drooling. His skin was always smooth and beautiful, and you ached to touch it. You shivered and forced yourself to stop fantasizing about the gorgeous human in front of you. "Yoongi, why didn’t you call me when you moved back?” You asked the most important question right away.  

 He shifted and looked down for a moment. “I didn’t know what to say." 

 You sighed. "Well, how about starting with Hey Y/N I’m living in the same city as you, let’s hang out? That would have worked.”

 He shrugged. “Y/N, I–you and I….I thought you may have been as lonely without me as I was without you. I wanted to…I don’t know, plan this perfect moment to wipe away all that loneliness.” He paused and licked his lips before opening his mouth to speak again, but you cut him off. 

 "I’m sorry, what? I mean, yeah, I was lonely without you, but…I thought you just saw me as your childhood friend, or Jin’s little sister, or your old toy, your worn-out muse–“ 

 "That is not true!” He jumped up and interjected quickly. “I see you as the…moon and the stars, I see you as blooming spring flowers and raindrops on fresh green leaves and everything beautiful that I write about and…um,” He shook his head and sat back down, turning to face you as he put a hand on your knee. “I didn’t mean to like, confess all my deepest feelings to you today. Sorry.” You stared down at his slender fingers, always your favorite thing about him, wrapped around you. You looked back up at him to see him staring into your face, looking serious.

 "Y/N, I have never been interested in anyone or anything else. You were my first kiss. You were the first girl I wrote a song for. That night we went skinny dipping and then hid from the cops was the funniest night of my high school career. That time we went camping and you were looking for marshmallows in my tent and you caught me jacking off, that look in your eyes was something I dreamed about for months. And don’t get me started on that blowjob that you offered so innocently.“ He laughed, a husky laugh that sent a shot of warmth straight to your core. He leaned closer to you and continued, "and that time Jin had a huge sleepover on his 18th birthday, when I ended up in your room and we made each other come 3 times? That’s what I think about you, Y/N. God, I’ve been–just thinking about–I wrote a song for you. I was waiting to finish it before I found you to talk, but it was taking forever and…well, I finished it yesterday." 

 Yoongi finally stopped to take a full breath, and you were pretty sure there were tears tracking down your face and you probably looked like a disheveled mess who had no idea what the hell was going on, but you didn’t care. You grabbed Yoongi by the neck and crashed your lips to his, giving him a sloppy, needy kiss. 

He took a second to reciprocate, then he lifted both hands to your face, caressing your cheekbones and wiping away the tears that had fallen during his speech.  You deepened the kiss, pushing him back onto the couch cushions and pinning him under your body. You opened your mouth as an invitation and he greedily accepted, sweeping his tongue along your teeth and suckling your muscle, earning a groan of satisfaction from you. He whined into your mouth, enjoying the feeling of kissing you after so long. 

Yoongi shifted under you and snapped his hips up, and you gasped when you felt that he was already half hard. You rocked your hips back and forth, rubbing your core along his length, the feeling overwhelming even through the layers of your clothing. "Yoongi-ah,” you gasped into his mouth, “let’s go to my room." 

 He let you lead the way, and you were in your room with the door locked in record time, pushing Yoongi down onto your bed and ripping his shirt off his lean frame. You lifted the dress you were wearing over your head and threw it on the floor before grabbing the waistband of Yoongi’s sweats, pulling those off too. You were too needy to wait to undress him. 

You crawled up his frame quickly, hands gliding all over his stomach and chest, remembering what he felt like in high school and searing his new muscles into your memory. You ran your hands over those newly broadened shoulders and grabbed on tight as you rolled your hips into him once again. You let your head fall back with a deep moan. ”Fuck, you are so hot, fuck fuck,“ Yoongi swore from under you, meeting your movements with his own hips. You were content to do this all night, but after a few minutes Yoongi let out a growl and rolled you over, coming out on top. 

He moved down your neck with hot open-mouthed kisses. You gasped at the sensation when he bit your earlobe, then swirled his tongue around the soft skin before moving down to your collarbones. He kissed every part of you, trailing down to your nipples and flicking his tongue back and forth until your back was arching up into him. He sucked a mark onto your breast, a red splotch forming under his sinful mouth. He left a line of saliva trailing down your stomach until he finally reached your panties. He took a moment to admire the silk before he took a finger and dragged it along your slit, making you whine and curse. He smirked before he ripped the silk down your legs and he licked his lips as he took a look at your heat. 

