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Okay but how is pre-debut Rap Monster hotter than pre-debut Rap Monster???

Mark: Mark is absolutely fully capable!

SM: Challenge accepted

Mark: *After 3 debuts, two comebacks, and a high school rapper show* 


Mark: Mark is absolutely fully capable


Mark: Of changing his mind.

Why Vmin are called the “Soulmate Couple”

Long post

Before I get into this, I’d like to say, that this will provide examples as to how amazingly close vmin are to being considered real life soulmates. It’ll also help anyone who wants to know about vmin’s relationship and how close the two actually are. But overall, it’ll definitely explain why some of the fandom refers to them as already soulmates. Whether it’s viewed platonically or romantically:)

Okay here we go. Pray for me to be able to get all of this in one post.

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When they get a lap dance from their partner

When another member walks in on you guys having sex

When their gif/bf brings home a puppy without telling them

When they like a high school girl

When they notice a brand new tattoo on you, while they’re kissing you

When you want to become a Victoria’s Secret angel

When they find out that their girlfriend has one light blue eye and one light green eye, and she’s insecure about it

When their girlfriend asks for their autograph


When their girlfriend knows the choreography to ‘The 7th Sense’

When they like a high school girl

When you debut with them as a guy, and they figure out that you’re actually a girl

You being jealous that they have a photo shoot with a girl model


When their girlfriend takes off her clothes as soon as she gets home

The song that they use for their first dance at their wedding

When their girlfriend is a sarcastic asshole during an argument


When you sit on their lap and your ass rubs against their crotch, but you’re in front of the other members

You put your hand down his pants to get his attention

When you ask for their autograph and you’re dating them

When they notice a brand new tattoo on you, while they’re kissing you

When their girlfriend catches them looking up her skirt as she climbs the stairs

When their girlfriend admits that she masturbates over them

When they have to meet your parents

When another member walks in on them having sex

Big Bang:

When they like a younger girl (around 21-22)

When someone flirts with their girlfriend (you)

You wanting to try BDSM (fifty shades of grey stuff)

Monsta X:

When you sit on their lap and your ass rubs against their crotch, but you’re in front of the other members

When you ask for a threesome with another Monsta X member

When you ask for a threesome with another girl

When another member walks in on them having sex

When their crush wraps their arms around their waist and says, “Where do you think you’re going?”

When their partner initiates road head

Topp Dogg:

When you ask for a threesome with another Topp Dogg member

When their significant other has an anxiety attack


When another member walks in on them having sex

When you want to become a Victoria’s Secret angel

When they find out that their girlfriend has one light blue eye and one light green eye, and she’s insecure about it

To you being really short


When their girlfriend tells a really bad, cheesy joke

When their girlfriend gets hurt by an anti-fan

When their girlfriend has stretch marks


When their girlfriend tells a really bad, cheesy joke


When their girlfriend is a sarcastic asshole during an argument



When you eat the snack they’ve been looking forward to (Maknae Line)

When their girlfriend tells them she’s asexual (Hyung Line)

When their girlfriend tells them she’s asexual (Maknae Line)


When you’ve been studying all day, and they want to see you (Hip Hop Unit)

When they stay up until midnight to tell you happy birthday, but they forget about the time difference (Performance Unit)

i just……love bangtan

anonymous asked:

alright, so this is a very very simple question... but since geisha are mysterious and lots of people have prejudice against them, i don't want to simply google this and find an answer that's not exactly correct. so here's the very simple question; what is it exactly that geisha do? why are people prejudiced against them? thank you so much! sorry i couldn't ask anything more interesting...

Your question is not boring at all! A lot of people wonder what a Geisha’s job intails and have prejudices or misconceptions against them, so it’s actually a great opportunity to refute them.

Let me first explain what Geisha do as part of their job. Geisha are highly-skilled traditional Japanese entertainers and artists. They are trained in traditional Japanese dance, singing, several instruments (shamisen, several drums and flutes, some even play the koto and the kokyū), the tea ceremony, ikebana and calligraphy. They take lessons at a special Geisha-school in their district every day and continue to do so throughout their entire career, as they view art and performance as an ongoing process.

