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Day 8 - Video of your favorite scene

It’s between Chad asking Taylor to prom and Taylor telling Chad they’re not Charlie’s Angels. Obviously i love any scene with Chaylor cause they’re the freaking best. I waited three movies for Chad to officially ask Taylor out and especially when they hugged in this scene…. <3! As for the scene with Charlie’s Angels, that was the scene when i knew they were gonna get together! Just the way they interacted with each other and looked at each other, the first time i saw it i thought, ‘they’re gonna totally get together’ so i was soooo happy when it happened! ^___^

SIXTEEN SIXTEEN SIXTEEN Days of High School Musical

Day 1: Which is your favourite movie?

Day 2: Who is your favourite main character?

Day 3: What’s your favourite song from the first movie?

Day 4: What’s your favourite scene from the first movie?

Day 5: What’s your favourite song from the second movie?

Day 6: What’s your favourite scene from the second movie?

Day 7: Who’s your favourite couple from the movies?

Day 8: Who do you wish had been together?

Day 9: What’s your favourite song from the third movie?

Day 10:What’s your favourite scene from the third movie?

Day 11: Which song has the best dance moves?

Day 12: Who is your favourite secondary character?

Day 13:What’s your favourite Ryan hat?

Day 14:Which parent do you like best?

Day 15: Who’s your favourite actor from the movies?

Day 16: Who’s your favourite actress from the movies?

  • what she says: i'm fine
  • what she means: why hasn't teen beach movie been adapted into a stage musical yet? if not even for broadway, just for youth theater? it has all the antique 50's/60's charm of grease and hairspray and the modernism of high school musical. the plot and the themes are progressive and challenge young girls to be the best them that they can be. the character development is incredible, and would give young actors a chance to explore their own character development skills while still having fun. the songs are fun and catchy, the choreography is incredible (there's opportunity for even more in a stage musical), and the costume design would be so fun- 50's beach AND biker attire? with modern surfer thrown in???? imagine the possibilities for hair and makeup. not to mention you can add coolest cats in town as a "performance" song in the first scene at big mama's. speaking of big mama's, there is incredible opportunity for not only really good set design, but also room to be creative and explore with set movement, when transitioning from the future to the past, and even from the beach to big mama's. there's a role for everyone- strong female lead, endearing ingenue, stereotypical "dream boat" guy, dorky male lead, zany villains, tough guy bikers, cutesy surfers, there is literally something for every type of young actor. any young theater student, cast or crew, would benefit from putting on a stage production of teen beach movie and i have no idea why it isn't a stage production yet.
High school musical challenge.

High school musical challenge; Day 1: Did you watch the first airing of the movie on Disney Channel? 

High school musical challenge; Day 2: Favorite character

High school muscial challenge; Day 3: Least favorite character 

High school musical challenge; Day 4: Favorite song 

High school musical challenge; Day 5: Least favorite song 

High school musical challenge; Day 6: Which character do you most relate to?

High school musical challenge; Day 7: Favorite picture of the cast of high school musical 

High school musical challenge; Day 8: Video of you’re favorite scene 

High school musical challenge; Day 9: A moment in the movie that made you say “Aww”

High school musical challenge; Day 10: What’s your secret passion that you would reveal during Stick to the Status Quo?

High school musical challenge; Day 11: How did you feel when Disney announced there would be a sequel? 

High school musical challenge; Day 12: Favorite song in high school musical 2 

High school musical challenge; Day 13: Least favorite song in high school musical 2 

High school musical challenge; Day 14: Would you work at lava springs, if so what job would you have? 

High school musical challenge; Day 15: Whatever tickles your fancy

Ok so since Troy’s jersey number is 14 and by birthday’s on the 14th this month i thought it’d be fun to do something with that from February 1st to 14th. Here’s some ideas i have…

Post 14 HSM songs.

Post 14 things about your favorite character.

Post 14 HSM quotes.

Post 14 of your favorite scenes.

Post 14 gifs or drawings.

