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Power Rangers Fall Headcanons pt. 1

- At any given time you can see billy wearing Jason’s letterman and same with Trini and Kim’s Jacket until she gets her own.
- Jason and Kimberly are allowed to join the cheer squad and football team respectively after new administration takes over the school in the aftermath of Rita
- Trini Zack and Billy are at every game. All of them finding roles to play in their high school community.
- Billy manages to become an announcer for all home games. “and there goes Jason Scott racing down the field for the touch down. he’s my best friend you know. Hi Jason.” everyone was able to see the slight wave thrown back from Jason as he raced down the field scoring the touchdown.
- Zack gets hired by the school to record and handle footage for the football team, he uses the money to help pay for his moms medication (he may or may not use the equipment to record him doing stunts on trains)
- Trini was raised watching football with her dad every chance she could get. The coaches noticed her screaming at the flaws from their plays in the stands and decided to take her on as angel groves first student assistant coach. she can be seen screaming and jumping down from the sidelines.
- The football team offers her their full protection when they heard she was being bullied over it.
- Every Sunday the rangers are at Trini’s house watching football with her and Jasons dad.
- Bonfires are quickly replaced with coffee shop meetups to escape the frigid air.
- Jason and Trini drink their pumpkin spice lattes proudly not minding the teasing of the others
- “Jason, you look like a basic white girl.” “You say that like its a bad thing…” “Kim why are you acting as if your chai latte isn’t as basic?” “Can it Trinity”
- Billy and Zack have competitions to see who can rake up the biggest pile of leaves and have a huge show of jumping in them
- The other three are left to judge the chaos
- Billy may or may not have won when he proudly crashed his Zord through both piles.

bisexualkananmatsuura call out post

I wish to start by saying that I never wanted to do this. I absolutely hate calling people out, and in this fandom, there are a few things where people get a bit out of hand with witch-hunting, and I would never wish harm upon someone whom I think didn’t truly deserve it. However, this person deserves every word of spite that can, and hopefully will, follow from this posts, as this man’s irredeemable actions should be brought to everyone’s attention, and I wish that this post can serve as a warning to keep your distance from him. 

Before I begin talking about this individual, however, I would like to provide a content/trigger warning for, in particular, mockery of sexual assault. 

This particular individual has shown that he is attracted to people much younger than he is, and has made advances on them repeatedly, even when those advances were met with obvious disinterest and discomfort. In a fandom predominated by teenagers and young adults, this particular person, at the age of 30, should know better than to do this. I never knew of the going-ons about this person until one of my friends complained to me about his actions towards them. With those complaints, he had been on my radar for quite a bit of time, but it had been in the moments that I had met him where I had learned the horrors of who @bisexualkananmatsuura truly is as a human being. He is a rape apologist who is unable to recognize when he is overstepping his boundaries with anyone, regardless of their age.

The first issue which I had heard about regarding Kanrie, as I will call him as not to desecrate the name of any Love Live! character, comes from a peer in the community whom, for the sake of anonymity, I wish not to name. At the time that these messages were sent, the recipient of these messages was 19, and he was 29. There are rumors that he had been flirting with people who were younger, but I wish not to throw labels upon him without damning evidence. Among other things, he had stated, unironically, the he “knew [she] wanted it,” and that they were, in his own words, “canon.” And as I said that I wouldn’t say anything without evidence to back me up, here are screenshots of the conversation, the only alterations being those to obscure the identity of the recipient. 

I will repeat that she was 19 and he was 29: he is a decade older than she is. To make things worse, he, at the age of 30, actively role-played on Steam as Kanan Matsuura herself, a 17-year-old. Even if there is the argument that, due to the character being fictional at 17, there’s not much issue on the character front, the concept that a 30-year-old is role-playing as a high-school student is rather unnerving and has quite the unfortunate implications. I don’t wish to imply anything by stating this, but rather you can come to your own interpretations of this subject matter.

In my beliefs, I do not think that this content is worthy of a content post on its own, and rather this is the actions of a socially-blind fan of Kanan Matsuura who, at the age of 30, is undergoing a third-life crisis and wishes to hold onto the scraps of youth that they have left. 