Geisha-in-training are called Maiko (dancing child) in western Japan and hangyoku (half jewel) in and around Tokyo. You sometimes also find the more general term oshaku. They dress much more colorful and flashy than their older Geisha sisters to highlight their youth and childishness. A girl becomes a Maiko after about 1 year of training as a Shikomi, most Maiko debut at age 15 or 16 directly after completing the mandatory 9 years of primary and middle school and are ages 15 to 21 (22 is the max), hangyoku usually debut after high school and are ages 18 to 25. After that, the girl stays a Maiko for about 5 years and then, after her completed apprenticeship, becomes a Geisha and is considered a fully-fledged artist. A woman usually becomes a Geisha at age 20 or 21. Geisha dress much more subdued than Maiko to symbolize that they are adult women and they are quite easy to tell apart once you know what you have to look out for. Geisha are called Geiko (”woman of art”) in western Japan.

Geisha entertain at ozashiki, Geisha-parties, at ochaya, tea houses or sometimes high-class traditional restaurants called ryootei. They will dance and perform music at the party and have discussions about art, music or current events with their clients. Depending on what kind of party you want it to be, Geisha can also perform drinking games and have the party become more lively. All in all, a Geisha does everything in her power to make sure that her clients have a great time.

Geisha live in designated Geisha-districts, called hanamachi or kagai (”Flower towns”). Before WWII even small towns had their own hanamachi and Geisha lived and worked everywhere across the country. The most famous Geisha were and still are from Kyoto, Tokyo, Osaka, Niigata, Kanazawa, Nara and Atami.

Maiko and young Geisha live at okiya, Geisha-houses. The proprietress, the okaasan (mother) treats them like their own children and raises them to become independent and successful Geisha. She pays for their lessons and living expenses, which the girl has to pay back during her career. Once her debts are settled, she becomes independent and moves out of the okiya. An independent Geisha has to have her own collection of high-class, handmade kimono, obi and hair ornaments and are very succesful.

Historically, Geisha entertained mainly wealthy merchants and sometimes aristocrats and later on also politicians. During the Edo-Period, the merchant class was big and very wealthy and had the means to support them. At their height around 1900 over 80,000 of them worked in Japan. Today, Geisha still mostly entertain wealthy buisnesspeople. Their numbers are down to about 1,200, but have been slowly rising over the last 10 years after a rapid demise in the eighties and nineties.

A lot of people, especially in the west, still think that Geisha are high-class prostitutes. This has several reasons and I’m going to talk about the most important.

1. The most important reason for the misconception stems from the time right after WWII. During this time, Japan was occupied by American soldiers after they had lost the war to them. A lot of big cities were destroyed, many people had died during air raids or from starvation, the economy was in shambles and many men had died during the war or were still missing. It was a time of despair for most Japanese and many women were forced to become prostitutes to survive and often even support their whole family.

Most of the clients of these women were American soldiers, because they belonged to the few people who could still afford to pay a prostitute. Back then, Geisha were a symbol of Japan already, being popular postcard-models and appearing in a lot of fiction of the time, so most American soldiers knew a little bit about Geisha.

They could, however, only rarely tell a Geisha apart from an ordinary women wearing a kimono. Since kimono were still the everyday-wear of the time, they thought the women they were sleeping with were Geisha and the women soon realized that they could achieve higher prices when they presented themselves as Geisha to the soldiers and started acting the part.

When the occupation ended and the soldiers returned home, they told their friends and family that they had had a (sexual) relationship with a Geisha in Japan and that is an important reason as to why this misconception spread to fastly across the west.

2. Another reason is the so called “double registration”. As I’ve said before, hanamachi used to exist all over Japan. The vast majority of Geisha lived a pretty good life: Although their schedule was extremely hectic and live was certainly not easy, they could achieve financial independency and fame and meet a lot of influential people and form conncetions through their work. Geisha can also work for their entire lives, if they want to do so. There is no retirement-age for Geisha, so they had a very secure job.

Geisha could also retire and start their own okiya or tea house or start working at a restaurant or a tea house as a server. They also often got married to rich and influential men.

However, not all Geisha had it so well. There were some small towns in which Geisha were struggling to survive, because the economic situation was so tough. The towns lacked enough wealthy merchants and visitors to support them. This was the reason why Geisha in some towns were forced to become registrated as both a Geisha and a prostitute to survive.

