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Gryffindor and Hufflepuff

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Gryffindor and Slytherin

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Slytherin and Hufflepuff

Hufflepuff and Hufflepuff

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The Maze Runner High School AU:

It’s the first time they properly hang out in a while but they’ve managed to squeeze in some conversations, some texting, some “normal”. Minho is happy that Newt is even remotely talking to him so it makes him scared that he might lose this again. Everything he says is calculated, he makes sure it’s not overly… anything. And so there he goes and just spews that he likes Newt like it isn’t totally implied and something he absolutely doesn’t have to remind anyone of. He can stay friends, as long as they are friends.

It makes Newt angry that Minho says it simply because he doesn’t know what to do with it. He wants to tell him to fuck off, he wants to tell him he thinks maybe he likes him like that too. They’re just getting this thing to work, and Newt’s just not ready to throw himself in there, like that, fully, because he doesn’t know what will happen if he does. He’s scared Minho will fuck it up, he’s scared he himself will fuck it up. It seems like Minho is doing the best he can to make sure Newt feels comfortable, though, and Newt must admit that he’s getting there.

Part 15/?
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The Maze Runner High School AU:

Newt tries to ignore the guy when he walks up, it usually helps when the teasing hasn’t started yet. He’s on full defence mode from the start, the star of the track team desn’t feel like the most promising guy to great him without ulterior motives. Minho, Newt thinks he’s called, acts really well, like he’s genuinely interested but Newt doesn’t even bother to answer the question. It’s not like the guy really wants to know anyway.

The new guy in Minho’s english class is the cutest shucking thing ever. With his blue hair and his British accent, so Minho obviously has to flirt with him. It turns out that “flirting” is not that easy with this dude, since “conversation” isn’t even on the table. He doesn’t even reveal his name. Minho dosen’t see himself defeated though, maybe the first attempt wasn’t the best but he’ll try again some other day. Probably tomorrow.

Part 1/?

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The Maze Runner: High School AU - Newt: You’re Not The Only Professional Party-Crasher In Town: Part 9

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7, Part 8

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Suddenly, your stomach rumbles loudly and you almost laugh over it. “Let’s go get some Burger King or something.” You suggest as you re-enter the dim, dusty car. He doesn’t answer back so you instead suggest another place, “How about Dumpling Palace?” More silence, is he ignoring you for a reason? “Asian food not your thing?” You meant to sound humorous but instead your voice is laced with worry and concern. Is Newt okay?

And in the next minute, as you watch Newt’s slightly concerned but pale face, his shoulders slump and his head drops. His eyes flutter closed and you shout out his name, your own voice ringing in your ears.


“Wait –what?” Thomas asks worriedly over the phone, you hear the voices of the other guys in the background too.

“I’m…” You breathe heavily, the phone pressed against your ear suddenly becomes quiet while the blood rushes to your ears and your chest. Everything in your body thumps as you recall the overbearing feeling of panic and guilt as you watched Newt’s body slump into a heap, his pale face resting on the driver’s wheel.


His curled fingers white and limp against his chest, the driver’s door wide open, a breeze slinking in, ruffling the short blond curls of his slight bed-hair. The way he looked so silent and lifeless… Was it your fault? Had he overworked himself? The stress and anxiety of being around those who were the source of his loud, uncontrollable mind, constantly torturing himself over and over again?


Suddenly you’re back, back in the waiting room at the hospital. Your fingers curl tightly around the mobile device which holds the voice calling your name. Your breathing slows again, your muscles’ tension releases. “I’m alright.”

“No you’re not.” He sighs, “I’m on my way.”

“No, Thomas…” You sigh and walk over to one of the waiting room’s chairs, “You don’t need to, Alby is here also and… look everything is fine. Newt is okay, he just passed out.”

“He just passed out?”

“Yeah he… he was fine –well he was sort of distant but I just thought he was tired. And then we got back into the car and he fainted. I was so scared Tom.”

