high school story

things that actually happened in my high school

1. in the middle of am homeroom (so like 9am in the morning) a kid just broke out a pint of ice cream and started eating it. and i guess it wouldnt have been that bad except once people noticed, everyone started whispering and pointing until half the class was surrounding the table literally BEGGING for some. the teacher actually had to stop reading the morning announcements and give a speech on how you shouldn’t give death threats over ice cream.

2. this kid i was sitting next to once went home bc he got a massive headache after staring straight into a lightbulb for 2 minutes bc he “was bored and wanted to see what would happen.” he ended up taking 3 advils after that, got paranoid and made the entire table search “how many pills of advil does it take to overdose” on a school computer.

3.  there was a HUGE ASS fly in the room and the teacher thought itd be a great idea to kill it by throwing a folder 4inches thick with papers in its general direction; it ended up going across the room and hitting a poor, innocent kid in the face so hard that the other kids at the table scrammed and started yelling “EVERY MAN FOR HIMSELF”…and when i tell you that this fly was huge,,it was literally so MASSIVE that this one girl almost started crying when it flew near her, someone actually tried throwing a cup of coffee at it, and another person started screaming ZIKA VIRUSSSS and something about how they weren’t vaccinated. and mind you the majority of the students are dressed in fancy attire bc of the national honor society ceremony that was later in the afternoon. in the midst of all this chaos, this one kid stands up, doesnt say anything and literally just ninja slams his bare hand onto the table and kills the fly all in one fluid motion, all without saying a single word. the entire class just broke out in thunderous applause, including the teacher, and then class continued as normal as if the past 10 minutes didn’t even happen

4. during first period a teacher who lost a ton of weight over a 2 year period was giving serious advice about the importance of living a healthy lifestyle while this kid right in front of the teacher’s desk breaks out a FULL mcdonalds breakfast meal and distributes it among the table

5. kids that were in apush and ap spanish held a joint prayer vigil the day before ap exams began, so that ap students could literally hold hands and pray to survive exam season as well as mourn our high grades. everyone who went was required to bring in fake candles and food, while someone else conducted a prayer service. a special invitation was sent using our school emails, you had to rsvp in order to attend, and it was suggested that you wear black. our ap teachers knew about this, and they agreed it was a good idea somehow

@playchoices Can you maybe give us another way to get gems? Because I really want to unlock some of the special scenes but I can’t afford to buy diamonds. Maybe we could watch an add for 5 diamonds? Or if we play for two consecutive days, we get 2 gems, for three days, we get 4 and and for four days we get 6 and so on until maybe 7 or 10 days? This would be really cool! please do this. What do you guys think? 

I wrote an essay to convince my teacher to let us watch Lilo and Stitch in class.

A few weeks ago in my math class everyone was really tired. So someone suggested we watched a movie instead of doing work that day. Then I immediately said that we should watch Lilo and Stitch (because why not). For the most part everyone in class agreed with me. But my teacher wasn’t buying that I was being dead serious about wanting to watch it. So he said as a joke that if came to school the next day and had written an essay on how Lilo and Stitch relates to math he would consider letting us watch it in class. I told him that if he wanted a paper, a paper he was going to get. But he still didn’t believe me. The next day I walk into class with this paper.

It didn’t work. We still haven’t watched Lilo and Stitch. I’m still salty.

Classic Pixelberry Fandom Wank (HSS and HWU Edition)

since Hollywood U is ending and its making me reflect on my time in the pb fandom during its peak and honestly some of the most memorable parts…. was all the ridiculous shit. but a lot is just some lighthearted things that i enjoyed! but anyways i made a list - enjoy.

  • MCxHunt discourse
  • MCxMax discourse
  • MCxChris discourse
  • Mia is a Lesbian/Bisexual/Straight/whatever discourse
  • Autumn is whiny and the worst character in the game
  • “Where’s Ezra?”
  • Wes is creepy and shady
  • Lea Michele update
  • people literally writing entire thesis papers about them leaving the fandom because of said update
  • Monster High halloween update
  • Beckett is a smol soft cinnamon roll pumpkin flower star prince uwu 
  • Ellie Is A Fucking Furry
  • Logan is a discount Wes
  • “:) shane isnt gay honey stop going by stereotypes”
  • Edward and the 10 hour livestream (Cautumn 5evr)
  • “Hunt cant be trans because he kept calling Crash spencer :/”
  • PriyaxHunt discourse
  • okay literally Hunt x 1000 of his ex girlfriends discourse
  • Ezra’s sister Ezra (literally my favorite pb fandom meme hands down)
  • Autumn and the ducks meme (which y’all ran into the fucking ground)
  • WesxAutumn discourse
  • Lena
  • the anonymous confession blogs
  • Ace
  • Kara’s redemption arc
  • Jack Carver
  • ppl making twitters for their MCs
  • Chris’ ex wife
  • those fanfics about sucking Hunt’s dick under the desk
  • MCxHunt + 50 Shades of Grey (god)
  • Kip
  • the silver circle bullshit
  • Richard Sheridan
  • Officer Mohsenin is daddy uwu
  • being poor af in hwu and not having enough to buy plots of land which was a requirement for like every level
  • Bianca and Lance (FREE LANCE 2K17)
  • both games only having like… 2.5 outfits for guys
  • Bianca pregnant with Hunt’s baby
  • Brian Ratzik
  • the Hunt RP blogs
  • people sexually harassing the Hunt RP blogs for some reason and just generally being creepy and gross
  • College Town
  • The Vampire OC Takeover of October 2015
  • Val
  • people headcanoning all the asian characters to be related to each other for some reason?
  • the atlas effect
  • Are you… Gay?

