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Bands and Girls They Like by Chuck Klosterman
  • GUNS N' ROSES: Bisexual models; submissive women; girls who would buy them booze.
  • MOTLEY CRUE: Strippers; women who have sex in public (particularly elevators); lesbians.
  • RATT: Hookers with a heart of gold. Or strippers with a heart of gold. Or thirteen-year-olds.
  • WARRANT: Virgins who exhibited the potential to become nymphomaniacs.
  • DEF LEPPARD: Drunk girls; female vampires.
  • THE CULT: Female vampires only.
  • W.A.S.P.: Magician's assistants; women with rape fantasies; lower primates.
  • AEROSMITH: Models, but not waifs; high school snobs; more girls who like having sex in elevators.
  • CINDERELLA: Gypsies.
  • TESLA: Farm girls; whoever they used to date in junior high.
  • SKID ROW: Nameless, faceless, top-heavy sex machines (with hearts of gold).
  • BULLETBOYS: Girls with particularly deep birth canals.
  • L.A. GUNS: Drug-addled hitchhikers who like rough sex.
  • BANG TANGO: Faster Pussycat rejects.
  • VAN HALEN: Party girls; bikini models; the homecoming queen; cast members of "One Day at a Time."
  • DAVID LEE ROTH (solo): The same as Van Halen, except with bigger boobs.
  • BON JOVI: The girl next door.
  • VINNIE VINCENT INVASION: The dominatrix next door.
  • SLAUGHTER: Girls who couldn't make the cut as Bon Jovi groupies.
  • WINGER: Whoever Bon Jovi groupies used to baby-sit.
  • POISON: Girls who liked to tease; girls from small towns; good girls gone bad.
  • KISS: Any girl who wasn't dead.
  • IRON MAIDEN: Dead girls.
  • METALLICA: None of the above.
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omg this was like when i saw one of those about best opera arias and a. the person did not know what an aria was and b. PHANTOM OF THE OPERA WAS ON THE LIST like no disrespect to phantom but. um. uM.

ksjdfg,M<ANSDF GOD…..like……..it’s a great musical but i wouldn’t classify it as an opera ? whom knows like idk much abt opera maybe im dumb But Like…..i know the feeling like ive watched so many horror movie list things and they’re always like “and the best horror movie is…………..the bye bye man” and im just like please let me rest

High school sweet-snob: Hoseok

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Jin - Yoongi - Hoseok - Namjoon - Jimin - Taehyung

Hoseok x Reader

Gender: Male x Female

Genre: Angst, fluff, smut.

Warning: (A/N) This is so badly written.

Word count: 4271.


“Wait,” a voice chuckled through the static and the clicks and hits of shaky hands holding the camera.
“What did you say?”

“When I grow up, I’m going to be a husband!” A small voice chimed.

“Who’s husband?” The voice asked, stifling a laugh.


“Oh, and what about you Y/N?”

“I’ll be his wife!" 


The wind, with all its might, pushed you back as hard it could, but you powered through.
Body swinging side to side as you rode your bike in the open field that contained a beautiful river that glistened in the sun, only it wasn’t so beautiful when it beamed right in your eyes.
You could feel your body growing tired and if you could you would have stopped and taken a break, but the clock was ticking and so was your attendance.
If it was not for your flat tire you would be now well before time at school, but at last.

Cursing under your breath you began to stand up from your bike, hoping it would help but it did everything but.
The sound of a motorcycle slowly roared from behind you and before you knew it you had stepped off you bike and had been coughing your lungs out. You didn’t have to look who it was, yet you did.
Before the motorcyclist had completely disappeared, you caught a glimpse of a hand waving at you.
Groaning you stepped back on your bike and continued to cycle.

"Every time.”  You muttered under your breath.

Finally you made it at your school, with still a good amount of time before the bell would go off.
Rolling into the school’s court you directed your bike to the biking stalls.
The moment you came into the biking stalls your face fell in a grimace, there where anything other than bikes where meant to be stood the culprit that made your morning always just a little bit more hard to bare.
Deciding to ignore the man who was practically eating away the face of his passenger you passed the two by as quietly as possible, however little did you know that the man had noticed you, looking at you while he was devouring the leftovers from last night also known as his one night stand.
Locking your bike you began to walk out of the biking stall, doing your very best to ignore the two students arms reach away from you.

“Hope you had a great night.” You rolled your eyes internally.

“I had,” You felt your stomach coil.
“Thank you Hobi~” You felt the hair on your skin rise and you were positive you would be throwing up if they kept on the act.
A slight breeze mixed with the smell of vanilla and something familiar passed you by as you watched the petite female turn around and give her one night stand a last flirtatious wink, completely disregarding you.
You didn’t need to think twice to think who’s scent that was, the musk and manly scent could only belong to-

“Jung Hoseok, get your arm off me.” You sneered as you shook Hoseok’s arm off, letting it fall limp next to the boy who curled his lip into a pout and rested his chin on your shoulder, ticking you off more and he knew.

“Aw, is my wife mad at me?” Hoseok whined, his arms wrapping around your torso and pulling you in for a hug that you tried to shake off but his grip was too strong.

“I am no one’s wife, now let go of me.” You growled as you tried to pull Hoseok’s arms away who only tightened even more.

“But Y/N,” Hoseok continued with his whining voice
“Didn’t we say we’d marry one another.” You stopped your tracks and let out a huff.

“I’d never marry a snob like you, Hoseok.” You could feel Hoseok smirking, but whatever he wished to say it had to wait as his friends called for him.
Finally releasing you Hoseok moved away from you, but not before placing a small and quick kiss on your forehead.
“See you later, my wife.” Hoseok teased, giving you a small wink before running to his friends who eyed you up and down, even though they knew the routine they never got bored of it nor did he.
You were red from both anger and embarrassment. Even after all those times, after all those meaningless kisses your heart still jumped at the sight of Hoseok and you hated it.

“I am jealous though…” One of your friend sighed out as her eyes wandered out the window and down to the courtyard.
“It must be nice, being teased like that all the time by Hobi.” You made a sound of disgust as you threw daggers with your eyes at your friend.

“Please, don’t ever call him that, it’s disgusting.” Your friend let out another sigh as she rolled her head towards you.

“I don’t get it,” Another friend said as he looked over the table and out the window before looking back at you.
“You guys used to be so close together, what happened?”
You shrugged your shoulders as you too looked out the window and down at Hoseok playing basketball with his group of friends.

“Probably puberty,” You mumbled as you watched how Hoseok’s shirt curved along the muscles.
You couldn’t help but notice he had out grown his clothes again.

He really was getting taller.
Hoseok loudly cheered that even with the windows closed you could hear his chipper celebratory of winning a game and out of curiosity Hoseok looked up and into your classroom.
A smile that was brighter than the sun aimed at you as Hoseok shot you a wink, in return you rolled your eyes and head away from Hoseok, thanking yourself that both hands where covering your cheeks thus not showing your red hue.

Yes, puberty was one of the reasons why you and Hoseok grew apart, but that was safe to say a minuscule percentage of it all.
Only you and Hoseok knew the real reason why you both had grown apart, and to be frank you weren’t even sure if Hoseok remembered anymore.
Perhaps he had already buried the memory deep within himself and now solely teased you for the teasing.

“I like you.” Pause, freeze, just whatever makes the world stop please do so.
Did you hear that correctly, you weren’t being deceived or dreaming right?

“What?” You breathed out, not sure what to say.

“I said, I love you Y/N [L/N]!” His face was beet red, his eyes shut tight as he faced the ground, shoulders stiff and hands clenched in fists.
He was nervous and you could tell, even understand why.

You were still elementary kids, soon to graduate and he took the opportunity to confess in hopes it would be the beginning of a new era and transition of life, but little dumb you denied.
Even though you promised, you couldn’t because your heart didn’t beat the same way Hoseok’s did for you.

“Hobi, I- I am sorry." 

Ever since then Hoseok acted different around you.
First he was completely avoiding you, then he was being mean to you and now he was simply teasing you.
But how cruel it may sound, over the years it was your turn to fall for your childhood friend.
Watching him become stronger, being able to protect himself and do things without your help and the fact he was now towering over you was already to much.
Hoseok wasn’t the little boy that would run behind you anymore, no, he was now a man that you were running behind. If you knew love could be this unfair, you’d never fallen into it, but by all means did you deserve the pain.
Sure you had your relationships, but they never seemed to heal that gaping hole Hoseok used to live in, in fact it only grew larger with every girl you had seen him with.

