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11 and 32 for the ask thing!!! <3

11 - talk about the best dream you’ve ever had

I’m not sure if it would count as the best dream i’ve had, but it’s one that stands out in my mind! basically, the world was ending because of some sort of coordinated monster/alien invasion, and civilization was kinda panicking. Somehow i ended up in charge of a survivors camp, which meant i was responsible for keeping people there alive and killing the aliens/monsters (this was set in a really weird time, somehow we all had access to high tech stuff). Anyways, our camp was almost full and for some reason Simon Cowell was begging to be let in (he’d been awful to the people there as it was being set up) but he wouldn’t listen when the people on watch told him there wasn’t any room. So, long story short, I ended up shooting Simon Cowell in the foot with a laser gun. 

32 - talk about a place you remember from your childhood

my best friend from when i was younger lived on a farm and i used to go there loads and it was amazing. We were allowed to go anywhere we wanted, and that’s a lot of freedom when you’re 8. Like, there were multiple fields, a tree house, a vegetable garden, a large playhouse, animals… i remember once her dad let us jump off his tractor and into some hay, it was probably super unsafe but yeah, it was a cool place

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Group: Family - In the Wild

Tracy is tricked to go camping. Thank goodness for phones.

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Nobody warned me about bugs.

Dad K
You went camping to Maine, buddy. The education system has failed you if you needed to be warned about bugs. 

This was supposed to be ‘high-tech’ camping.

Dad B
Meaning you’ve got all the latest camping gear. The nature stays the same even though you have the ‘MegaTent3000′.


Come pick me up :( 

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