What had forced my hand on this issue was when one of my friends was on a discord server, and, on accident, made a comment about her sexual assault at the age of 11. What follows is, once more, undoctored evidence, bar the protection of the names and identities of the spectating crowd and my friend, and I wish that there existed words in this language so bitter and vitriolic that they would make the hard r seem like a compliment but there exists none and, in truth, when I initially read these I was at a loss for words myself: to see this person invalidate something so scarring to one of my closest friends fills me with so much anger that I cannot start to describe my anger. I will let the images speak for themselves. 

Words cannot describe hatred I have for him because of these statements. What he said was, is, and forever will be completely inexcusable. The very idea that my friend had to open up about her sexual assault due to being mocked for it is something which I wish not to have ever in a community like this, especially one which centralizes itself upon the word “love.” His actions are inexcusable and are infinitely magnified by the fact that he, which I wish to repeat again, is 30 years old. If you ever come across this man, stay away from him.

Top 10 Onodera x Takano moments

So, I made a Top 10 Dantalion x William moments a few weeks back, and ever since then it got me thinking that I wanted to make a top for my favorite couple in all of fiction as well. Takano and Onodera mean a lot to me, because I just love their relationship so damn much. I love the way it’s portrait, I love the slow buildup, I love the way the characters are handles, … and they just looks so damn gorgeous together (exhibit A is above XD). So, yeah, this list will be purely me being a fangirl and squealing a lot… hope you enjoy XD

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11 and 15 for prinxiety

11: Soulmate AU
15:  “If you think I don’t feel anything for you, then you’re more stupid than I thought.”

Strings of Fate

Fandom: Sanders Sides
Pairing: Prinxiety
Warnings: Negative self-talk

Summary: Roman finds his soulmate, but is he fated in love?
A/N:  They’re freshman and it’s a different timeline than my previous college aus.  (Basically unless stated otherwise, none of the college aus are connected.)

Tagged: @existental-crises @jordisama @here-to-vent @irish-newzealand-idian-dutch

Red strings were the only thing on Roman’s mind lately.  He could feel the string connecting him to some unknown person growing shorter every day.  They were fated to meet soon, it was only a matter of time.  He’d seen it happen all around him since starting college; people were embracing left and right it seemed, all happy to have finally found their soulmate.  Roman had always been a sucker for these strings of fate and had even researched them a little for a role he’d played in high school.  However, one thing had always bothered him in the back of his mind.  What if his soulmate didn’t love him?  He knew it was kind of silly to think, but he was worried nonetheless.  

Soulmates were bound by the Strings of Fate and Fate didn’t always work in people’s favor.  He’d heard stories of people whose soulmates were already in committed relationships with other people who didn’t share their strings or that when two soulmates finally met, their match was star-crossed or only tied to a specific moment.  Roman wasn’t sure of how true any of these stories actually were, if at all, but that didn’t stop the nagging sensation in the back of his mind from growing more persistent with every passing day.

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Do you have any angst Winn headcanons?

Hellz yes I do.

He had exactly one friend in foster care – well, one of his foster homes, anyway – and she was adopted by a couple who wouldn’t listen to her pleas to adopt him, too, because they weren’t hot on the idea of taking in such a girly boy.

He had his first kiss with another boy at age 13, and got sent to another home because of it.

He had his first kiss with another girl at age 14, and he got a slap on the back and congratulations on becoming a real man.

Part of him hates toys because they remind him of the night the cops took his father away, and part of him can’t let go of them because they remind him of the night the cops took his father away.

Yelling doesn’t sit well with him – not at all – because of the amount of it he endured growing up.

He is constantly terrified of becoming his father. Every time he picks up one of the toys on his desk or teaches everyone a new game on game night, the thoughts are there, lingering in the back of his mind. Even his technical expertise. It’s always there, that fear of just snapping. Always.

Online role playing games were his salvation throughout high school and college, because people who never saw his face, who never knew his real name, were the kindest to him. They understood each other. Understand each other. He still keeps in touch with some of them, both on and off game time.