"Oh my, Y/N, you’re so fucking wet. Did you miss me too?” He locked eyes with you but all you could do was whimper. 

He backed up, waiting for a response, so you whispered “I missed you so much, Yoongi, please–”

 And he dove in between your legs. His tongue licked up your slit, tasting your juices that had started to leak from your folds. His eyes rolled back into his head. “I forgot how sweet you taste,” he marveled before circling his tongue around your clit, and there’s no way you can respond. You grab his hair instead, trying to urge him on. 

He continues licking at your nub, making you cry out his name over and over as his delicate fingers push into you, one and then two, pumping in and out before curling them up into you. You say his name over and over and over, a mantra cascading from your lips as your orgasm comes barreling towards you.

 His tongue joins his fingers inside you, massaging your walls and burning a fire in your soul. He can feel your walls tighten around his fingers and his muscle moves faster in you before he begins to lick up your folds, finding your clit once again. He flattens his tongue against you and starts moving up and down so quickly you think he might sprain his neck, but the pleasure is so intense you don’t care. You move your hips with his tongue, riding his mouth with desperation until you start to shake and see bursts of white.

 "Fuck, Yoongi!“ is all you can manage before your orgasm hits. He helps you through it until your hips stop moving and your walls stop contracting around his fingers, removing them before licking up every drop of your release. He places one chaste kiss on your nub before pulling his body back up and laying next to you. 

You try to control your breathing as he hooks an arm around your waist and pulls you to him. "Let’s take a nap,” he whispers in your ear. 

 "Don’t you want me to return the favor? You’re so fucking hard right now.“ You rub against him as if to prove your point. 

He makes a deep guttural noise and simply growls, "fine. Spread those pretty legs.” You eagerly comply. As he pushes his leaking tip into you, you decide that the new year might not be so bad after all. 

“Stanley was a year ahead of me growing up. I met him while riding the bus to kindergarten. Here was this older kid who had so much energy and didn’t seem to be afraid of the teachers. All through school he was one step ahead of me. And he always pushed me one step further. We did a lot of drugs together. We did odd jobs together. I remember one time we made 900 paper crepe flowers for a toy company on 23rd and 5th. But then our lives went two different directions. He dropped out of high school and went to California. The first time he came back, we camped in my backyard and smoked cigarettes all night, and he told me all these stories about the hustling he would do. One of his new best friends was Little Joe, from Lou Reed’s ‘Walk on The Wild Side,’ you know: ‘Little Joe never once gave it away / Everybody had to pay and pay.’ Well, Stanley learned to hustle from Little Joe, and I lost touch with him. We reconnected every few years. After one particularly long period of silence, I tracked him down through his sister, and found him on a chain gang in Sarasota, Florida. He’d been sentenced to 18.5 years for drug smuggling. He got Hepatitis C during his time in prison, and seven months after he was released, he died. I spoke to him a few hours before he passed away. He couldn’t talk, but his sister put his phone up to his ear, and I just told him I loved him.”

Reylo College AU

Ok so I’ve never ever written for a prompt before, but I decided to do one for the Reylo College AU #3! I hope it isn’t too terrible *hides face* let the fluffiness ensue! Also use of famous Han Solo line ;)

Prompt: Ben and Rey are friends and at a party that Poe organized. They both hate it and get drunk on the swings in the back yard. Somehow the conversation gets on the topic of experience with the opposite sex. Things happen :D


