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i kept forgetting i was working on this but heres team dope capes with winter midgard fashion 

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hc: all the kids love sweaters and they steal each others all the time

+ none of them ask to borrow each other’s clothes?

+ bill checks his closet in the morning and notices the jacket he had planned on wearing that day is gone, and so is his second choice. and the third. he goes to school cold and sees edddie, stan and richie sporting the jackets

+ they’re leaving mike’s house and bill asks to borrow a jacket before they head out. he directs him to the hall closet and later on, ben’s asks “is that my jacket?” bill says no, it’s mike’s. it’s actually ben’s that mike never returned, just think of all the jackets and sweaters they have lost to each other

+ stan and richie always argue over who’s borrowing beverly’s sweaters because they are so soft and smell like her, floral. great to take classroom naps in. she interjects and asks, “what are you two fighting over, anyways? they’re my sweaters!”

+ mike, ben, and beverly’s sweaters are stolen the most. especially mike’s letterman, beverly’s jean jacket, and ben’s high school logo sweatshirt

+ ben steals mike’s letterman whenever he can, it’s snug but comfortable. and eddie steals bill’s sweaters, but the neck hole is always a bit too loose and the sleeves a bit too big

+ “what do you mean you don’t know where the yellow sweater is, richie? i already had my outfit planned for today, where is it?” - probably beverly

+ mike donates to a thrift shop monthly to make room in his closet, but he always lets the losers have first pick of all the items. all the sweaters are stolen

+ when they shop as a group, everyone encourages stan that he should absolutely buy that navy blue sweater, it would look great on him! the plan is really to borrow it immediately because they can’t purchase it themselves

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For the prompts - Sterek (obviously lol) and H (just because I'm so curious what they'd be wearing and/or why.. )

H. “Everyone knows the 90s were the epitome of high fashion.” 

“Most of your clothes look like you’re in a 90s grunge band, why I can’t just wear something you already own?” Derek asked, glaring at the outfit that Stiles held up for him to wear.

“Don’t be so dramatic Der,” Stiles said with a wide smile, his eyes bright, “Everyone knows the 90s were the epitome of high fashion.” 

“When you said you wanted me to dress up as Slater from Saved By the Bell for Scott’s stupid 90s themed birthday party I figured you’d make me wear an ugly shirt and those stupid acid washed pants,” Derek said, “Not that you’d want me to wear his wrestling uniform.” 

“It’s a timeless look,” Stiles mused, tossing Derek his outfit and pulling on his faded jeans that he had bought at Goodwill earlier that week, “Now get dressed, it’s no fun being Zack Morris without AC Slater.”

“I’m sure it could be,” Derek muttered, watching as Stiles tugged his bright tee shirt over his head and then his patterned windbreaker.  He had even been growing his hair out so he could dye the ends blonde and style it like Zack. Derek knew that Stiles look this seriously for some stupid reason he couldn’t comprehend. 

“Come on Derek, you’re going to look amazing in it,” Stiles said, stepping closer and running his fingers through Derek’s exposed chest hair, “Really sexy.”

Derek rolled his eyes, but he picked up the maroon wrestling uniform and pulled it on over his jockstrap, “You owe me big time for this.”

“I will pay you back in sexual favors,” Stiles said, running his eyes up from Derek’s muscular legs to his bulge, “All the sexual favors you could ever want.”

The Bayside High School logo was pulled tight over Derek’s broad chest, his nipples exposed on either side, “I look incredibly stupid.”

“Well that’s because you haven’t put on your super awesome white high top sneakers yet,” Stiles said with a wide smile, “We’re going to look great.”

“You look perfect,” Derek muttered, grabbing Stiles by the windbreaker and pulling him flush against him, “You should know that the only reason I’m doing this is because I love you.”

“I know,” Stiles said, kissing Derek on his cheek shaven cheek, “I love you too.”

“Let’s get this over with,” Derek said, kissing Stiles once on the lips before they headed out of apartment and over to Scott and Kira’s apartment. 