He has Kara lend him the communicator with Earth 1 so frequently that Cisco just gives him his own eventually. He uses it so often because, other than James, he doesn’t really know any men on Earth 38 he feels comfortable being himself with, so Barry and Cisco – in their massive nerdiness and intelligence and commitment to being gentle – are a huge relief for him.

Be My ♥ Color

a/n: be more chill x soulmate au. :o if you wanna be tagged in the series letmeknow.kbyethanx. Summaries change according to PoV Updates on Thursdays & Sundays.
summary: Sometimes people drift apart. Christine holds up a smile and goes on playing the role of ‘good high school friend’ while fighting the urge to rekindle a friendship that simply isn’t there anymore. Old memories burn bright but the colors her soulmate instilled in her are even brighter. 
warning: Chloe is a B. And …uh…hints to a future flashback or something in Christine’s side of the story ;P (did I mention this is a multiShip/POV fic? Boyf are the mains but~)
w/c: ~3.6k
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03.←Canigula’s Charisma Pts. →.04

“Stella’s Stellar Cellular Cases,” she repeated slowly as she parked her mobile cellphone station between the H&M and the pretzel place. “Stella’s. Stellar. Cellular. Cases” She smiled finding a beat to repeat to. She kept it up adding a small shimmy to each word, a melody, a rhythm. Nothing was too hard to master if it was put to a nifty song. She kept singing to herself making sure she got the slogan down right. Christine continued to sing until a slurry of voices started growing in volume from the H&M store.

“…and then Madelyn was like ‘I totally didn’t mean to send those nudes,’” Chloe’s voice sneered as she walked out of the store with arms lined up to her elbows with shopping bags. “We all know she was trying to show off her bellybutton piercing.”

“Wow a belly button piercing? That’s sooooo awesome,” Brooke’s voice, a strong contrast to Chloe’s nasal high voice, giggled in her iconic, perpetual sleep-drawled voice.

The tall brunette stopped walking and grabbed Brooke’s arm jerking her to a halt. “It’s not awesome, BROOKE.”

“I mean…that’s so tacky.”

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A/N: Here’s a Shadowhunter!Wonwoo for Anon! Although I have been planning to read The Mortal Instruments, I haven’t got the time to read the series so I had to do a little research before actually writing this one down. I hope it’s alright! ^^” Please do leave constructive criticism and thank you for requesting~

