high school is so difficult

Things to expect in your first year of uni:

1. Sometimes you don’t make a solid group of friends straight away, so don’t feel too upset. I’m a second year and I’ve only really now started adding people on Facebook and forming casual friendships. It happens. If you do make good friends - awesome.

2.  Pre-readings and online modules prior to lectures and/or tutorials. DO THEM. Skim through readings if you’re short on time, and do the prep work the week before. Trust and save yourself from having to go through everything within days (multiplied by X units) before your exams.

3. Realising once you’re in your new home no, you did not need to pack every belonging you have, because yes, everything DOES. NOT. FIT.

4. Realising how much stuff you have but don’t need.

5. If moving out of home, bills and rent or paying for accommodation can be STRESSFUL.

6. ~Adulting~

7. How sometimes boring general core units are. It sucks but have to be done.

8. Your tutor not haggling you about studying more and stuff, ‘cause that’s all on you. If it’s the tutor’s fault, I would suggest bringing that up with the head of the school/faculty or even your student guild to think of solutions.

9. By approx. week 5 to week 6, class numbers begin to exponentially drop, most significantly within the last three weeks of semester.

10. Yes, older people study at uni too. Most of them are nice, genuine, and nervous. Yes, sometimes they do older people things.

11. There are many, many intelligent and kind people in university.

12. Some people have significantly different work ethics.

13. Going to the wrong class across the year is a-OK. I walked into an upper year math lecture and realised the lecturer wasn’t who mine actually was. Whispered very loudly “OH MY GOD” and walked straight out. We’ve all been there. Just kindly walk out and pretend nothing even happened.

14. University life is more than academics. Take a leap and do things.

15. You’ll have to do more than your degree to get to where you want to be.

16.  People party a lot, you can be one of them but if you want to keep up your grades, please balance it with your studies, work and other commitments!

17. University can either be harder or easier than high school. For me? Easier so far. Further units will be difficult. But you’ll learn a lot of useful and enriching knowledge which is worth something more than what you might learn in high school.

18. Seating plans don’t exist, but if you’re gonna change seats every week, you’re most definitely messin’ up the system.

What other things can first years expect? Whether you’re fresh out of first-year like me or a tertiary education veteran, I’ll make sure to update this continuously with all of our input!

5 ways to say “I love you”

Fluff drabbles with Hanamiya, Murasakibara, Imayoshi, Midorima, and Kuroko.(´ω`♡)Please smile, I give you all the hugs, my awesome readers! ♡♡

The weather was warm and sunny, you had a long break, and you ended up loitering at the school rooftop. Himuro was sipping on his orange juice, you were playing with Murasakibara’s hair, and Murasakibara himself was napping with his head on your lap.

“Did you know that Atsushi talks in his sleep?”

“Does he?” You frowned, trying to decide whether Himuro was joking or not. You looked at Murasakibara’s peaceful face. “I’ve never heard anything.”

“That’s because you have to talk to him first,” Himuro explained. “Watch.”

Himuro leaned down, bringing his face right above Murasakibara’s ear.

“Atsushi,” he whispered, “did you filch Liu’s mochi yesterday?”

For a moment, there was silence.


Your jaw dropped and you stared at Himuro with wide eyes. Murasakibara didn’t open his eyes and he went back to his light snoring right after he muttered that confirmation. There was no doubt that he was asleep.

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Rough night~Lip Gallagher

Imagine: having lots of homework while needing to take care of your baby so Lip helps.

Warnings: it’s not that good

Not edited

Originally posted by mikhail0milkovich

You never thought having a baby in high school would be so difficult.

It’s your last year in hell and you want nothing more than to say you graduated while raising a baby. Of course no other than Lip Gallagher is the father,he’s three years older than you and out of school. He works for Fiona making money to help raise your baby.

Today you have piles and piles of homework and needing to study for exams that are next week. Your baby girl caught a cold and is really cranky just wanting to be cuddled. Luckily Lip doesn’t have to work late tonight and is able to watch her.

He has her in his arms bouncing her lightly on his lips,she’s wrapped up in a baby blanket to keep her warm. It’s past her bed time so she’s extremely crank. Little coughs will break the silence every few minutes making you look up to see if she’s okay.

