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Just A Friendly Reminder Part 4

Just a friendly reminder of their height difference…

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Just a friendly reminder of them sharing clothes…

Just a friendly reminder of this moment…

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Just a friendly reminder that Makoto speaks up for Haruka about his name…

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Just a friendly reminder that they have know each other since they were babies…

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Just a friendly reminder that they have two duets and a drama cd…

{English Subbed} My Base, Your Base

{English Subbed} Always Here

{English Subbed} Original Drama


The thing about Makoto Tachibana...

He’s not talented like Haru or Rin,

nor does he have a bright personality like Nagisa or Gou to make him stand out. 

He doesn’t openly express himself like Rei to get himself noticed. 

He’s not like other characters.

People don’t notice him, or his problems

because he doesn’t bother showing them.

He’s like the friend who’s always there,

and it’s because of that

that people take him for-granted.

Makoto would willingly give himself up for his friends,

like when they were kids and Makoto left the dolphin keychain to Haru because his best friend wanted it, and he was fine with whatever else was left;

like when he risked it all to save Rei when he was drowning, despite having trauma himself.

Makoto, is actually very much like the most of us.

The little fears he has, like being afraid of ghosts,

or even the fear or drowning, they’re all like us.

The fact that he feels inferior towards Haru and Rin, 

feeling like he’ll never match up to them,

I’m sure we’ve been through that…being envious of your friends.

Being afraid of the uncertainty of future,

leaving high school and friends, knowing you can’t keep on following your friends anymore, and that you’ll have to make plans for your own future. 

How many people in this world can really match up to Makoto? 

Kind, loving, selfless, warm… 

And while Makoto sounds perfect,

we know that he has his flaws. 

He’s insecure, he’s afraid, he’s not lucky, nor gifted; he’s taken for-granted

and he’s going through what every one of us goes through. 

That sense of inferiority that every one of us needs to face in order to be able to move on to do greater things. 

And to find a future of our own, even if it’s different than what you hoped it would be.

The thing about Tachibana Makoto…

is that he’s so surreal and so real at the same time. 

I guess, to me,

he’s an inspiration,

teaching me to confront everything that’s holding you back

and accept reality as it is.

Talent, gifts, not everybody has them,

but we can do great things too. 

There are no big dreams or small dreams,

to dream a dream that makes you happy is good enough. 

  • N: Hongbin, get in the water, we're doing water exercises. The water is like three feet deep, you'll be fine.
  • Hongbin: You know I cant swim.
  • Hyuk: I hear saving yourself from drowning is great cardio.
Swimmer/swim team Percy headcanons

- It was Sally’s idea he join the team.
- She thought it would be a good way to stay active in his high school community, and earn more credibility with his teachers
- Plus it helps let out some of that ‘post quest energy’
- Once he makes it on to the varsity team with flying colors, Sally makes him promise to turn off as much of his power as he can
- He agrees, but can’t exactly help that the water is like liquid steroids
- Also sometimes he forgets to breath the air instead of the water oops
- Annabeth is like supportive #1
- When the two of them aren’t studying or dealing with demigod things, Annabeth likes to watch technique videos with him, and help him learn the proper way of swimming
- Paul was on the swim team in high school for a few years, so swimming is always a good topic of convo between the two guys
- He’s all around good at the 4 strokes, but he excels most in the butterfly

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Mako: hm? you wanna color me?
Mako: thanks! wa—
Mako: its tickle
Mako: I.W.A.T.O.B.I, dont make it wrong
Mako: ahhh!!! Just here is ok
Mako: finally done…
Mako: !
Mako: haru—!!!
Haru: ?


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Mako has seen Haru laugh. <3