Originally posted by dinochans

  • Wonwoo was actually a mortal before he ascended as a nephilim 
  • You see, Wonwoo was gifted with the Sight ever since he was young
  • Some nights, he’d go up to parents and was like “Mommy! Mommy! There’s a monster outside my window!”
  • And of course his parents thought it was just his overactive imagination
  • Especially since Wonwoo loves to read fairytales
  • They figured it’s just one of the stories he read
  • So they let it slide and told him they weren’t real
  • Little Wonwoo couldn’t sleep at night because of the things he saw
  • Like when he went to the florist that afternoon with his mom, the florist had pointed ears and pixieish features
  • And the other time he saw a doggie with a scary mouth when he was on a walk from school
  • It got to the point that his parents grew concerned for him
  • So they did what they thought was best for him
  • They sent him to a therapist
  • Wonwoo’s parents thought he’d been experiencing extreme hallucinations
  • Needless to say, Wonwoo knew he had to do something before they send him somewhere worse
  • So he learned to act
  • He pretended as if he stopped seeing things, blamed it on his childish imaginations
  • He told his therapist what they wanted to hear
  • Pretended that he was normal and as if he didn’t see the people with pointed fangs on the streets when he got home from school late into the night
  • And while he started lying to his parents, it felt like he began to lie to himself, too
  • Wonwoo still finds solace in books
  • While in childhood he enjoyed it as a pastime, now he sees them as a safe haven
  • In books, he didn’t have to see all the terrible things he does on the streets
  • He could be anybody but Jeon Wonwoo the freak
  • The Jeon Wonwoo who could see monsters and got bullied for seeing things he shouldn’t be able to see
  • In books, he could run away from everything
  • In books, he could pretend there aren’t monsters outside his door
  • His parents eventually stopped sending him for therapy when he got into high school
  • And for a while, everything was fine
  • Wonwoo finally felt as if he had his life back, despite still being able to see the weirdest things on the daily
  • Sometimes the monsters notice if he was looking, sometimes they don’t
  • When they did, Wonwoo would just pretend he didn’t see them
  • It worked just fine for him and he successfully played the role throughout his high school years
  • Until it all changed after he graduated
  • Wonwoo had just gotten home from a graduation party at his friend’s house when he found his parents in his living room
  • Dead, a vampire sucking the life force out of his own mother
  • Wonwoo’s vision turned red 
  • He grabbed the closest thing to him, which was his mother’s well-loved flower vase and used it to smash the vampire on the head
  • Which only made it even angrier
  • Oh s***
  • The vampire pounced on him and Wonwoo couldn’t decipher what happened next
  • But one second he was struggling to break free from the creature’s hold and the next it was sent flying halfway across the room
  • Wonwoo looked up to see a tall boy, roughly his age, give or take a year or two younger, dressed in all-black with tattoos on his arms
  • What made him look twice was the glowing dagger clutched in the stranger’s palm
  • (Wonwoo would later learn it’s called a Seraph)
  • “Who are you?” Wonwoo rasped out
  • “You can see me?” the boy asked, his eyes widening
  • And Wonwoo’s like yes, of course, why wouldn’t I
  • But their interaction was cut off when the vampire lunged itself towards the boy
  • They had a scuffle, with the boy trying to get the vampire off him this time and Wonwoo was struck with a sense of panic
  • whatdoIdowhatdoIdowhatdoIdo
  • He grabbed a hold of it and took one of his family portraits and smashed it against the vampire’s exposed back
  • And it was enough of distraction to cause the vampire to turn towards him and the boy in black plunged his blade into its neck
  • The creature gargled in its own blood before it went completely slack
  • The boy raised both of his hands when he saw the look in Wonwoo’s eyes
  • “I’m the good guy. I promise.”
  • “What are you?” Wonwoo asked
  • “A shadowhunter.”
  • “A what?”
  • “Shadowhunter. We kill Downworlders–Monsters if you will–like them.” Mingyu said as he pointed at the body slumped on the floor
  • It was that night that Wonwoo found out what he was
  • It was also the night he swore he’d take revenge for what happened to his parents
  • Seeing that he had nowhere else to go to, along with wha led to his parents death, the boy, who he’d later find out was Mingyu, took him in and led him to the doorsteps of the Seoul Institute
  • Mingyu himself wasn’t an official Shadowhunter at that time, a mere trainee
  • But Wonwoo was welcomed with open arms in the Institute
  • And while he was too old by the time he joined the Academy, he was a fast learner
  • His hard-work, along with his book smarts, made him one of the best upon the completion of his training
  • Mingyu and him decided to travel to Beijing and Shanghai to broaden their horizons, as traditionally done by newly graduated Shadowhunters
  • But eventually, both him and Mingyu were placed in the Seoul Institue
  • And with Wonwoo’s knowledge and Mingyu’s craftsmanship, they quickly rose in reputation since their placement
  • They became one of the most effective teams and is pretty well-known
  • They killed Downworlders here and there, not showing mercy, especially in Wonwoo’s part
  • His parents’ death was still fresh in his mind and he doesn’t think he’d ever stop until every single on of these demons are gone
  • Seeing their chemistry and ability to work well with each other, Wonwoo and Mingyu ended up as parabatai
  • One night, they were patrolling around the city
  • Red light districts are a particularly hotspot for Downworlder activities so that’s where they found themselves roam around that night
  • He and Mingyu decided to split up to cover more grounds
  • They’d know when they would need each other anyways
  • And Wonwoo was walking down the streets, taking into account every crook and allies when he spotted you
  • lt was your rookie mistake, as you didn’t choose a particularly hidden spot before you enjoyed your meal
  • Your meal being a middle-aged man in crumpled suits, currently lost in utter euphoria as you sucked on his neck
  • ‘A fledgling’ he thought to himself as he took aim 
  • You heard the sound and you dropped the man, now unconcious, and you turn and see a leather-clad man with a crossbow
  • He had this crossbow trained on you, ready to fire when he caught your eyes
  • For a Downworlder, a supposed-monster, your eyes are oddly clear
  • You almost innocent, even with the blood smeared all over your lips
  • Wonwoo couldn’t find a hint of maliciousness in them, only fear and desperation
  • “I-I’m so sorry… I’m so.. hungry…” you whispered, trembling under his cold eyes
  • Wonwoo couldn’t think, he couldn’t breathe
  • ‘Why am I hesitating?’ he thought
  • Wonwoo almost felt angry at himself for not being able to just pull the trigger
  • Not when you’re looking at him like that
  • “Please, don’t kill me..” another whimper escaped your lips
  • At very that moment, he didn’t know what compelled him to do so
  • But he lowered his crossbow and gave you a long look before he disappeared into the darkness
  • ‘Don’t think I’ll let you go twice.’
Send me a symbol and I´ll write my muse´s response to yours