Every so often you can hear her giggles from lip making silly faces at her,you love watching the two of them together,it makes your sad days turn into good days

Walking around the kitchen table Lip paces,You scribble down words onto my papers as fast as You can just wanting to help Lip. You groan at the hard math questions on the sheet making you even more upset,your eyes start to water with warm tears.

“Baby calm down"Lip says noticing a meltdown about to be let free. You look up at him and give him a small smile.

"I suck at math"you frown,Lip walks over and sits down placing y/d/n on his lap. He takes the math book from you and starts to read it over,he nods his head and takes your pencil showing you how to do it.

You spend an hour with him helping you and you surprisingly get it finished. Now upstairs you pace the room with y/d/n in your arms,her head rests in the crook of your neck,you try not to make to much noise because Carl and Liam are sleeping in their beds while Lip lays in his wide awake.

"Is she a sleep yet?"you ask softy turning around so Lip can she her face.

"Yea"he sighs,you smile in victory finally be able to get the baby to sleep at twelve at night. You walk over and place her on Lips chest,instantly she cuddles up into his neck and you can’t help but smile at the cuteness.

You still can’t believe how you’ve managed to have a beautiful baby with a guy who actually wants to be in her life. Most guys would have left if they found out they had a baby at a young age,but Lip stayed the whole time.

Crawling into bed you lay your head on the empty spot of his chest and cuddle into him as well,pulling the blanket over the three of you.

"I love you"Lip whispers softly making you smile as he places a small kiss on your head.

"I love you too”

(A/N: sorry it’s really short and may suck,i just wanted an imagine up to start so I’ll try harder with the others)

Facts about Dylan Bennet Klebold (I meant to do this awhile back. It was also requested by an anon.)

Dylan was born September 11, 1981 in Lakewood, Colorado.

Dylan was 6 ft. 2.5 in. tall.

He was born to Thomas Klebold and Susan (Yassenoff) Klebold. He was the younger brother of Bryon Klebold

Mr. Klebold was 52, Mrs. Klebold was 50, and Byron was 21 at the time the shooting occured.

Dylan attended Normandy Elementary School in 1st and 2nd grade.

He transferred to Governors Ranch Elementary School where he was part of a gifted program called CHIPS. CHIPS stood for challenging high intellectual potential students.

Dylan’s parents told investigators they believed Dylans transition from elementary school to Ken Caryl Middle school had been difficult because he was so quiet and shy. Changing from elementary school to high school is often difficult, so his parents weren’t overly concerned.

In earlier school years, Dylan played T-ball, baseball, and soccer.

He was in Cub Scouts with Brooks Brown. He had known Brown since the first grade.

Dylan met Eric Harris while attending Ken Caryl Middle in the 7th or 8th grade.

Dylan eventually introduced Brooks Brown and Nate Dykman to Eric Harris. All of the boys became good friends.

In 1995, all the boys moved up to Columbine when they went to the 9th grade. The school had just undergone a 15 million dollar makeover.

Dylans participated in school play productions as a light and sound coordinator, video productions, and the CHS Rebel’s news network.

Dylan helped out Rachel Scott when performing “Watch the Lamb.” When the music messed up, Dylan was able to provide a backup tape so the show could continue.

He was also a computer assistant at school and helped maintain the school computer server.

Dylan often played fantasy baseball. Other players said they heard him talking about the plays that would go on the week of 4-20. He had gave no hint he wouldn’t be around after that Tuesday.

Dylans locker was #837

He drove a black 1982 BMW.

Dylans parents claimed they had no idea there was anything wrong with him. Years later, Dylan’s parents admitted to looking over the facts of how unhappy he really was. They said they had not seen clues that were there the whole time.

Dylan had planned on going to the Universty of Arizona and studying computer science. On March 25, 1999 the whole family drove to Arizona to pick his dorm room.

Columbine had their prom on 4/17/199. Dylan went with his friend Robyn K. Anderson. Dylan and Robyn went to the event as friends and NOT love interested. It was reported by Nake Dykman there was no indication about what was to come and the night went “perfect.”

Robyn Anderson had been a “middleman” who had helped Eric and Dylan purchase the guns used in the shooting.