When they got their Derek discovered that there was a prize for best costume and best couples costume. He and Stiles won. He still didn’t think it was worth the wedgie he had most of the night, but the look on Stiles face made the whole affair worth it. 

Drabble Prompts


What you did and Didn’t Do Part 3 (Final)

Request: 23: Just pretend to be my date 12: Say it! 13: I could kiss you right now

Requestor: @lani-lira a loyal fan who I am so sorry it took forever to get this written

author’s note: So when I was writing this I realized it was going to take to long. Please let me know how it is, 

Y/n was beautiful. She always has, and she always will be. She always will be in Grant’s eyes. He was completely awestruck when she stepped out of the hotel bathroom. It took her forever, almost three hours, and it got to the point where Grant had to go to the McDonalds next to their hotel to use the bathroom, but it was all worth it.

He couldn’t keep his eyes off her as she nervously picked at the skirt of her dress. She bit her lip as she stared at the floor. “Grant.” She finally said, neither one of them said anything for a while. She laughed nervously, “You’re kind of making me jittery, can you please say something?” Grant gulped and nodded, “You look so beautiful.” He breathed out. Y/n’s breathed caught in her throat.

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26) “I’ve never liked someone this much”

Sam’s POV

It’s day 2 since y/n asked me for 3 days just to herself, no contact at all. 1 more day and i get to talk and see her again. Damn, do i miss seeing her smile and hearing her laugh. Those are definitely the things I love most about her, other than her charm and kindness. I was chillin in the Grier brothers’ backyard on the bean bag chair, just looking up at the sky. It was sunset time. I felt someone sit next to me, “Hey Sammy boy.” I heard Stass’s voice ring in my right ear. I turned to her and smiled, “Hey.” “Whatcha thinking about?”

“Who am i always thinking about?” “Ahh, the infamous Y/N. I never got to ask you Sammy, what do you see in her? No offense. She’s a great girl, but i’m just wondering what first caught your eye about her. How did you guys even meet? Tell me the story of how you first met.”

I just sighed, “The first time i saw her, we were on tour in Y/H/T. We were just walking around downtown and we got fro-yo. We were sitting down, eating, when she walked in with her siblings, looking comfy. I remember watching her, staring at her appearance, what she was wearing. A grey sweater with her high school logo on it, blue jeans, ripped at the knee just a little, pair of vans, and her glasses. I heard her talk and it melted my heart, because she was so quiet and adorable. When she was waiting to add her topping, she turned to us and smiled. That smile man. After she finished ordering and paid, she sat near us. She was so gentle with her siblings, you could tell she loves them and will do anything for them. She started eating hers as her youngest sibling started to roam around without her noticing. He wondered to us and started talking to us for a little. Love the little one. When she realized they were missing, she quickly got up and came to us, picking the little one up, and constantly apologized for the little one bothering us and everything. She was so polite and kind and shy, it was cute. She went back to her table and they finished up their fro-yo. We were about to leave when all the boys, wanted to say bye to the little one. He made quite an impression on us when he started talking to us first. I remember him saying he wanted this toy from this machine and i got it for him. We all approached them to say bye and get all their names. I was in the back so i couldn’t hear them. All the boys went outside as I was the last one to say bye to them. I remember saying ‘Hi, I’m Sam. I didn’t get to hear your guys’ names.’ The little ones spoke up, 'I’m Jacey. That’s Michelle and Michael. And that’s,’ 'I’m y/n. Nice to meet you,’ She held out her hand for me to shake it. I firmly gripped her hand and blushed as i saw her smile. 'Cute smile’ I spat out and froze. She giggled and i just almost melted into the ground. I gave her brother the toy and he said, 'THANK YOU! I like him! You should date my sister.’ We both looked at each other and chuckled. As i was walking out, she caught up to me and gave me her number. The first thing that caught my eye was her smile. But you want to know what i see in her? Everything about her is my favorite.” I finished off, smiling to myself.

