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Laurance Z’Vhal Headcanons.

*Sips Vanillia Chai Latte* @undercovermcdfan 

  • Modeled part time in high school, caused the death of ten thousand fangirls because of that one shoot that had him in a non disclosable pose.
  • (Was Vylad Ro’Meave amongst them? Yes. Yes he was.)
  • Graduated College just barely.
  • Misses having red hair, and contemplates dying it every time he looks in the mirror.
  • He’s Cuban, you in the corner about to disagree with me shut up. He’s Cuban.
  • Is trying desperately to tell Garroth he’s been in love with Vylad since his senior year of High School.
  • Knows Zane knows but neither of them mentions it.
  • Has had mulitple heart attacks at the site of the floofy hair of Vylad Ro’Meave covered by a blanket on the couch.
  • Not as much of an anime weeb as his friends, though he adores Say I Love You, Kuragehime, and Ouran High School Host Club.
  • The Tamaki to Vylad’s Haruhi
  • Doesn’t know that all his friends have bets on his love life, more than Aphmau ever had. (She’s in on it.)
  • Has long lengthy talks with Lucinda over coffee every few weeks.
  • No idea what he’s doing with his life.
  • Hasn’t exactly been allowed to babysit Caleb again since the incident of Lover’s Lane Episode 14.
  • Finds Kim to be a really relaxing person to be around.
  • His hair is reallllyyyyyy long
  • Aphmau likes to plait it a lot after she gets back and he lets her cus he can spot an anxiety riddled mind anywhere.
  • Has Anxiety guys.
  • Has had a flirt-off with Travis at least once, I know it happened ok. It happened.
  • He won. Laurance can get anyone to blush.
  • Travis comes to him to ask for help with a romantic gesture, and he said and Travis quotes “I’ve been waiting for this day since you first moved in with us young padawan.”
  • He’s totally a star wars fan, come on.
  • He was gay for Garroth for like two seconds until Vylad walked by, and Laurance decided his best friend was not the quote on quote ‘Hottest’ in the school.
  • Reads a lot of fanfiction, he’s written a little bit too.
  • Doesn’t like Mystic Messenger, never tells anyone why. He just doesn’t.
  • He’s not here to put up with assholes who just spew bullshit, he is prepared to kick them out of anywhere with a flick of a wrist.
  • Maddie, I hope your happy, cus Laurance will be one day in Hawaii with Vylad.
Ninjago High School AU

This is just the stuff I currently have planned for the characters. Some are more well-developed (like Lloyd) than others (like Wu). Also, yes, there are still Elemental Powers in this AU.

Lloyd Garmadon

  • Certified Sass Master™
  • Will listen to any music
    • His regular playlist quite literally ranges from stuff like Anthrax and Pantera to Ke$ha and Katy Perry.
  • Listens to upbeat, repetitive music when he’s upset or stressed and he can’t focus.
    • dubstep/techno mostly
  • Artsy as all get-out
    • All his elective classes are art
    • Sculptures
  • Probably friends with Morro
  • Will fight you
    • If he loses he’ll cry
    • If you lose, you’ll cry
      • And he will laugh
  • Plays piano!
  • Rebellious phase has hit him hard
  • Gets bored easily
    • Fidget cubes and doodles out the wazoo during math class
    • Seriously all of his homework has a doodle of some kind on it
  • Asexual aromantic
    • Platonic crushes on all the other ninja tho
      • Especially Kai and Zane

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I am getting serious flashbacks to high school musical right now

I Will Always Love You Commentary

1. You might just have to make the plunge, Aaron.

2. Tatiana?

3. I don’t think that is a man.

4. You need to trust her, Garroth.

5. Sounds like he failed.

6. Garroth, this whole thing is strange.

7. Best get moving then. If they can become permanent then there is no time to lose.

8. Garroth, it is is a trap!

9. No, not green eyes!

10. Fiance?

11. There has been no fiance since high school.

12. The true Zane at last… Even if a potion had to be used this is the real Zane.

13. That is not your home, Aphmau!

14. That is creepy.

15. The spawn of Dun at last.

16. Balto!

17. Ein?

18. Aphmau is not yours. All you have done is made her a puppet. That is no more Aphmau than the Trojans were heroic.

19. He has no more has any right to have been an Alpha than Harold Godwinson had to be King of the English.

20. Aaron, the descendant? Of course! It all makes sense! The name Lycon was more than just a name randomly chosen, it was foreshadowing!

21. It is possible that Aaron might be him. But what if it isn’t?

22. This is so wrong.

23. Racist villain. Classic.

24. You Dun-spawned monstrosity!

25. Villains never keep their word.

26. Good man, Garroth!

27. Cliffhanger… Please let this be like Sherlock Holmes at Reichenbach Falls.

23. The writing is MCD quality!


Summer Reading

Last Call at the Nightshade Lounge by Paul Krueger
For years bartenders have been telling us that mixology is the new alchemy—what if they’re right? Recent graduate Bailey Chen is back home in Chicago, living with her parents. But despite an Ivy League degree, the only job she can find is as a bar-back at the Nightshade Lounge with her old high school pal Zane. Bailey soon discovers, however, that her new comrades-in-liquor are part of a centuries old demon-slaying tradition super-powered by magically-mixed cocktails: screwdrivers grant super-strength, mojitos mastery over water, and old fashions provide a telekinetic punch. Giving a whole new meaning to the phrase “potent potables”, Paul Krueger’s playful urban fantasy, is a refreshing and entertaining summer read.

There’s always a Happy Hour somewhere! (Except Chicago—bars are not allowed to have Happy Hour in Chicago.)

anonymous asked:

It blows my mind how someone with the biggest funniest friendliest personality as Zane was unpopular in high school?? Zane is a friend for life he's literally the reason the vlog squad even came together (along with Heath) David was a fan and wanted to meet and through him he met Scott and Todd, Carly and Erin. Gabbie knew Zane before David. You get want I mean? he's such a social friendly guy I'm glad he's getting attention now I want him to be as popular as Liza or even more lol

it blows my mind too. i guess he just needed to gain confidence in himself, and it looks like that happened after high school. (maybe heath helped him with that). and yeah you’re right, he is part of the reason why the vlog squad is the way it is today, i never really thought about that. zane is just the main piece of the puzzle. what would we do without him?!?!?