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30 day AU challenge - day 8, disney movie/fairytale [part 3]

nick and charlie (x), jock and nerd, in high school musical

  • what she says: i'm fine
  • what she means: why hasn't teen beach movie been adapted into a stage musical yet? if not even for broadway, just for youth theater? it has all the antique 50's/60's charm of grease and hairspray and the modernism of high school musical. the plot and the themes are progressive and challenge young girls to be the best them that they can be. the character development is incredible, and would give young actors a chance to explore their own character development skills while still having fun. the songs are fun and catchy, the choreography is incredible (there's opportunity for even more in a stage musical), and the costume design would be so fun- 50's beach AND biker attire? with modern surfer thrown in???? imagine the possibilities for hair and makeup. not to mention you can add coolest cats in town as a "performance" song in the first scene at big mama's. speaking of big mama's, there is incredible opportunity for not only really good set design, but also room to be creative and explore with set movement, when transitioning from the future to the past, and even from the beach to big mama's. there's a role for everyone- strong female lead, endearing ingenue, stereotypical "dream boat" guy, dorky male lead, zany villains, tough guy bikers, cutesy surfers, there is literally something for every type of young actor. any young theater student, cast or crew, would benefit from putting on a stage production of teen beach movie and i have no idea why it isn't a stage production yet.

I love how people are making such a big deal over the fact that Vanessa nominated Ashley for the ALS ice bucket challenge, and Ashley chose to do it with Zac. Do you really think Vanessa cares? Vanessa is well aware that Ashley and Zac are close. Always have been, always will be. Just because her and Zac aren’t together anymore doesn’t mean that Ashley’s forbidden to hang out with Zac. Quit stirring up drama.

Undertale Art Challenge - Musicals
  • Your birth month is what character you'll draw. You will draw them in whatever outfit you'd like from the musical your birth date gives you !
  • Birthday:
  • January: Alphys
  • February: Monster Kid
  • March: Napstablook
  • April: Asriel
  • May: Frisk
  • June: Asgore
  • July: Papyrus
  • August: Chara
  • September: Sans
  • October: Undyne
  • November: Toriel
  • December: Mettaton
  • Day:
  • 1: Sweeney Todd
  • 2: Seussical the Musical
  • 3: Hairspray
  • 4: The Music Man
  • 5: Little Shop of Horrors
  • 6: 9 to 5
  • 7: A Christmas Story: The Musical
  • 8: Cabaret
  • 9: Mamma Mia
  • 10: A Very Potter Musical
  • 11: Aida
  • 12: Mame
  • 13: Man of La Mancha
  • 14: Twisted: The Untold Story of a Royal Vizier
  • 15: The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh
  • 16: Honk!
  • 17: Across the Universe
  • 18: Phantom of the Opera
  • 19: Pippin
  • 20: Ain't Misbehavin'
  • 21: Mary Poppins
  • 22: Into the Woods
  • 23: Moulin Rouge
  • 24: Peter Pan
  • 25: Newsies
  • 26: Rodgers and Hammerstein's Cinderella
  • 27: All Shook Up
  • 28: Oklahoma!
  • 29: High School Musical
  • 30: Chicago
  • 31: Once upon a Mattress
  • More challenges to come soon. If you do this, please tag it # Undertale Art Challenge , so I can stare and share the beauties !! <3
High School Musical (4/4)


You were making breakfast for you and Ashton and the song ‘Breaking Free’ popped into your head. You weren’t singing loudly, but just enough for someone to walk in and hear you. You flipped the pancakes while you started singing the chorus. You we’re a big fan of High School Musical, but you tried to keep that a secret.

‘There’s not a star we can’t reach, if we’re trying’ you sang to yourself but a little louder than before. “We’re soaring, flying, there’s not a star in heaven that we can’t reach!” Ashton ran in singing with a hair brush in his hand. His hair was everywhere because he didn’t brush it.

You giggled as Ashton started doing the plane behind you, as you sang. Ashton wrapped his arms around your waist and rested his chin on your shoulder. “Like a wave the ocean just can’t control.” Ashton sang quietly in your ear. You smiled as you finished making the pancakes.