"Hmm, I wish puberty would make me as handsome.” One of your friends hummed and all you could do was let out a chuckle.

The day went over pretty fast and before you knew it, you were already on your way to the bike stalls.
The first thing you noticed was the empty spot of the red, white and black mash of a motorbike.
It wasn’t the first nor the last time you had seen Hoseok’s motorbike missing, for one he had different hours of school and for two he liked skipping school more than the girls in his bed.
Not thinking much of it you unlocked your bike and made your way home, passing by the river bank that never ceased to amaze you, but also never ceased to sadden you or amuse you all at once.
When you were little you’d often come here with Hoseok and sometimes other friends, playing all sorts of games that ended with soaking clothing and scolding just to do it all over again.
It was a river with good memories, but also a river with bad ones as this was the river Hoseok confessed and you rejected him without any further explanation why.
You could hear the sound and vibration of your phone in your bag going off, stopping your bike you swung your bag in front of you and began to rummage to your bag.
Fishing out your phone you could see your screen turned on with the caller ID of your parent.

“Hello?” You answered.

“Y/N, Honey, could you go to the grocery store and get something for me?”

A good hour passed as you finally rolled your bike into your driveway, placing your bike against the house and locking it.
You quickly jogged up and pulled out your keys from your bag and unlocked the door of your house.

“Hello?” You yelled, but no one answered, odd.

“Hello, anyone here?” You yelled again, kicking off your shoes as you walked into your living room.
There on the small coffee table was a bright yellow note with black inked scribbling.

Dear Y/N,

Could you be a dear and pass by Hoseok?
His mom called me to ask if I could look after him,
apparently he called in sick.

However I am at work now, 
so I can’t but I hope you can!



You let  out a heavy sigh, understanding for who these remedies and others belonged to.
It had been years since you last went to Hoseok’s house, it was a few houses down yours but even so that did not stop you as a little kid from seeing your best friend.
But now, now you did your hardest not to come near that place, avoiding it like the plague.
You even changed your biking route just so you can avoid his house, it did add up some minutes which meant leaving the house earlier but if that meant you didn’t see Hoseok you were fine with it.
Taking a deep breath you slumped back to the door, even though you didn’t want to go at all you had too.

You knocked on the door of Hoseok’s house, but no reply. Perhaps he was asleep?
Trying again you still did not receive an answer.
You would have used the bell if it wasn’t for the post-it saying it was broken.

Trying it for the third time there still was no answer, so the best thing you could think of was to walk around the back and into his garden.

If luck was with you the spare key would be still under the yellow gnome and luck was with you as you saw the glimmer of silver.
Hoseok told you about the secret key when he was little, he even showed it to you more often than sometimes because he forgot his own.
Unlocking the backdoor you placed the key back under the gnome before walking in.
It was quiet, actually no, there was a soft sound of music coming from upstairs.

“Ah, that’s why.” You whispered to yourself as you walked out of the kitchen and into the hallway.
Kicking off your shoes you began to slowly walk upstairs, the music becoming louder as came closer to Hoseok’s room.
By now you were in front of Hoseok’s room and could hear the music clearly.
It was a nice beat that thumped into your body, but that was not the thing that stopped you from coming into his room, it was the voice of Hoseok, he was rapping.

You remembered as a child how the boy would talk about how one day he’d become a rapper, but you never expected to hear his rapping voice.
You must have been in trance because you did not hear nor feel that the music had stopped, it was only when the door of Hoseok’s room opened up was when you got pulled back into reality.

“Oh!” Hoseok yelled as he stumbled back into his room, hand clutching his chest as you watched the man with wide eyes, they even grew wider when you saw Hoseok stumble and fall onto the ground causing your body to launch towards him and within seconds you were kneeling besides him.

“Y/N?” Hoseok asked shocked.
“What the fuck are you doing here?” And now he was mad.

“I, uh,” You began
“Your mom called to ask if I could look after you.”

“Why?” You raised your eyebrow as you looked at the confused expression of Hoseok.

“You’re…sick, right? That’s why your mom called.” Hoseok immediately let out a laughter as he shook is head.
“She actually fell for it?” You could hear him say in-between laughter and you became confused.

“Wait, what?” Hoseok was now laying on the floor bursting into that laughter that was like heaven, but now was nothing more than confusion.
You watched Hoseok with furrowed brows for a while before it clicked.
He skipped school again, his mom must have been home and he blatantly lied to her which made her worry because she couldn’t be there to take care of her son, thus she called your parent(s) which lead too them calling you and making you spend money on a lie.
“Are you serious.” You exclaimed before letting your index and thumb circle your temples.
“I sped all this for nothing?” You breathed out, anger seeping through your words as you hoisted up the plastic white bag.
Hoseok stopped laughing as he looked up at what you were holding before pushing himself off the ground with a wide smile.

“Oh how sweet,” Hoseok cooed as he leaned in closer, your body suddenly becoming hyper aware of how his breath tickled your skin and causing bumps to rise on your skin.
“My wifey came to take care of me.” You felt your skin burning up and you were positive you looked bright red, but even so that did not stop you from trying to defend yourself.
No matter how close Hoseok was and no matter how good he smelled, when did he start wearing cologne?

“In your dreams.” You spat as you averted your eyes, not seeing Hoseok’s smile grow wider if possible.

“Oh how did you know I dream about you?” Your body stiffened as you shot your head towards Hoseok who burst into laughter, face in hand as his other hand slapped his thigh.
“She fell for it!” He exclaimed.

You now felt every blood cell rising to your head and your body rocking, how did you fall in love with such a snob?
Huffing you pushed yourself off the ground, ready to leave but Hoseok stopped you by grabbing hold of your wrist, locking down at him with furious eyes Hoseok tried his best not to laugh again.

“I’m sorry, don’t go.” Hoseok begged and you scoffed.
“No, Y/N, I am serious.” Hoseok dropped his head as he took his bottom lip between his teeth.
“It’s been awhile since you visited, stay for a bit will you?” Your heart jumped and all you wanted to do was take it and throw it away.
How was it still thumping after that? Even so you agreed.

“Fine,” You sighed as you pulled your wrist back and watched how Hoseok’s cheeks became prominent do to that dorky smile of his.
That must have been the only thing that stayed the same.

“Since you’re here, I want you too review my song!” Hoseok exclaimed as he pushed himself off the ground and towards his computer.

“Song?” You said.

“Yeah, it’s more of a rap but that doesn’t matter.” Hoseok said as he turned around cocking you an eyebrow. “Not going to take a seat?”
You eyed the bed and felt extremely nauseous as you thought about all the things that happened on there and in a odd way incredibly jealous.
Hoseok noticed the way you stared at his bed and chuckled. 

“Don’t worry, I cleaned the sheets.” You turned your head towards Hoseok who had turned back to the screen.

“I wasn’t-”

“Sure you weren’t.” Hoseok interrupted you, you wanted to defend yourself but who would fall for that?
Taking his headphones Hoseok as he walked towards you.
Thinking he was going too hand the headphones to you, you held your hand out but how wrong you were. Pushing away your hand Hoseok placed the headphones on you, causing too once again heat up. Music began to consume you and soon you heard the strong voice of Hoseok.
You once more became in trance and seeing your reaction Hoseok seemed content with it, smiling brightly which you couldn’t help but too smile back.
You stood like that for a while until the music began to slow down into a stop, your hands moved up to remove the headphones but stopped as they felt another pair of hands.
Hoseok hadn’t moved his hands, instead he pushed the headphones closer to your face almost squishing it.

“H-Hoseok?” You stuttered.

“Y/N,” Hoseok muffled voice said, sounding steady yet seeming nervous.

“I still like you." 

You didn’t know why, you really did not know why but your body went into panic mode and before your mind could stop anything your mouth would produce you already spoke.
"Ah, the rap is really good.” You said as you pointed at the headphones before sliding it off, ignoring the confused and hurt expression of Hoseok.
“But that was not what I came for.” You forced out a laugh as you grabbed the plastic bag and walked off without saying anything. Cursing at yourself for being such an idiot.

