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Google Salutes the Birth of Hip Hop with Interactive Doodle

Google is celebrating the 44th anniversary of hip-hop today with an interactive doodle on its homepage. Kool Herc’s party at 1520 Sedgwick Avenue in the Bronx 44 years ago is cited as the crystallization of influences that became known as hip-hop. Google’s keyword team spoke with Kevin Burke, Ryan Germick Perla Campos who are behind the doodle. They also worked with hip-hop legends Fab 5 Freddy who was the first host of Yo! MTV Raps and Def Jam logo creator and visual artist Cey Adams. Check out their story behind the doodle,

Keyword: How did you come up with the idea for this Doodle?

Kevin: I’m a huge Hip Hop fan. Growing up outside New Orleans, it was a part of my DNA-performing Hip Hop in my high school band, adding Hip Hop to my college radio station’s rotation, and working on the set of Outkast’s “Ms. Jackson” music video in my first job out of college. Hip Hop has been a constant thread through my life and I wanted to bring my love of it to a Doodle. I developed the concept for interactive turntables, showed it to my manager Ryan (also a fan of Hip Hop), and he lost it. He said, “let’s make it tomorrow!”

OK, so people were into the idea. But Hip Hop is such a big topic. How did you decide what to focus on?

Perla: From the beginning, we were thinking big. I mean, Hip Hop touches so many parts of culture but a lot of people don’t know much about its origins. So, we anchored the Doodle to the birth of Hip Hop, and wanted to celebrate the people who pioneered the movement. We hope to give them the voice and the recognition they deserve, which is what Doodles are all about-shining light on times of history that maybe you didn’t know about. 

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Thayne Jasperson can currently be seen in the ensemble of the Broadway cast of Hamilton. He plays Samuel Seabury and understudies the roles of Laurens/Philip and King George III. He is also a member of the original cast and has been with the show since its 2014 pre-off Broadway Workshop. Thayne made his Broadway debut as Darcy in Newsies in 2012. He also appeared in Matilda on Broadway and in the touring production of West Side Story. He has also appeared in several movies and tv shows including High School Musical 1 and 2. He was also a finalist on season 4 of So You Think You Can Dance. He is also in the film American Mall with former SYTYCD and Hamilton castmate, Neil Haskell.

Thayne Jasperson is a talented dancer, but he actually did not start dancing until he was 22 years old. He started taking classes after joining a local dance troupe and is trained in ballet, jazz, modern tap, and hip hop.

Thayne frequently teaches acting, dance, singing, and audition skills at seminars, workshops, and master classes in New York and across the country and often works with high schools and youth groups.

Thayne is also a choreographer.

Thayne works with Music For Autism, an organization aimed at providing sensory friendly concerts and music education opportunities for children with autism.

Thayne is known among fans for his quirky personality and strange antics. He loves candy and cookies, often makes strange videos for the cast, raps in Spanish, and can sometimes be found napping upside down on the stairs. His sense of humor is delightfully infectious.

Thayne’s Tony Nom Rap: https://instagram.com/p/BFANQDARPBZ/

Social media: @thaynejasperson

hi! i’ve been in this studyblr community for 2 years but i’ve never properly introduced myself :’)

here’s a video i made introducing myself :)

about me:

🌱 my name is callie

🌱 i’m 17 (she/her)

🌱 i graduated high school in june

🌱 i’m going to major in computer science & engineering

🌱 i live in belgium


  • English, French & Dutch (fluent)
  • German (middle school level??)
  • Spanish & Portuguese (basic understanding)
  • Korean & Japanese (learning)
  • Mandarin Chinese/Tagalog/Vietnamese (future?)

things I like:

  • Professional Dancing (Hiphop & Girly)
  • Music (singing & rapping, playing bass, writing & listening to music)
  • Science
  • Basketball & Boxing
  • Video editing
  • Method acting
  • Anime, J-rock, K-music & Kdrama
  • Asian, African & Latin American History


i haven’t been the most exemplary student during senior year so i want to prove that i can do better! i also want to stop procrastinating and dicipline myself into getting in a good routine ^^

Blogs I really (!!) like:
@studyquill @elkstudies @studypetals @studylustre @tbhstudying @studymochivation @aestudier  @studytherin @soymilkstudies @stillstudies @mochi-studies @unknown-notes @jiyeonstudies @soojeong-studies @stvdybuddies @getstudyblr @focusign @svtnstudy


This may be a slightly different bit of content from what I normally share, but if there’s a music producer who calls himself Ge-Ology I think I can still make this work.

