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Texas high school students throw up Nazi salute during “silly picture” for senior class photo shoot

  • Earlier this week, candid images taken during Cypress Ranch High School’s senior class photo began making the rounds on social media showing some students at the Cypress, Texas, school doing a Sieg Heil.
  • According to a tweet, the students were reacting to a couple girls in the class who threw up a black power fist during the “silly picture.”
  • In an email sent to Houston station KPRC, a student said at least 70 students made the gesture, shouting “Heil Hitler” and “Heil Trump." 
  • According to KPRC, the school principal sent home a letter to parents noting that the school is investigating the case of the "inappropriate gestures” and asking that parents discourage their kids from disseminating such images on social media “as this perpetuates a false image of Cy Ranch HS.” Read more

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Utah high school forced female students to go on a date with a boy — and follow a list of sexist advice

  • Jen Oxborrow, the parent of an 11th grade honor student at Highland High School, said her daughter Lucy Mulligan received the mandatory homework assignment to “go on a date!” with a boy. 
  • On Monday, Oxborrow posted a screenshot of the handout the teacher distributed to female students, which lists some truly antiquated advice.
  • Some pointers on the pink worksheet include “don’t waste his money,” “be feminine and ladylike, don’t use vulgar language or swear” and “have a sense of humor.”
  • In an evergreen double standard, girls are also advised not to “worry about [their] appearance on the whole date” just before they’re reminded to “dress appropriately.”
  • The boys’ equivalent wasn’t much better, suggesting they bring their date flowers, open doors for her and “have her home on time." 
  • According to the Salt Lake Tribune, the assignment was part of the school’s state-mandated "Adult Roles and Financial Literacy” class. Read more

Castiel had always known how he felt about Dean. Somehow he’d always been able to conceal it.

Not anymore. Castiel feels like he’ll burst if he doesn’t just say it. He’s only human now, after all.

He does say it, eventually. He makes use of all the knowledge he’s acquired and tells Dean how he feels over and over again.

It’s in Danish the first time. “jeg elsker dig” he murmurs as he accepts his mug of coffee.

The second time is a few days later when they’re on a case related to an Arab painter. “أحبك,” Castiel says, not looking up from the book he’s poring over.

He ends up saying the phrase more times than he can count.

“Ez hej te dikim”

It is not always “three simple words”.

“मैं तुमसे प्यार करता हूँ”

And he never says it in the one language that matters, the one language that Dean would understand.

“دوستت دارم”

Castiel will only learn later that he has severely underestimated Dean. He will only learn later when, one day, Dean turns to him and says, “You know I love you too, right?”


LaMelo Ball scores 92 points in high school basketball game

  • 16-year-old LaMelo Ball from Chino Hills, California dropped a cool 92 points in Chino Hills High School’s game against Los Osos High (Rancho Cucamonga, California) on Tuesday night, joining Beyoncé’s pregnancy announcement in the Black History Month 2017 Hall of Fame (note: not an official hall of fame).
  • LaMelo — who scored all but 54 of his team’s 146 points — comes from a basketball family. His older brother, LiAngelo Ball, is a senior at Chino Hills High, and their oldest brother, Lonzo Ball, plays at the collegiate level for UCLA. Read more and watch the highlights

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A trans teen boy has to wrestle in a girls’ tournament because of a backward rule

  • A Texas policy requiring students to compete on teams that correspond to the sex that appears on their birth certificates has kept transgender teen boy Mack Beggs on the girls’ wrestling team all season.
  • On Friday, after a 52-0 winning streak, Beggs is slated to compete in the girls’ wrestling state tournament.
  • But no matter the outcome of Friday’s championship match, the situation is a lose-lose for Beggs, who has been forced to compete in a league at odds with his gender identity. 
  • What’s more, many of those fighting for his right to compete against boys do so less because they’re concerned about trans-exclusionary rules, and more because they believe Beggs’ hormone therapy gives him an unfair advantage over his female opponents.
  • According to the Washington Post, an “unhappy parent” even went so far as to file a lawsuit calling for Beggs to be allowed to compete in the boys’ league. Read more (2/24/17 

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Our school mascot walked around the hallways and checked if the people walking in the hallways had hall passes. If they didn't they were chased by him, and were recorded and put in our high school news broadcast. The segment was called "Runners".

that sounds like COPS

My teachers to 13 year old me: One day you will bloom into a beautiful young lady.

Me, now, a grown ass woman in sweat pants and a t-shirt, appearing to my younger self:  She’ll full of shit, femininity is overrated, in a decade you’ll be an expert on Batman, own no skirts you weren’t forced to buy, and it will be great. 


Washington high schooler anonymously compliments all 650 of his classmates on Instagram  

Using the handle @thebenevolentone3, senior Konner Sauve posted snapshots of over 650 of his classmates at East Valley High School in Spokane Valley, Washington. Each photo featured a description of the subject’s best and most memorable qualities. No one at school knew it was him, until graduation day, when Konner revealed himself in the most public way possible.

I wonder if the current Disney Channel kids have drama like one during the 2005-2010 era, in all likelihood they do but they probably just keep it on the low so TMZ and E News wouldn’t be after them


Pretoria Girls High School students are fighting back against a racist dress code.

When Pretoria Girls High School in Pretoria, South Africa, put restrictions on how women could wear their hair, they probably didn’t expect this response. But the students are not taking these covert racial tactics lightly. 

Boys and girls alike, including 13-year-old Zulaikha, are taking a stand with protests, demonstrations and a petition with more than 18,000 signatures. But it’s not just the dress code they’re fighting, students also claim the school restricts their language.

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Breaking News: High School of the Dead Manga Creator Daisuke Satō Passes Away

He was 52.

I don’t read the series, but I heard tons of things, including being hiatus. That said it’s not only unfortunate that the series will never be completed under his supervision, but the fact his untimely death even happened shocked me. It’s such a young age as well. I fear for anyone that will lose their life before not only to finish the work but carry on with life itself.

Rest in Peace, Daisuke Satō. My condolences to the family and loved ones.