You lost track at the fifth day of skipping school.
Never had you skipped school, let alone for a reason this stupid.
Once again you rejected Hoseok, why? Because you were afraid.
Afraid you might loose someone you had spend your whole life time with, afraid you might loose all the good memories, afraid of all the stupid.
You didn’t know how, but so far you had been let off by your school who was fooled that you were sick for it must have been two weeks since your absence and the incident at Hoseok’s house.
You shouldn’t have gone.

Even though it felt terrible to skip school, you didn’t want to risk being seen by Hoseok who must be furious with you.
Besides you didn’t want to think about him, then why where you in your secret hideout by the river bank?
It was behind a dense set of bushes and with the right movements you would be able to avoid the thorns and by your surprise you still memorized the path.
It was a rather hard place to find, but once you had bypassed the bushes you were greeted by a beautiful view of how the river bank formed into sea.
The place was just underneath a look out point for couples and you could see why, you could also see why Hoseok picked out this place to confess.

Pulling the blanket  you had taken from home over your shoulder you let out a deep and frustrating sigh.
You took bite of the lunch you packed as you felt your chest tightening and tightening by the minute and it wasn’t long before you started to sob softly.
You must look so stupid with food in your mouth and crying about a boy you shouldn’t be crying over at all.

“Hoseok is such an idiot.” You mumbled through your sobs and bites.
“Why does he love me, out of all the girls, me?” You scoff as you wiped away the never ending tears.

“No, why am I an idiot?” You asked yourself,
“Why out of all people did I fall for Hoseok? I don’t deserve such an idiot like him.” You said as you took more of the food and by now was practically shoving it in your mouth in hopes you would stop the tears from coming but it only made it worse. 

Your mind began to replay all the memories you shared with Hoseok to the point you had been sobbing with a mouth full of food.

You really fucked up.

You really fucked up for falling for him.

You really fucked up rejecting him.

You really fucking love him.

“And I love you too,” You could hear a voice say from behind you.
Your body stiffened as you felt a pair of arms sneaking around you and pulling you flush against a body much more broad than yours.
You felt hairs tickle your cheek as you stayed silent.
“You’re cruel, Y/N.” You could hear Hoseok mumble into your shoulder.
“Cruel too me for rejecting and cruel too yourself while you love me as much…”
You slowly turned around to look a Hoseok who stifled a laugh as he saw your puffed out cheeks filled with food and your red eyes you looked like a mess, but at the goddess at the same time.
Swallowing the last bit of food your mouth fell open.

“You’re going to catch flies or better, me.” Hoseok said as he leaned in forward.
Your body rang bells as Hoseok had his lips dancing with yours but it didn’t take long before you melted into the kiss.
Turning your upper body around giving Hoseok more access you began to snake your arms up Hoseok’s before clasping themselves at the back of Hoseok’s neck and pulling him closer to you on the blanket underneath you.

Your body let out a deep and content sigh as you parted lips with Hoseok.
A light flush on his cheeks while yours was red, but you didn’t care.
“Shit,” Hoseok mumbled “I waited for this so long." 
You didn’t say simply act as you pulled Hoseok back into the kiss, his hands moving up to your body moving them over your waist as Hoseok moved his lips away from you and down your jaw and to your neck as you both descended down.

"Please tell me you want this as much as I do.” Hoseok said in between kisses.

“I, Hoseok, I do” You moaned out.

“Ah fuck, you sound so beautiful.” Hoseok breathed out as he found your sweet spot of your neck, causing you to moan out in bliss. "Shit,“ Hoseok hissed he accidentally grazed his hardened member over your thigh, stopping his movements to collect himself but you weren’t on the same page.
Pushing Hoseok, you easily topped him, eyeing you with both excitement and confusion you moved down.

This was not your first, but by all means did it not mean you weren’t nervous.
Hoseok’s face grew a smile as he figured out what you were up too.
Your back arched, making your ass the view of the ocean. But Hoseok had no idea where to look at, your ass or those round doe eyes filled with lust.

Undoing his pants and pulling his underwear along, Hoseok’s member stood proud in front of you.
Demanding attention you happily give to him.
Hoseok suck the air through his teeth as his head fell back at the feeling of your mouth wrapping around his member as he did his best not to release right there and then due to the overflowing excitement.
Forcing to look back, Hoseok licked his lips as he watched how you took him all in, eyes locking with his.

"You feel so good, babe.” Hoseok growled, eyes closing as he felt your moan of approval through his body.
Your tongue swirled around Hoseok’s member, dragging it up all the way to the tip giving it a small and quick swipe, tasting the bitter taste of Hoseok before going back down onto him.
Hoseok hissed as one of his hands flew up to your hair, grabbing a fistful.
With a few more movements Hoseok would come undone, but a few sounded too much for the man who began to move his hips.
Groaning in pleasure as he could hear and feel the sound of you choking on his member.
Trying to calm down you tried to take in a much as Hoseok had to offer, trying to fight back the tears and the pain.
With a thrust or two your mouth was filled with Hoseok’s pleasure.
With a pop you moved off Hoseok, chin glistening and Hoseok took a moment to drink in the heavenly goddess that sat before him.
Pulling you back up Hoseok wiped away the excess pleasure from your face, moving into kiss you-

A loud vibrating noise came from Hoseok’s bag, trying to ignore it Hoseok went back to another attempt into kissing you but once again the vibration came.
Groaning out of frustration Hoseok fished his phone out of his pocket and picked up whoever called him with much aggression in his voice.

“What?” Hoseok spat.
“What?!” He yelled.
“…Fine.” He sighed.

Throwing his phone back into his bag Hoseok looked back at you with sorry-eyes, combing your hair into a neat state.

“I have to go.” Hoseok whispered.

“What, why?” You asked, fear and confusion evident.

“Friend problem,” Hoseok sighed out, moving aside as he pulled his pants up.
You simply watched as Hoseok got up, watching him leave.
But before that Hoseok leaned in, his lips caressing your ear as a hand slipped down into your jeans and stroking your wet underwear.

“So wet, what a shame.” Hoseok purred in your ear.
With a long swipe that made your head fall onto Hoseok’s shoulder the man chuckled.

“Remember that for later.” Hoseok said as he removed his hand, earning a whine that you did not allow your body to make.
“Don’t worry babe, your boyfriend is going to make you feel better later”

With that Hoseok left.
It took a while before you realized what the man just said.
Hoseok said he was your boyfriend and better yet, 

He was going to make you feel better.



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(Gifs by sweaterpawsjimin
             vhyung )

I warned you it was bad, see.
But if you read through the whole thing, I applaud you.
You just witnessed a waste of time because this story is literally a long ass forced story due to writer’s-block.

Also you can request stuff if you want.

Dressed in a tux, Damon stood in front of a painting, gathered by him were two high class snobs that Damon personally would never get along with. Champagne in hand, he hummed every now and then to show he was listening to them when in reality he wasn’t. His eyes were set upon Hope as she talked with a few of the guests, lesser lip was caught between his teeth as he took her in. He always liked red on her, it brought out a lot of her features that Damon would never admit to liking as much as he did. Throat cleared when he heard another question being asked, tearing his eyes away from Hope and back where the group was, “Sorry, what was that?”


Updated version.



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I am not lying when I say that I dislike 99% of them,
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High school sweet-snob: Yoongi

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Jin - Yoongi - Hoseok - Namjoon - Jimin - Taehyung

Yoongi x Reader

Gender: Male x Female.

Genre: Smut.

Warning: -

Word count: 3214


Out of all the students, why did he pick you?
What in his mind told him you should be the one to be tormented by him.

Tormented in the sense of giving you those glances and those smiles he knew had an effect on you.
He being Min Yoongi of course, the man that made teenage hearts throb while he was a teenage snob yet even though his behavior was nothing to be fanned over, you couldn’t help to have fallen for the student.

Heavens must have taken a disliking at you as they placed you in the same class as Yoongi for two school years now, this led Yoongi to torment you in all the ways he could without being caught, he had a reputation of course.

That reputation being a bad boy and how odd it would be to see a bad boy flirting with a ‘plain Jane’.
 You weren’t necessarily speaking boring, but you did easily mix with the walls compared to the other girls who purposely wore shorter skirts and often dismissed the school rules like wearing heavy make-up even though it is not allowed.
But who cared about that if that would catch Yoongi’s attention or any other of his friends who also pointed a middle finger at the school and how much you wanted to join the anarchy, you just couldn’t risk it.
So what was the next thing you could do, nothing really, but if staring from a distance was any act of participation you’d happily take it.