“Wow, Sam.” “I know, I’ve never liked someone this much before.” “From the way you just told me that story, you more than like her.” “I’m still in love with her.” “Good for you Sam. I want you to be happy with someone you love. It’s something we all deserve in life.” She kissed my cheek and walked away as i started thinking about that night again.

amber sat cross-legged in her room, looking – now more than ever – like a small child. she loved to draw and with a book laid open in front of her, she sat drawing things she didn’t want to forget. like her family home. her first dog. her high school logo. things she had no reason to need, but wasn’t ready to let go. especially given how miserable her current situation was. when the door clicked open, amber flinched, knowing there were only very few people it could be. 

Perfect Game

A/N: This was something @syl-writes-stuff and I wrote a while back on a whim. She submitted her part to me and then I responded, but at the time we weren’t even posting LCOL let alone Radio Silence, so we left it alone for a while, and I think kinda forgot about it. But! I was looking at a fic for college MBF that I’m thinking of posting, and was reminded of this, so here you guys go! It’s not one of the side stories, just a little fun thing that we played around with. So enjoy!

The footage was a little shaky at first, the only thing audible was her breathing. “Okay!” she eventually said, as the sounds of a crowd grew. The camera was bobbled shifted, and Mabel’s grinning face popped into frame. The familiar pine tree hat was settled atop her head rather than her twin’s. “Okay! Okay, this is working, right? I think- Okay, yes, it’s working. I just had to sneak into the locker room to steal Dipdop’s phone, so he couldn’t text you or call you after the game because I don’t want to spoil this if it ends up being good. And I think it’s going to be really good!

“Plus, I think you’d rather see it for yourself even if you can’t actually be here. At least the end of it because nine whole innings of a sport we all know you don’t know anything about would probably be really boring.”

The camera was jostled a little as she sat down. “Anyway, here’s what’s going on. A perfect game is when the pitcher never lets anyone on base. Every batter that comes up, gets out. He let a couple of hits go by in the earlier innings, but he got lucky because the outfield’s really good this year. But! It’s really hard to pitch a perfect game. It’s never been done before in the history of our whole school, and Dipper has two batters left. There were three. I wanted to get the whole half-inning, but it was harder than I thought to get into the locker room.

“But now that there are two batters left-” She looked up, watching something out of frame, and flailed her hands. “Oh, no, I’m talking too much! There’s only one! This is it!”

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Dude I don't even work here

So im in my comfy “I’m sick but I have to go into public to pick up medicine” clothes that happen to be a blue t shirt with a large high school logo on it and blue hello kitty shorts and socks plus sandals. I’m at the pharmacy area waiting on my medicine and looking at the over the counter cold medicine (the back of my shirt is also clearly marked with “class of 2014” and has a list of my graduating class) and this man comes up to me and is like “excuse me I need help I’ve been waiting on my prescription forever and I’ve got to go” so I turned around really startled and obviously very sick and I’m like “sorry about that, I’ve been waiting a few minutes too they must be a little backed up today ” and he scoffed and stormed off saying “ugh you don’t even work here, I can’t get any help in this store” like dude why… I mean the employees there wear a blue vest with a very clearly marked store logo that is a very darker shade of blue than my shirt… Also all the employees wear khaki pants… Like dude seriously chill

How To Seduce Your Basketball Coach: A Completely Insane Memoir By Park Jimin

Pairing: Yoonmin

Rated: M

Summary: When Jimin’s childhood crush bulldozes back into his life, he’s determined not to let the opportunity slip by again. He plans on getting what he wants at all costs, but the only problem is: Yoongi is his coach and Jimin’s still (technically) a minor, oops!

WARNING: Contains foul language and underage sex (in future updates), so beware. Just a note, Jimin is initiating everything and is a consenting party. And idk what Im even doing w my life.

aff ;  ao3

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TAYLOR’S CHEERLEADING LOGO! You can buy it on a shirt in the link above :) (not mine just thought this was cool)