While these Geisha were still artists like the Geisha in bigger, more economically stable towns and cities, they also had to sleep with their clients to make extra money to survive.

A lot of these poor, small town were Onsen-towns, seaside-resorts that were unpopular and lacked a steady stream of visitors.

Although the vast majority of Geisha never sold sex and even the majority of Onsen-Geisha (Geisha working in said Onsen-towns) never did, this tarnished the reputation of Geisha.

Prostitution was outlawed in Japan in 1956, so doube-registration doesn’t exist anymore today.

3. The whole mizuage-issue. I’ll have to go deeper into history with that one. First of all, there are junior and senior Maiko. Junior Maiko wear the wareshinobu hairstyle and a predominately red collar, senior Maiko wear the ofuku hairstyle and a predominately white collar. Today, a girl is promoted from junior to senior at age 18, before WWII, when Maiko were still much younger, this happened around 15 or 16; generally when a girl was starting to look older and was deemed a young woman by her older Geisha-sisters.

When a junior Maiko becomes a senior Maiko she has her mizuage ceremony (”hoisting the water”). During this ceremony, the topknot of her wareshinobu hairstyle is symbolically cut open by friends and okiya-family-members. The okaasan and the girl hand out presents to ochaya she frequents, okiya she has relationships with and some close clients and she’ll start to wear the ofuku hairstyle and a whiter kimono-collar afterwards. It is a simple coming-of-age ceremony symbolizing that the Maiko is recognized as a young woman from then on. Historically, this also meant that a Maiko was now old enough to marry and proposals could be made, which she could accpet or decline at free will.

However, Oiran also had a ceremony of the same name. Oiran were high-class prostitutes in old Japan and are extinct today. They were also highly-skilled artists and trained in the arts of the nobility. They had a coming-of-age ceremony of the same name (why the name is the same as with Geisha is unknown, but it’s probably because the quarters of Oiran and Geisha were close by), that intailed the ritual deflowering of the young Oiran by a man who paid highly for being her first sexual partner. This ceremony was also performed by yuujo, ordinary prostitutes, and some double-registered Geisha.

This gets confused a lot, because these two ceremonies have the same names and is one of the most persistens misconceptions when it comes to Geisha. The novel and movie “Memoirs of a Geisha” also mixes this up and portray mizuage completely wrong, so I would highly advise you to not watch it, at least not until you’ve gathered some futher information.

4. Danna. Danna are people who sponsor one particular Geisha they are fond of and monthly pay her a privately agreed on amount of money to help her pay for her lessons and other living expenses. While danna are very rare today, back before WWII most Geisha had a danna, because there were so many poeple willing and able to sponsor Geisha back then and it would have been a sign of unpoularity if you didn’t have one.

People interested in becoming a Geisha’s danna can inquire via the proptriess of the teahouse they meet her at if she would be interested. If the Geisha shows interest, okaasan, Geisha, the proprietress of the ochaya and the possibe danna will get together and discuss the finances. If they come to an agreement, the Geisha will accept him as her danna. A Geisha can always end the relationship and pursue another, if she wishes to do so.

Being a danna has certain adavantages. Your inquiries to see the Geisha will always be handled first before anyone else’s and you can also “buy out” a Geisha’s time and spend it with her in a more private setting or just buy her some time off (Geisha have very little time off, especially during odori-season).

It is also a status symbol and a great way to show off one’s wealth and influence. One has to consider that, during the Edo-Period and even for a long time afterwards, Geisha and the arts they performed were seen as modern entertainment, just like we see movies, shows or pop-music today, so Geisha were very popular, famous and interesting for a lot of people. It was after WWII that people started to see Geisha as symbols of old Japan. Being the danna of a talented Geisha who would entertain oneself and one’s friends was a major status symbol.

There are two things that made westeners suspicious about this: Firstly, before WWII, pretty much all danna were male. This is a fact, because men held almost all economic power back then and were the only ones with the means to support Geisha. Westeners of that time had an extremely conservative and moralistic view of sexuality and many considered themelves to be superior to the “dirty and immoral” Japanese people, so they immediately thought that Geisha had sexual relationships with their danna and that they were bascially waiting to be “bought” by a man. (Today, a large and increasing part of Geisha’s customers are female.)