“You guys were in the car!?” Thomas almost shouts through the phone, shock elevating his voice. “What if he passed out while driving? You… you both could be dead.”

“Thomas, don’t. Don’t you dare bring up the ‘could-haves’. Yes, it was possible but it didn’t happen and you can’t blame this sort of thing on Newt, it’s not his fault he fainted Thomas!”

“I’m just looking out for you.”

“Thomas, no. I don’t need to be looked out for. Newt does.” You take the phone away from your ear and end the call before slipping it back into your coat pocket. “Please be okay Newt…”

“You can come in to see him now, he’s awake.” A nurse informs you, her blonde hair messily tied back to match her worn and tired face. You mutter a thank you before she leads you to Newt’s room. The nurse leaves as soon as you enter.

His eyes are dull, his smile is weak and his breathing is slow and steady. You can’t help but break down into tears right in front of him.

“Y/N?” He asks worriedly, preparing himself to leave his bed.

You walk over to him instead, tears blurring your eyes, and grab a hold of his hands before sitting onto his bed. “You –you fainted right in front of me and I thought… I thought so many bad things Newt-

“Aw baby, no, don’t cry…” He pulls you close to his chest as you start to sob. “I’m sorry, I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean to frighten you love…”

“It’s –it’s not your fault… I just thought…”

“It’s okay… I know. But I’m here, I’m fine. You’re fine. We’re fine.” Newt shuffles his body over slightly and pulls the blankets around you as you curl up tighter next to him. His arm loosely wraps itself around you while his other hand twirls the ends of your hair. After a while of silence, the tears dry and Newt asks, “Who were you talking to on the phone?”


“What happened?” It’s as if he can sense it in your voice or something.

“He was sort of angry or… panicked I guess –a bit of both when I told him what happened.”

“Because I could have been driving.”

You nod your head, “Yeah… but he doesn’t mean to be a prick I suppose. He’s just thinking bad thoughts –like-

“He’s right though. I could have completely lost control of the car and you’d be seriously injured, you could have died, Y/N.”


“Hey guys…” Alby walks in with a frantic looking group of boys. They immediately rush to the sides of the hospital bed. “Sorry I took so long to get in here. You alright man?”

“Yeah… yeah I’m good.”

“Do you know why it happened?” A suspicious Thomas asks, although surprisingly enough, shows no hate in his eyes. Just concern.

“Uh, well yeah. An overload of panic and stress apparently.” Newt answers quietly with a slight hesitation. You feel him growing tense and that same distant feeling becomes alive again between the two of you.

You look to Alby, his eyes find yours immediately and being the awesome friend he is, he already knows what you are trying to communicate to him through this one look.

“Does that mean we can’t go party-crashing tonight?” Minho asks, Gally nodding his head along.

Newt’s eyes light up immediately, “No, we’re still going. I’m still going.”

“Newt…” Both you and Alby say at the same time.

“You guys will just have to be extra prepared and trained as I will only be observing…”

You laugh and so does everyone else before Alby exits the room with his group of puppies following behind, wagging their tails excitedly for tonight. “You think you’re up to it?”

“Yeah, of course I am love. I’m a professional.”

“Honestly?” You raise an eyebrow, a definite tone of seriousness plastered on your face.

Newt blinks as he studies your tone of voice and facial expression, it seems like forever before he replies. He brings a thumb to your cheekbone and gently strokes it before staring back into your eyes with those magnificent brown ones. “Honestly, I will be fine. The nurse says I can leave when I’m ready. I just fainted. I will be okay. I promise.”

“We’re only watching them, no running around like maniacs.”

“Alright, alright.” Newt laughs, “Whatever you say your majesty.” He wiggles closer to you, you lean your head onto his chest. “But we’re still climbing through a window.”

You sigh and smile, “We’re still climbing through a window.”

“Oh-em-gee, I am so nervous. Are you nervous? Because I am totally freaking out right now-

“Gally, if you don’t mind, please slim it.” Thomas says quietly before leading us around the side of the house. We quickly and quietly slide through the gate, and immediately hear the beat of the thumping music. “This way.”