Speaking of staring from a distance, it was what you were doing at the moment.
There by the window was a small group, actually it was a pretty large group considering more than the half of your classmates had moved all to one side of the classroom.
Only a few students decided to stay seated, those that had fallen asleep and those who you could call your friends.

“I honestly do not get why people like him.” One of your friends huffed out.

“Because he is the physical form of ’Fuck you ’ ”  Your other friend said
“Do you agree, Y/N?” Your friend asked, eyeing you with a curious eyebrow raised up and all you could do was nod, you agreed only with a slight tweak.

Fuck you for being hot, that is.

Your heart stuttered as your gaze locked with Yoongi’s, even though he was being surrounded by many people practically blocking his view he still managed to find you.
A small smile painted on his lips as he tried to ever so discretely wink at you, which as usual succeeded and made you look away.
You could feel your cheeks burn and heart tighten, oh how he only knew half of the effect he had on you.
Not only did Yoongi torment you through out the day, but also through out the night when you wished for sleep but instead got sexual frustrations. 
Yes, like stated before you had plunged head first into this impossible love that you’re sure will stay unrequited. And for that, you disliked every bit of Yoongi, for making him fall in love with him even though it was your own fault.

“Okay everyone, back to your seats. Now .” Your homeroom teacher demanded and with a groan everyone moved to their respective desks.
And so the long hours of school started again featuring you trying to suppress those lewd thoughts about the man who started it all and had no sign of stopping. Literally.
Yoongi didn’t even think about giving you a break for these final hours of school, always looking to his side to catch your gaze. Why did you had to sit in the same row as him.
Normally Yoongi would forget about the class and see how long he could stare at you before you noticed, but today was different as you were the one staring.
An obvious gummy smile made it on Yoongi’s face as he caught his bottom lip with his teeth, a low chuckle escaped from his body as he saw your face going bright red from shock and embarrassment.

“Mister Min, is there something funny?” The teacher asked.
You immediately turned back to your book, afraid of being caught for simply staring.

Actually it was more then that, it was so much more that you’re sure it would even make holy water sinful. You couldn’t help it, it was the hormones going at it as you would say as an excuse but you well knew it was just because your heart had grabbed hold at Yoongi or he did.
You couldn’t help but think how it would feel to kiss those soft lips, how they would feel against yours and trailing down your body until they kissed your core.

You squeezed your thighs against one another as you tried not to think about it, shaking your head slightly as he could hear Yoongi snickering.

“Whatever it may be, Min, you’re staying after school hours.” The teacher said, not caring for a reason anymore.

Your eyes widen as you looked up, your body had already stopped yourself for telling the teacher it was you who caused it,  you didn’t need this.

Daring to look at Yoongi he seemed unfazed even giving you a subtle wink that caused your cheeks to tingle and heat up.

The moment the last bell of the day went off you sprinted out of the class as fast as you could, your feet practically gliding over the stairs down.
You wanted, no had to get out of school asap or else you would explode out of sexual frustration.
Thank god your house was close by. Once out the building you began to run, not even noticing Yoongi watching you from the classroom with a Cheshire like grin.
“Min, it’s your lucky day today.” The teacher sighed out “I have better things to do, so you will be sitting here tomorrow.” If possible Yoongi’s smile grew wider and without another word he left the classroom.

As you entered your house you took a note how empty it was, no sign of living.

Instead of feeling fear you felt relieved, no one would be home till tomorrow leaving the house all by yourself which meant having some self love in peace and quite.
You immediately began to strip away your clothing, throwing your school bag somewhere in your room as all you wanted was some release.
Your body hit your cold wall as your fingers dipped inside of you, your mouth falling open as you had been waiting for this since the beginning of the day.

Your mind clouded as all you could imagine was how it would feel if it was Yoongi and you couldn’t help but let out a moan.
As your imagination ran wilder so did your pace until you felt your release pop into white butterflies, your muscles lessened and you let out a satisfying sigh, it was only then when you realized you had your curtain wide open, giving anyone who would walk by a perfect view of you pleasuring yourself.
Quickly you scurried forward, praying to god that no one had seen you but of course he was not at your side.

Your breath got caught as your eyes locked with a smirking Min Yoongi, looking up in your window.

His bottom lip caught in his teeth as his eyes sparked with mischief.
Out of all the people, out of all the people who could have seen it had to be the Devil himself.
You expected or more so hoped Yoongi would shrug it off and walk further to his house that was not far from yours, another reason why you dammed Yoongi, but instead he walked to your front door and gave it a long ring.
You began to hurry away from the window and made way to your bedroom door.

Bypassing your mirror you realized how you looked, like a mess.
Cursing under your breath you wanted to dress properly, but with Yoongi abusing the doorbell your only option was to throw a long shirt that stopped a bit over your ass.
Out of all the things, why did he had to see that?

Maybe he didn’t, who were you kidding of course he saw that.

Swinging the door open you feel the breath being punched out of you, there so close was Yoongi.
The sun beaming down on him so perfectly it created a halo around him if he did not already own one.
“Afternoon, Sunshine.” Yoongi smirked “May I come in?” was not even a question, more a warning he was.
Passing you Yoongi let himself in, looking around the hallway before turning back at you.
“Might want to close the door, insects might come in.” Yoongi said and your body moved out of shock, almost slamming the door shut causing Yoongi to let out a low chuckle.
You pressed your head as heart as you could against the door, hoping that it might help with whatever kind of emotions you were feeling, or maybe that this was all a dream and you would wake up but at last.

“I see you already started without me, no?” Yoongi said, you straightened your body still facing the door as you tried to process what Yoongi said and what he was referring  too.
Yoongi took the silence as a hint of confusion and he let out a chuckle, inspecting your body up and down. Gosh did you look incredibly hot in that shirt. 
“I know about them, Y/N.” Yoongi purred, silently walking towards you “those dreams, I know about them.” He continued, starting the engine that made you talk.

“I-I have no idea what you are talking about.” You stuttered out, your breath hitched as you could feel Yoongi hover over you, his hot breath tickling the back of your neck.
“You can’t fool me with that shit, Y/N.” Yoongi said as he pressed his upper body against you, your body stiffened and the heat radiating of Yoongi went straight to your core.
“You really don’t think I see the way you look at me?” Yoongi asked as his arms leaned against the door, trapping you inside of them and only adding more pressure to your core.
“The way you would press your thighs together, don’t you think I know?”
You took your bottom lip between your teeth as you could feel Yoongi tickle your ear with his burning breath.

“Tell me Y/N, do you dream about me like I dream about you?" 

Your world flipped, and all you could do was stare at the door with wide eyes as you tried to form sentences but all that came out was: "You?”
“Yes I do, do you?” Yoongi casually admitted, his lips brushing your ear as you couldn’t help but moan, even though you did not see it you were sure Yoongi was smiling.
“Well do you?” Yoongi asked, pressing his lower body against you and you could feel something poking you causing you to moan out a yes.

“Good, then you want this as much as me?” Yoongi smirked and you nodded.
Yes.” You sighed out, giving into the hormones.
That was all Yoongi needed  to spin you around and place a fierce kiss that took you by surprise, however it did not take long for you to melt into it.
As if on auto pilot your arms wrapped around Yoong’s neck, pulling him closer and deepening the kiss as your hands grabbed hold of the man’s hair, pulling it slightly causing him to groan.
Your lips curved into a smirk.

“Don’t get to full of yourself.” Yoongi groaned. “Your room, where is it?”
“Up,” You breathed out and Yoongi let out another groan, his lips latched back onto yours and it was by far better than you had ever dreamed about.
Hands moved down your thighs, giving them a slight tug to tell you to wrap your legs around Yoongi.
With the smallest jump Yoongi hosted you up and began to walk what you assumed would be the stairs but was instead the living room.
Dropping you onto the couch you pulled away from Yoongi looking around you and then back at him again, as if he could read your mind Yoongi answered “I need to save my energy for you, babe.”

Your cheeks flushed red, but you were given no reaction as Yoongi placed his lips back on you.
His hands moving up, memorizing every dip and curve your body allowed him, his hands eventually came up to your face, cupping it as he moved away.

Your heart fluttered as you stared back at Yoongi who’s eyes had been filled with something that was not lust, but what you could describe as love, it was the same gaze you would have when around Yoongi.