Back in the 80s GE-OLOGY started making music as a kid. Then in high school he ran into a guy called Tupac Shakur and they immediately felt their shared bond with Hip Hop. GE-OLOGY was the first to ever record Tupac rapping over one of his beats at his parents crib. Over the years his journey as producer and DJ made him work with artist like Talib Kweli and Mos Def and his latest release ‚Moon Circuitry’ came out on Theo Parrish’s Sound Signature label. Always pushing beyond comfort zones the Brooklyn based artist is touring the world and spreading the music - just like his vinyl in constant circuitry.


Can we just be sure to never let this die

Introducing Awkwafina, a Chinese, Korean American rapper from Queens, New York. She is known for her quirky, extensive satire and comical rap verses and music videos. She went to LaGuardia High School, where she played the trumpet and was trained in classical and jazz music. She adopted the name Awkwafina, and began rapping and writing songs in GarageBand at age 17. From 2006 to 2008, Awkwafina attended the Beijing Language and Culture University in Beijing, China, where she studied Mandarin language. She majored in Journalism at SUNY Albany. 

She gained a lot of attention with her songs “Vag” and “Queef”, which went viral on Youtube. 

Music Videos: 

BTS + High School Musical Auditions ft. Zion.T & Crush 

* This was purely made for entertainment purposes, please don’t take it too seriously!

Answering all your Questions <3

konstancijaa_hoodif you could travel for free to a place where would it be?

I would want to go back to Bali <3

charlescagni If you had to be any animal…what city would you live in?London 

me11nawhere’s the next place you would like to travel this year???


maelys.nwwhat is your favourite thing about travelling?
Discovering and immersing myself in new unknown cultures!

I was born in New York, I am of lebanese and Algerian origins, I lived in Switzerland for 15 years and in the UK for 2

yxleviHow many places have you visited already?
Hmm.. I can’t say :p haha

yxlevi hobbies?
photography,filmmaking,tennis,soccer… long walks on the beach ;)

charlescagniIf you had to be a brick, what building would you be part of ?
Empire state building
benovarozaliewhat place that you’ve visited has been your favorite?
yxlevi Favorite season
Summer Obviously ;)

charlescagni If you had to be someones toilet paper, who would it be ?
Justin Biebers.

that’s not a question lol

yxleviFavorite pizza toppings

melanieb_1999 What do you recommend is a good camera for beginners in film?
your IPHONE!

blurryfacemichael if you could only keep 1 of your senses which would it be? (like smell, taste, touch, sight or hearing)
TASTE. cuz I love food lol.
charlescagni Can you be my tomato to your chicken salad ?
psommerfeld What kind of camera do you use? 💚
I use a canon 5D mark III

hannah.louiseee2001 Will you marry me?❤
Where’s my ring :(

maelys.nwWhat’s your happiest memory and why?
Its hard narrowing it down to one single event in my past… a lot has happened and I’m more happy on the amalgamation of multiple events that made my childhood for instance. One of my favourite times was living in England so I guess that would be one of them!
anis.ellyShows you’re currently into
True Detective, Archer, Freaks and Geeks,Empire & Limitless
siianniie@kalousseimi WILL YOU BE MY BEST FRIEND.!!!!!! 💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚
maelys.nwif you had to choose between digital camera & film camera. what would you keep?
THAT’S AN EVIL QUESTION! Both have their perks and faults. I really really couldn’t say haha. Probably digital.
yxleviNationalityyyyy? 😁
Swiss and American!
klthm_Favourite country you ever visited?
aura97_Favourite country you’ve visited? Have you been to Spain? Love your videos btw 😍💜
Indonesia! Yes I’ve been to Mallorca and Madrid! (and thank you :P )

aura97_What are you studying at Emerson? Lots of love from Spain 😘
Film and Tv Production - Lots of love from my dorm room x
mack_widemanWhat made you choose Emerson?
I honestly had the choice between Emerson, attending the best film school in the UK which is in Scotland and a school in London (that wasn’t too good). To be honest, the decision was a bit rushed and I did not think it through enough. The reason I picked Emerson is because of the reputation it has for filmmaking. Additionally I had the possibility of starting in Spring that meant I could travel more… so yeah it was more “appealing” i guess.
nurizneewhen is your birthday?
December 17th!

