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Damn i just found my first Throwback Thursday post for y'all haha. Ever wonder what it would’ve been like had i went to you’re high school? Well heres a pic of your favorite ego crushing vigilante, The Dragon Of Devastation known as Chaos Vortex when I was 16 in the 9th grade back in 1999. By then I was already working a full time night shift construction job and slanging dope not just to other HS kids but to the high profile clients like surgeons and lawyers and shit so my time was stretched thin as fuck lol. Just off camera is the trademark backpack I always had with me that housed a full variety of drugs and weapons that drug legends are told about by the campfire lol. Basically I was nice to you as you are to me and I despised bullies and treated them savagely. I even went after ones in other schools when I discovered them and stomped them on-site to humiliate them in front of their peers as an example. Seriously, I openly demanded that anyone who is being bullied to report that shit to me not the school so I can handle it. Although I am sociable, I never made any effort to socialize with anyone my age cuz I come from a family of O.G.’s so HS games never interested me. everyone just kinda knew that unless you’re a beautiful woman, are trying to buy some party supplies, or needed my combat services, then you probably weren’t gonna get me to hang out with you. Muthafux knew that once Chaos Vortex shows up, its strictly for at least one, if not for all 4 reasons, and that’s to get fucked, get fuckin paid, get fucked up, or fuck some shit up lol!


A number of Penguins players will use Pride Tape on their sticks in the pre-game warmup. The sticks will be autographed and auctioned through NHL Auctions, with proceeds benefitting “You Can Play.”

Group tickets also were made available to the LBGTQ community, and tickets from Penguins players and corporate partners were donated to bring LGBTQ youth to the game. A student from CAPA High School will sing the national anthem.


Like I’m Dyin’

Rockstar Dean/Demon!Dean Winchester x Reader 

Small town singer Dean Winchester suddenly becomes a Vegas rockstar. Will his girlfriend be able to get back the simple man he once was?

Warnings: ANGST, double dose of SMUT, breath play, fluff, feels, alcohol, demeaning language, a moment of non-con which is resolved, angsty ending. 

A/N: This is for @bulletscrossbowpie’s AU Challenge/Rockstar. Also @mrs-squirrel-chester’s Album Challenge: D.D. by The Weeknd. I figured this was my chance to combine my fav version of Dean with my fav version of Jensen. So I give you, Rockstar Demon!Dean in leather. WC: 6238 On AO3

Gifs aren’t mine, but the concert pic in the aesthetic is from @stardustandmelancholy and the gifs/videos are from Tumblr and YouTube.

Hyattsville was a small town in western Kansas, known for it’s ‘biggest hay bale in America’ tourist trap and a former high school beauty queen turned national news anchor. I met the Winchester brothers one evening when I was getting coffee at a shop in town. They were singing at open mic night- the younger brother playing guitar as the older brother sang. He had an amazing, sultry voice that sent shivers down my arms. And the fact that he was absolutely gorgeous didn’t hurt either.

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Wilt Chamberlain running high school track, 1954.

The signs as movies

Aries: Hunger Games
Taurus: National Treasure
Gemini: High School Musical
Cancer: Napoleon Dynamite
Leo: Mean Girls
Virgo: Herby Fully Loaded
Libra: Bambi
Scorpio: 50 Shades Of Grey
Sagittarius: Perks of being a Wallflower
Capricorn: Sherlock Holmes
Aquarius: War of the Worlds
Pisces: Pineapple Express

High school athletes are protesting the national anthem — and that’s great patriotism.

Colin Kaepernick’s protests, once thought of as a symbol of a bygone political era of politically inclined athletes, have heated up quickly on the high school level. It has awakened the sleeping giant of younger athletes eager to take a stand against the constant stream of news about police brutality in recent years.

The latest example comes from Minneapolis, where on Thursday night the entire Minnesota South High School’s girls’ volleyball team kneeled during the national anthem. 

And the list of young protesters grows daily: a black high school football player in Worcester, Massachusetts; a high school football team in San Francisco; high school basketball players in Nebraska; an entire football team in Camden, New Jersey. But sadly, every athlete who chooses not to stand is also taking a risk. 

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  • English Teacher: You know what? This semester is too easy for our students.
  • History Teacher: Yup. Easier than the Spanish-American War.
  • Science Teacher: We should have them do mandatory projects.
  • History Teacher: Yes, that's a good idea! I'm going to have them write an essay worth 40% of their grade.
  • English Teacher: And I'll make them do a multi-genre project on an important figure. Also, they have to turn in 65 notes to show they did the research.
  • Science Teacher: Oh! Science fair is coming up, I think I'll force them to participate for 50% of their grade.
  • Mathematics Teacher: Don't you think that's -
  • English Teacher: Shut up, your class is proven to be harder. We need to step up our game.
  • History Teacher: We should all have the due dates the same day or week. Preferably day.
  • Science Teacher: Yes! That way we can see who slacks and who doesn't.
  • English, Science, and History Teachers: Let's do it!
  • Mathematics Teacher: Omg guys no

MONSTA X TEXTS - MINHYUK: you both confessing!