“You’re so much better than my dreams,” Yoongi whispered out “but I bet you will be excellent once I got you moaning.” You were more than sure you looked like a strawberry and that Yoongi could hear your heartbeat but that was what the man loved so much about you.

The adorable and embarrassing nature that you had been gifted with, the thing that caught Yoongi’s attention and wished to see more and more.

Instead of giving you another kiss, Yoongi began to kiss your body.
First your jaw, than down to your neck, sucking and licking as he marked you up.
Sucking air through your teeth as Yoongi found that sensitive spot of your neck, wanting to hear a bit more Yoongi sucked again.

Satisfied with the second inward hiss Yoongi began to move down until his lips connected with your shirt, groaning Yoongi looked up at you.

“Off,” was all he growled out.

You nodded as you, along with Yoongi’s help began to take the dress like shirt off you, leaving you in your matching laced white bra, thanking yourself silently for wearing something like this.
“Shit,” Yoongi said as he moved away from you, drinking in how beautiful you looked in his favourite colour before dipping back in and placing marks all around the exposed skin of your breasts.
His hands moved behind your back, lifting you up slightly as his skill full hands unclasped the bra with ease, releasing the skin.
The way Yoongi licked his lips went straight through your core, dampening your underwear even more.
You moaned out a beautiful sound when Yoongi wrapped his mouth around your nipple while one of his hands placed with the other breast, fondling it and milking out as much moans he could.

Those sounds of pleasure going straight to his ever growing member that already felt restricted since he saw you come undone in your room.

You accidentally moved your leg, brushing it against Yoongi’s member causing him to groan vibrations into your body.
“Baby do that again and you’ll be sorry.” Yoongi growled out, causing you to move your thighs together and once more brush against Yoongi’s member.

Craning his head back for a moment Yoongi looked straight back at you with eyes that were nothing more but lust. "I warned you.“

Yoongi pushed away from you, making short due of his clothing and within seconds he stood before you naked and beyond ready for you.
You widened your eyes and licked your lips, Yoongi was so much better than your dreams.
Yoongi noticed the way you looked at him and a sense of pride waved across him but that soon want away when he noticed how your thighs pressed against one another.
Falling back onto the couch Yoongi pushed your legs open, his member if possible hardening even more as he could see the wetness through your underwear, but even though he loved to let you come undone with his mouth it had to wait. He was growing impatient and he needed you so asap.
There was always next time.

Bending over, Yoongi grabbed his pants and fished out a condom, already talking before you could ask. "I had already my plans with you.” was all he had to say and your answer was a moan.
Yoongi took hold of the wrapper in his mouth and ripped it open, his head fell back as he rolled the condom down his member, taking a moment before looking back at you.
“Just say stop and I will.” He said and you shook your head.

“No, keep going.” You begged and watched how Yoongi smirked at you, positioning himself at your entrance and gave you a final look of kindness and care.
“Ready?” You nodded.

Both of your heads rolled back as Yoongi slid into you, groans of words that your clouded mind could not make up what it was left Yoongi’s lips.
His hips hit yours, stopping for a moment as Yoongi waited patiently for your sign.

“Go,” Yoongi didn’t need to be told twice as he began to rock into you, careful as if he was scared to break you but his pace was slow and you needed more.

“Yoongi, faster.” You moaned out.

“As you wish, babe.” Yoongi said as he positioned himself in a better stance, his elbows propped up besides you so he wouldn’t crush you.

The new position had given Yoongi access to your sweet spot and the moment Yoongi hit it, it had you choking on your moans. "There, Yoongi there.“ You managed to choke out and with that Yoongi began to rock faster and harder into you.

The sound of skin against one another mixed with groans and moans, the sound of sex that soon would become the smell of it.
You could feel the same pressure in your stomach, signing you were close.

"Yoongi…I am close.” You moaned out, Yoongi nodded.

“Me too baby.”  

Yoongi began to pick up his speed, but his rhythm was flattering by the second.

But you didn’t care as you where up and above all the clouds along with Yoongi.
With a few more thrusts those butterflies from minutes ago came back again, invading your vision.
“Yoongi!” You screamed out as your high came by and rode out thanks to Yoongi who too came.
A string of curses and what seemed like your name left his lips as he stilled inside you.
Slowly pulling out you whined at the sudden loss and emptiness that infiltrated you, Yoongi simply gave you a smile that showed his gum and teeth causing your heart to flutter again, you cannot believe that just happened.

Moving away from you Yoongi took the condom off and walked to the nearest trashcan, making sure it was not visible for any other person.

Coming back into the living room Yoongi could feel his heart flutter as he stared at your almost-sleeping from.
Hands slipped under you and you could yourself being lifted from the couch, looking up you could see Yoongi with clothes around one of his shoulders look at you with so much passion.
Silently Yoongi carried you bridal style up and into your room, carefully placing you down on your bed before throwing away those close to the side and falling next to you, arms wrapped around you as he pulled you close to him.

“I should have said it before but, Y/N,” Yoongi mumbled into your hair and you hummed in response.

“I love you, I love you since the beginning of those two years until now and perhaps beyond.” Yoongi confessed.

“But I couldn’t say it as I was afraid I might ruin your reputation with mine, but fuck it because I love you an-”

“And I love you too.” You mumbled into his chest.

“I am glad you said fuck it, I am glad you love me as well.” You wrapped your arms around Yoongi’s torso as you pulled him close.

“But right now I would be glad if I could get some rest.”

Yoongi’s chuckle vibrated through your body and with a hum in response you both began to fall into a slumber.

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I know I should be working on the Alice one, and I am, it’s just that I lost my muse for that after seeing the movie…[sigh].

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High school sweet-snob: Namjoon.

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Jin - Yoongi - Hoseok - Namjoon - Jimin -  Taehyung.

Namjoon X Reader

Gender: Male x Female

Genre: Angst, fluff, smut.

Warning: -

Word count: 2960.


​  Oh no, oh please don’t say it.

“Y/N and Namjoon, you’ll be partners." 
You shut your eyes tight as you mentally yelled out words that even the great Demon gasp.
Out of all the people in the class, your chemistry teacher had to pair you up with the snob of the class, no the school.
Namjoon thought he was it all, he had the looks and the brains but in your opinion he lacked the personality and morality.
Namjoon was everything that was the opposite of what the school rules demanded, loose tie, ripped skinny jeans, three buttons undone of his blouse and the platinum blonde hair.But most of all that was against the rules was the way Namjoon looked at you, like he was a hunter and you the hunted.

"Hey baby,” Namjoon smirked as he slid besides you in the chair.
You had to muster everything in yourself not to groan or worse, make those thoughts come back.Yes, Namjoon may be a snob, a bad boy but lord did he make you feel all kinds of things you, and did you hate Namjoon for that, but also did you hate yourself for falling for him.
Scooting your chair slightly to your left creating distance from the boy, you turned your nose into your chemistry book not seeing the smirk on Namjoon’s face.
“Now that’s not nice to ignore your partner like that,” Namjoon said.
You decided that even though it was true what Namjoon said, you ignored him still, how much of a mistake that was.Your breath hitched as you could feel the hot breath of Namjoon tickling your ear.
“Isn’t it, baby?” You jerked away from Namjoon, had covering your ear as you looked at Namjoon with wide eyes and furrowed brows. The reaction brought amusement to Namjoon as his laugh brought attention to the two of you.“Namjoon, Y/N.” The teacher sternly spoke.
“Class is still in session, I expect you to stay quiet.” You straightened your back as you turned to face the teacher again, a mumbled apology left your mouth as you looked down at your book again, but not before glancing over too your right only to be greeted by a wink and a smirk.
Turning to your books you bit on your lips as thighs squeezed together.
Gods did you hate what the boy did to you, yet you loved the sinning sensation.

“So my house or yours?” You looked up at Namjoon, cocking him an eyebrow.
“For our project, remember?” A smirk painted itself on those full lips you so much desired to touch
“What, you had something else in mind?” Your cheeks flushed as you shook your head.

