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Sam’s Ultimate Failproof Guide to Packing

Extensive Packing List

Warning: This will seem like a lot, but it doesn’t once you get there, and you can use your own judgment as to whether or not you will need something. Also, this particular list is geared towards my specific univeristy

  1. Bedroom
    1. Bedding
      1. Duvet cover and insert or comforter
      2. Matching sham
      3. Sheets and pillow cases (I recommend two sets of cotton minimum, one set of flannel in addition is optional)
      4. Egg crate topper (super cheap but super comfy after the first few nights—you may want to get a second one towards the end of the school year)
      5. Mattress pad—holds the topper in place
      6. Mattress protector (as recommended by an Anon). Some universities have bed bug problems, and you never really know what happened on your bed before it was yours, and this will help ensure a little more help on the cleanliness front.
      7. Pillows
      8. Stuffed animals
    2. Desk Area
      1. Stapler
      2. printer, ink, and paper
      3. Three hole punch
      4. Binders and notebooks
        1. For some classes you’ll want to keep every piece of paper ever (things related to your major and math classes), so these will need to be in binders.
        2. Math and science classes lend themselves to hand-written notes, so you’ll want to use a binder with loose leaf paper or the notebook of your choosing for those.
          *note* My personal favorites are Mead Five Start Flex Hybrid Notebinders
      5. Pens, pencils, Sharpies (you will use black and silver frequently for labeling random things)
      6. Tape dispenser (can be a cheap $2 plastic one, or a heavy duty, belongs in the office of a CEO one)
      7. glue sticks (yes, you will use them)
      8. Headphones
      9. Phone and laptop
      10. Phone and laptop chargers
      11. HDMI cord (literally the most used item in my dorm room)
      12. Power strip
      13. Desk lamp
      14. Post Its, paperclips, extra staples, push pines
    3. Closet and Laundry
      1. Leave your high school shirts at home unless you want to use them as sleep shirts. You’ll get plenty of shirts from your college or university.
      2. Hangers. Mine are mismatched and plastic and came straight from my closet at my mother’s.
      3. Hamper. You can choose your preference here. I prefer sturdy plastic with handles, but my roommate loved her fabirc one. Walmart has one that rolls, which is cool. Maybe you just want a laundry bag.
      4. Detergent.
      5. Fabric softener and Downy balls
      6. Dryer sheets
    4. Other
      1. Fridge
      2. coffee mugs (can use for tea, coffee, soup, ice water, milk for cookies, Spaghetti-Os, literally anything you can think of)
      3. microwave if you don’t have one in the common area/common area is far away
      4. Small table lamp or floor lamp (put this somewhere across the room from the desk lamp because overhead lighting is the worst)
      5. Books and movies
      6. TV (optional, I use mine as a second monitor pretty frequently)
      7. Video game console, accessories, and games (if desired)
      8. Purse/wallet
      9. Trash bags
      11. Canvases, posters, pictures, corkboards, etc
      12. Command strips (the Velcro kind of the absolute best) and sticky tack (Loc-Tite brand, it’s blue)
      13. Keurig or coffee pot (if you’re into that) and all the fixin’s
  2. Bathroom – some of these are included because I have a bathroom within my dorm room
    1. Trash can
    2. Shower curtain, liner, and rings
    3. Bathmat
    4. Toilet brush and cleaner
    5. Plunger. Plumbing on campuses can be iffy
    6. Lady supplies (if you need those sort of things)
    7. Toiletries and makeup
    8. Some sort of caddy if you’re living in traditional or you’re sharing your bathroom with multiple people and don’t want to clutter the counter
    9. Toothbrush holder
    10. Soap dispenser
    11. hand towels, bath towels, wash cloths
the legacy of b. knight

“It’s Ford’s first meal at the Haus, so everyone be on your best behaviors, alright?” Bitty bustled around the kitchen, a bowl of biscuit dough tucked under one arm as he gave the gravy on the stove a stir. Though it wasn’t an official Team Brunch, Bitty was pulling out all the stops for Ford: biscuits and gravy, fruit salad, hash browns, Canadian and normal bacon, as much coffee as could be brewed at one time… 

“We’re always on our best behavior,” Holster said with a yawn. He and Ransom were slumped together at the counter, lethargically slicing fruit at Bitty’s command. 

