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Project Update:
Yotsuashi - Boku no High Spec Kareshi-sama

Hey Guys!

An Anon told us to take a look at this one.
It’s omegaverse. The Omega is the Seme and the Alpha is the Uke. How rare! Even uniquemaybe?
Our translator-chan loves it and says it’s suuuper cute, so we’re picking it up. XD

We’re still lacking staff, so it will take a while, but we will do our best, as always :3

Thanks for reading and thanks to the anon who suggested it!


Drop and Pick up … Again xD

Okay Guys, since we had to drop the Boku no high spec kareshi-sama Omegaverse Manga because @cocktalehours is working on it already, we can pick up another one instead.
It’s a shota 3P manga called Jupiteru ni onegai by Yoshimi Arai.
I’m in love with this Mangaka’s artstyle.
It will be released on November 24th and I already pre-ordered it. We can’t wait to start working on it.
It looks soo cute, right?!


“Don’t rewrite someone’s work how YOU would have written it. That isn’t editing. Editing is bringing out the best of the story in line with the author’s voice, tone and goal.” - Amanda Pillar 

I have seen too many non-professional people who fancy themselves to be editors (and a couple of pro editors) fail at this very thing. Not to mention editors confusing ‘editing advice’ with ‘emotionally abusing a writer.’ If your editor - after you get back rewrites and notes - makes you feel like you want to write less, sweat bullets over the idea of writing, stress out about writing ‘right’ or feel like the process of creating is becoming only more and more painful over time, ditch them, and ditch them fast. Not everyone gets notes they like (that is the point of editing, after all), but you always have the right to reject anything that doesn’t click, and you should always walk away from a collaboration with an editor feeling stronger, not weaker.

I’m very fortunate that I got to interact with professional, lauded editors of great projects at university, and then later on in life as I pursued varied professional projects. All in all, I’ve probably met about 20-30 editors over the years, and I’ve learned much, including what a good editor won’t do to you or your work. I’ve had the privilege to work with professional editors on different published works (from poetry, to short stories, and now onto novels - some award winning and nominated) and I know how this process is supposed to go. I’ve seen too many authors and authors-who-don’t-know-better get crushed by people who believe they know best for a story and really don’t. 

Remember - You always have the right to ask for a new editor at a publishing house if your visions don’t mesh (and they won’t always). You always have the right to pull your work from an editor if they are destroying your work (it does happen, and I’ve recently seen one publisher in particular begin to fall apart because of this). A relationship with an editor should be collaborative. The editor needs to be consummately respectful of the author’s concept of style, execution. Ultimately an editor is there to assist a writer in the writer’s own work, not sneak their own voice and style into someone else’s work. The latter is not making a work stronger, but making it into something twisted. The true collaboration is when two people come together to make the original story shine in the way the author always intended it to, and the editor knows exactly what to bring to make that happen. 

An editor who insists brutality is key is not a professional. They go against most codes of ethics in many editing organisations in the world. An editor who uses abusive language is not a professional. An editor who tells you ‘this is how real editing is’ when they aren’t a member of an Editing Society and do not have an Editing Degree and don’t have any published books behind them is grandstanding. They are also lying to you about what the editing industry is like. Don’t believe me? Ask an editor affiliated with a Society with multiple published books behind them. An editor who is proud of their ability to be brutal above and beyond respecting the author’s voice, is an editor who enjoys the feeling of being right (whether or not they are) above respecting your creative work and passion.