“Remind me why we came here again?” Ben said crossly from Rey’s side. They had managed to wedge themselves in a corner, away from the throngs of drunken college students.
“Because,” Rey started, handing Ben a red solo cup filled with cheap beer. “Poe invited me, and I never get invited to anything. It’s hard enough being a girl at the garage, I didn’t think turning down the one social invitation I’ve gotten would be a good idea.” Poe was captain of the school’s racing team, and Rey had recently gotten the opportunity to work as a mechanic for them. Of course a lot of the guys weren’t happy about having a girl around, but Poe was always being nice and defending her. He wasn’t like those jerks. He never saw her as any different than the rest of them; and she sure as hell had proved herself to them time and again. Poe lived in a pretty big house with two other members of the race team. When he came to Rey earlier in the day to invite her to a party they were throwing, she had excitedly agreed.
“Ok then, better question; why am I here?” Ben had his eyebrow raised inquisitively, a small smirk on his face. Rey gave him an unamused look.
“Because Finn was busy. Trust me if he didn’t have his hands full with TAing for professor Snoke’s class he would be here, not you.” The words had come out a bit more harshly than she meant them. For a moment Ben seemed a little crestfallen. Rey had made it seem like he was the last resort or something. He looked away from her, and sipped on his beer, staring moodily at a group of drunk girls who were gossiping close to where they stood.
“Hey…” Rey said softly. Placed a hand on Ben’s arm, getting him to look at her. She offered him a reassuring smile. “I didn’t mean I’d rather be here with Finn. I just know this isn’t your thing. You know it isn’t mine either.” He considered her words for a moment, then rolled his eyes and bumped her.
“Yeah, whatever.” He said with a small smile. She smiled back up at him. She and Ben had met freshman year in chemistry. They had been randomly assigned to a group presentation on up-and-coming scientific advancements. There had been two other people in their group who had turned out to be complete flakes. Rey and Ben had spent hours in the library together working on it themselves. They were each perfectionists in their own way, so it had worked out quite nicely. Of course they wound up doing more talking than working most of the time. There’s nothing like being in a quiet library at 1am around finals time to get the conversation flowing. They had enjoyed each other’s company so much, they had kept in touch.

Just then one of the drunk girls let out a loud “Woooo! Body shots bitches!” Rey and Ben wordlessly agreed it was time to move when she started trying to take her shirt off.
“Ok, like 30 more minutes and then we call an Uber.” Rey said decidedly.
“Deal.” Ben chuckled, plucking a bottle of tequila off a counter as they walked towards the back door.

