high school teacher meme

the signs as things my teachers have said this year, part 6
  • Aries: I can't imagine how people existed before google drive
  • Taurus: I was in pretty good shape, apart all from the broken glass in my mouth
  • Gemini: don't dance at me like that
  • Cancer: hashtag no filter!
  • ...hashtag some filter
  • Leo: raisins piss me off to no end
  • Virgo: my biggest fault as a human is never having cash
  • Libra: this is the part of the year where I lose the will to live
  • Scorpio: not lies, it's just my usual light manipulation
  • Sagittarius: today's lesson: don't be a D-bag
  • Capricorn: I think about my college-age self and I want to kick her in the face
  • Aquarius: I should bring interpretive dance back to my classroom
  • Pisces: okay before we get started I'm going to show you guys this video of a dog playing the piano

Stuff my AP Physics teacher has actually said

  • “For each tick tock…”
  • “Is daddy accelerating?”
  • *Pointing to a piece of lab equipment* “what’s the name of this bad boy here?”
  • *holding a motion detector* “we stole this technology from 7-11!”
  • *graphing a curve* “ooh, you like it?”
  • “What do we do when we don’t have the time value? We’re out of luck. We fold out tent, we cry, and we go home.”
  • (After a student challenged his scientific conclusion) “What do we do with the doubters and the haters?”