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10 YouTube Channels to Help You Study for AP and IB Exams

Hundreds of thousands of students are taking AP and IB Courses, and the hardest part for many is preparing for the actual exam. While the AP and IB classes themselves are fairly different, preparin…

Hooray for studying!

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very common question: "Why does high school suck so much?

Hmm. Because they place rote memorization over critical thinking skills, and are not adapted to producing human beings who can successfully navigate an ever-changing world. They don’t teach logic, they don’t teach reason, they place people into an academic competition. Which might be okay if it weren’t for the fact that the curriculum is designed to produce DRONES. You’re all competing to see who can be the best drone. The teachers are mostly bitter and inept. And I don’t blame them given their work conditions. How can you honestly expect one person to attend to the needs of huge classes of 20 people or more with unique personalities and different ways of learning? — They place extreme emphasis on standardized tests — which are horrible. All anyone learns from that is how to pass a standardized test. The schools create arbitrary rules that make no sense at all, and are rigidly enforced AT ALL TIMES! This continues to plague beyond high school, unfortunately. — Next. Everyone around you is a hormonal idiot. Many of the girls are total bitches. Who are so stuck up that they think you’re trying to hit on them even if you’re just trying to ask them to please step aside. — Almost all the guys are total morons who have no idea what they’re talking about and try to turn everything into a competition. Next. — It’s so boring. There’s nothing stimulating about shuffling tiredly from room to room, filled with people you don’t like. To learn things you don’t care about. From people who barely care about teaching it in the first place. Next. — There’s no time for contemplation. Learning for me is all about finding interesting facts and ideas. And rolling them around in my head. In high school there’s none of that: HERE’S TEN FACTS. MEMORIZE THEM. THERE WILL BE A TEST. — That’s not learning. Not for me anyway.



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How to Study for Finals the Right Way
Now that December is upon us, so are… FINALS! *Cue doomful music* Although you’re probably trying to repress the lurking thoughts of finals,, we must deal with them, and we might as well do it right. Here’s how to study for finals the right way:

1.      Start early. Putting off studying for finals might seem like a good idea, but the truth is just the opposite. The sooner you start reviewing material, the more you’ll have time to review in detail.  2.      Plan your study time. Schedule a few hours of study time a day every day, and don’t tell yourself, “I’ll do it later.” We all know that later turns into never pretty quickly. 3.      Don’t study for hours at a time. During your study sessions, take 15 minute breaks every 45 minutes to an hour. You’ll keep your brain from frying and/or exploding every night, and you’ll give your mind time to let information settle in before trying to cram in more. 4.       Listen to music. You might do this anyway, but there’s a way your music can help you study. If you study and hum along with your music, often times you’ll remember things by association. 5.      Spread out your topics. If you study two hours of math one day and two hours of history the next, the math will fade from your mind while you switch gears. Study a little bit of each of your subjects every night to make things interesting and to prevent one-subject overload. 6.      Last but not least, don’t lose hope! A whole semester of material in 6+ classes can feel completely overwhelming to review, but don’t give up on yourself! When the going gets tough, just give yourself a mini-pep talk and get right back to work.  Finals can be tough, but just remember these tips and your #2 pencil will be smooth-sailing! Good luck! - Natalie is a junior in high school in California.

Life in polaroids

1.) I’ve come up to a new plan: I will eat while reviewing because it tires my mind so much. Memorizing, reading, flooding your mind with asdfghjkl words from study books and notebooks. Ugh. It requires large amount of food you know..

2.) I get exposed so easily these days, especially in school activities, that’s why I always come home late, in return, a long sermon from my mom and dad. I get it. They’re worried. I don’t text them a lot. But why can’t they just trust me? I just hate it. They should be glad I’m so much active in school now. And yes, you don’t need to tell me. I understand their perspectives as parents. Okay, okay.

3.) If life gives you problems, squeeze your mouth into a smile. Be thankful for the ups and downs in your life, because without those, you’re probably dead. It ain’t normal. We’re designed, destined, and born to experience pain and hardships in this life. You may call it unfair, but if there were no obstacles, let me ask you this–are you still the same person you were before, compared to now?

4.) I still remember this day when we escaped and had lunch together. We shared laughter, smiles, and even random stories about our past and present lives. We were so happy. The same feeling of butterflies months ago never changed. We might be living under a shell, but time will come, everything will be okay. Not just okay, it will be fine. Not just fine, it will be better. Not just better, it will be great.

5.) 6 pending books waiting to be unraveled. I am sooo busy in school, and I really don’t have time to read novels. I wouldn’t dare to ask why my life got boring and dull the past few months. Loljk. I really miss reading books. Anyway, I think it’s also a good plan to stock some books, so that I’ll have plenty to read this summer.

6.) All endings are also beginnings. So, don’t be sad. Good bye’s are stepping stones to opportunities, new chapters, new friends, new environment, everything. Haha. Deep inside I think I’m pertaining to College life. Asdfghjkl. Time flies fast. Asdfghjkl it hurts. Hahahaha. But as what I typed seconds ago, it’s just but normal. Dear self, you’ll get used to it. You’ll move on, but not that easily. You’ll cry hard first. Hahaha.

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