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Artist: tan di

Title: Cyborg girl


I have no idea what the description says xD… according to Google translator it goes this way:

“Read a lot of Miao costumes in the museum, so a combination of some elements ~ good results :)“

I hope you get it


looking for some cool new friends and penpals!!
i’m sagittarius, infj, very queer, loves video games like life is strange, the last of us, fallout, skyrim…. 420 friendly, going to texas tech, love the office, modern family, steven universe… i also like nerdy stuff and anime…. idk just hmu if you want to chat or fangirl over anything listed above!!

So I went to a wedding reception and we were helping clean up, and some guy asked if anyone had scissors. No one did, so the groomsmen started pulling out their car keys and seeing who had the sharpest key but then I just walked over and pulled my leatherman out of my purse and handed it to the guy, and let me tell you, it was the greatest moment of my career seeing the impressed looks on everyone’s faces.


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round 3: female idols + city vs. nature

Artist: Adrian Marc

Title: Cyberpunk Custom Ride

“Those are Hayes and Hades. Hayes is a veteran bounty hunter, smuggler and overall shady gang character.

Hades is the bike custom garage, built by the bounty hunter, it has a very simple AI that allows for autopilot and vocal commands.

They are ready to race! Hope you enjoy!”