It was reported that Eric Harris had a strong influence on Dylan.

Others who knew Dylan described him as “painfully shy,” but not quick to anger. The memories of his shy manner were not reported by those who knew him best in the months before the shooting. He and Eric had got into trouble many times while working together at Blackjack Pizza. Dylan was once written up for bringing a pipebomb to work. He quit shortly after, but was rehired when Blackjack needed Employees.

After Nate Dykman had witnessed Dylan making a purchase behind Blackjack pizza, Dylan admitted to him he had bought a gun.

Weeks before the shooting, Dylan had wrote a graphically violent school report. The teacher refused to grade the paper until she talked to him about it. The teacher told his parents about the report. Eric’s explaination was “it’s just writing.” His explanation was accepted easily by his parents.

Dylans parents fully cooperated with the police following the shooting. At first they refused to release Dylans autopsy. It has been released since.

Other evidence confiscated by police includes 5 tapes the teens recorded in the basement of Eric’s home. In the video, we can see Dylan is no follower to Eric and clearly wants to hurt people on his own desire. He and Eric both rant about the “stuck up bitches” they go school with. They refer to two by name: Rachel and Jen.

There was controversy over Dylans death as he had shot himself in the left temple. At first, it was believed Dylan was right hand. Therefore, he would have shot himself in the right temple. Later it was confirmed by Dylans family he was left handed. As we see in the videos, Dylan does shoot the gun with his left hand.

anonymous asked:

I know this is REALLY late but if your still up for writing #48 for the AU thing (meeting again at a high school reunion au) with Marvin/Whizzer that'd be amazing!

No one expected Whizzer Brown to show up to the Five-Year High School Reunion. No one expected to see him after gradation, period. This was mainly due to the fact that before graduation even rolled around, Whizzer Brown dropped off the face of the Earth.

The one person who really hadn’t been counting on Whizzer showing up was Marvin. This was mainly due to the fact that he hadn’t spoken to Whizzer Brown in six years, as well as the fact that Whizzer had graduated a year after him. Not that he had forgotten about his ex-high school sweetheart, because that’d be very difficult to do, but he’d been so preoccupied with making sure he could get the time off to even go to really think about what he should expect from going. He’d already reached out to both Charlotte and Cordelia, who confirmed they would be in attendance. Neither mentioned Whizzer when the subject came up. Marvin heard through them that Trina and Mendel were going as well– it’d be a blatant lie on his part if he tried to say being the fifth wheel in that group didn’t bother him. Trina and Mendel had tied the knot right after they both graduated college, and Cordelia and Charlotte were waiting until Charlotte finished school to marry ( though the first thing he notices when he sees them is the pair of glittering engagement rings on each of their fingers ).

It did bother him. It bothered him a lot.

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rehvival  asked:

hi! i read that you're currently majoring in computer science. i am planning on doing that too, or software engineering. do you think you can create a post on what to expect for incoming freshmen who want to major in comp sci? and what classes to take junior/senior year of high school in order to prepare? thanks so much!

Hey there! Actually this summer I changed majors from math (course 18) to computer science (course 6). Programming is a very important skill and it is very useful to have at least some experience in it, even if you aren’t a CS major or don’t enjoy coding.

What to expect:

  • Math! A prerequisite for many programming courses is experience in linear algebra, (which mostly deals with matrices). 
  • Building circuits (??) This one doesn’t make a lot of sense at first, but the major I am in at MIT is called Course 6 EECS (electrical engineering and computer science), and the two go hand-in-hand. It may also be useful to understand a bit of electromagnetism (ie. physics)

How to prepare:

  • Attend a hackathon. A hackathon is a team based competition where you create new apps, build robots, etc. MIT hosts one every year for high school students called Blueprint. Here is a list of other options.
  • Practice. Try making your own Tumblr theme.
  • AP Computer Science. or any programming course your school offers. I didn’t take this class in high school, but from what I heard, it can be very difficult, so if your school doesn’t offer it, I wouldn’t recommend tackling it on your own. Buying a study guide for it could be helpful though!