If you tried to write the equivalent of a rose quartz, and your editor insists you need to be writing the equivalent of a smokey quartz - do yourself a favour, get the fuck out. 

im so tired of a-spec ppl being forced to prove themselves and their experiences time and time again and then even being further denied the acception of their experiences as a form of oppression they experience by dismissing it as “well no one rly knows abt asexuality so u cant be oppressed”

and THEN denying their representation, which makes ppl become aware of asexuality, as “gay-coding”, furthering ur fuckin “proof” that aces aren’t oppressed

like,,,,,,,,, invisibility =/= privilege??? like the kind of mental gymnastics u have to do in order to justify that is wild.

ur basically continuing to tell a-spec ppl who have come out that their experiences don’t matter and that theyre weird and bad for wanting to share them, for wanting to help out ppl who could be ace realize they aren’t bad and weird

and then letting possibly a-spec ppl live not knowing what they are or forcing them to assume that they are bad and weird, possibly getting themselves into unhealthy situations in order to rly figure themselves out

“i hate aces” yeah, we knew that already

anonymous asked:

Thank you so much for all your hard work ♡ I love omegaverse so I was so happy to find that there was a scanlation team dedicated to it! I absolutely love Youchi na Kou wo Doushiyou and I read almost all the other manga you've worked on as well! Do you have any omegaverse manga you would suggest (that you haven't worked on)?? Thanks so much, I just want to read as much as I can lol~

uuuh that we haven’t worked on? pretty much everything that’s already been translated into english by other groups lol ! boku no high-spec and kashikomarimashita destiny especially. not translated yet… there’s some really good stories in season 3 of the omegaverse project: hanayo to mitsuru, the “AV story” (i like to call it, the actual title is long af), ai to makoto (has twincest pairs), etc.!

I’m reading Genos’s section in the databook and laughing so hard.

(Okay, I skipped translating the “Origin” part because it’s not mentioning anything we haven’t already heard many times… plus it’s hella late and I’m tired. I’m not sure if this has been done already or not, but if it hasn’t I’ll be happy to translate the rest of his stuff if asked. Cheers!)


“I will eliminate you”

Sincerely and greedily pursuing “strength”!

Appearing on the scene like a comet and passing the written and physical hero tests with full scores; all of a sudden, he’s a recognised S-Class hero, a promising new face; he is a high-spec cyborg modified by the most high-level scientific techniques.

Among the numerous capricious heroes of the S-class, Genos will relentlessly chase down and corner any monster. Even if he loses an arm and a leg in the process, he won’t stop fighting unless his opponent totally eats him. Such outrageous aggressiveness is truly demonic!! No hiding place exists anywhere on earth for any monster unfortunate enough to be picked up by his high-powered sensors!!


Strength: 9/10

Intelligence: 7/10

Sense of justice: 7/10

Stamina: 9/10

Speed: 8/10

Popularity: 8/10

Effectiveness/success: 6/10

Mechanics (not sure how to translate this) : 9/10


S-Class, Rank 14

Height: 178cm

Weight: Secret/classified (pffff)

Age: 19

Likes: Saitama-sensei’s teachings, oiled sardines (lmfaoooo)

Dislikes: Those who look down on Sensei, difficult-to-use/faulty electronic equipment

Hobbies: Surfing the net, reading (books), writing in his journal

Hero name origin: Because of Genos’s unfaltering, aggressive manner of attacking whatever villanous monsters or calamities [he comes across].


Once his mind’s made up, he acts immediately!! On moving into his revered master Saitama’s residence, Genos stood stock still with his belongings in tow to display his determined will.

He writes down all his notes! But they are no ordinary notes. Engraving his master’s words onto paper and his soul with letters and drawings is Genos’s unique personal ritual!!

“The combat boots on his feet came from a special lot made for elite Russian naval infantry paratroopers during the Soviet era. The pistols in his nylon shoulder holsters are 1911AI government-model .45 automatics from a production run shipped to Russia during WWII that have been retrofitted with high-spec heat-treated recoil springs and tritium night sights. The numerous spare magazines are stainless steel and loaded with jacketed hollowpoint ammo. The body armor built into his fire-resistant combat togs is an experimental Swiss design, lightweight and flexible. He has knives, grenades, garroting wire, nerve-toxin injectors, and other lethal devices jammed into belt pouches, pockets, and hidden compartments. But the deadliest weapon he possesses is his metal arm.” - novelization of The Death of Captain America