☠  harrassing them after school
☂  asking them for help on cheating
♣  being bullied
♧  bullying someone
✂ breaking open a locker that doesnt belong to them
✘  getting injured during PE
☼ sitting in the nurse´s office
♔ bringing their pet to school
♒ sleeping during class
✯  smoking in the bathroom
⚜   being offered drugs
♘  finding a weapon in your muse´s bag
☸ sitting in detention
✿ making fun of their pencil case or backpack


Long ago, our world was created, born from the wishes and dreams of four benevolent gods. From Their hands sprang forth life; from Their imagination, a purpose for that life. Under the guidance of the Four Gods, the land flourished. The people used Their generous gifts to cultivate the land, to raise mighty kingdoms, and to live among one another in peace and harmony.

However, this era of prosperity was not to last. From the depths of darkness rose an aberration - the Dark One, a being which embodied the antithesis of all that the Four Gods had wished for: Pain. Loneliness. Hatred. Fear. Despair. In its malice and depravity, it clawed its way to the top of Turovero, a tower which rose endlessly to the gates of Heaven, before usurping the throne of the Gods at its summit and casting Them away.

Under the influence of the Dark One, the people now knew true despair. The land grew barren, the kingdoms waged war, and society began its slow descent into destruction. To this day, no one knows for certain what happened to the Four Gods who gave life to our world.

Yet not all hope is lost. Even now, the Celestial Tower still stands, waiting for its chosen warriors to free it from the Dark One’s grasp. You who now stand before the gates of destiny, before the eyes of Heaven and the heart of darkness itself… what will you risk to make the light of truth shine brightly once again?

Turovero: The Celestial Tower is an upcoming freeware, dark fantasy role-playing game created with RPG Maker VX Ace.

Players will take on the role of four young adventurers - Sigurd, a brave and kind-hearted knight, Leilia, a gentle and motherly cleric, Edric, a gifted yet sharp-tongued mage, and Ruby, a cheeky, fun-loving thief - who have no recollection of their lives prior to meeting one another. Determined to free their world from the influence of an ancient evil, the Dark One, the group sets forth on their most perilous journey yet as they climb the mysterious divine tower, Turovero.

However, as the heroes ascend the Celestial Tower, they begin to realize that not everything is as it seems. Just what is the Dark One that plagues their world so, and what truly happened to the Four Gods of legend? The answers to these questions lie in wait for them at the top of the tower… but do they truly want to discover them?

Turovero: The Celestial Tower will feature:

  • A marriage of some of the best elements of RPG Maker games: the dungeon-crawler gameplay and aesthetic of old-school JRPGs with the mystery, intrigue, and macabre elements of the RPG Horror genre.
  • An original, dark, psychological story with multiple routes and endings, determined by player choices, exploration, and even battle outcomes.
  • All-original title, character, enemy, and cutscene artwork by a team of talented artists:
  • An entirely original soundtrack.
  • Environmental puzzle solving requiring the player to use character skills to their advantage.
  • A wide variety of optional, character-centric scenes to expand the story and affect its outcome.

Important Note: While not strictly a horror game, Turovero will contain light horror elements as well as scenes of violence and other sensitive topics. It is recommended for players aged 14 and up.

Please also check out my previous game, Prom Dreams: A High School Love Story!

This is why.