Secondly, some Geisha DID have romantic relationships with their danna. Mineko Iwasaki, Japan’s most famous Geisha of the 20th century described this very well in her book “Geisha of Gion”: “You can’t put talented, beautiful, elegant women together with rich and powerful men and expect nothing to happen. Romantic entaglements happen all the time, some leading to marriage and others to heartache.”

Of course some Geisha fell in love with their clients and vice versa. This was accepted and even encouraged in the hanamachi, as these relationships might lead to the birth of a girl who could also become a Geisha one day.

So if a customer and a Geisha had romantic interest for each other, the man, if he had the financial means, naturally would try to become the Geisha’s danna. By being her danna he could spend more time with her and support the woman he loved in her career, so this was completely logical.

However, the majority of Geisha and danna didn’t have any sexual or romantic relationship. If they did, it was based on mutual attraction for each other and was not forced in any way. Both parties could always end the relationship at any time and enter another, if they wanted to.

The fact that Geisha are very private and don’t talk a lot about their profession adds to the “suspiciousness” in the eyes of a lot of people.

In fact, Geisha are so “mysterious” because they are supposed so remain exclusive. A lot of their regular clients book them because the are so exclusive and they can be sure that nothing that happens or is said at an ozashiki ever leaves the room. If Geisha became accessible to everyone, they would lose a lot of customers.

Geisha today are torn between doing publicity-work, being more accessible and understandable to the “common” people and getting new applicants, while still keeping an aura of exclusivity.

I hope I could answer all of your questions! If you have more, feel free to ask them! Have a nice day!

So.. Got a new HC for an AU that starts in high school and carries on... ARE YOU EVEN STILL READING?!


Bruce - Still super wealthy, we meet him as an adult, but flash back to who he was in high school. His parents are not dead but are incredibly well-respected debutants, good samaritans but never are around. He gets placed in a special monitored ‘study hall’ where the kids that are more pre-disposed to sensitivities are given a chance to ‘talk’. He never does and shares this one period a week with H, J and B. Kind of nerdy about mechanical things and science but no one gives him any shit. Harvey is his best friend and since the accident that has totally changed him, he tries even harder to engage him in things. They have been friends since childhood, in college and afterward. Sort of has shifted his lack of attention from his parents onto paying too much attention to everything else. Has noticed the Joker throughout school but never had a chance to ever really talk to him– kid had colored hair and liked to try and make shitty jokes at Harvey. Currently, as his parents have passed away, Bruce in his early 30’s has decided to take some of his asinine wealth and open a bar/club. It really is to stave off boredom and help Harvey socialize.
Harvey - Used to be easily one of the most attractive, ambiguously sexual people in school before boy scouting accident that left him scalded on the side of his face, neck and shoulder and part of his arm. Camping with the boy scouts, a cauldron of boiling water spilled and he was in the path of it. No time to wake him up– several months of skin grafts and he comes back totally jaded and miserable (this actually happened to a girl I went to HS with) He is also in the monitored study hall because of his new sensitivity. He is pretty well off, enough so that his parents socialize with the Waynes a bunch. He used to be vocal on the debate team, went in with Bruce in wrestling along with Bane– though Harvey didn’t get actually partake as his injuries essentially voided any chance. Bruce stuck with it for a season but focused more on body/core sculpting, etc. Currently, Harvey is a well-known district attorney but rarely sees the courtroom, doing all of his work behind the scenes and he prefers it that way.  He’d noticed Bane every so often in school, hanging out with the kid with the shitty jokes– but he always had his head buried in a book. Once he noticed Bane reading the Iliad by Homer and it’s stuck with him.
Joker - IS the name he has gone by since he was a kid– doesn’t remember his real name or chooses to be evasive about it. Is quite smart and has a wise-cracking problem. He has been in foster care since early childhood and has been shuffled between homes until getting settled in one of the ‘last resort’ group homes. This is where he met Bane and the two became begrudging friends until best friends. Even when the opportunity rose to get out of the group home, they chose to stay together, rather than separated. Naturally, he is placed in this miserable study hall, but for 5 periods a week instead of just the one that Bruce and Harvey have to deal with.  Joker cannot keep a job for the life of him, mostly because he cannot stop his mouth and he has a low threshold for idiocy unless it is his own. As adults, he lives with Bane who supports them both and does so out of habit and knowing the Joker well enough to not want to see him back down at the bottom of the barrel. The Joker has had an intrigue with Bruce Wayne since forever but has a weird, self-manifested animosity over him. He wants to believe that Bruce is an ass but never has really had a chance to speak with him. He knows that he’ll be reminded of the unpleasantries of his own life, should he really take the time to find out that Bruce isn’t the bad guy he’s manifested him to be. And as there is no Batman in this universe, this is how the Joker creates his nemesis, in a way.
Bane - This tall drink of water has also been shuffled through several orphanages and foster situations; however he suffered quite a bit of abuse at the hands of surrogate parents, et al. His mother passed away when he was six and he was alone with her for several weeks before he was taken in by the state– but it wasn’t necessarily for the better. He suffered some facial injuries, hence the scars and was finally able to defend himself against a foster mother who was not the kindest. Bane was not placed in any further homes, sort of left to the group home and found some solace in the lanky runt (By comparison) who tried for months to make him laugh and finally did. He loves to read and does not like to talk that often, as when he was small, nobody listened and now that he is bigger and louder, it draws too much attention to him. He would read so vigorously in school that people wouldn’t see his face, just the cover of the book he was holding in front of it. He inhales books, reads them in the shower, reads them by flashlight to be considerate to his roommate– as an adult, he has his own room so that isn’t an issue. Both he and the Joker have a touch of codependency. He started wrestling in school to take the edge off and has since started doing it on a sub-professional level, through a local gym and does wear a mask for these events as during the day he has taken his love for reading (and not speaking) into teaching children ASL. Perhaps, he’d had some kind of an attraction to Harvey Dent, pre and post accident. Harvey was very open with teasing people and being jovial and though Bane was never on the receiving end of the pre-injured Harvey’s attention, he never stopped finding the other guy intriguing.