iz.xy How do you get your hair so luscious?
I got it from my mama.
nurizneesay iznee. okay that’s not a question but say it
aylaredzicn What’s your favorite Football team ? and do you like Animals ? ❤❤❤😍
Barcelona :) - I LOVE animals

sly_dancer What’s do you like the most about living in Boston?
I couldn’t say, yet! I’ve only been here 2 months!

karina_ibisheva What are your plans for the future?
No idea haha. I want to be a filmmaker or a comedian, we will see where life takes me.
ericsmodeCan you pop lock and drop it?
Yeah I actually have a video of me doing it, I can send it to you if you want.
bebellep What you know about Brazil?
beijou (& I’m going to an island there this summer!) 

ameerahparvez what are you studying at Harvard?
I studied books. I hope you know the Harvard thing was a joke haha :p
skywalkersyd if you could remake any movie what movie would you pick and why? Also as a side, who would you cast to play you in a movie about your life? 😊
The percy jackson movie. I feel like it was badly executed sadly, I LOVED THE BOOK (Which is weird cause I never read). I would Cast myself haha.

january_white What is your favorite subject to photograph? #1 most embarrasing story?? What do you like most about film? Favorite birthday memory? And lastly, do you have any nicknames for your dog? 🐶
I like taking photos of people on large spaces of epic scenery. I like capturing a moment in time and having it immortalised through moving pictures. I call my dog Pouch Pouch! I can’t think of the most embarrassing moment of my life because I embarrass myself all the time.

fridasjoooberg Have you ever been to Sweden?💃
No! But I have swedish friends and I’m going to visit them in the Summer in Stockholm!

genesis_pollypocket@kalousseimi favorite color?
Black and Navy Blue

jasmine.247 What’s you fav music?
Tropical House and rap

leabertelle What nationality are you? Xx
American and Swiss

maryamalhilabi_ What’s your heritage?
Lebanese and Algerian
maryamalhilabi_What do you study?
Film and Tv Production

eyyowonderlandcan u come to Sweden sometime?
June 10-12th!
maryamalhilabi_Favorite pizza toppings?
I don’t have to repeat my self hahah. I LOVE EVERY PIZZA

maryamalhilabi_How difficult it is to think of new video Ideas?
Very hard. Especially because everyone is creating nowadays, its hard to come up with original ideas.

arielle_m__Can you say the ABC’s backwards?

hollyvws Do you miss high school?
Weirdly… I do. It was much easier than College. Not only academically but mentally too. You just have all the people you love, (or hate), in the same place. It makes it easier to cope with. Now everyone of my friends are scattered across the globe and it’s difficult sometimes.. I miss them.

hollyvwsApple juice or orange juice?
hollyvwsDo you have a favourite type of dolphin?
The cute ones that let me pet them


magdabaumerI know you’re born in NY, but where’s your origin in Europe exactly?🌍 @kalousseimi

dana_qasemWhat are you studying in uni??
Film and Tv production
art_booksWhere have you lived in your life?
New York, Geneva, London,Boston & now Bermuda.
art_booksWhat do you do at 1am?
sleep or watch useless videos and think about life.
maryamalhilabi_Why do you love unicorns so much?
I have no idea, I wish I could explain. Its like the relationship between a fan girl and Justin Bieber.
hartIf you could speak any other languages fluently what would you want to speak?😊❤️

keelykbrewer Can you dance?
Debatable. I’m alright haha
keelykbrewerWorst movie you’ve ever seen?

keelykbrewer Most boring class you had to take in school?
Every class is boring… Lol. jk 

keelykbrewer Worst subject in school?

keelykbrewer Have any tattoos? if not would you ever get one?
I was thinking of getting one, but I don’t know if I would really be able to commit to one. Just having a un erasable drawing on my body that will one day be unreadable because of ageing skin feels weird. My sister has many, but so far I haven’t been in the part of my life where I feel like i need or want a tattoo.
keelykbrewer Favorite performer at the super bowl halftime show? Do you even care about American football?
I don’t watch American football but I heard Bruno mars killed it.

keelykbrewer Favorite youtuber?
Caspar lee
nilys_bookstories Where would you like to live?
I’m content in Bermuda, but London is the best city ever.