“Today I’m sharing with you something I wrote myself,” I began, as the class only semi-settled down after our rather rowdy bell-ringer discussion. “I wrote it when I was a grad school. My professor asked us to share a memory from our own high school experience and discuss how that experience plays a role in who we want to be as a teacher. It’s a true story.”

My eight period’s shuffling quieted, one by one, as they realized the meaning of my words. They were about to learn something about my life. I explained why I was sharing it. Four reasons:

  • I think it’s only fair since I ask them to share their writing with me;
  • modeling of good writing;
  • tit-for-tat about revealing vulnerabilities (as English teachers, we ask them to share a lot if you think about it);
  • the message is related to the novel we’re starting.

The story doesn’t paint me in a pretty light. In short: Christy Enders was invited on our soccer team my senior year as a “positive experience” for her after getting out of rehab for drug addiction; I wasn’t mean to her, but I also wasn’t nice. I didn’t stick up for her. She got kicked off eventually (for possibly a BS reason?) and I never thought about her again until I learned five years after graduating that she’d died of an overdose.

I know: I was a kid and didn’t understand cause and effect, the bigger picture, the relative unimportance of high school sports. It wasn’t my fault. But a regret is a regret, and this is a memory that lingers.

The story does not paint me in a good light, but I share the paper with my kiddos every year anyway. In it, I talk about that regret. I talk about how while I don’t believe I am responsible for her death, I wonder what if something that turned out to be a negative experience had actually been positive. And how I wish, in retrospect, my coaches had done more – I needed their guidance. I needed someone to tell me that I was wrong.

I ask my students three questions afterward – what are your thoughts in general after reading, what would you have done if you were me, and what would you have done if you were Christy.

This year I got this response to the second question: You know, the scary thing is that before I read this, I would have done the same thing you did. But there’s a guy on my jv soccer team now that is exactly like Christi.


This. This is why: why I teach this lesson, why I teach in general, why I exist to be on this planet. This is why everything.

[This is for Christy.]

What your fave In Trousers song says about you.
  • Marvin's Giddy Seizures: Big fan of Marvin or Chip Zien, maybe both. Enjoys this song way too much. Always giggling.
  • How The Body Falls Apart/Your Lips and Me: You want to punch Marvin, and you think Marvin's wife is the best character. You're fave part is probably how she says 'squawk'.
  • My High School Sweetheart: You probably got a lead role in an elementary school play and thought you were the coolest cat.
  • Set Those Sails: You love history and metaphors, and also the teacher.
  • My Chance to Survive the Night: You're lonely and scared. Maybe gay.
  • I Am Wearing a Hat: You probably didn't realize this song was about how marriage should be as easy as wearing a hat and were really confused as to why everyone was so upset about hats.
  • How Marvin Eats His Breakfast: Buddy,, I don't even know, you're like an energetic Ron Swanson.
  • A Breakfast over Sugar: well don't you like crying!!
  • Whizzer Going Down: ooOoHOOHOHHH WhiiiiiIIIIIIzzZzZzzZZZEeeEErrrrr whizzer whizzer whizzer whizzer whizzer whizzer oooohhhhhh whizzer!! AHH!
  • High School Ladies at 5 O'Clock/TROMG: You like to hear Marvin's distressed gay screaming and love the girls voices. You probably like Set Those Sails too.
  • The Nausea Before the Game/Love Me For What I Am: You're gay.
  • Michael's Final Words About How America Got It's Name/Lips Reprise: You couldn't pick a favorite, then you remembered they mashed all of the songs together. Also more distressed gay yelling.
  • Marvin Takes a Victory Shower: SCRUBBY DUBBY DUBBY FOR MAARVIN! scrrUUUBBBBYYYY! It's a fun song!!!
  • Another Sleepless Night: You cry yourself asleep, you're like My Chance to Survive the Night but sadder. :(
  • In Trousers: You probably dislike men and love girls, but girls don't like you, and you also eat before bed so you can have weird dreams.
  • I'm Breaking Down: Get some help honey, but honestly, this is such a bop. You prefer this song to the new version in Falsettos. Wants to fight Marvin pt. 2

So my best friend (who is the bright old age of 15) is playing a roblox high school role-playing map and she texts me saying “PETER PALRKE!!” and I’m like wtf so she says “yur in love with peter parker right” so of course I’m like “YES BITCH WHO ISN’T” and she responds with “I thought you would like to know that there’s a boy in here named Peter Parker who likes me and he just said ‘im spider’”.

anonymous asked:

Um, I was wondering, um, what's the woccomended amount of deditated wham to a server?