However you want to share 14 Days of High School Musical is completely up to you. So let’s make it a Fabulous 14 days Wildcats! :)

My Friend Attempting a High School Musical ABC Challenge

A: All For One
B: Bet On It
C: Chem Club
D: Darbus
E: East High
F: Fabulous
G: Get'cha Head in the Game
H: Hummu Hummu
I: I Majored in Vacation
J: “Don’t be afraid to shoot the outside J!”
K: Kelsi
L: Lucas
M: “Musicale”
N: Julliard in New York (Original answer was Gabriella passed a note to Troy in High School Musical 3.)
O: “If you own any orange, get rid of it.”
P: “Promise is a big word, Troy.” (Also Push It To The Limit by Corbin from High School Musical after he was in High School Musical)
Q: “Everybody QUIET!”
R: Roller Coaster (the dance move)
S: Sharpay
T: Treehouse
U: Uniforms
V: Vanessa
W: Wiley the Wildcat
X: Zeke gave xenium (a gift, usually food items, given to a guest or foreign diplomat) to his friends. It was a Pi cake.
Y: You Are The Music In Me (Reprise)
Z: Jason catching zzzz’s in Darbus’ homeroom

Lessons I Learned From HSM2

I just realized, I don’t think I posted anything yesterday! So today, I’m continuing with finishing the 35 Day HSM Challenge and add to the last day, which is lessons I learned from the movies. Today, i’m gonna share the stuff i learned during HSM2! ^^

HSM2 Lessons:
1. You know the teacher you have for homeroom at East High? Apparently she’s your teacher during last period, too. For the same class. In the exact same room.
2. No one actually knows what Darbus is talking about
3. If there’s any running gags during these movies, it’s Jason asking Darbus questions no one wants to know the answers to
4. Summer starts at roughly 3:15 in Albuquerque
5. The ultimate way to show you’re excited for summer and can’t wait to get out of the school is to kiss your teacher
6. When you ask “What Time Is It?” the answer will ALWAYS be “Summertime”
7. Ryan touching the basketball and handing back to Chad had to have foreshadowed the I Don’t Dance number…they don’t talk now, but they will become friends!
8. There’s a Twinkle Towne poster in the back of the classroom…drama teachers always keep posters from shows that happened that year in their classroom
9. It is possible to look like a turtle while you dance
10. Sharpay kissed Zeke’s yearbook. That either means she’s warming up to him, she thought she wouldn’t see him again until next semester so it wouldn’t matter, or she thought it’d make his book worth more. It’s gotta be one of those three.
11. Chad’s surrounded by cheerleaders…. How is Taylor cool with that?
12. I’m not the only one who woke up at 6 am for high school! Troy and Gabriella did, too! I felt like my high school experience was totally in HSM now ^^
13. There’s a girl on the guy’s basketball team. She does the basketball thing with them during What Time Is It
14. East High’s colors are red, white and gold but nobody ever wears gold when they’re dressing in East High colors…just red and white (occasional black)
15. Best dance move of all time = The Roller Coaster!
16. Any time a slide on the floor is added at the end of a song, it’s called the Zac Slide because Zac Efron invented it, apparently
17. Chad thinks Taylor is hot (OTP!!!!)
18. Gabriella can’t take a hint. Sharpay says she’d hate to think the last day of school would be the day they’d say good-bye but then Gabriella says all happily, “no worries, my mom promised me no more moving until after graduation!” She learned absolutely nothing from the first movie.
19. Sharpay is totally afraid of Gabriella. (See: her reaction after Gabriella did Sharpay’s voal exercises)
20. High school students get beat out by college kids for summer jobs
21. Kelsi’s summer goals are the same as my goals every year. Grow!
22. Troy promises Gabriella the best summer ever with a necklace with his initial on it. He watches too many old movies
23. If Troy can take a couple of seconds to look away from his girlfriend and sign a random kid’s yearbook, he can’t be the worst guy ever
24. Chad has a self-timer in him that tells him when Troy and Gabriella are about to kiss