nilys_bookstories What’s your favorite country?

nilys_bookstories What languages would you like to speak?
Italian, Spanish.
gbrasil27 Who is your biggest inspiration? /Tell something about yourself that anybody knows
Tyler the creator. I’m actually not very cool in real life.. shh don’t tell anyone.
gbrasil27 Have you ever dated someone? When you dicided to study film in college?
I had a girlfriend for 8 months, that is the longest I have done. I decided I wanted to study film at the age of 16.

jfcalenawhy are you so obsessed with unicorns?
bro no idea hahaha

_ines_kjcDo you listen to hard rock music?
No :(

_ines_kjcFavorite book ? ☺
Outliers- Malcom Gladwell
_ines_kjcHave you ever been to Portugal?
YES! Lisbon! for a music festival.
Ines_kjcAre you dating ? 😜
No one wants to date me :(

sourcottoncande What’s your favorite video you have made? ❤️
14 days in Bali!

murmelhanna Were you in Barbados July 2013? If not I met your doppelganger 😮
I was haha. Weird. 

yo_morgsHis FACE LOOKS LIKE JOSEPH @madii2901
OMG YAH TOTALLY! Who’s Joseph?

liviamilyDo you like ducks??
What inspired you to do what you are doing know?
A search of approval for my creations I guess.

Have you encountered a fan before?
Only once at Heathrow airport! was a lovely encounter!
kendalllljennnerWhat’s your perspective on culture? since you have experienced many types in your lifetime of traveling
Culture isn’t something that defines you. I learned a lot of different things through different cultures and it made me realise that all of us aren’t very different from one another, despite our origins and countries.

oiamcnFav pair of shoe this month
Yeezy Boost 350 oxford Tan
ch3lsey98F avourite movie genre?
eggperz Your First impression on Sasha when you first met her?? #AskKal
“This girl knows ALOT about books”

a.ndoIf if you were kidnapped and the only way your kidnapper would allow you to escape is to eat dog shit or drink your best friends piss, what would you do?
nadirazlin what you would have on your pizza?
nadirazlin favourite movie?
The Beach

nadirazlin who inspired you to be a filmmaker ?
nadirazlin favourite song at the moment?
Don’t Bryson Tiller

nadirazlin where would you travel next?
nadirazlin do the dab
I did it

nadirazlin what shampoo do you use?
I don’t wash my hair.. Jokes don’t worry I’m clean haha. Garner Fructose

nadirazlin coffee or tea?

nadirazlinwhat filter do you use the most?
E4 on VSCO
nadirazlincan you pronounce my name without getring it wrong? its azlin
Azlin x

.hartWho are you spending Valentine’s Day with?
I spent it third wheeling on  my parents Valentines date. 

arimry96 What’s something you really wanna do before you die?

kristarice525Why are you so amazing? ily❤️
AWWW <3 

I’m wondering how you call your fans?
I’m not very comfortable with the term FAN. I love all of you like friends!

knightwing23Whats your fave city/country?
London, England

cassidywalkeerWill you be my valentine? Love you and your videos!!😚💓
Yes I’d love too sorry for the delayed response lol
cassidywalkeer Favorite album atm?? Love you! 💓💓💓
The life of Pablo (kanye)
andreamerbarry what is your dream?
To be happy and successful doing what I love. Filmmaking.

jenaosselaerIf you could only listen to 1 song your entire life, what song would it be?
Love yourself
_it_s_anicaI would love to know :What would you ask for, if you knew the answer was Yes ? and - What is your favorite and least favorite thing about creating stuff ? ✨
Can I get a billion dollars? I love creating because it allows me to channel all my emotions into something that I can see later on and remember what emotion or idea of whatever the thing in question was. The major setback in creating is constant creation, which I have started doing. Its very difficult to always be funny or always be entertaining. With today’s generation and technology I feel like we need to be constantly entertained and fed information in order to stay interested. Therefore in order for people like me, creators, to stay relevant, we need to be uploading and posting 24/7. And that’s what I like the least I think.
michelllesuHow tall r u ?

