high tech bedroom


Fabulous British Pathé film from 1959 extolling the virtues of a futuristic, luxury, high-tech bedroom set.

I suspect “career girl” is some kind of 1950s euphemism.

@ich-bin-ein-stern said in regards to this post: I just want the two super soldiers and assassin to dog pile Tony on his gigantic bed to get him to sleep.

“I’m going to need a little more detail here.” Tony massaged the kink in the back of his neck as he followed Clint to their bedroom. “What exactly did you break again?”

“I don’t know.” Worry tainted Clint’s voice. “Something sciency and high tech.”

Tony squinted as he tried to make sense of what Clint was saying. He was about to hit his seventy-two hour mark without sleeping. His brain was fuzzy and his eyes itched. He needed another cup of coffee if he was going to finish upgrading Redwing.

“We don’t have anything high tech in the bedroom. At least, nothing you can’t handle.”

“Tony, you’re a technological genius; what you consider high tech and what others do are two completely different things.”

Tony could not argue with that.

They reached the bedroom, and Clint held open the door for Tony.

Tony mumbled his thanks. He rubbed his eyes as he walked past Clint and into the darkened room.

Tony frowned when he didn’t see anything that looked broken. He stepped further into the room, paying little mind to the door shutting behind him. “Okay, you made this sound like the room was about to go up in flames. Where is this thing you broke?”

Tony turned around and was met with the two mischievous grins of Bucky and Steve. Both of who were standing side by side and acting as the perfect human barrier between Tony and the door.

A danger warning blared in Tony’s head. “What is going on here?” 

“This is an intervention.” Steve’s wicked grin grew.

“Of the dog pile kind,” Bucky tacked on, his smile also growing.

“’Dog pile?’” Tony barely got the words out before Steve and Bucky rushed at him, hoisted him into the air, and tackled him onto the bed.

The air was knocked of Tony as the two massive bodies crushed him.

Bucky and Steve hurriedly maneuvered their weight so Tony could breath, but they strategically positioned themselves so what weight remained on him pinned him to the bed.

Tony opened his mouth, but before he could say anything, Clint whooped in victory and jumped onto the bed so he was top of Tony and sandwiched between Steve and Bucky. “Nap time!”

“‘Nap time?’” Tony shook his head. “You can’t be serious.” Tony wiggled under Clint, Steve, and Bucky. “Get up. I need to finish upgrades for Sam.”

“Sam has agreed that he rather you get some sleep and not accidentally burn your hand or cut off your fingers just to upgrade Redwing,” Steve said.

“I’ve already made the new parts and replaced the old ones. I’m mostly working on the programming and making sure everything is running properly. So really there is no danger in letting me continue.”

Bucky rolled his eyes and kissed Tony on the temple. “You’re taking a nap with us.”

Clint pressed a finger to Tony’s lips to keep him from talking. “And before you try to make another argument, you know science says that working with less then optimal sleep is like working drunk.”

“I do my best work when drunk or high.”

“So what you’re saying is, you rather spend hours working than spend a few hours sleeping and cuddling with your boyfriends.” Steve pouted.

Tony chest constricted with guilt. Steve’s pout always did that to him, and he hated it. It was Steve’s sweet, baby face, and it was a lie. Steve was actually quite shameless when he wasn’t on camera or acting as team leader. He was nothing like the boy scout persona people insisted he had. “You know that’s not what I mean.”

“Then prove it,” Bucky said. “Redwing will still be there three hours from now. This cuddle session won’t be.”

Tony frowned. “What does that mean?”

“It means the three of us can nap and cuddle without you.” Clint kissed Tony on the cheek. “Although we would prefer for you to join us.”

Steve hooked his leg around Tony’s. “It tends to lead to a lot fun when it’s the four of us.”

“But if you rather work than nap and play that’s fine.” Bucky’s hand slipped between Clint and Tony. Bucky rubbed soft circles along Tony’s bellybutton. “We’ll just make do on our own.”

Clint sat up and scooted off of Tony. “So if you want to go then we won’t stop you.”

Tony bit the inside of his cheek.

Steve was kissing his neck and pressed up against his flank. Bucky was holding Tony and teasing him with his wandering hand. Clint had one hand on Tony’s leg and was sliding it gently up and down in a comforting manner.

“Okay, but only for three hours.” Tony rolled over and tucked his head under Steve’s chin. He dragged Bucky’s arm around him, forcing Bucky to spoon him.

Clint smiled and climbed back on top of Tony. He kissed Tony’s forehead. “Perfect.”