“Yeah, Bits, we’re upstanding gentlemen,” Ransom said, grabbing Holster’s hand before he sliced his own finger. Holster gave him a sheepish grin and reluctantly put his glasses on.  

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au: high school story is a tv show

inspired by the lovely @zahranamazis au where endless summer is a tv show and other choices blogs au’s from other choices books. i loooove this au, it’s so much fun to write!:

part ii

  • all the cast members are over 20 y/o so none of them are teens even if they’re playing ones
  • fans are shocked when they see them drinking or at clubs because of this
  • the actor who plays max is around 26-27 but because of his rugged appearance people think he’s over 40 or something lol
  • ‘’he doesn’t even go here’’ brian jokes when max is shooting a scene
  • the show is shot during summer when classes are out in a real high school in california
  • awesomeness tv produces the show
  • the actress who plays emma originally auditioned for the role of MC but she was so nervous that the casting directors thought she was perfect for the character of emma instead
  • the high school story red shirts are actually merch that the cast wears almost all the time off set
  • sydney does her own cheerleading stunts because she was a cheerleader throughout her high school years irl 
  • wes was supposed to be short haired but the actor who plays him had long hair when he auditioned and they immediately changed that in the script 
  • the whole cast has their own group snapchat, every day a cast member takes over the account to show fans ‘a day in their life’
  • sakura’s hair is actually blonde, she revealed she uses manic panic hair dye to make her hair pink 
  • ‘’it honestly killed my hair texture but i guess it was worth it’’ she reveals when asked about the process of going full pink haired
  • michael was the last actor to be cast and he wasn’t going to be a major character at all
  • ‘’it was my good looks that got me in the show’’ he says winking while the mc rolls her eyes ‘’he likes to flatter himself’’
  •  the cast all get together on friday nights after shooting at each other’s places to have board game night 
  • mia and ezra are the biggest cheaters, according to the rest of the cast 
  • ‘‘it’s called a strategy’‘ is something that mia always says to defend herself from the accusations
  • aiden doesn’t know how to play any instruments in real life, but he had to take a few piano lessons to at least make it look a bit real on the show
  • they freak out when endless summer is mentioned to them in interviews because they LOVE the show and watch it all together
  • ‘’zahra and craig are our biggest otp’’ payton and nishan reveal 
  • ‘’aren’t grace and aleister dating in real life?’’ caleb asks the mc, getting completely carried away from the interview
  • michael revealing he asked the costume team to give him a green bomber jacket in honor of jake mckenzie’s character
  • the cast totally freaking out  that the show got renewed for a second season!!

My sleep schedule is a bit messed up right now and I decided to finish some art I was working on so here’s Ezra, you know, our favorite musician.


Dysphoria is a tricky thing. I spent most of high school wearing baggy tee shirts and jeans. I would always look at the free people catalogs and wish I could feel confident enough to wear a pretty flowy summer dress. I was too scared that my shoulders were too broad and my hips were too nonexistent. I was scared that my arm muscles were too obvious. Now I’ve learned to embrace those things. Having muscles won’t make you clockable. Having broad shoulders doesn’t make you disproportionate. They’re just small details that are a part of a much more complicated person. So here I am in a free people dress with my shoulders out because I’m gonna wear what I want to and you should too ☺️

Pack Mother - Derek Hale - Part 7

Characters: Derek Hale, Lydia Martin, Scott McCall, Werewolf!Stiles, Peter Hale, PackMom!Reader.

Yo sorry to keep jumping time but I kinda need to??? Also I should’ve just named this part baby food

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6

Originally posted by teenwolf--imagines

Max is seven months old. He’s trying to walk and it’s been incredible for you. On the other hand, no one has seen or spoken to Stiles in months. Things have improved with Derek immensely but you still deep down blame him for Stiles.

You put Max in the bouncer and sat down on the porch. You eventually found a house and now everyone has their own room. There’s even extra rooms. You were sitting in the porch swing Derek installed when your phone rang. “Hey.” You breathed out.

