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Free! Production notes translation

I was part of the swimming club when I was in high school.
Why did I swim?….The answer is simple.
Because I love water! And because I love physical beauty!
Haruka, the protagonist, is also someone charmed by water.
I want to depict water’s appeal and the friendship, bonds, and that general really cool feeling (!) of these five high school boys through swimming races.

Hiroko Utsumi
Source: High Speed! (the planning name for what became Free!) proposal - 2012

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Hunger Games Au- Clsoed Rp with Scarlet-Soldier

-Another cloudy morning in the district 7., one of the less inhabited districts. Known as one of the biggest industrial complex based on metalurgy, and reninement of minerals brought form the district 12., District 7 was a desoalted place where life was disposed everyday, with the death of workers due to the constant exposusre to chemicals-

-Eren was in the line for lunch. another 12 hour shift was about to end, he could barely feel his hands at this point. A common issue due to the Ford model, of the assembly line, made the workers suffer from constant pain due to the high speed of the production, not to mention insanity of the everyday routine. Yet He kept moving forward, he had to take care of his mother after his father perished a year ago due to mercury poisoning in the water.

another day.. another miserable ration.. this won`t be enough for the two of us..” -Eren sighed as he looked the stale piece of bred and mug of stew- “I better take this to mom.. she needs this more than I do..” - He forgot what day it was, the sole called day of the tributes. Something he utterly hated, life in the district was already a pian, and youth was scarce, yet they had the courage to take what little was left, and forced to join the games.  By the time Eren got home, and gave his mother the daily ration, the sound of speakers ecoed thrugh the place, as they meeting was called. all people under the age of 21 should gather at the mayor`s hall-

Summer Goodies & Guild Revamp!
By: Sonata

Ahoy! How many of you El Peeps are in a guild? If you are then I hope you feel my jealously have confetti cannons ready because it’s time to say “out with the old and in with the new!” With tomorrow’s patch, guilds will have access to all sorts of co-op quests and their own secret base! As for those of us without a guild, let’s try our best to find one!

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High Speed! -Free! Starting Days- BD/DVD solicited!

The Blu-ray/DVD release for the High Speed!-Free! Starting Days- film has just been solicited to retailers. It’ll be released on July 20 for 8,300 yen/7,300 yen/3,800 yen (LE BD/LE DVD/Standard DVD versions). This release is sold by Kyoto Animation and the High Speed! production committee. It is distributed through Pony Canyon’s distribution chain.

The limited editions come with a “Splash” sleeve package design featuring newly drawn cover art by character designer Futoshi Nishiya. This features Haruka, Makoto, Asahi, Ikuya, Natsuya, and Nao. Also included is a customizeable background/character cover art style. This allows you to change the cover art to the characters you like. Included are the pair ticket designs for Haruka (Middle/High School versions), Makoto (Middle/High School versions), Asahi, Ikuya, Natsuya, Nao, Rin (Middle/High School versions), Sousuke (Middle/High School versions), Nagisa (Elem/High School versions), and Rei (Elem/High School versions).

Also included in the package is a newly drawn board featuring Haruka, Makoto, Asahi, Ikuya, Natsuya, Nao, Kisumi, Sousuke, Rin, Nagisa, and Rei. There’s also a panorama image collection featuring the 12 postcards given out as bonuses and the illustrations featured during the ending to total over 30 illustrations. Finally, a 40 pg color booklet is also included.

On the disc is the main feature plus the three news flash videos, the trailer, the long PV, commercial collection, character PVs, and a thankful video feature. Included is audio commentary (guests not yet revealed) plus the ability to play the feature using DTS Headphone X. Finally, Japanese subtitles are included.