25. Chad also majored in vacation
26. Troy know how to skateboard and Gabriella knows first aid
27. Ryan was standing next to Kelsi at her locker. The first sign they will be cannon
28. Troy and Sharpay make sense to Sharpay, but not to Troy
29. Everything changes during the summer
30. Even though it was the last day of classes and none of them mentioned finals week or anything, everyone put their backpacks in their lockers. Apparently at East High you have the same locker every year, you can keep stuff in there all summer with no worries, and you can reuse last year’s books for next year instead of needing to worry about buying new books and stuffing them in the locker with all of last year’s stuff you never cleaned out.
31. At the end of the second What Time Is It, Chad either gave Taylor an awkward hug, was trying to kiss her, or actually did kiss her. She did skip happily afterwards so something happened
32. Troy’s ringtone is Get'cha Head in the Game
33. Whenever Gabriella calls, Troy blushes. But you’re not supposed to tell him you know
34. The conversation between Troy and Fulton on the phone happened awfully fast. How did he get jobs for all the Wildcats at Lava Springs in under two minutes when he just started saying he knew the most amazing girl for a job?
35. No one messes with Mrs. Bolton
36. There was a guy on Sharpay’s radio that sounded a lot like Ryan
37. Sharpay has a doggy
38. The theme at Lava Springs this year is Redemption
39. There’s 2 Ryan imitators - the one on the radio, and the one playing the piano in the pool
40. Iced tea, lifeguards, towels and turkey are all imported
41. Sharpay wants Fabulous
42. Sharpay also needs more
43. you never really notice how blue Troy’s eyes are until he wears an orangey shirt to bring them out more
44. The way to handle Sharpay is to do yoga. A LOT of yoga
45. Mrs. Evans’ nickname for Ryan is Ducky. Adorable!
46. Namaste: n. 1. a conventional Hindu expression on meeting or parting, used by the speaker usually while holding the palms together vertically in front of the bosom. 2. an angry Hindu expression on meeting or parting, followed by storming out of the room
47. Zeke’s idea of an awesome summer is assisting the head chef and seeing Sharpay everyday. He has a strange definition of “awesome summer”
48. Drawing straws is the best way to decide everything
49. Jason thinks that Fulton thinks Jason looks like Sharpay
50. Chad and Taylor are so in sync with each other
51. 3 strikes = FIRED!
52. Only Jason doesn’t know what ‘henceforth’ means
53. Darbus’ detention is better than working for Fulton
54. There’s enough space in that little kitchen for like 15+ people to break into song and dance in
55. Troy is magic if he can write backwards and upside-down on his little notepad and turn the page to Chad to show 'LET’S GO’ written in perfect writing
56. A team that washes dishes together wins together
57. Troy is an awesome sandwich maker
58. Troyella is Kelsi’s ultimate OTP
59. It’s so convenient Gabriella’s wearing such a pretty dress when she and Troy are singing a sappy mushy song
60. Drums are coming out of the piano
61. Troy’s one of the guys that likes to wear his pants a little lower
62. Troy’s also wearing the same red shirt from the first movie. Consistency
63. The consistency of Troy disappears when you realize his voice is way deeper this movie
64. HSM reference in HSM2 - “Maybe we can Work This Out but only if We’re All In This Together”
65. Ryan’s codename is Jazz Square
66. Ryan goes to facials to eat the pickle slices
67. “…our whole show’s going to be the Troy and Gabriella Show.” Ryan just summed up most of the HSM movies :(
68. If the Troy and Gabriella Show is anything like the Eddie and Raven Show from that one episode of That’s So Raven, it should come with a catchy jingle
69. Troy and Chad’s Ways to Make a Boring Job Fun - Rule 1, every day speak in a different accent and serve the food in a different way like by skipping
70. Chad would caddy for Godzilla if it meant making $40. He really wants that car!