5 foot 8

ocampolleanIs English your first language?
No not really, I think it’s french. or both haha.

anamareuhWhere are you from?
anamareuh How old are you?

anamareuhDo you have any tattoos?
anamareuhHow many languages do you speak?
3, Mandarin, English, French
katovanroy_Film you have watched most?
The Beach
anamareuhDid take the pottermore sorting quiz? if you did what house are you in?
anamareuhWhat’s your favorite band?
Future Islands
Have you watched American Horror Story, if yes do you like it?
i’m too scared to watch it alone haha. I will grow the strength to watch it soon.

anamareuhWhat’s your opinion on long distance relationships?
if you love the person, it can work. My parents met when they were 16 and continued seeing each other despite being on two complete different sides of the United States. And at that time they didn’t have Skype or facetime… That shows that if the love is strong enough than you can probably make it work! 
can you say hi to me?
hi x
nadirazlintravelling or filmmaking?
wow. thanks. for hurting my brain. haha. I can’t pick.

lilflowernerdHow do you find yourself to stay motivated? Any advice? 😁
Sometimes I am not too motivated really. It takes a lot to wake up in the morning and say hey lets be productive. I learned over the years that the only limitations that you have as an individual are set by yourself. Therefore if you think that you can’t do something, you will feel like you can’t and you simply won’t do it. You need to believe in yourself and force yourself to do certain things. I keep this in mind everyday when I wake up and through this I am MOTIVATED!

_itscessyAny advice for people who plan to travel alone for the first time?
Meet as many people as you can, take as many videos and photos, immerse yourself in the culture, don’t be afraid and LIVE!
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_itscessyAre you superstitious? If so, what are you most superstitious about?
handing the salt without putting it down at dinner.

trinabowbina3 places that you have never visited before but would like to in the future
New Zealand
iya_what camera do you use?

siianniieWILL YOU BE MY VALENTINE!!!!! @kalousseimi 💋❤️💗💖💛❣💘💚💕💝💙💞💜💓


sashaalsbergWhat Hogwarts house are you in? 😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏

jelassilina fears?
spiders and getting lost in a supermarket

readingbythefireplaceIf you could change anything about the world we live in, what would it be? 🌸🌻
wow. deep. Maybe everyone’s obsession with fake beauty.

readingbythefireplaceWhat would you do if you won the lottery? ⭐️
I would donate to various charities but also please my self. Invest in my future!

readingbythefireplaceTu parles français ? :p

fridasjoooberg Do you have tumblr?
yes this is my tumblr :p

madina.mavlanWhat time is it in Boston?
right now 9:46 pm

madina.mavlanWhat do you want to achieve through your YouTube channel?
I want people to laugh and be distracted from their daily routine and enter a world of lol.

madina.mavlanAny advice for how to ‘punch someone in the face’ but not literally? 😾😸

nadirazlinwhos your spirit animal, mine is my best friend bc shes awesome

greenlittlepeaWhy did you start your YT channel ?
I had too much free time lol

greenlittlepeaWho’s your fashion inspiration ?
Justin Bieber not going to lie, kid’s got style

greenlittlepeaFavourite film ever ?
The beach.

jade_wunderle_Favourite place you have visited? ✈

★ Rulana Abidi ★ @ATL_rulana Feb 20
How tall are you? How was the last modelling gig? And how many times have you been on a plane? =p #askKal

I am 5 foot 8. The gig was so fun! I hope I get to do that more often. Literally wouldn’t be able to say but about 200 i think

SungMin (SPEED) [Profile]

REAL NAME: Choi SungMin (최성민)


POSITION: Maknae, Rap, Vocal

BIRTHDATE: 1995.12.07

ORIGIN: South Korea



ZODIAC: Sagittarius / Pig

HEIGHT: 178cm (≈5’10”)

WEIGHT: 56kg (≈124lb)

FAMILY: mother, father, younger sister (YeNa) [Moon HeeJun’s Pure 15 2014.03.26]

EDUCATION: Anyang Arts High School (graduated 2014)

HOBBIES & SKILLS: beatboxing


  • 그렇고 그런 사이 (Some Kind of Relationship) (KBS, 2013) [Jin Goo]
  • 고양이는 있다 (My Dear Cat) (KBS, 2014) [Yeom ChiJoo]



  • 스타킹 (Star King) (SBS, 2010.11.11) [predebut]


Photo Credit(s): 1 2

Last Updated: 2014.08.18

stickmarionette  asked:

Did you see Riedel's latest? Still grudging, still taking shots at Hamilton, but he's gone from being 100% made of bitterness to about...50%?