Rey had been surprised to find a swing in the backyard of Poe’s house. Lucky for her and Ben, it was tucked away towards the back of the yard where there weren’t many people. She sighed heavily taking a seat beside him on the swing. She felt tired. It was midway into the semester and things were starting to pile up.
“That English Lit class is going to kill me. I can’t write a paper for shit, much less being able to write an analytical essay about the themes in Gilgamesh. I don’t think the cars I work on are going to care that I know ancient literature.” Rey grumbled. Ben looked over at her amused before taking a swig straight out of the bottle.
“I can help you if you want. I’m pretty good at writing papers, and Lit was one of my favorites.” He offered. Ben had always preferred classes that were more analytical, while Rey liked to be more hands on.
“That would be amazing, thank you.” He didn’t reply, only went to pass her the bottle. She made a face.
“Oh come on. If you’re going to go through the trouble of coming to a party you might as well at least have a drink.”
“Fine, fine.” She grabbed the bottle and took a swig of the golden liquor, grimacing as it burned her throat. Rey passed the bottle back to Ben. “Next you’ll want to start playing party games.”
“Hey we could! Never-have-I-ever is a classic.” He got a devilish grin on his face then, the one Rey rarely sees.
“No way! That game always turns sexual, and then I wind up looking like a prude.” She crossed her arms indignantly. Ben’s eyes narrowed suspiciously.
“Surely you’ve done stuff.” He said, tone slightly accusing. Rey’s cheeks turned bright pink. She looked away, refusing to answer. Ben’s gaped at her. “Please tell me you’ve at least kissed someone!” Rey’s head snapped towards him then.
“Well of course I have!” She huffed. “I just haven’t really done anything else before.”
“You’re kidding.” His tone wasn’t belittling, he was just genuinely surprised. Ben wasn’t sure how someone like Rey could go so long without being with someone in that way. Surely guys had to be crawling all over her. He offered her the bottle again and she took it.
“We can’t all be sex gods like you.” She said sarcastically, taking two large chugs of tequila. Ben had to laugh at that.
“I don’t think I’d call myself a sex god.” Sure he had been with a a few girls in high school, and freshman year, but they had never exactly stuck around long. All the girls he knew tended to bore him easily, and he wouldn’t keep them around, even just for the sex. They weren’t like Rey.
“Uh huh…” The liquor was starting to get to her. Her body was becoming tingly, and her lips looser by the second. She passed the bottle back to Ben.
“How many guys have you kissed?” His tone was casual.
“Ben!” Rey said embarrassed.
“What?” He laughed. “It’s just a question.” Rely sighed, trying to decide whether to answer him or not.
“One…” She relented.
“One?!” He choked mid swig. She glared at him before hitting him and snatching the bottle back. “Sorry, sorry. I was just surprised that’s all. I just thought-well I mean you know, you’re kind of the full package. I figured guys would be all over you.” The liquor was apparently making him loose-lipped as well. Rey’s eyes widened momentarily at his words, a nervousness settling in the pit of her stomach.
“Well how many girls have you been with?” She was attempting to change the subject, grill him for a change.
“A few…” He was being vague. Truthfully he didn’t want her to somehow think badly of him. He wasn’t a womanizer by any means, but he had been a bit of a rebellious teenager, and a lot of girls liked the bad boy attitude.
“Seriously that’s all I’m gonna get?” She asked annoyed at his evasiveness.
“Yep.” He said wrangling the bottle back from her. They sat in silence for a moment. Liquid courage was beginning to hit Ben like a train. “Was he any good at least? The one guy you kissed I mean.” Rey wasn’t sure how the conversation had gotten here, or why she was answering him.
“Eh, not really. I mean it was ok, just not how I imaged it. It was this guy from my high school. We went out a few times junior year. I wasn’t head over heels for him or anything.”
“I’ve never exactly been “head over heels” for any of the girls I’ve been with.“ He admitted.
“Well I’m from literally the middle of freaking nowhere. It was a miracle finding a guy who both didn’t wear camo or chew tabacco.” It wasn’t that Rey hadn’t wanted to be with someone in that way; because she really really had, she just wasn’t going to lower her standards to do it.
“Sounds amazing.” He scoffed.
“Oh trust me it was.” It had been hell. The day Rey had received her acceptance letter from school, which happened to be a few thousand miles from home, was the best day of her life. Rey watched Ben throw his head back, eyes staring up at the sky. He was unfairly attractive in her opinion, but in an unusual way. He didn’t have classic good looks. His features were unique, but worked together in the perfect combination. He ran a hand through his black hair and Rey suddenly felt the urge to want to run her own hands through his hair. She had never been afraid of much, but for some reason, she had always been afraid to tell Ben how she felt. He had never tried to make a move, so Rey assumed he had just wanted to be friends.
“You know what I think…” Ben said suddenly, adjusting himself so his face was close to hers. Rey could feel his warm breath on her cheeks, and it caused a pleasant shiver to run down her spine.
“What?” Rey asked hesitantly. His lips turned upwards in a devilish smirk that had her tingling in an area that was quite uncomfortable.
“You could use a good kiss.” Sober Ben would be rolling his eyes right now at the stupid shit that was coming out of his moth. Rey’s breath caught in her throat.
“You think so huh?” She was trying so hard to keep it together, to play cool, but her heart was racing. He leaned in even closer, his face only a few inches from hers. The darkness seemed to sharpen his features, making him appear even more handsome.
“I do.” His voice was deep and husky. He wouldn’t bridge the gap between them though. He would put himself out there, but he wanted it to be her decision. Rey felt a surge of courage, which could probably be attributed to the last two giant swigs.
“Well then, why don’t you.” It took half a second for the words to come out of her mouth before his lips came crashing down onto hers. He had wanted to do this for a long time. A fire lit up inside of Rey and she kissed him back with just as much ferocity. She gave a small sigh of pleasure as he expertly sucked on her lower lip, and traced his tongue against it, requesting entrance. As their tongues danced, she intertwined her fingers in his thick black hair, relishing in the softness. His hands found their way to the back of her neck, pulling her in even closer. Rey’s head was spinning. She had never been kissed like this before. She was almost mad it had taken Ben this long to do it.

He was hungry for her, having fantasized about this moment for a long time, but not wanting to mess up their friendship if she hadn’t felt the same way. He may have been with girls before, but this was the first time he had wanted someone this much. Rey was everything he didn’t know he was looking for until he found her. She tugged on his hair and he groaned pleasurably. If she hadn’t told him, he would have never known she was inexperienced. He could feel himself getting excited. As much as he hated to do it, he didn’t want to move too fast and mess everything up. Unlike the other girls, he actually cared about Rey. She made a displeased noise as he begrudgingly broke the kiss. His forehead rested against hers as he attempted to catch his breath.

They stared into each other’s eyes for a moment, then Rey started giggling a little bit, which caused Ben to laugh as well. This night had seriously taken an unexpected, but amazing turn. He tenderly tucked a strange of hair behind her ear.
“Can we call the car now?” She asked a little tired.
“Yeah.” He agreed softly.
“Can we also go back to your place and watch the last two episodes of Sense8?” She asked innocently.
“Wait, are you trying to “Netflix and chill” me right now?“ He asked feigning outrage. She raised an eyebrow suggestively.
"Maybe.” She said cheekily.
“Well if you put it that way, then yes.” Ben was going to have his hands full with her; but he wouldn’t have it any other way. He gave her a quick kiss, then stood up and held out a hand to her.