“No,” was the first word you had said to Namjoon since the class had begun and now had ended.
“You choose, I don’t mind.” But actually you did, you didn’t want to be with Namjoon too begin with for a very obvious reason down below and underneath your skirt.
“Your house it is,” Namjoon decided, his body brushing the right side of your arm as he walked you by, you stood there perplexed at the fact Namjoon knew which way you would take home and how did he know that? The boy in question turned around, cocking his eyebrow “You coming or what?" 
Pulling yourself together you nodded and walked behind Namjoon.
Could you believe it, the boy who has been causing you all sorts of feelings from hate to love is coming over to your house, your house."Hey,” Namjoon said as his fingers curled around your arm and pulled you forward, loosing a grip on your thoughts but held on the fact that Namjoon was holding your arm, and it was burning.
“I don’t know where your house is so don’t walk behind me.” Namjoon scolded and you nodded.
A sense of longing flooded your mind as Namjoon released your arm, wanting more of his touch.
Shaking your head you began to walk in front of Namjoon, feeling even more vulnerable than before with his eyes burning into your back.

“So, this is your house?” You nodded as you unlocked the door, letting yourself in before Namjoon who bypassed you with a pout on his lips and eyes skimming as far as they could see.
“Cool.” He mumbled “thanks?” You said unsure, closing the door behind you.
Turning around your breath hitched at the sight of Namjoon taking off his school blazer, the small act having a great effect on your core, Namjoon seemed to notice your reaction but gave you a simple smirk.
Shaking your head you bypassed the boy, hoping that the friction your legs gave you would bring those thoughts down but they only worsened.
“Uh, my room is upstairs.” You didn’t even look at Namjoon as you walked up the stairs, but the sound of floorboards creaking underneath feet made sure he was behind you.
As you got to your door, you froze.
Kim Namjoon is in your house, is about to enter your room and no one but the two of you is home.
“You okay?” You heard Namjoon ask from behind and you turned around, if you weren’t red by now you sure were now.
Namjoon was towering over you, his face close but unfortunately not that close, nodding you turned around and opened the door of your room.

“Nice room,” You tried to calm down your heart as you set your school bag on your bed, rummaging through the bag on the look out for your chemistry book, completely oblivious on the unintentional tease you where giving Namjoon.
The school skirt that once was long, but after a few wrong washes had shortened did its job of making Namjoon’s body fill with lust, that innocent yet unintentional sexiness you had drove him crazy since you showed up in his life.
And don’t think he didn’t notice he effected you the same way you did to him, because he sure did.
You weren’t the best at hiding it, either you wanted it or were just terrible at it.
“Okay, chemistry project, anything in mind?” You said as you turned around, just in time to miss the tongue that slipped out Namjoon’s tongue but in time to see him sit down on the ground in an attempt to hide his slightly hardened member.

“No,” Namjoon nonchalantly said, trying to keep his stoic facade as you sat down across him.
How was a simple act like that making him go wild, all he wanted to do is take you right there and then, but he was raised much better than that, yes he might be a jerk or a snob like you would say, but gods forbid he was anything less than a gentleman.
You let out a sigh, your head slightly nodding as your bottom lip got caught in your teeth, if you would only know how much you made it hard for Namjoon (pun intended). 
Turning away, Namjoon tried to look at something else not sure how long his facade would stay up.
His attention got pulled by a small square cover sticking out of your bookshelf, pushing himself up (gaining your attention also) he pulled the object from your bookshelf and as expected he was right.

“You listen to A$AP Rocky?” Namjoon turned around as he waved the album of the rapper.
Your eyes widen as you pushed yourself off the ground and reached out for the album but Namjoon simply raised his arm higher making it impossible for you too reach.
“I,uh,” You said embarrassed, no one that was close to you would know that you sometimes listened to Hip Hop and you didn’t blame them as you didn’t really look like the type who would.
“I got it from a friend of mine, he works in a CD shop. Apparently they still had one album left of him, so when he came back from college he gave it to me.” You explained, Namjoon lowered his arm as he held the album next to him.
“Your friend from college?” He asked and you nodded, confused at the tone he gave you as if he didn’t believe his ears.
“Yeah, he’s a family friend.” Namjoon scoffed as he placed the album back, noticing that the row was filled with albums from EPIK HIGH to Zico, Namjoon scoffed even louder and felt a shot of jealousy.
“What?” You asked “I suppose these are all from your friend ? ” You furrowed your brows, you did not like the tone Namjoon was giving talking about your friend, crossing your arms you answered.
“Yeah, so what?” Namjoon let out a sarcastic laugh.
“Are you sure you don’t mean your boyfriend?” Your mouth fell open and you could feel anger boiling.
“What, he is not my boyfriend!” Namjoon nodded, almost as if he understood but the words that fell out of his mouth told otherwise “oh, so he is your fuck buddy?" 
Your face went red from both embarrassment and anger, but instead of drawing the line Namjoon continued "assuming from your reaction I am right? That family friend of yours is more than just a friend huh?” Namjoon scoffed as your blood started to cook.
“Who would believe that Y/N [L/N] would be a whore like that,” for a moment Namjoon felt pride but quickly guilt fell as he realized what his mouth has said.
But time did not give him a chance to apologise as a painful sting infiltrated his cheek.

Looking up in surprise Namjoon’s eyes went wide as he saw the tear filled eyes and the rage mixed in you, you who slapped him.
“How dare you to talk about him like that, about me!” You yelled.
“How dare you say a woman is a whore by her relationship status, and besides who cares if I fuck him or not which is not.” You answered, your hand running through your hair and all Namjoon could think of is how extremely hot you looked in that school outfit all angry at him.
“I can’t believe I fell for a snob like you.” Your mouth spilled out, freezing your body.
You hoped Namjoon didn’t hear that, but of course he did, you were practically screaming it.
Licking his lips Namjoon took a few steps forward, trapping you between the bookshelf and himself, the crash causing a symphony of CD cases hitting the ground.
“So you like me huh?” You bit down on your bottom lip, the pain numbing from the look Namjoon was giving you. It was strong, predatory and it made you weak but also strong with desire.
“I asked you something, Y/N.” Namjoon’s voice dropped and dripped with a sweet sound of sins, and gods did you want to feel it.
Namjoon took a step closer, making you turn your gaze down at the CDs, wrong move.
You could feel breath tickling your ear and you weren’t sure if you where on fire or Namjoon’s breath was just burning. “Answer,” Namjoon breathed out, making your breath stutter as you mustered up a breathy “yes." 

You could hear Namjoon chuckling, but you had no courage to look at him and by his next action you couldn’t even if you would.
Full soft lips kissed your neck, your mind became a haze as excitement dropped with full force on your core. Namjoon moved up along your jawline "Good, because I do too.” He whispered, his lips taking your earlobe captive for a second before looking at your flustered face, bottom lip red and swollen of teeth clamping down to prevent those sweet sins coming out your mouth.
Namjoon cupped your cheek as he slowly moved you to look up at him, and by now you could feel the uncomfortable wetness in your underwear.
“God, you make me want you so bad.” Namjoon breathed out as the hand on you cheek trailed down to cup the back of your neck while his other hand rested on your hip.
“Just tell me to stop and I will,” Namjoon said, his breath mixing with yours.
You looked into Namjoon’s eyes and for a moment you could see a new Namjoon filled with care and sincerity that made your heart drum in a different way.
Your own hands crawled up along Namjoon’s arms, the both of you watching how they slithered up and over his shoulders, one going behind and the other ghosting across Namjoon’s jawline, calling out attention to you. 
“I don’t want you to stop.” You whispered out, a simple phrase that was enough for Namjoon to crash into you.
This was nothing like a passionate make out scene in a romantic movie, no this was pure lust and desire. The kiss was filled with need, filled with a long time of teasing without result until now.
The hand on your hip moved down, slipping under your dress giving you a whole new feeling of need.
Namjoon pushed you (if possible) more against the bookshelf, his body pressed against yours as his hand trailed towards your ass, giving it a tight squeeze that let to a moan.
Taking the opportunity Namjoon slipped in his tongue, smirking at how fast he got dominance over you.
One of your hands began to rub up and down Namjoon’s chest until you dared your hand to travel even lower until you felt the bulge in Namjoon’s pants.
You didn’t know when you told yourself this, but without a second passing by you gave his member a slight squeeze, enough to make Namjoon groan.
Moving away Namjoon looked at you, how your mouth turned into a smirk and how much that simple act turned him on, he just cannot get enough of you.

“Don’t get to cocky, baby girl.” The new nickname riled you up inside and Namjoon could see it in your eyes.
“I still want to make you feel good, baby girl. ” You couldn’t help but let out a moan, the second one but surely not the last one.
Placing his lips back on yours again, both his hands gave a tug at your thighs.
Getting the hint you jumped, letting Namjoon pull you up and your legs cross at the back.
You both groaned in union at the short lived friction.
Letting the both of you fall on the bed, Namjoon made sure you weren’t being crushed by his weight.
The slightest taste of care mixed into the pot of desire made your heart yearn more from him.