You lead the group of hooligans up the side of the house with ease before reaching an available bedroom to climb into. The window is locked but Newt helps with the lock-picking and soon you all roll in, one after the other.

You all quickly scope out the house casually, as if you’re totally apart of this mostly drunken crowd. Then the plan comes into movement as they spot their very first victims. Minho, Thomas and Gally all chose their drunks and pull out a roll of duck-tape. After dancing alongside them they start winding their tape around them. In seconds, the dancers are wrapped up, shoulders to ankles in the silver, sticky tape.

Newt smiles, “First off: tape the drunkies and watch them spin!”

“I feel like we should totally be feeling ashamed of ourselves right now.” You laugh and watch Newt’s face light up in delight as the dancing drunks continue to dance whilst duck-taped, therefore spinning and falling all over the place.

“Oh no, this is totally harmless. Besides, we will un-tape them before we leave.”

The sight is like none other, they’re like silver caterpillars wriggling around helplessly while laughing hysterically at the same time.

“Next we have… Ants in your pants.”

You look over at Newt, “You have got to be kidding me.”

“Okay, slight alteration to the ‘ants’… we have itching powder.”

You groan and then laugh. Both you and Newt watch the event play out, thus leading into many people ditching their pants. After the Nutella being spread everywhere in the bathroom, and the ‘pin the tail on the drunks’ you two finally get to do a little dancing as the music tones down to a very slow and rhythmic path.

You realise that slow dancing is your favourite thing ever as Newt has his arms wrapped around you, yours draped over him and with each step you make you become even closer, even more connected. Newt sighs, “Too bad we’re not all dressed up.”

You laugh as you realise your dank hoodies and jeans, “Oh well, maybe next time.” You lean your forehead onto his shoulder, “Although, the reason I started party-crashing was because I hated events like these.”

“That’s because you have no friends.”

You glare up at him, “Don’t be such a moron.”

“Born that way darling.” He does a sassy click movement with his fingers before resuming back to dancing.

“You’re so annoying.”

“Love you too.” He smiles, your faces becoming incredibly close. Suddenly your heart thumps in your chest and you look away from his eyes in an embarrassed flush. You hate how your cheeks grow so red, but you can’t help feeling a little bit excited. His hand presses against the back of your head, your eyes can’t look away from his at this point.

Suddenly the music changes in a flash, the beat grows incredibly faster and full of bass. Newt and you jump in surprise as the music blares and Minho, Thomas and Gally jump into the room; head banging and all. You laugh it off and start jumping around with them while Newt does some sort of “cool” robotic moves to the beat.

Newt notices the looks you give him, “Like my moves?” With an added wink.

“Yeah no, I think you should just stick to party-crashing.”

Minho, Gally and Thomas jump from inside the van and go on ahead to Thomas’ home as you all decided to crash at his tonight rather than bugging Alby again. Newt and you walk side-by-side along the footpath up to his house.

“How are things at home?”

You laugh, “Haven’t exactly been home in a while… But it will be alright, I’m used to our family stuff.”

Newt smiles, his hand wraps around yours. “Well if you ever need to crash somewhere else for a bit, I welcome you with open arms.”

“Thanks man.”

You both arrive at the front of the house, “You’re so polite with me. Stop, it makes me feel awkward.”

You raise an eyebrow, “Shut up.”

Newt sighs and grabs ahold of your other hand, “That’s cute.”

“Fight me.” You attempt to stand taller than him with a menacing look in your eyes, at which both fails miserably.

“That’s even cuter.”

“Well, I am cute I suppose.”

“Don’t get bigheaded now…” He laughs, leaning in close.

“You’re the bigheaded one…” You sigh, taking in his sharp facial features, messy hair and chocolate brown eyes.

“Just shut up and kiss me already.”

“My pleasure.” You whisper before both your lips become connected. His kiss is like what you imagined, sweet and gentle. Fingers still clutched around yours.

You break away immediately as you hear the other boys shouting “Ooh la, la!”