“I f- n-…pa-..-you…now.”

“You’re cutting out..I have absolutely no idea what you’re saying.”


“Yelling it at me doesn’t help.”

“rk-..need you.”

“The park?”


You hang up the phone and grab Max. You put him in the car seat and head to the park. You spot Derek sitting on the swings with someone. You grab Max and walk towards him.

“Stiles!?” You run the rest of the way, handing Max to Derek. You hug Stiles tightly. “Where have you been? I’ve missed you! Are you okay?”

“I know what I did was sucky and terrible but yeah. I was in San Diego and I’m fine.”

You kiss his cheek and sigh. “Thank God you’re back.” Max babbles and you look over at him, his dark curls spilling over his eyes and his brown eyes making your heart swell. He grins, his dimples showing.

“God, is that Max?” You nod and Stiles hold his hands out to him. Derek hands Max to him and Max giggles.

Derek pulls you to the side. “I was buying baby food and he just..showed up? I have no clue when he got here and I don’t have any details.”

“….well did you get the baby food?” You look up at him.

“No, I didn’t get the baby food. What’s wrong with you?”

You shrug, “I dunno, I sent you out for baby food.”

Derek looks at you oddly. You look back to Stiles and watch him interact with Max.

“This baby’s freaking amazing.” He laughs as Max makes little sounds.

“Thanks. Look I know you probably don’t want to talk about it but we will eventually have to address you going missing…and you need to talk to your dad.”

“Oh my dad knew where I was.”

“What?” You crossed your arms.

“Yeah, I told him.”

“Why don’t you come back to the house and we can talk.”


You arrive at the house, the pack waiting outside. Stiles gets out and everyone hugs him. You get Max out and follow him up to the porch.

“Where’s Derek?” Scott asks.

“Getting baby food.” You smile.

Everyone goes inside and catches up with Stiles. You leave them with Max so you can cook dinner. You hear Derek pull up and you smile. He walks in, an older man behind him. Your smile falls when you see him with no bags.

“Did you not get baby food?”

“Jesus Christ, Y/N. My life is in shambles before your eyes and you want baby food?”

“Our kid needs to eat.” You say innocently.

“You’re such a dork.” He sighs. You glance into the living room and everyone is staring at you. “Y/N…this is my uncle Peter.” Your heart drops to your feet and a cold chill runs down your spine when he smiles at you.

He shakes your hand. “So you’re the famous Y/N. I wondered who was willing to raise a kid with this one. You must have low standards, as beautiful as you are.”

Derek throws a dirty look at Peter and you look at Lydia. She looks annoyed. She flips him off from behind him and you smile while giving her a stern look.

“Where is the little guy?” Derek gestures into the living room and Peter wanders into the room.

“What the hell?” You whisper.

Derek gives you a ‘what could I do’ gesture. “There I was..in the baby food section…again and he just showed up.

You just stare at him.

“I’m going to have to go back again aren’t I?” You nod and he groans.

“Why is everything mysterious happening to us today? Also why am I the only one alarmed that Stiles just wandered off to San Diego and no one noticed?“

“I think everyone’s just shocked that he even came back.”

“Yeah..I just have a weird feeling.”

Derek crosses his arms and turns to look at Stiles. “Why?”

“Is Stiles ever this nice?”

Derek nods. “You’re right..let’s keep an eye on him.”

That night you were climbing into bed when Derek walked in. He had on sweatpants and an old high school t-shirt.

“Wanna watch a movie?”

You quirk an eyebrow. “Is this code for..?”

He chuckles, “No not this time. I just wanted to hang out with you.”

You pull the sheets back. “Come on then.”

He gets in the bed and wraps his arms around you.

“You’re spooning me. This is not movie watching.” You laugh.

He presses his lips to yours. “It’s hanging out though.”

You smile “I think Peter has something to do with Stiles..not to ruin the adorable mood or anything.”

“Let’s worry about that tomorrow.” He sighs and kisses your forehead.

“Only if you kiss me again.” You smirk.

He smiles. “I think I can do that.”