“I told you!” Finn said looking out the window at Rey and Ben walking back to the house with their hands intertwined.
“Yeah yeah I owe you 5 bucks I know.” Said Poe fondly, rolling his eyes. “I’m glad you could make it to the party after all!”
“Oh I never had anything to do tonight.” Finn said mischievously. “I just told Rey that to get her here with Ben.”
“Buddy, you are quite the matchmaker.” Poe said slapping Finn on the back.
“I try.” Finn said as the two headed back to the party.

My Cross-Dressing Story <3

Many of you have asked how I got into Cross-Dressing, so here’s my Story (sorry it’s long):

I’ve always been a little feminine, when I was a child my Mum and I used to go shoe shopping and I always tried on some high heels. Every time we went to this town I looked forward to wearing some heels again. This went on for a while until we visited the town a few times without going shoe shopping and after asking my Mum why, she said that the shop was closed. I hoped it would open again but after a while I realised it wouldn’t. Also my childhood favourite song was Shania Twain’s ‘Man! I Feel Like A Woman’.

Then a long time after in my early teens my older brother had a couple of girl-friends over and they wanted to do his makeup for fun, I was desperate for a picture of him all made up. So he said I could take a picture if I had my makeup done too, I agreed and will always remember the feeling and smell of the foundation going on for the first time. It was such a great experience and I will remember it forever, I wish I could tell them I Cross-Dress and show them pictures of Lucy. Then a little later towards my mid-teens my Mum and I where bored during half term with my Dad out for a long day at work so we thought it’d be fun to dress me up as a girl, I was a little nervous at first but ended up loving the experience. After I’d dressed up in girls’ clothes my Mum started doing my makeup, nothing dramatic but it was unexpected as I thought it was just going to be clothes. However the make-up made the experience more memorable, I wore a flat hat as we had no wig which didn’t look great but it was the experience that counted.

Then in my mid-teens after asking to dress up every half term I realised that she was not going to let me do it again, then I thought about it over some time and just thought I may just like wearing the tights. So later in my mid-teens I started asking my Mum if I could have some tights, I said I loved the feeling of them and I found a video online explaining that a lot of guys liked wearing tights. After a while she kindly gave me some knee high tights. I was happy to have some tights at last but it was not long until I wanted to have full waist high tights. I also actually said to my Mum once that I didn’t want to dress up as a girl and referred to it as 'weird’, I wonder what changed. I certainly don’t see it that way now as now I’d say being able to make yourself appear as the opposite sex is a form of art, especially when you add all the makeup and outfits. Cross-Dressing is something I’m truly passionate about, I’m always excited to meet other people and cross-dressers who feel the same way.

Then a little after my mid-teens my Mum was comfortable with me having some waist high tights, so I paid her for a pack of black tights that she brought me online. I kept these tights hidden for around a year and wore them occasionally at home, I thought it may have just been a phase but after having these tights for a few months I realised that it wasn’t. After this I became aware that I wanted to cross-dress, so I told my best friend that I wanted too and that I had tights. He took it as a joke but knew I was serious (we never really spoke of it again until I went public). Sometime after telling my friend I found an app called 'whisper’. On this app I met other cross-dressers & supportive people who helped me gain enough confidence to tell my parents and above all helped me understand why I wanted to cross-dress and if this changed me as a person. I realised I was the same person I’d always been, I’d just found out a little something about myself that not many other people do. After this I needed to prepare for questions I may be asked when I told my parents. So I needed to know my sexual orientation and why I wanted to Cross-Dress.

After a while I’d figured most of it out but I was still not confident enough to tell my parents. So I decided to tell my best friend online, he took it well but wasn’t really talkative about it. I then went back and started talking to more people on whisper and met someone who I’ve lost contact with but she gave me many helpful tips on Cross-Dressing and boosted my confidence. After talking to her for a while I finally got enough confidence to tell my Mum, I was confident that she would be accepting of my hobby as she is a loving, caring and accepting mother. I was also confident as she’d dressed me as a girl before. Then after sitting down with my Mum and explaining that I had something important to tell her I lost all confidence and was speechless, unable to say “I want to cross-dress”. She comforted me and said it was ok if I couldn’t say, and I couldn’t so I said I’d tell her in an email. I then went upstairs and emailed her telling her that I wanted to cross-dress, I was relieved to find out she was okay with it.