“Shut up.” You both say with a slight smile tugging at your lips.

You both curl up together that night, everything feels right for once. You know there will be more problems and trials to come, but for once you can just rest feeling content with what you have now. Most of all, you’re so glad you went party-crashing the night you met Newt, even though you were all by yourself.


“Yes, love?” He says sleepily.

“Your party-crashing skills are mad –great in fact.”

“Why thank you, my dear.”



“I’m still the only professional party-crasher, in this town.”

“Oh slim it.” He laughs and whacks your head with a pillow. “You know what? I think we’ve got a name for our company.”

Our company? Last time I checked, it was my company.”

“Well I’ve decided that we shall join forces.” He chuckles and then whispers, “Anyway.”


“From now on, we shall be referred as The Gladers.”

You sigh and settle down into a comfortable position, wrapped up in his arms. “The Gladers it is.”

A/N: Okay so… that is the end I suppose… Not entirely sure how to feel at the moment as this story is my baby but well yeah. I hope you guys enjoyed it though! And I want to apologise again at my lateness of updates, I become lazy quite easily and it always annoys me when I make you guys wait as you are all incredibly awesome -I honestly never would have thought I would actually be sharing my writing and having people actually like it!! It’s completely and absolutely amazing, so thank you very, very much. I am so lucky!! Also 685 followers???? WHAT! That just makes me feel even more amazed! So now that I’m not working on this main series… I guess it’s back to writing out your requests! Which I’m totally keen for, as hard as it is to let go of this series, I sort of need a new theme and plot to write for; it’s somewhat refreshing.

Anyway I hope you guys have an awesome day/night! 

The Gladers and High School Sports... plus a little extra (AKA: I got carried away)

Gally: Football. Like, American football. I don’t know much about that since I’m Aussie but I’m pretty sure they have positions that need boys with really broad shoulders and thick-muscled arms. Who better than a Builder? And just imagine him being all tough and sort of jerky and popular but not really popular, like the sort when everyone knows his name but doesn’t really talk to him much because he’s intimidating. Also I think Gally could get really good grades if he bothered to try but because he’s so fed up with school and everyone in it he just skips it most of the time. I was thinking maybe he would be a jock but maybe not, he likes to keep to himself most of the time but he still hangs out with friends from the team. But he doesn’t really see them as friends just people he can party with and drink/drug up with because he has nothing better to do… (wow this turned sort of depressing… I put waaaaay too much thought into this lmao help)

Newt: lacrosse. I can’t seem to get it out if my head, I just really think that Newt would have been a lacrosse player and it sort of kills me on the inside to think about it… Like imagine him training and stuff with his helmet on and his over-sized jersey!! And he has a wide range of friends because he’s very kind and like-able, he enjoys making friends. And he gets average grades at school but he doesn’t mind because he’d rather a sociable sort of job than a really work, work, work kind of one.

 Minho: definitely on the track team. That’s self explanatory really. Can you imagine him in his little track uniform dedicating every spare time to running so he can beat his own personal record because it means that much to him? And on top of all the training he also studies really, really hard and gets good grades just so his parents are happy for the time being because they want him to get a job in something to do with science or math but he just wants to become an athlete. He too has a wide range of friends but he only cares for a close few. 

Thomas: Hockey. It may not involve a lot of running but Hockey is really tiring and as a Runner, endurance is a skill you need. Imagine him constantly bashing into people and muttering an apology afterwards because he doesn’t really want to hurt them he just has to. Thomas would probably get good grades without even trying, and he’s always undecided about what he wants to do with his life in the future so he just sort of breezes around. Also, he only has a few friends that he hangs with as he doesn’t really go out a meet new people, or if he does it’s through his friends and probably forgets their names halfway through the night anyway; never seeing them again.  

A/N: I guess these are sort of like headcanons? Anyway, it’s something different to what I usually post so hope you like it. It was sort of spontaneous too. 

Btw, I am finishing up another request so it will either be posted tonight or tomorrow.

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