high school was such a serious time. these problems matter


This is a serious problem: someone on Twitter started the hastag #JHopeandJinCommitSuicide and it’s beginning to trend. This is basically a threat on their lives!

Suicide is not a laughing matter, it’s a serious problem. I struggled with it during high school, and I have had friends lose their lives this way because of the horrendous people that think it would be funny if they just died.

This is the lowest of the fucking low, and I want this stopped. I’ve already reported the user several times, but I need the help from EVERYONE, whether you’re a k-pop fan or not.

If you have a Twitter, go on and search for the hastag, and look for the account that started it all; she says point blank that she started the hashtag, and report her.

She says that she is an k-pop troll, but this shit isn’t funny.

Reblog this so that EVERYONE can see what has happened. This madness has to stop, and no one knows if Jin or J-Hope has seen the hastag already. We don’t know if they’re going to be influenced by this, but everyone is praying that they don’t give the trolls what they want.

Celebrities, no matter what country they’re from, are people, too. THEIR LIVES MATTER. They have friends and families, just like everyone else, and we need to help them overcome this.

Please, I beg you. No one wants to see two beautiful people succumb to the hateful words and threats of the internet.