Hope you like it~😊

Guys, I’m sorry I’m being off a lot, but I’m almost finishing high school and I have national exams in a month so I have to study really hard! But I’ll try to respond to your requests! You can send me your requests because I’ll surely make them, just probably will take some time.
Thank you!!
Have a good day~~

half-thought out thrilling intent atla au

ashe: water bender from the island of meathe. as in canon, her people were initially pirates until they discovered something that pushed them into isolationism.  the avatar of this past generation has been missing, because it was ashe’s mother, raised on the belief that her job was to defend her home. now she’s passed on and ashe is expected to take up a mantle with high expectations.

gregor: air bender who’s temple was destroyed by monsters. still recruited by the (primarily earth-benders) outriders. people are often surprised by his more offensive, forceful use of air-bending because of this (consider, aang’s glider, but also with a blade. he’s already used his glaive as a propeller)

markus: fire bender ofc, and a very talented one, even if mostly self-taught. taught himself to bend electricity bc a) “totally betcha i could” and b) it sparkles how cool would that be!? spent his life trying to distance himself from the high, imperialist mindset of the fire nation so he didn’t do well in Fire Nation High School. evetually left to explore the world on his own

kyr: non-bender human who’s lived on an island with no knowledge of benders. feels amazed, intimidated, and insecure about comparing himself, all at the same time

thog: talented earth-bender who’s kept it to himself to avoid being “recruited” by the alarani empire

idk feel free to comment correct or add on


Ashley: I call her my twin sister. She’s always there for me. Some people are really competitive; we’re not. We’re really supportive of each other. You don’t find that a lot in this business.

Vanessa: We were never competitive in any way, shape or form. We completely understand each other. She’s a lot of fun, and she’s just grounded.

Happy National Best Friends Day!!!

philly-prepster  asked:

How/when did you and your boyfriend meet?

I remember seeing him during a high school “Model United Nations” conference that my school hosted. A year later, during my freshman year of university, I noticed him pop up under my Facebook suggestions. I added him and talked for days and even video chatted Skype (all within like three days.) I started feelings for him I never knew I could have.

He asked me over for coffee to meet in person and we talked for a good while about life, goals, etc. I started to panic since I never had a boyfriend nor was I “out” to myself before this point and I knew I was falling for this handsome Latin. So, I got up from the table and paced the kitchen, like a crazy person. He came over to me, turned be around and kissed me against the wall. I instantly became relieved, because I accepted it and knew it was right. I didn’t fear myself or those feelings any longer.

That was six years ago. ❤️

Haikyuu!! Chapter 247: Day 02

I really like the cover for this chapter. It’s a good choice by putting both Kenma and Hinata together. The rivalry between Karasuno and Nekoma are truly important for all of them. Ukai pretty much gets it. (While I cannot help laughing at the snickering Kuroo and stink-eyed Daichi, these two captains probably takes the whole rivalry more seriously than the rest)

It is what motivate them to keep going and aiming for the previously impossible dream. I believe that’s not going to change anytime soon with Karasuno facing their greatest hurdle yet.

Inarizaki High School. Previous runner up of the Inter High and Miya Atsumu’s school. Honestly, the way Ukai describes the team really gives us the sense of how formidable this team is. I wonder what kind of strategy Ukai comes up with. But I cannot help be amused by certain people’s reactions.

Kageyama and his matter of fact explanations and obliviousness to the reaction to his words.

The Idiot Duo™ simplistic and optimistic approach (feat. unimpressed Tsukki, that’s one hell of side-eye).

And surprise, surprise, there are two Miyas!

Are that different hair color and parting line intentional I wonder? What’s up with the twins in sports? Daiya has twins as a battery pair too.

While all of those are interesting, the highlight of this chapter for me is the Ukais. I’ve been wanting to see more of these two. I wonder what the old, experienced coach of a grandfather thinks of his unexpected coach of a grandson, who manages to get to the Nationals in his first year as a coach. Now that put it down in words, Ukai is as surprising as his players. The old Ukai even points out how bad he is as a player, but at the same time he notes how good he is as a coach.

While he’s still rough at the edges, Ukai’s really getting the handle of this coaching thing. He can stand his ground as seen from the above panel. He quickly picks up that Takeda is gonna get steamrolled and immediately intervenes. He is likely the youngest and the least experienced coach around, but here he’s asking an experienced coach to help with their warm-up instead. He’s as gutsy as his players, honestly.

What also catches my attention is the championship bracket.

There should be 6 rounds in total CMIIW, and Karasuno will meet Nekoma in third round and Itachiyama in sixth round or in the finals.

Somehow… I doubt Karasuno will get that far. I’m not being pessimistic, I’m just being realistic. The first round against Tsubakihara has pretty much established how high the level of skill of the high school teams in the nationals. While Karasuno managed to win straight two sets, it doesn’t change the fact that they’re still scraping by (I’d say the same for Nekoma, too). They have the potential of growth, and they have grown through the matches against strong opponents, but there’s so much growing you can do during matches or even a championship. Then there’s that edge gained from sheer stubbornness and persistence usually in form of momentum or luck.

The third round match against Nekoma will be the most difficult match for Karasuno because of what it means for both Karasuno and Nekoma. The fulfillment of a promise, the long-awaited match, the settlement of the score, and the appeasing of the old coaches. There’s so much riding on a single match that I don’t doubt that both teams will give their all, throw their heart and soul into that game. They are not likely to think to play it safe, and to think of long term. They will push themselves to the limit. Whoever ends up winning the battle of trash heap, they will be completely drained. They will struggle to pick themselves up, not only mentally but physically. If they manage to do so in the fourth round, there’s a chance they can forge ahead, but winning the championship? Well….

That’s just a thought really. I trust Furudate-sensei to have everything planned, and so far Sensei hasn’t led us (or probably just me) astray. So I’ll just enjoy the ride. I wonder how good the second strongest team in Japan is.