Online Resources:

  • MIT Open Courseware video lectures, reading material, exercises
  • MIT edX  real professors, 15 hours/week commitment, homework
  • Code Academy step-by-step guides, easy going, (often feels like you’re playing a game, rather than taking a course)
  • Khan Academy
  • An Hour of Code for younger students. Often the best way to learn is through teaching. For example, you could start a club at your local elementary or middle school that teaches students the basics of coding.

Python Resources:

Python is a good programming language for beginners. The differences between languages is mostly what commands exist, so once you get the hang of one programming language, learning the others become way easier.

Finally, my friend Selam has a rad blog post about this topic, which includes some very encouraging words about learning to code. I hope you found this post helpful, and feel free to ask more questions!

anonymous asked:

What are your detailed tips for getting into a top tier school?? Or at least being a competitive applicant?? Like Harvard, MIT, etc. thanks! (:


First off, I want to make clear that I’m only a high school senior who has only gotten into one top school so far. So hopefully I’ll be more qualified to answer this question after I see what happens with the Ivy League and Stanford.

I’d like to emphasize that there is no formula. You’re not guaranteed in at a top-tier if you take x number of AP/IB classes, get y number of community service hours, and score z on the SAT/ACT. There’s not one extracurricular activity that will get you accepted.

But I’ve thought about this question for some time, and I think it boils down to: in general, you have to be really good at something.

This can be art or a sport or math or science or writing or a musical instrument or community service or something else. But no matter what it is, you have to generally succeed at it on a national level. (State may also be good, depending on which state you live in. I live in Oregon, which isn’t very competitive, so something like getting into the top ten at the state math tournament doesn’t mean much, but in a place like California or Texas it could be a big deal.)

I know three girls from my city who went to Stanford. For reference, they were all wealthy Chinese-Americans who did not have legacy. 

One had won dozens of science fair awards (was one of three people in the world to qualify for ISEF four times in a row, had a planet named after her, was an Intel STS finalist, was a two-time Google Science Fair finalist and top fifteen in her category, did RSI, etc.). I knew her from elementary school and still remember the days when I watched her, as a fifth-grader, work on her science fair board. Even back then, eight years ago, the topic was so complicated it made my head spin.

Another was a recruited athlete. She was ranked one of the top rowers in the country (I’ve heard she was fourth, but I’m not sure how reliable this information is). Back in middle school, she would wake up at four a.m. in the morning every day to train, and, as her mother would tell us, she would sob because it was so difficult. In high school, at practice, they would wear shorts and T-shirts and no shoes in freezing weather, because less weight on the boat = faster speed. 

The last was from my school, and she’d gone to the Robotics World Championships multiple times. She and her friends had been on the team together since at least middle school, and they were easily the most successful robotics team my high school had ever seen. Besides from that, she was an AIME qualifier and top 150 in the nation for Chemistry Olympiad, and she’d won first nationally for Constitution Team. 

As for me, who got into MIT–well, I wrote my first “book” (pieces of paper folded in half and stapled together) when I was four and I never put the pencil down, so to speak. I wrote daily even when my parents wouldn’t allow me to, even when they took away my laptop, when they forced me to work outside so they could keep an eye on me and make sure I wasn’t writing again. In middle school I snuck onto my laptop at three a.m. so I could post new chapters on the Internet. Once, in eighth grade, my parents took away all my books because they were “distracting me from my studies”. My sophomore year, when I submitted to writing contests for the first time, my parents told me I was awful and I shouldn’t try. All those years, their disapproval hurt, but I kept working long after most kids would’ve believed their parents and quit, and now I’m arguably successful at a national level. 

Bottom line, you don’t get to top-tiers without working your butt off. 

What’s more, all of those I described above had started an extracurricular activity back in middle school. To achieve at the level they had, they needed years of discipline and hard work. 

I could tell you “tricks” like “take extra AP classes online” or “don’t join clubs because you think they’ll look good on your application” but there’s no replacement for sheer excellence.


