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tyler practicing to be that dad who tricks you into thinking that mowing the lawn is fun


Shirofuku: I’m kinda late, but thank you for Kumamoto performance, guys!! It was our last trip to Kyushu in this tour… It’s just the beginning, but I was crying from the feeling of the finale for some reason😂😂😂

Next is Aichi✨

close confinements: scorose au

a muggle scorose au written by my love @ehffervescent. rated T? for language etc.

Scorpius Malfoy doesn’t particularly want to leave his apartment, the one bed, one bath with mahogany hardwood floors and granite counters and a jacuzzi shower, but he has to because he’s practically disowned after he screwed the daughter of his dad’s business partner and money is tight.

He can’t find an apartment that fits his needs, and one night in an inebriated state he emails a chick about sharing an apartment and the next day he’s waking up with a wicked hangover and he’s apparently sharing an apartment with one Rose Weasley.

He stalks her on Facebook for two hours the day before he moves in. He doesn’t doubt that she’s doing the same. She’s cute, with hair that’s a mass of fierce red curls that always makes a crown around her face. She’s got big eyes and full cheeks. She has lots of friends, if the endless stream of photos in her albums mean anything. She wears pea coats and sweaters and skirts and black knee high socks and booties, and she’s cute.

Scorpius really hopes that she likes silence and red wine.

Rose hates red wine. To be fair, she’s never tried red wine, but she despises it on principle, at least that’s what she tells him when he pulls a bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon 1943 out of his suitcase.

“How can you hate red wine on principle?” says Scorpius, exasperated. He’s trying to hide the red wine from Rose’s glare and crossed arms.

“It’s the implications,” says Rose, her voice lofty and she throws her hair behind her shoulder. “Red wine promotes systematic elitism.

Scorpius doesn’t know whether to laugh or scoff or break down. He ends up sticking the red wine back into his suitcase and shuts himself into his room. His bed doesn’t even have bed springs.

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Clexa Boarding School AU

based off @clarkesquad ’s ’Wonderland

I’d kinda like to suggest the song Krewella - Ammunition to go with it

And that’s where the beginning of the end begun
Everybody knew that we had too much fun
We were skippin’ school and drinkin’ on the job
(With the boss) 

This is what makes us girls - Lana del Rey

@ohmorty requested me some Miami hot babes in high knee socks, and since I love those two, I couldn’t refuse <3 Hope you’ll like it :)

(it’s transparent :))

Grunge Style Essentials 

Denim: Definite staple piece whether it be jeans, vests/jacket or shorts. Preferably acid wash, dark,ripped,or worn out. 

Pairing: Acid wash denim jacket, ripped black jeans,dr.martens and graphic tee, beanie/fedora

Black Leggings/Ripped Jeans/Acid Wash Jeans:  Can’t rock a grunge look without some edgy bottoms. If you have an old pair of black jeans you can cut them up and wash it to look grungy.

Pairing: Ripped Leggings,over sized shirt,maroon combat boots,leather jacket.

Plaid: Grunge is not grunge without plaid. Whether you wear a plaid leggings, shirt,skirt,or an accessory. Plaid shirts can be worn around the waist,layered with a T-shirt,leggings or even as a dress.

Shoes: When it comes to shoes,black BOOTS are the essential element. They can be worn with a dress, shorts basically anything. Converse sneakers are another essential for the grunge style. If you want to spice it up a bit instead of getting black dr.martens/boots maroon or floral are a great choice.

Pairing: over sized T-shirt,distressed shorts,black combat boots,hat, choker,cross body bag

Leather Jacket/Parka: Leather jackets are great to complete your grunge look for cooler weather. If you want to pull off the grunge look in the winter then a parka is necessary. You can pair it up with a beanie, T—shirt,black oversized cardigan,black jeans with a black combat boots and black scarf. 

Oversized Shirts/Band tees/Printed tee: A simple black or grey shirt can bring out the grunge look. You can go thrifting to buy some old oversized shirts to complete the look. The shirts usually are distressed,faded, or ripped a bit.

