high sock sundays

YOOOOOOOOOOO so I hit 300 followers two months ago (ish???) and I have literally been procrastinating so ridiculously and I meant to do this but i haven’t so ta da *Peter Pan voice* here we goooo

btw they’re categorized as athletes cause why not

also look at the gif cause it has vasqy, joey, x, and eddy in it yaaaaay

the David Ortizes (is that the plural???) aka anyone whose accounts I’ve loved for a long time/have followed since almost the beginning of my tumblr days: baetriots // brock-holt // bruins-babe // edelmenkowski // fenways // gronkingtuukka // hockeyismyreligon // jasondenners // julian-edelman // ksmith56 // m-a-lkin // marchandmad // massholehackey // preciouspatriots // therealriiver // tuochy // zdeno-charizard

the Jose Altuves aka the hella baseball blogs I follow: ballparkfever // chasing-utley // dallaskeuchel // fenways (i had to tag you again cause well hey you’re a hella baseball blog) // gerritcole // gfbaseball // high-sock-sundays // holypedroia // imjustagiantsfan // outtathepahk // scherzersundae // sophithewhale // the-destroia (i feel like you kinda fit in here??) 

the Corey Crawfords aka the people who i follow and love that are hawks fans: andrewshawmademedoit // andrewshawty // blackhawks-shuffle // crowmygoodness // dunconnsmythe // fuckingtoews // krisbryants //  marianyossa // saintcrow // swiggity-swagger-chelsea-dagger // teuvo-teravainens // wekaneweshawwecrawford

the PK Subbans aka yes i love you and your blogs even though you’re Habs fans: goallagher-galchenpuck // hockeyismyreligon // motherpuckinghabs  // pucking-habs

the Cam Newtons aka i love you lots and I wasn’t quite sure where to classify your blog so I hope you’re not offended: brassyanddmoore // brosillustrated // chandler-jones // ivanprovolone // jordanstaalsmugshot // mookiebetts // officialjackeichel // p-a-t-r-i-o-t-s-football // robgronkwowski // xmy-little-paradisee // zachpariseisbae

and finally two photographers whose work i just happen to enjoy profusely: bostonianresolution // damnthatkidsblack 

fuck ok that’s it but thank you guys for following me honestly i really appreciate it and if i forgot you and we talk regularly/interact i’m sorry (and i know i did forget a few!) but thanks for following me and i love yall :) xx