high school sweethearts

Okay but like, imagine it.

They meet when they’re both awkward freshmen with no idea how to properly move their limbs, with ears too big for their head and glasses slipping off the bridge of their noses.

They share an earth science class, and sometimes notes as well, written in secret with little hearts scribbled on the inside, hoping maybe that will portray their interest because they’re not sure how to say it.

By sophomore year, they kind of know what to do but talking as more than friends is still hard, impossible even.
The note passing is something they just…keep doing, but the hearts are few and far between because neither of them think they could date the other.

Junior year rolls around and yeah, they’ve both grown into their bodies and have gained a little more confidence- that’s when they finally get their heads out of their asses and realize they could be something great.

They make their decision after someone drew one too many heart on the outside of their notes.

Their first dates are careful, tentative, but slowly gain more ground as they realize they’ve already gotten past all the hard stuff- by now, they know each other inside and out.

Things are easier, after that first painful movie date where one or maybe both of them pull the cheesy yawn and drapes their arm around the others shoulders.

They go to prom, senior year, knowing they DO have something great and that they’re not going to lose it, confident that they are going to have forever together.

It was easy, asking the other to prom through a note with little hearts drawn on the flap. They’ve been doing that shit for years.

It’s a year later when they realize maybe they don’t have forever together.

Long distance is too difficult.

One of them has gone off to college, pursing their dreams to be a journalist, or maybe a painter, they’re not sure yet, while the other is stuck in mud in Afghanistan, barking orders and losing themselves in the gore of war.

But whenever they get the chance, they still write each other notes with hearts doodled in the margins.

Song of the day -  Here by Alessia Cara

That feeling you get when you know you want a relationship, but you’re scared. You want the late night texts and conversations, cuddles and kisses. You want to be “the couple”, the ones who everyone knew was going to last. Yet, you still sit in your bed late at night heart aching, wondering why you have trust issues, why you cant just stop being shy and tell them that you like them. Why cant I speak?