Presently– the Joker has been keeping tabs on his begrudged crush or whatever he is, via whatever nonsense news comes out about the guy. Bane has been working pleasantly at his job, enjoying to the best of his ability the monotony of his life. Harvey is doing the same, still miserable, still yearning to be the person he was before his accident but he does enjoy his job a lot. Bruce is living the rich guy lazy life, wake up late, go to the gym in the mansion, have the tiniest breakfast, go out to lunch, take a nap, buy some stuff, go out to dinner, go out for drinks, do it all over and it’s boring. And he hates it, but it’s an expected routine. So opening up a bar, something that he has total control over, design, atmosphere etc, is something that is giving him something to do besides allowing him to force Harvey to be more social.
And naturally, the Joker knows that BRUCE WAYNE is opening this club because it’s all over the local news and THEY. ARE. GOING. TO. GO.
And that is where I’m gonna start!
SO THIS IS HAPPENING. OKAY? Also, a lot of credit is due to @gayforbatjokes for putting up with this shit

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heyyy anne i was wondering if you knew, how come Jin was able to attend uni physically while the other boys are in an online uni? i was just curious.

Seokjin was already enrolled in Konkuk University before he was scouted to join Bangtan. in fact, he was scouted by bighit staff while he was on his way to uni. While the others were already training to debut after high school and wasn’t able to/didn’t have time anymore to take exams and enroll to an actual university.  Seokjin talked about this during his graduation vlive. I posted a clip here ^_^

B.A.P Daehyun - Debut Story

“In my second year of high school, Someone saw me practicing and asked if I was interested in joining a youth club, so it was a time where we uploaded practice videos on the internet. At the time, I had friends who did bboying so I learned dancing too.”

With one of his friends seeing the amount of efforts he put in, he asked him if he’d like to go to an academy with him and that was then, at this time when Daehyun met his teacher who will become his life mentor, stacking his skills slowly, one by one.

“Our academy teacher poured everything of his for me, giving his all. It was my first time being anticipated by someone so to return that anticipation, I did my best.
With the mindset of working hard till death, I even cut off my cell phone plan to keep on practicing and stayed at the academy practicing till they closed. For about a year, I was crazy for singing and dancing.”

There’s the saying that even compliments make dolphins dance and thus the more compliments Daehyun heard from those around him, while receiving official music lessons, the more his singing skills improved day by day.

Soon enough, his efforts met its result as he successfully finished his first solo stage at the concert that his academy held.