and last but definitely not least

  • fresh hell
Alright, reblog if you want your favorite HSS/HWU/Choices character to send you a love letter on your askbox.

Like a love poem, and some pickup line from your fave characters from High School Story, Hollywood U and Choices! (Make sure you opened up your askbox though and tag your fave character or even type it on reblog text!)

Have you ever been at your school’s teacher award ceremony done by the senior class and all of the female teachers are crying and then the Spanish teacher gets up and starts break dancing with a senior then the banner falls onto the cupcakes, the Spanish teacher starts twerking, and one of the math teachers falls out of his chair because I have.

Okay so I’m playing this game called High School Story and it’s pretty much the Sims for you know…high school and i love it because even though it’s a sim-like 2D game that I am probably entirely too old to play, it has great things like: 

  • The characters can be any sexuality you want. Want them to date? They can date a guy or a girl. Want them to not? Totally cool too, they don’t need to. 
  • Characters can be whatever race you want, there’s different hair/face options and it’s fab. 
  • THEY’RE ALL FRIENDS WITH EACH OTHER even in the quests where they have issues with one another it gets resolved and they apologize like nice A+ thanks game. 
  • The whole message is that the school is accepting of whoever you are, and that despite your differences you can have friends in different people. 
  • When they have more serious quests - like eating disorders or cyber bullying - they always inform you of it and say that if you don’t want to play it because of the subject matter you can skip the quest. 
  • Also link you to programs such as Girls Who Code. 
  • All their original characters have been awesome and POC and the biggest antagonist is the white blonde guy like lmfao it’s great. 
  • They just added new character designs and they added in an outfit that includes a hijab. 
  • I haven’t taken the SATs since senior year but they have a quest that opens up when you buy the library that helps you on your SAT vocab skills so there’s that. 
  • Everything is free you literally every quest gives you money/books/rings you will never have to put up your own money like most app games. 
  • Every character is super accepting and it’s lovely 


Endless Summer characters on High School Story.

It was to make them on the game and I sorry if some of the characters is not accurate (and not inudce Raj, Lila, etc.), since the options of the game is limited and such. If you wanted to make them on your game you can use this as ref! Also, I got this idea from @choicesimaginesandmore for HS AU. Enjoy!

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-Rachel, Level 7 Gamer and Writer

You only ever saw me with a smile on my face after you left me. You didn’t see me late at night when I felt so miserable and empty without you there. You didn’t know the hurt you caused me. That’s how life works, though, isn’t it? One person moves on with their life and the other one gets hurt and has to pick up their heart off the ground and attempt to carry on with their life as well.
—  Everything I Never Told You #1 
Goodbye to Hollywood U...

I haven’t played High School Story or Hollywood U in months. Maybe even a year or even two. But I still have both of the apps on my phone because I can’t bear to delete them. They’re just in a folder, sitting there untouched.

So I opened the Hollywood U app just to check on it, and I was shocked to see this:

Now, as you can see by my level, I never really got into Hollywood U, not like I did with High School Story, and it would take me a long time to get to the ending. But seeing that and then coming back on Tumblr to see if it was true, I’m… kind of devastated.

I can remember when the first promotional picture was released for Hollywood U. It was when a lot of people in the fandom were still active, and we were all so excited for a new game.

And now it’s just… over. It just reminds me how this time of my life is over. Kind of. That’ll really set in in High School Story ever ends. Which, who knows. I never thought Hollywood U would end.

I don’t know why I’m so disappointed. I barely played Hollywood U; I always loved High School Story so much more. I guess it really is kind of just a wake up call that I’m growing up and the times where I played silly phone games and posted on my blog about it really are over.

I rarely ever post on this blog anymore. But do any of you remember when this fandom was in its peak? In 2014. I made so many friends, people that I don’t even talk to anymore… Minus Holly (Cooper), who I still talk to every once in a while.

I guess I just… miss it all. Okay, maybe not all, because there was a loooot of shit going on in the fandom back then, but there is still a lot to miss. The people, the things that people made, the games themselves. I just… miss it.

I guess that’s why this blog’s still up. I could never get rid of it, and I know the people I met, the things I created, and the games themselves will always have a place in my heart.