35 Day High School Musical Challenge

Day 35 - Why did you enjoy all the HSM movies and what lessons did you learn from them?

I loved the addicting music. There were songs i’d constantly get stuck in my head and want to play over again. I liked the characters and in general, the people chosen to play them and especially how close everyone became to each other. I like that the dance-along is probably my only incentive ever to exercise. xD And i liked the plots. Even though the first one had been done tons of times before and will keep being done, it’s usually told in a different way and you just don’t mess with a good thing. The second movie’s plot…uh…hm…meh, guess i just liked it. And even though there was some scrutiny over the third movie’s plot i liked that it was relatable because it came out just after i graduated high school so everything from prom (to a lesser extent, anyway) to finals to saying bye to your friends essentially to just plain graduating i guess made me feel more comfortable about college.

There’s a lot of lessons i learned from HSM. But i don’t think i’m gonna be able to put them all in here. So, in hopes of keeping this challenge going a couple extra days, i’m gonna start with the two things i learned in general from the movies and then break down the things i learned from each movie specifically (not including things from the pop-up versions), starting with the first HSM….
1. People always break randomly into song and dance in high school
2. Even if you say you don’t dance or that one school musical was your first and last time performing, you’ll still sing and dance in the spur of the moment
3. If you’re a jock, you’re bound to meet the love of your life during karaoke at a party.
4. Sometimes people do miss a number when they count down to the new year
5. Some high schools actually get more than a week off between Christmas and January 2/¾
6. Buzz Lightyear is NOT the only one to ever use the phrase “to infinity and beyond”
7. It’s cool to wear more than one watch at once
8. Chad’s hair is AWESOME
9. Sharpay spends her holidays shopping for mirrors
10. Gabriella’s stomach is always nervous on the first day
11. All Troy remembers from Christmas/New Years vacation is pink jelly. Not Gabriella. Pink jelly
12. Homeroom is for school announcements, listening to your teacher, talking to friends and ends after like 5 minutes. It’s not an actual class
13. Chad and Taylor either already had a thing, or were secretly crushing on each other this whole time because when Darbus said “chem club president Taylor McKessie”, Chad totally looked her way and smiled
14. Sharpay and Ryan don’t remember what their ringtones are
15. Chad probably can’t count to 15
16. Jason wants to know how Darbus’ holidays were
17. Even though Troy and Gabriella had each others’ phone numbers, apparently they didn’t even know they’d be going to the same school
18. Gabriella doesn’t want to join any clubs; she just wants to get to know the school
19. Sharpay is left-handed
20. Sharpay has a humungous signature and her A’s look like stars
21. Troy and Sharpay are so dedicated
22. Troy makes promises to Sharpay
23. Lebron James and Shaquille O'Neal apparently did not try out for their school musicals
24. Troy thinks Sharpay’s kind of cute
25. You don’t pet mountain lions
26. You gotta get'cha head in the game
27. Sometimes teachers do get equations wrong and actually need a student to correct them even if they don’t believe it
28. Sharpay looked really scared of Gabriella
29. Ryan likes to hang by the Wildcats statue in the hall and see who signs up for the school musicals
30. Gabriella loves pi
31. Gabriella doesn’t stick sheets of paper about herself in random peoples’ lockers
32. Darbus hates cell phones
33. The theater is a temple of art and a precious cornucopia of energy
34. Putting two boys in a tree and making them put it together for a musical is called “crime and punishment”
35. Principal Matsui loves basketball
36. Coach Bolton and Darbus either hate each others’ guts or have some creepy affair going on….
37. The team is you. You are the team
39. The Scholastic Decathlon never made it past the first round
40. Taylor speaks cheerleader
41. Trying something new doesn’t actually mean trying something new; it means going left instead of right
42. Chad comes with his own background music
43. Chad also isn’t behind in homework after a 2+ week vacation even though he’s been behind in homework since preschool
44. Some classrooms have more than one door
45. Students are actually allowed to wander outside of campus and through autoshops to get to class
46. Darbus thinks the warning bell is a cell phone
47. For someone who comes off as mean and strict, Darbus was being too kind to some of the students auditioning
48. Troy isn’t afraid. He’s just…scared
49. Time limits mean something in the theater
50. Basketball posse = team
51. Sharpay and Ryan were not being Punk’d
52. If you want to audition for the school musical, you have to ask Sharpay and Ryan first
53. But Ryan doesn’t know what the rules are
54. Zeke loves to bake
55. Martha loves hip-hop
56. Popping, locking, jamming and breaking are not illegal
57. Dancing is cooler than homework
58. A cello is not a saw, it’s a giant violin
59. Gabriella really can’t have people staring at her
60. Stick to the status quo
61. After everyone in the cafeteria finishes singing about how people need to stick to what they know and someone walks in there having no idea what’s going on, they don’t want to get into that because it’s too much drama
62. Creme brulee is a creamy, custard-like filling with a caramelized surface that’s really satisfying
63. It’s ok for a girl to walk into the boys’ locker room as long as it’s a teacher who has a beef with the coach
64. Troy don’t even sing
65. Darbus will not having her Twinkle Towne musicale turned into a farce
66. By the way, Twinkle Towne sounds like a real winner
67. You can’t convince Sharpay of something not being your fault
68. If Sharpay could play Romeo and Juliet, Ryan would be out of the job
69. Troy Bolton IS NOT in Sharpay’s show
70. Sharpay would rather stick pins in her eyes than see Zeke play ball
71. Zeke bakes! That helps…. Maybe….. Not.
72. Even though Gabriella’s only been at East High 2 days and she and Troy run in different social circles and only saw each other in homeroom and at the auditions, he already knows where her locker is