I’ll never understand people who like “cringe” content. I have too much empathy for that kind of stuff. In some of these cases, such as this one, you’re literally making fun of a very nervous child who also has a speech impediment.

It’s like you’re still living in high school, playing the role of the meathead football jock giving nerds wedgies just because they wear prescription glasses. Is that really the look you want for yourself? Is that who you want to be?

I feel the embarrassment of these poor people. The endless finger pointing they’ve suffered from people they don’t know and have never spoken to. That video is four years old and you’re still holding on to it! Imagine if people were laughing at you, just for daring to exist! You can’t help it, you can’t change it, you might not even be aware of what they’re laughing at you for, but they do it just the same.

Do you have any point of reference for that kind of feeling at all? Can you even fathom what it feels like to have thousands of people doing that every day? More than a million, even? And some of them never let it go. The sheer fact that you decided to be in public is worth endless mockery for them. For years, on top of years, on top of years.

I can not and will not ever be able to find enjoyment in that.

That moment you realize that in Boy Meets World William Daniels plays Mr. Feeney, the principle of John Adams High School. William Daniels is also known for his role in the Broadway play and later movie 1776. What character did he play? John Adams.

Napoleon Solo Request

Napoleon solo x reader in which they have to act like a married couple and hate each other at first but slowly admit they like each other a lot?

“No,” you said at the same time as Napoleon said “ Absolutely not.”

“Yes,” Waverly said firmly, “Illya and Gabby are busy with other parts of the assignment. You two have to do this.” Waverly had just given you and Solo possibly the most impossible mission: to act like a married couple in the suburbs to do surveillance of a woman that also lived in the neighborhood.

It was no secret that you and Solo didn’t get along which is why you both shot Waverly daggers.

“Y/N, you will be Amy Collins. Solo, you will be Will Collins. Married for one year, first house, hoping to adopt a dog soon, maybe have some kids soon too. The target, Amelia Ross will live across the street and two houses to the right. The movers will be there at 9 am to start moving you two love birds in. Pack your bags, you fly out tonight.

Bright and early the next day you and Solo, or you and Will, were dressed up for the part of average husband and wife and pulling up, alongside the movers, to your new house.

You saw the neighbors peeking from the windows and staring in their yards at the sight in front of them. As soon as the moving van left there was a knock on your front door. “I’ll get it, Darling,” Napoleon said with a sarcastic pinch. “Hello,” you heard him say to whoever was on the other side of the door. “Will Collins, nice to meet you. Please, come in.”

“What brings you to this neck of the woods,” you heard a man’s voice ask.

“My wife and I decided we needed a change of scenery.” Solo came into view with three people trailing behind him. “This is my lovely Amy,” he gestured to you. You stopped unpacking the box you were working on and walked towards the group. “Honey,” Solo smiled, “these are our neighbors. Sam and his wife Jane, they live next door, and this is Molly, she lives two house to the left.”

“Very nice to meet you,” you shook their hands. You walked into Solo’s side and leaned into him, he got the cue and wrapped an arm around your back.

“How long have you two been together,” Jane asked.

“High school sweethearts,” you smiled up at Napoleon playing your role. “Been married just over a year and thought it was time to get a bigger home. One that would be better suited for a dog and a couple kids.”

“Well, we see you’ve got lots to unpack. We can get out of your hair unless you’d like our help with anything,” Molly offered.

“Oh thank you so much but it’s ok, really,” your ‘husband’ said and you two walked the group to the front door.

“Oh, we’re having a neighborhood barbeque in two days if you’d both like to come. Looks like you two came just in time,” Jane added.

“Looks like we did. We’ll be there,” you smiled and waved them off. As soon as the front door shut you knocked Solo’s arm off of you and went back to unpacking.