Accessories: Some accessories to finish the look are beanie,choker,backpack,round glasses, knee high socks, fedora, plaid scarf

Grunge Set


Hope it helps out :).

66 USWNT/NWSL questions

Send me a number:

1. Top 3 favorite players?
2. Favorite new kid?
3. Favorite newbie?
4. Favorite USWNT rival/opponent?
5. NWSL team/s that you support?
6. Favorite nickname?
7. Favorite non-NT American NWSL player?
8. Top 3 matches you like rewatching?
9. Top 3 goals?
10. Favorite veteran?
11. Most intimidating player?
12. Funniest player?
13. Position you’d like to play on the team? Number?
14. Favorite pairing?
15. Favorite coach?
16. Favorite retiree?
17. Most exciting game?
18. Best goal celebration?
19. Favorite USWNT kit? For GKs?
20. Most heartbreaking injury?
21. Favorite significant other?
22. Player you’d like to see get more minutes?
23. Favorite goalkeeper?
24. Cutest soccer kid?
25. Coolest soccer mom?
26. Best Twitter feed? Best Instagram feed?
27. Favorite 99er?
28. Future captain from the young ones?
29. Best style off the pitch?
30. Coolest tattoo/s?
31. Top 3 US Soccer videos?
32. Favorite formation?
33. Cheney’s hair: straight or curly? What about Christen’s?
34. Kelley as a forward, middy, or defender?
35. Oddest friendship?
36. Best game day hair?
37. Weirder to see: Tobin with high socks or Becky with sleeves?
38. Best super sub?
39. Blonde Hope Solo or Brunette Hope Solo?
40. Abby’s headers or Alex’s left footed shots?
41. Favorite defender?
42. Most creative player?
43. Non-NT NWSL player you really want to be called up?
44. HAO game faces or Pinoe goal celebrations?
45. Most underrated player?
46. Favorite corner kick taker?
47. Free kick taker?
48. Penalty kick taker?
49. Top 3 moments in the NWSL?
50. Favorite commentators? (FS1, ESPN, NWSL)
51. Olympics or World Cup?
52. Go-to starting XI from the current NT player pool?
53. Starting XI from the current NWSL player pool?
54. Your All Star starting XI (from past and current USWNT and NWSL players)?
55. Favorite social media moment?
56. Best NWSL team social media?
57. Who is your favorite Mewis?
58. Curve it like Christen or Nutmeg like Tobin?
59. Who’s the best dancer on the team?
60. Favorite NWSL international player?
61. Favorite CANWNT player in the NWSL?
62. Carli’s hat tricks or Kelley’s throw-in spin?
63. Whitney with Beluga whales, Kelley with squirrels, Sydney with Boss or Moe with Macarons?
64. Light kits or dark kits?
65. Favorite body issue photo shoot?
66. Favorite veteran/newbie friendship?

“Why does this make me feel so sad …?”

Cosplayer: Anoriel facebook | twitter | deviantart
Photographer: Izumi Fura twitter | tumblr

Construction notes:
The dress is completely made from scratch and except for the sleeves completely lined! I really wanted the cuffs and the inside of the dress to have the same colour, even though the blue tone’s a bit off. I’m really happy I still had the buttons with star motives lying around – they fit wonderfully imo. 
It modified the design a bit to my own taste (puff sleeves, thigh-high socks & heels) but I hope you still like it! ♥

Thank you for making such great cartoons & comics and please keep up the great work!! ♥

Straight White Boy Problem #481

im late for soccer practice because im in a carpool and my friend hasnt picked me up yet! i called my friend like 3 times and I texted him too where is he? ive been waiting outside my house for 30 minutes and the neighbors keep driving by and looking at me with my flip flops and super high soccer socks. i hope they aren’t judging me

[Lydia figured she and Kendall would just fool around and watch movies most of the night, so she didn’t bother getting a costume or even getting dressed up. What she did do, however, was steal Kendall’s football jersey the day before and put it on along with a pair of thigh high socks. ‘Cuz she wanna be cute] I hope you don’t mind that I took this.