Over time we emailed back and forth with questions etc. about my new hobby (Cross-Dressing). Then at 18 I got my bank account and wanted to start buying clothes to Cross-Dress in. I didn’t want to cross-dress behind my Dads back so I composed a letter which I emailed to him for him to read whilst I went out for a walk. I didn’t want our strong father-son relationship to change, I just wanted him to know I was going to cross-dress in private. I was relieved to get a comforting and loving hug shortly after getting home (we didn’t talk about it for a year after this and he has yet to see a picture of Lucy). Then I started buying clothes online with any money I could spare. The more I dressed the more I became comfortable with my hobby and feminine side, dressing in girls clothes was an experience unlike anything I’d felt before, girls clothes are so comfortable to wear and  was like nothing I’d felt before and I loved it. However it was a little arousing at first but after online research I found out that this was the brain interpreting the cross-dressing as female contact and that it would go away the more I cross-dressed. After getting my first outfit and wig I showed photos of myself cross-dressed to other cross-dressers on whisper seeking advice. I met many people on whisper that helped me understand my hobby, find my female sizes etc.

Then a while later the best friend that I’d told online introduced a girl into our little group of friends. A couple of weeks after meeting her I had a strong gut feeling that I should tell her about my hobby, so I did without hesitation. Telling her is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made, to this day she has supported me with my hobby and encouraged me to go the distance. She’s answered every question I’ve had about it and helped me whenever I’ve needed it. To this day I cannot thank her enough (as without her help I probably still wouldn’t be public with my cross-dressing). After meeting her she gave me tips with everything girly, helped me pick out clothes and commented on my outfits. She also helped me name my feminine side Lucy and boosted my confidence, she also taught me that the world was more accepting than I’d originally thought by encouraging me to tell my friends and my brothers through time one-by-one. All my friends supported me and treated me no differently after I gained the confidence to tell them. My brothers reacted extremely well and where proud of me having the confidence to tell them.

After telling my close friends & family, I had so much girls’ clothing and enough support and encouragement that I finally gained enough confidence to go public. I then let my parents know I was going public and went public on Facebook telling everyone about my hobby and linked a blog named 'Lucy’s Blog’ that I’d started to show my feminine side. I thought about starting a blog as I wanted a way to publish all the great pictures I planned on taking of Lucy, I also had recently found a blog on Tumblr (prettycd.tumblr.com) that was filled with images of other Cross-Dressers and these pictures have been a great inspiration to me. Since starting this blog I’ve gained almost 5,000 Followers and improved so much with makeup, outfits and generally everything to do with Cross-Dressing. I will always seek to improve my cross-dressing wherever I can and hopefully one day soon I’ll be able to Cross-Dress outside more. Also for those that don’t know, I’m working on a feminine voice so that I don’t only look the part when I dress up but I can sound it too.

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💀 - bloodied-wings

It really hadn’t been that difficult to catch up with Tonbo. He had got the tracker out of his shoulder, sure, but he didn’t even know about the tracking nanites. The only reason he managed to escape at all was because the clouds were blowing the wrong way and McCree couldn’t cross a fucking stream.

Still, he caught up to Tonbo in France. Apparently, he’d been trying to find someone to fix his systems. McCree found the guy first. When Tonbo entered the room, McCree was already there, standing over the corpse of the man. “Oh, hey, kiddo. Nice to see you looking good. I think it’s high time we went home.” He tossed a bottle of gasoline and a pack of matches to Tonbo. “Burn the body and let’s go.”

Complexes- Chapter 1 (Kellic)

Hey guys, new story! It’s a Kellic.

Note: The thoughts and what the characters say in this story are not my own, they are the thoughts of fictional characters and I don’t necessarily agree with them. That being said, this story has a main love interest who is a trans male. Some of the side characters have negative opinions about this character and throughout the story there will be depictions of transphobia. If that makes you really uncomfortable then please make the decision of whether you want to read or not. (Also incorrect pronouns are used in Kellin’s thoughts in this chapter. Just bear with his stupidity pls) Anyway, to the rest; Enjoy! I hope you like this new story!

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One time me and my friend got so high in the movies we went to the wrong room and watched Social Network in 3D glasses for half an hour talking out loud how that trailer sucked because it was too long. Then we realized no one else had 3D glasses and walked out like nothing happened