“Our academy held a recital and that was the first time I performed in front of my parents.
With the thought of performing for my parents, I practiced to the point of having vocal nodules.
Fatefully I was able to have a solo stage and I saw my mother in the audience. I cried then and so did my mother. When I got off the stage, I cried again in seeing my teacher’s face. It was my first time being on such a big stage and the song I happened to sing then was “A Dream of a Goose. I couldn’t hold back the tears in thinking of the effort I put in all that time.”

With Daehyun stacking his skills to a higher level slowly, a fateful opportunity approached him and that was when he found out that his current company, TS Entertainment, was holding auditions in Busan.

“When I heard the news of TS Entertainment holding auditions in Busan, at the same time I had another opportunity to stand on a different stage to perform.
I gave up the auditions to stand on that stage in which I placed second. After the performance, I got a phone call from TS Entertainment to know if I was interested in the auditions still.”

Daehyun, who had wanted to try a diverse range of music, continued to reject the offers of auditioning but when he began to think about his future, he eventually came up to Seoul.

“I went to go audition and I didn’t even know how to take the subway. With much difficulty, I was finally able to arrive at the company and take my auditions.
However, the response was very cold and even I, thought I did horrible at the auditions. I thought, "If they smile, then that means you passed,” so I brushed it off when I was going back down to Busan.”

However, his luck didn’t end there as he received news of qualifying when he was on the train heading back to Busan.

“I boarded the train to go back to Busan and I got a phone call from my teacher. I doubted it, but it was none other than the phone call telling me that I passed.
My teacher was a parental figure to me and I cried in seeing him happier than anyone else would be. As soon as I went back home, I hugged my teacher and shared my happiness with him.”

“I was sad to part with someone I liked and in seeing my teacher’s face again, I cried. All I could tell him was to wait a little longer in that I’ll return the favor to him. It was heartbreaking in having to leave my peers behind, who had the same dreams as I did.”

And Daehyun trained for roughly six months before he made his debut with B.A.P. Although his trainee days were short, his skills were acknowledged and earned the title of the team’s powerful vocalist.

yunibunz  asked:

do you have any unrequited love manga that is later reciprocated. like a girl is in love with a boy but he rejects her bc hes in relationship with someone else or he is in love with someone else. i love intense manga like those xD

Hii hun! 

Have a go reading these. Some of the manga listed here aren’t completed fyi ^^ 

  • Omoi omoware furi furare 
  • Koi to Uso
  • Bambi To Dhole
  • Kimi ni Happiness
  • Chicchai Toki kara Suki dakedo
  • Six Half
  • Silent Kiss
  • Hanakun to Koisuru Watashi
  • Kimi ga Inakya Dame tte Itte
  • High School Debut 
  • Hachimitsu ni Hatsukoi 
  • Dame na Watashi ni Koishite Kudasai 
  • L-DK 
  • Getsuyoubi kara Kataomoi

Good luck! :)


“Well before my debut, I received casting offers from a total of 60 agencies.  At that time, I was a 19-year-old student in high school and wished to debut before I graduated.  I was looking for a quick way to achieve my goals when I fell short and lost the chance to debut under a good company.  In my current agency, I made my debut with Girl’s Day after training for a month.  When it gets really busy, I only get an hour of sleep at most. I’m comfortable in front of the camera now.  But back then, I was scared of the camera.  Since I was the one with the chic image, I had to keep my cool and hide my true self.  I had to present a mysterious aura apart from my usual down-to-earth and playful personality. …I feel like the current generation wants a more genuine approach. I think it may have to do with the different ages but we tend to respect one another.  Since our group is a good mix of seniors and juniors there isn’t much trouble going on for the most part. Hyeri’s face is so small.  I don’t have a big face but if I stand next to her my face looks big.“ - Yura, Girls Day


Favourite Anime/Manga CouplesYoh/Haruna

Yoh: …I watched the video of your match…The one where you lost and cried so much. When I saw that, I thought that I wouldn’t mind coaching you. You face everything head-on, and when you’re down, you always get back up, looking straight ahead…I’m glad that I’m the one you asked to coach you…I’m glad I’m the one you bumped into, that day we met……..I must still have a fever. I’m not making sense…

Haruna: Can I kiss you!? I know it’s not the best time!! But what you said was so sweet!!