“Namjoon!” You yelled as you could hear ripping sound of your blouse.Looking down you could see some loose buttons and you glared at the man who didn’t seem to care to have ruined your blouse.
“Baby girl, if I were you I’d be worrying of something else.” Your confusion was swept up as the trademark smirk disappeared into million kisses down your neck, placing galaxies before making them glisten with his tongue.
Namjoon kissed until his lips hit your black bra, groaning Namjoon took both of the sides and with a snap your bra came loose, another yell came from above him, the anger in your voice doing nothing more than making him more lustful.
“Namjoon you’re destroying my things!” You could the vibration of Namjoon’s laugh as he looked at you "Baby girl, that’s not the only thing I’ll be destroying tonight.“ Your face flared up as you understood the hint, you were out of words but that would be made up with the feeling of roughed hands massaging your breasts, one of them being treated with a mouth that made you moan.
Moan after moan, that was all Namjoon need to keep going, his fuel, his fuel that became reality instead of dream.

Moving away from your breasts Namjoon began to trail down, his hands taking the zipper of your skirt as this time he was more careful unclothing you.
"Damn you’re fucking wet, baby girl.” Namjoon noted as he could see a darkened spot in your underwear, you on the other hand didn’t say anything.
“You must have been thinking about me all day,” You bit your lip as you could feel your cheeks heat up in embarrassment. Namjoon chuckled as he pushed your underwear off you.
Your legs wanted to close when you could feel a breeze against your sex, but it was hard with the boy who left you all bothered day and night between them.
Giving you a wink, Namjoon lay his tongue left against your bare sex, licking up and watching how your head fell back and let out the most angelic moan due to his his sinful mouth.
Your head was spinning as you could feel Namjoon slip his tongue in and out of you, moans spilled out of your mouth as you tried to look at Namjoon.
But that attempt failed miserably as you felt two fingers slip into you, making you scream in bliss.
Your back arched as your head fell on your bed, the room was filled with sins and you were happy no one was around to hear it accept for the two of you.

Your hands shot up into Namjoon’s hair gripping it tightly as you could feel a third finger entering you and his skilled tongue abusing your clit.
You were moaning his name in delight over and over again, the sound of you making Namjoon moan as well, the vibrations he caused only adding up to the tightening in your core. “Namjoon…” You managed to choke out.
“Namjoon I am about too…” But he didn’t answer, instead Namjoon reacted and picked up his pace.The fast pace of Namjoon making your knot tighter and tighter, your breath higher and higher until you could feel all your senses shooting up along with your high.
Vision blurred with white, Namjoon keeping up his ministrations until you had come down from those clouds.
Breathing heavily you could feel your body tiring out even though all you did was lay there screaming.
You could feel the bed shift and before you knew it you where flipped, your stomach against the bed before being pulled away along with your ass.
With the power you still had left in you, you lifted yourself up by your elbows, looking over your shoulder and seeing a smug looking Namjoon.

“Namjoon?” You asked.

“Round two, baby girl.”

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Oh lords, I have three more to go and then I can tell my sins to father Yoongi.
HAHA. Save me. What did I start.

High school sweet-snob: Taehyung.

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Jin -  Yoongi - Hoseok - Namjoon - Jimin - Taehyung -

Taehyung x reader

Gender: Male x Female
Genre: Smut, angst
Warning: -
Word count: 2657


Everyone has secrets, deep ones that you’d run the world for to keep it silent.
You were no exception, not one at all.
And it wasn’t as if your secret was that you committed a murder or became a dealer, maybe those secrets could be better than what you were carrying. It was a secret that ate you, literally.

Kim Taehyung, the most popular teen on the playground, had a personality made out of gold, had looks that must’ve been carefully crafted by god itself.

Kim Taehyung, the boy who did whatever he wanted when he wanted, an sore for teachers (sometimes in more than just one way) and an eye-candy for many students.
Kim Taehyung, the one who could just snap his fingers and could get anyone he wanted, because everyone loved him. 
You were no exception, not one at all.
Only your case with Taehyung was a different one than the others.

You didn’t know when it happened, or why it happened but it just happened.
Maybe it was the time you crossed path in the hallway, or the time you stood in line for the cafeteria,
or maybe that time when you decided to hang around a playground when things just became stressful for you.
When you felt the two person swing move and heard that once empty swing jiggle with the sound of chains hitting chains.
When you got curious and locked eyes with eyes that turned into slits as a bright smile greeted you.
When you got a moment with Kim Taehyung you never asked for nor ever thought you needed.

“It’s just stress.” You sighed out when he asked you why you looked the way you looked that day.
“I see, well you should distress it doesn’t suit you.” Taehyung replied, you let out a breath chuckle before asking the question that started the forever secret.
“Then what am I suppose to do about it?" 

"Have sex." 

Dumb, wicked, insane, all the things you thought and said when those two words fell out of Taehyung’s mouth.
You knew the boy wasn’t any good, but never did you think he would be talking about something so intimate with someone he had only talked for a hour or so.
But what you thought was a stupid idea suddenly became something great idea.
Who thought having sex was a great stress reliever? Especially when you do it with Taehyung.

But who also thought having sex with Taehyung would mean to keep quiet, about him, you, and your feelings that bloomed for him.
It was inevitable, one of them would fall and it was most likely to be you as Taehyung roamed around from bed to bed and even though you knew you shouldn’t it always felt like a sense of pride and a glimmer of hope to know Taehyung always came back to you.

The vibration of your phone pulled you from your stressful homework.
Clicking your tongue you tried to ignore it, and when the phone came to a stop you thanked the gods.
There is no time for small talk when there are grades on the line, even if it was a stressful thing and your body yearned for a distraction you couldn’t risk it.
But as soon as you thanked the gods your phone rang again, groaning you picked it up.

"Hello?” You said a bit too annoyed to your liking.
A soft chuckle could be heard from the other side of the line.
“Already in stress, baby?” The deep yet smooth voice calmed all your nerves, but made your heart pound like there was no tomorrow.
Who knew Taehyung would have such an effect on you, exactly, no one would know because they will never know about all this.
“What do you want?” You asked as you placed your pencil back on top of the desk, your body leaning against the unconformable (and squeaking) chair, another chuckle could be heard and you’d swear Taehyung could hear your heart.
“Turns out I am stressed as well.” He sighed out.  "You’re home alone?“

"Yeah,” you breathed out.

“Open the door.”

Everyone has secrets, deep ones that you’d run the world for to keep it silent.
You might’ve been an exception for bearing two secrets.
One was that you had sex with Taehyung even though you weren’t in a relationship.
The second was that you longed for a relationship with Taehyung, but you know you shouldn’t,
you also know you shouldn’t open the door, let him in, but you did, every time.

“Hello babe,” Taehyung said as he greeted you, a smirk on his face.
Taehyung was leaning against the doorpost blocking your view, not that you tried to look anywhere else because god must be shining the heavens on Taehyung right now.
You didn’t say anything as you stepped aside, letting Taehyung in as he looked over his shoulders just in case someone he or you knew saw the two of you, like he always did.
As if he was ashamed of being with you, he must’ve why else would he check every time if someone was behind him or not when he came to you, why else-

All those worries disappeared within seconds as Taehyung captured your lips with his.
The sudden kiss taking your breath, like it always did.
Taehyung placed his forearms against the door, trapping you, as he moved his body closer to yours until you where stuck between the door and his body.
“I’ve been thinking about you all day,” Taehyung whispered as he placed haste kisses along your jaw and neck before moving back up again.
“I’ve been thinking about your body, your hands, your lips,” Taehyung confessed as he kept on kissing the exposed areas of your body.
“I need you Y/N,” Taehyung mumbled as placed a kiss behind your ear, the words, the actions making you shudder in delight hands grabbing hold of his oversized jumper pulling him closer if possible.