73. Troy is the only one who knows the rooftop garden exists
74. Troy just wants to be a guy
75. When Gabriella sings with Troy, she just feels like a girl
76. And she even looks like one, too
77. Troy and Gabriella = Kindergarten
78. Troy will now be known as Freaky Callback Boy
79. Since Troy secretly practiced for the callbacks, he missed a ton of basketball practice so his team deserves more effort from him
80. Troy’s real stage is a basketball court
81. Gabriella once scored 40 points in a league championship on the same day she invented the space shuttle and microwave popcorn…. She’s way older than 16!
82. If someone makes you miss practice, that doesn’t make them very nice
83. Troy’s a playmaker, not a singer
84. No one knows who Michael Crawford is because his face isn’t on a cereal box
85. The female mind is primitive territory
86. If you play basketball you’re going to end up in a cereal box; if you sing in musicals you’re going to end up in Mrs. Danforth’s refrigerator
87. There’s actually people who don’t know the difference between a Tony Award and Tony Hawk
88. Sharpay knows who Tony Hawk is
89. Chad and Taylor are not Charlie’s Angels
90. Legends don’t become legends by getting involved in musicals right before the championships
91. I didn’t understand a thing Taylor said in her powerpoint presentation to Gabriella
92. Troy wants to put 110% of his guts into the game (which totally doesn’t sound disgusting at all, by the way)
93. Troy is so passionate about what he’s saying about basketball and trying to convince his friends of that, that he doesn’t even realize there’s a webcam right in front of his face
94. Mini-pep rallies are allowed outside schools
95. If you ever break Troy’s heart, he will suck at basketball
96. Sometimes, when two people screwed something up, they just know what the other is thinking and that they have to fix it
97. Troy and Gabriella aren’t the only ones who know about the rooftop garden after all
98. You shoot boost someone up and not bring them down
99. You always want to try one of Zeke’s cookies before you hear bad news
100. The only thing worse than being jerks is being mean jerks
101. The Decathlon isn’t important after all. It’s really all about Gabriella’s feelings towards her friends and Troy
102. Troy has ways of finding things about Gabriella - first her locker and now her house!
103. When you go to someone’s house to apologize and have an awkward conversation with their mom, you don’t just go home and let it pan out. You call your friend, sneak into their backyard, climb up onto their balcony and serenade them
104. Breaking Free is a duet
105. It is possible to juggle academics/sports with music rehearsals
106. Ryan likes to walk around with a gym towel on his shoulder
107. Ryan is also proud to call Sharpay his sister
108. Darbus is a rat
109. But there are really two rats and neither of them are named Darbus
110. When you don’t know someone’s name, just call them what they look like. Like Small Person
111. Ryan and Sharpay are two over-moussed showdogs who only care about themselves
112. Things only happen when you work together
113. No one understands complex equations
114. Everyone understands a picture of a fuzzy Wildcat dunking a basketball into the hoop
115. Sometimes it takes some people longer to know what G-O D-R-A-M-A C-L-U-B ! (Exclamation point!) spells
116. Coach Bolton actually doesn’t want the championship trophy; all he wanted was to see his son playing the game they both love. He wasn’t sending mixed messages throughout the movie at all!
117. It’s important to show Troy Bolton shirtless at least for a few seconds. That’s what really gets viewers and not the music
118. Casting the leads of a show is a challenge and a responsibility as well as a joy and a burden
119. It is possible to hack into the school’s computer system to make the scoreboard in the gym go all flooky and to make some chemical reaction not attached to any electricity stink
120. You can tell that part of Bop to the Top was cut; after Sharpay and Ryan sing “show some muscle/do the hustle” you can almost start hearing Sharpay sing the next line. It was not a smooth transition
121. Girls go crazy over Ryan’s hats
122. If Darbus calls your names twice, you know you’re out
123. If you don’t want your best friends to get cut from the musical, lead the whole school into the auditorium so the teacher will have to let them sing
124. Kelsi = show business. End of story
125. Gabriella was supposed to start the song off, but the lights didn’t go down and the background didn’t appear until Troy sang the first line. So that can only mean everyone backstage was in on something
126. After the first chorus, Gabriella randomly decides to screw her stage fright, throw off her Scholastic Decathlon jacket and really get into the song even though Troy’s the one who completely commands the stage
127. When Chad gets up and starts clapping, you have to get up and clap, too
128. Even if you’ve never sung your whole life, if you have an auditorium full of people who love you for your basketball skills, they will all get on their feet, clap loudly and cheer for you and you will be guaranteed the lead in the musical
130. Chad knows when two people are about to kiss. That’s why he got between Troy and Gabriella just to give him the game ball
131. I am psychic because i knew from the start that Chad and Taylor would get together
132. Break a leg means good luck
133. Ryan must enjoy food because he accepted Zeke’s cookies even though Sharpay huffed and walked away
134. Kelsi is the playmaker
135. Jason randomly fell in love with Kelsi because he walked over to her, seeing she was awkwardly holding the basketball, pulled her hat off and helped her shoot it into the net. Most random couple
136. We’re All in This Together
137. Zeke’s cookies are the best things Sharpay ever tasted
138. If a baker loves you and you tell them how awesome their cookies are enough, they may even make you a creme brulee!

SIXTEEN SIXTEEN SIXTEEN Days of High School Musical
Day 15: Who’s your favorite actor from the movie?

Finally an easy question! As awesome as Zac is and even though i love Lucas, Corbin’s my favorite actor from the movie. I love his hair, he’s an awesome singer, actor and dancer, he’s down to earth, is a good role model and he’s pretty fricking good looking! Every time now i hear Corbin’s gonna be on a show or something i’m gonna be watching it!