OMG I JUST read his column, and logged onto tumblr to make a comment about it (which I’ll just make below). I just rolled my eyes at the “coming around” to the score bit. SURE you are buddy.

I feel in my gut this is just about him trying to lay groundwork for the next show Lin-Manuel does in the future. IMO, he’ll do a 180 of how he’s been regarding In The Heights and Hamilton, just to try and get into Lin-Manuel and his crew’s bubble. Because he’s clearly lock OUT of that bubble, which is why his Tony news this season has been so sparse IMO. (The season has been dominated by a show he’s been a vocal hater of since moment one, created by people he’s been a hater of for 10 years or so now). 

I mean, when it comes to Broadway, Lin-Manuel’s pretty much a rockstar at this point. That hasn’t happen to a Broadway star, breaking into the mainstream in such a big way, since I’d say Idina Menzel. And I’d even argue that what’s going on with Lin is bigger, given that he doesn’t just perform in the show, but he wrote every inch of it too, and the music for the show is what has really made all of this, and him, become as big as it is. That’s got to be eating at Riedel, who considers himself one of the centers of the buzz of the Broadway universe.   


For my followers reading this who don’t know much about Broadway, Michael Riedel of the New York Post is the regular gossip columnist for Broadway, in the style of Walter Winchell.

He’s also an egocentric, bitter asshole. Seriously. It’s kinda his raison d'etre.

And one of the people he’s most been an asshole about is Lin-Manuel Miranda. Starting all the way back with In The Heights in fact. Back when the show was off-Broadway, he was saying it was stupid for the show to move to Broadway because tourist were not going to see a musical with rap in it about Latinos. That the audience for such a show was too limited for Broadway.

Yeah. Remember that video Lin-Manuel did to promote In The Heights and posted on YouTube that was a parody of High School Musical? The (shady) reference to Michael Riedel in the rap part of the parody? That’s what that was about. (Also, thanks to @stickmarionette who gave me a bit more background as to where that all came from/how it all started, which was with the producer of Hamilton and In The Heights). 

And Riedel was saying the same thing wrt Hamilton last year as well. That the hype the show was getting at The Public would die out, and Lin-Manuel and Tommy Kail were wrong to wait to transfer the show until after the 2015 Tonys. (A rap musical? Run for 10 years? Bah!)

So after a year of trying to build up every other new musical that was coming as the one that would dethrone Hamilton … suddenly now, after the Pulitzer + 16 Tony noms, he’s now only (as said above) being only 50% a dick about the show, and Lin-Manuel, now.  

That all said though - he usually knows his Tonys stuff. So it kinda bugs me that I agree with him on the awards Hamilton will lose. I’m hoping he and I are both dead wrong about Leslie Odom Jr. losing to Danny Burstein. Especially if some people really don’t vote for Leslie because of the whole profit-sharing thing. Like, talk about industry politics influencing a vote. 

Anyway, when Riedel’s wrong wrt a Tony prediction however, he’s usually spectacularly wrong. So I’m hoping he does predict Danny Bernstein for Best Actor, and that’s the one that he’s spectacularly wrong about. (That said, I’m still preparing myself for Leslie losing, just in case).      


Kwame JAW - “Right Now” (produced by Joey Fatts)

The Church of Scientology Had Their Own Teen Pop Band (and They Were Amazing)

For 20 years, the Church of Scientology’s Celebrity Center in Hollywood, California, had its own all-singing, all-dancing children’s pop group called Kids on Stage for a Better World.

The group existed with a revolving cast of members from 1992 to 2012. Obviously their videos are quite old now, and I’m not their target demographic, so it’s difficult for me to judge whether or not they were on-trend at the time—but like all things created by a religion and aimed at young people, they appear to be almost overwhelmingly uncool. 

The group’s matching outfits, choreographed dance routines, and wholesome rap breakdowns seem to be the work of adults trying to emulate inoffensive, family-friendly (i.e., boring) kids’ stuff like High School Musical and the Mickey Mouse Club.

About 90 percent of the group’s lyrics relate to how they are (A) young and (B) going to be the leaders of the future. The remaining 10 percent is made up of references to Scientology. The band also filmed a couple of episodes of a series based on the teachings of L. Ron Hubbard. 

Click here for some of my favorite Kids on Stage for a Better World cuts. Think of it as a greatest-hits collection.