“Do you need me as well?” You let out a moan as Taehyung sucked at the sensitive spot he remembered so well.
“Yes,” You breathed out, mouth falling open as Taehyung went from kissing to sucking at your skin.
“I need you Taehyung.” you could feel the vibration of Taehyung’s chuckle as he moved away from your skin.
Taehyung was taller than you making his lustful gaze ten times more fire igniting.
“Good.” He said as he crashed his lips with yours, this time more needy than before and you became as needy, hands unclasping from Taehyung’s sweater and traveling up to his hair tugging at it, stimulating a deep groan from the man who had stolen your heart way too many nights ago.
Taehyung slid his arms off the door and let them fall and roam around your body, remembering every curve for the millionth time just in case he forgotten it again.
His hands dipped into the curves your body could offer, going up and down your waist, past your hips and stopping at your thighs.

Then the tug came you so well knew, an indication to hop on a mistake, a secret, a burden you’d have to carry for the rest of your life but kissing him, kissing Taehyung at that moment made you not worry about those things for a second.

Your legs instantly wrapped themselves around Taehyung who put himself on auto pilot.

He’d come by so often he was almost a resident no one could know about.
A bad boy, a snob, a person your parents would be so utterly disappointed with but you didn’t care.
Taehyung knew how to take care of you, how to relief your stress, how to play with your heart.
Your body bounced slightly when it came in contact with your bedroom door before it creaked open.
Moving your lips away from Taehyung’s you began to venture down his jawline, leaving bruises to mark him as yours that was not yours.

Taehyung hummed in delight as you sucked at a certain spot, his body leaning back against the closed door, taking a moment to let you do whatever you want as he tried to get his energy back.
Your body bounced once more as Taehyung let the both of you fall on top of the bed.
You’d expected Taehyung to kiss you immediately, but instead he just stared at you, looking up at him you almost gasped at the new expression on his face. 
It was a soft expression, something that showed hints of love, care, compassion but also sadness.

“Tae-” You tried to ask, but Taehyung was back to kissing you, not wanting to answer whatever question you were going to ask because he didn’t know, no, understood his question.
Hands began to roam back up your body, holding your breasts that fitted perfectly in his hands, squeezing it underneath all those barriers.

The action causing hums and moans fall into Taehyung’s mouth he was more than content about his actions and his member in his pants could prove he was right.
“Why the stress baby?” Taehyung asked as he began to kiss down your jaw and your neck.

Taehyung always asked but you didn’t know if it was because of the simple nature of being kind or something else, but you always answered.
“Homework,” you breathed out as you could feel hands slipped underneath your shirt, burning at the touch just like those lips. Taehyung simply hummed in response before pushing off your shirt.You’d asked Taehyung why he was stressed but he never seemed to be interested talking about it,he’d always dismiss the question by kissing you or doing something else sinful.

Taehyung pulled off your shirt, leaning back a bit too get a full look of you.
There was and hopefully never will be a day Taehyung wouldn’t get tired of seeing you.
The way you looked wearing one of his favourite lingerie, the way you looked at him,
the way you looked for him, the way he felt like he had seen you for the first time every time.
He never got tired of it, never got tired by the way you made him feel like home despite him going on and off with others.

“You’re beautiful,” Taehyung mumbled out, your cheeks heating up from the sudden confession.
But along with the flattering heartbeats it came with the clenching feeling of knowing it was just sweet nothings that by the end meant nothing.
You didn’t say anything also grabbed Taehyung by his sweater, pulling him down again which he complied, the neediness always making him feel some pride but if he only knew you kissed him to prevent your lips from spilling your heart.
Taehyung began to roam his hands up and down your sides, sometimes going to your back only to come back to your sides giving them light squeezes as he inched up more and more to your bra.
Once his fingers brushed against the wire of your bra he dipped down to the back his fingers expertly unhooking the bra letting your breasts bounce freely.
Well, if you considered Taehyung’s sinful mouth free of course.

The moment your breasts where set free Taehyung captivated them again with his hands, messaging them as moans fell out your mouth over and over again, the sounds of confirming hums leaving your mouth as Taehyung wrapped his mouth over one of your nipples.

His tongue swirling, teeth grazing, it always felt amazing, amazingly sinful.
“Taehyung,” you breathed out as your hands clasped Taehyung’s broad shoulders pushing him down slightly.
Taehyung chuckled as he placed a kiss between the valley of your breasts before glancing up at you with a smirk that made you feel all types of things.

“So needy, baby.” Taehyung whispered before placing another kiss down your stomach.
“I love it.” And with three sweet kisses Taehyung made it to your core that was in need of his touches.
“Taehyung, please.” You begged, hands holding Taehyung’s shoulders tighter as you needed to feel him, the man chuckled as he nodded looking back at your core.

Taehyung took off your pants and underwear unceremoniously, the cold nipping at your core making you gasp.
You were always the first one to be naked, often the only one naked if it was one of those days, but you didn’t care. If being the only one naked meant to have Taehyung then you’d gladly take it.
You gasped once more as Taehyung blew out air, enjoying the reaction you had.
He loved all of your reactions, those that where only for his eyes, for his body to experience.
He wished to show how he could make you crumble with a single breath, but he knew better than that, he knew better not to ruin your perfect image with his.

He knew that the person that captivated his eyes since day one would one day be at the place that was his safe heaven, a place where Taehyung could be Taehyung.

A place that was now baptised in you and he never felt so grateful for the chance he got.
The chance to be closer too you in a much more intimate way, well, yes of course he wanted more

you wanted more as well.
Instead of hands and mouths you both wanted to feel one another, but a silent decision decided to not do so as it was a whole other level in your opinions.

A heavy drawn out moan left your lips as Taehyung moved his tongue against your folds.

Hands ghosting up into his hair, grabbing a fistful as Taehyung slipped in a finger without warning, causing your back to arch in delight.
“Taehyung.” You moaned out as one finger moved inside of you while his tongue slid in between your folds, licking up over and over again.
Your moans sounded like heaven, through out the many beds and whatnot Taehyung had seen and the sounds of delight he had heard, yours was by far his favourite.

Your head pushed itself down against the pillows, hips snapping up at Taehyung who forcefully pushed them down with his free hand and held them in place.

His mouth had found your clit, abusing it whilst he slipped in another finger creating a rhythmic with your moans as the lyric.
Hands held fistfuls of Taehyung’s hair as he moved into you, biting your nerves, humming at the sound of your voice and evidently bringing you closer.

“Taehyung,” you moaned out, his name never seeming so beautiful until he heard it coming from you.

He loved hearing you say his name as if he was your religion, because you were his.
You, the one that always called him by his full name, the one that casually picked up his heart,
the one that made his heart beat in a different way.
“T-Taehyung, I’m close.” You stuttered out, fists clenching as you could feel knots tightening in your abdomen.
Taehyung could feel it, the feeling and knowing he was the only one that could bring you there always riled him up.
His tongue moved faster, his fingers went deeper and his hums became more frequent knowing that the vibration would definitely tip you over and it did. 

Your knots snapped and you let out a incoherent flow of moans, curses and something that sounded like Taehyung’s name.

Taehyung did not stop however, continuing until you gotten back down from your high.

Once earth was back against your feet, you could feel the worn out feeling in your body even though all you did was moan your lungs out.
“Tired?” Taehyung chuckled as he fished out a pair of tissue paper out of a box to clean you up.
With eyes heavy with sleep you nodded, turning away from Taehyung as he was done with you.
“Thanks.” you mumbled out, pulling the covers over your form as you knew that Taehyung would leave as soon as he came.

Never did he stay and you come to terms with it.
The door of your bedroom creaked open, notifying you Taehyung was on his way out.

“No problem,” Taehyung mumbled out, the door clicking shut as you could feel the empty feeling inside you rise.

Your body insistently crumbled into a ball, hands wrapped around your arms in an attempt to keep you in one piece even though from the inside you were already broken.

Everyone has secrets, deep ones that you’d run the world for to keep it silent.
You were no exception, not one at all.   

Oh how you wished you didn’t have to keep secrets anymore.

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Bonus bonus:

You stood at the edge of escaping reality when you could hear the door creak open, it must have been your parents as Taehyung had already left.
But when your bed dipped down with another weight added in, a pair of arms wrapped around you and a familiar scent that belonged to none other than Taehyung you knew it was not your parents.

“Please let me stay Y/N.” Taehyung mumbled into your sheets.
“I am tired of keeping secrets.” 

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Ha, open ending ended with another open ending.
Wow so cool and definitely not lazy at all. 

Also sorry if this is shit, I wrote this in less than two days which I’m not used too.
So sorry.

ALSO ONE PERSON LEFT!!!!11!1!!!11!!!