*Day One*

You woke up to the sound of the shower running. You tiredly turned over and looked at the time. “Good morning, honey,” Napoleon came into your room in nothing but a towel. You hated yourself a little because you realized you didn’t mind the view.

“What are you doing in here?”

“You got the master room and the master bathroom all to yourself, that’s no fair. The shower was too good to pass up. Plus we’re married, we should be sharing a room,” he pretended to be seductive.

“Whatever. What’s on the agenda for today husband?”

“I set up surveillance in the bedroom to the left of the stairs so we have a clear visual on Amelia’s house. So, since that’s done, we just have to unpack the rest of the house, get some groceries, and water the flowers like a good married couple. So get dressed honey.”

Even though you couldn’t stand Solo at the beginning of the day as you spent more and more time with him that day you didn’t seem to mind him that much as you went to bed.

*Day Two*

“Is this sundress to…goodie to shoes,” you spun and asked Napoleon. Your look for the neighborhood barbeque had to be perfect.

“It’s definitely not something I’ve ever seen you in before, but, you look very nice,” the tone in his voice was actually sweet. You swung by the kitchen and grabbed the two large pitchers of pink lemonade you made for the BBQ. “Better let me carry one of those,” you raised an eyebrow at Solo. “You’re an average housewife remember. Most average housewives can’t carry a ten pound jug in each hand with no effort.”

“Good call.” You faked a struggle and carried on pitcher with both hands.

“Amy and Will,” Sam said happily, “so glad you two could come. Here, Y/N, let me help you with that.” You thanked him as he took the pitcher from your hands. Jane came over and quickly snagged you away from Napoleon and Sam. “Come with me. I’ll introduce you to all the neighborhood girls,” she said. As Jane helped you meet the ladies of the neighborhood Sam took Napoleon to do the same thing.

Napoleon hung out with the guys, drinking a beer as all the men grilled the food and talked about their jobs and laws while you were with the girls trading recipes, listening to kid stories, and gossipping about whatever came to mind. The hours passed quickly. Molly came out of her house with a small child in her hands and took the seat next to you.

The baby looked at you and smiled and you couldn’t help but smile back. “Hi little guy. How old is he?

“4 months. This is Thomas,” she smiled down at her son. “Would you like to hold him?”

“Oh,” you stuttered, “we just met; I wouldn’t want to make you uncomfortable.”

“Oh, nonsense. You’re a good person, I can tell. Plus, my husband has been gone all week and I haven’t got a break from holding him. You’d be doing me a favor,” she joked and passed the four month old into you arms.

Solo glanced your way to make sure you were still ok and was shocked to see you holding and looking lovingly at a baby. You talked with it and played with it’s little hands and you cradled it in your arms. “You and Amy thinking about having kids,” one of the new men Napoleon had met asked.

“Ugh, yes. We are.”

“She looks like she’d be a great mother.”

“I know she will be,” Napoleon was shocked at the caring tone that escaped in his voice. Being in such secluded and close proximity with you the last two days had made him see you in a different light.

*Two Weeks Later*

“Napoleon,” you walked into the kitchen as he drank his morning cup of coffee. “Waverly just called. He said it’s time we head back. All the surveillance we did payed off; he got what he needed.” He could hear the hint of sadness in your voice. You left to pack your bags and met Solo at the car.

As you and Solo got in the car you looked at all the houses as they passed by. “I think I might actually miss this place a little bit,” you quietly admitted. “I had never thought about the future before but, for once, I did. And, I don’t think I’d mind settling down in the burbs eventually…”

“I feel the same way,” Napoleon struggled to keep his eyes on the road instead of you. “Y/N. I hope this isn’t too forward but, when we get back, could I take you out for dinner?”

You let out a chuckle. “We’ll you are my husband,” you held up the fake ring on your finger, “so I guess I can’t say no.” You grabbed his right hand in your and held it as he drove to the airport.

Supergirl Season 3 Spoilers Masterpost

This is a list of things that have been slowly leaked about the episodes. I will be adding to this as more stuff is announced. If I have missed something or if something is wrong then send me a private message with proof that it needs to be added or changed and I will do so. Keep in mind that most of these are not from official sources but the sources that they are from have been reliable in the past.

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