“I love you.” Ashton whispered turning you around to face him. “I love you too.” You laughed kissing him on the lips. “Do you love me more than Troy Bolton?” He said with a serious face. “Yes Ashton I do.” You smiled looking into his eyes. “Good.” He replied.


Luke had been sitting in the same place for about an hour. You just kept looking up at him when he was singing quietly. He’d been tense lately trying to think of a new song. It’s been days and he’s written nothing and you could tell it was getting to him. “Oh for fuck sakes” Luke muttered, placing his guitar down in frustration.

“Y/n this is so hard. I can’t think of anything.” He sighed look at you. A song popped into your head and you could tell Luke needed some cheering up. So here was you chance to make him laugh. “Get’cha get’cha head in the game. We gotta. Get our, get our, get our, get our head in the game” you sung out loud standing up and dancing. You could hear Luke’s laugh over your singing. “You’re such a dork y/n.” He commented, placing his hand over his stomach in laughter. You ignored his comment and kept singing.

“How do you even remember the words?” He questioned picking his guitar up again. “I like that movie. Shh.” You laughed. “I’m just gonna write about how much I love you and how much of a dork you are.” He said turning to his note book. “You do that then. See High School Musical songs always work. Now you got your head in the game.” You smiled, returning your eye sight back to your magazine.

Luke kept singing some sentences and strumming his guitar but he didn’t sing loud enough for you to hear. “You can only hear this song when I’m done. I hope you like it because it’s about you and all.” He looked back at you. Your eyes peeked up from your magazine and you gave Luke a frown and all he did back was smile.


Michael and the boys had recently just finished writing a new song. But you have not yet heard it. But all Michael would tell you about it would be that he’s hoping it will as good as their other songs. You stood in the bathroom while the boys sat in the room you shared with Michael. You could hear what they were saying but it was just a bunch of mumbles most of the time.

“I’m feeling really good about this song guys. I feel like it’s going to be #1, well I hope so. I want it to be at the top.” You heard your boyfriend Michael say. A playful grin appeared on your face as you brushed your hair. You held the hair brush at your lips and ran into the room. ” do the Bop bop bop to the top. Don’t ever stop, bop to the top.” You sang into the hair brush.

The boys just have you blank stares and then they all burst into laughter. “Y/n why do I love you so much?” Michael laughs laying on the bed. “I don’t know. But. You wanna be at the top so I was singing bop to the top. It just popped into my head” You giggled, winking and walking back into the bathroom. You could still hear the boys laughing at your recent singing out burst.

“No wonder you and y/n are dating. You’re just as dorky as each other.” Calum laughed. The boys all agreed and Michael just shrugged and whispered “but I love her so everything’s good”


You and Calum were home alone, you were quite bored to. You sat on Calum’s lap and his arms were wrapped tightly around your waist. Your eyes roamed the room looking for something for you two to do. You looked over at the CD/DVD stand and noticed a game that you haven’t played in a long time but were quite competitive with it. “Calum I challenge you to play High School Musical sing it with me!” You turned, raising an eyebrow at him. “Challenge accepted!” He spoke standing up after you did.

You placed the game in the game station as Calum grabbed the two microphones that came with the game. “I’m gonna kick your butt.” You muttered clicking play. “Whoa, don’t be too sure babe. We should sing Something New.” He said clicking the song. You warmed up your vocal cords earning a laugh from Calum. “You can sing Calum, but I’m gonna beat you so bad.” You laughed pulling your mic to your mouth. “Your voice is so majestic babe.” He laughed getting ready. You nodded and started the duet.

‘This could be the start.Of something new. It feels so right. To be here with you’ you sang into the mic concentrating on the tv. ‘And now looking in your eyes.I feel in my heart.That it’s the start. Of something new’ Calum sang walking towards you wrapping an arm around your waist. Throughout the song Calum was trying to make you lose by doing incredibly cute things. He kissed your cheek and danced with you. But you didn’t give in and by the end of the song you won cause Calum was to concentrated on you.

“Congrats baby.” He laughed hugging you. “Told you I’d beat you.” You smiled. You stayed in Calum’s arms for a while and listening to the sound of his heartbeat. “I love you y/n.” He kissed the top of your head. “I love you to Cal.”



~Paige xo


Ashley Tisdale and Zac Efron take the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge