high school year book


I missed one day of high school my freshman year so I could go to a Lemony Snicket book signing taking place at a Borders two and a half hours away. When I got up to the table, I told him I read each book in the series seven times, so he grabbed a book off of the shelf behind him and told me I should read that instead. I didn’t listen, proceeded to reread A Series of Unfortunate Events two more times, and wrote an essay on the series that got me accepted into the college located in the city where these pictures were taken.

So much to do… So little time 

 I’m so tired.. reminding myself that all the hard work is for something big and something great, and that survival is insufficient. 👌🏼🙆🏻📖🌄

Senior Quotes to use, as said by Markiplier:
  • *nervous blabbering*
  • [school] is not a joke the internet should enjoy
  • hi (x9)
  • why do I have to go through six hours of this stuff?
  • *manly inhale*
  • i wanna go home, i want my mommy!
  • eeuuaaahhggg
  • why did i come back for another day?? (as opposed to night, you choose)
  • hey, you do you. and i’ll do me. and we won’t do each other. probably.
  • no. (x25)
  • hi-bab mm-bee mm-bah buh-dah doh
  • poopie poopie in my pants 

    and my personal favorite:

  • boopa doopa doopuh doop. 

“Nick, what’s this?” Judy yelled out, digging through a few boxes in Nick’s office.

Nick popped his head into the room. “What is what, Carrots?”

Judy pulled out a worn-out black leather book from a cardboard box, waving it in front of the fox’s face triumphantly. “I found your high school year book!”

Nick paled slightly. “Judy, put that down, now.”

“Nope!” the rabbit sang, skipping away as she flipped through the pages. She looked through Nick’s sophomore classmates. While she skimmed through countless embarrassing photos, she nearly burst out laughing at a polaroid of Nick, with a lipstick mark stained on its top-left corner.

“Is that lipstick stain from Y/n, Nick?” Judy teased, standing far enough away from Nick so he couldn’t grab the book from his paws.

“If you must know, yes, now give me that book back!” Nick shouted, swiping his paws in the air.

“What’s wrong?” you interrupted, strolling into the office, wondering where all the chaos was coming from.

“I found Nick’s old yearbook, and apparently the two of you were high school sweethearts,” Judy giggled, showing the photo of Nick with your lip mark on it.

You chuckled, ruffling the bunny’s ears. “Want to hear some embarrassing stories about Nick when he was a nerd?”

“Y/n, you traitor!” Nick gasped out, clasping his hand over his heart in fake hurt.

Judy jumped up, high-fiving you. “I’m going to have the best blackmail on Nick by the end of today.”

Accomplished a lot today, but still have so much to do.
Right now I’m researching the Rosewood Massacre and trying to connect it to the Great Gatsby using themes of racism, white superiority, anti-radicalism and scientific racism.
Everything is kind of scattered right now and I’m trying to find a way to link everything back together, wish me luck >_