A work-in-progress shot of my piece for @doggozine!  I thought Lilo and Stitch would be an easy choice since I drew them so often in high school, but Stitch in particular was really difficult to draw…something about actually trying to use what I’ve learned about volumetric forms and anatomy instead of just directly copying screenshots, I guess.  :P

Profits from the zine will go to support Habitat For Humanity.

anonymous asked:

In university do the professors have higher standards in terms of quality of work than high school teachers? I’m an ap student so most of my classes are difficult but I’ve heard a lot of university horror stories about how it’s impossible to get good grades while having a social life is this true from your experience? ( I’m going into the humanities/ social sciences next year btw) :))

uummmm i mean it entirely depends on what your high school teachers were like, what university you go to, your program, and your profs! there’s no straight answer. i would say probably yes a higher level of work is expected, but i also didn’t take any ap classes in high school. so far i’ve found the quizzes and tests and assignments not to be much harder (if at all) than high school but i’m sure they get more difficult after first year! i think the biggest different is just the amount of time spent doing readings outside of class. it’s definitely not impossible to get good grades and still have a life though!

ererisheart  asked:

Hi Ara! Sorry if i'm answering a little late, I didn't have much time to log in Tumblr bc exams and all that stuff T.T Thank you so much for your advices about learning english, i'll put them on practice! Ah! and I hope you did well on your exams! I'm actually in my last year of high school but I know that uni could be very difficult at times, so don't stress yourself! Again, thank you so much and have a nice week! <3

No need to thank me! You can do it :3 and if you need anything, I’m here to help! What I hate the most about uni is that my teachers are assholes and I have exams every week. It’s so tiring and frustrating because I have to bee studying everyday and it doesn’t give me a lot of free time. Idk this semester sucks xD Xo, ara~

hawkward-chicken submitted:

Discovering your sexuality is hard work. Especially in a society where anything but the norm is looked down upon and mocked. I still don’t think I’ve fully discovered who I am. But it’s okay to question, because life is all about making discoveries and discovering your self is pretty damn hard.

My earliest memories are mostly of me playing with the neighbor boy, and getting hurt a lot. My mother, who is a Catholic immigrant from Mexico, didn’t want me playing with him. Apparently, she thought he was dangerous. So, I told her I was playing with his sister and I’d play with him instead. My life was full of toy dinosaurs instead of barbies and muddy clothes and a profound interest in the stars. I got my first Barbie doll because my other neighbor wouldn’t let me play with her unless I got at least one. I gave it to her after owning it for about a month and returned to my dinosaurs.

In primary school, the idea of crushes was not stressed upon. I had no idea anything beyond friendship existed. I didn’t experience ‘flutter in my tummy’ whenever talking to anyone. Honestly, I had no idea about relationships. My parents are not people who display affection for each other. They sleep in separate rooms, they never talk. My mom regrets deeply moving to the United States and my father does not want to take his American children into Mexico. Maybe that’s why I’m asexual. Who knows.

I learned what a crush was in 7th grade, and it wasn’t something I could relate to. My parents were married, yes, but honestly I didn’t realize relationships were a big deal. Still, I assumed I was straight. I had a crush on a boy, only when getting into it did I realize that no, relationships were not for me. I had a crush on another boy despite that, and by then I already figured I was ace. I saw the boy kiss his girlfriend and thought, “if i had asked him out, that could be me.” That thought was incredibly off-putting. I didn’t want that, at all. Almost instantly, whatever romantic feelings toward the boy were gone. I was asexual, and I was proud. I still am proud. I guess I’m still capable of romantic attraction, but honestly I know friendship love is a thing and I consider that more important than anything.

High school came. And I learned what the word transgender meant. I felt a deep connection with that. I’d never been able to relate to girls my age. I felt more comfortable when people assumed I was a male then when people thought I was a girl. When my friend Owen called me ‘one of the bros’ when talking to his girlfriend, I was proud. When my friend Ryan called me a man, I felt good about who I was presenting my self as. Even though he apologized immediately afterward.

The next summer, I thought. It had been a year since I had decided that maybe i was trans. So I came out, only to a few people. My supportive friend squad. My mother. My mother, who told me it was a phase and not to tell my grandmother. 

I guess learning about yourself is a journey. A really tough journey. Being trans in high school is difficult, because I can’t really come out. So I don’t, but every time I introduce myself I feel uncomfortable. Every time some one calls me she I cringe a little inside. 

I may not know who I am, but I know what I feel. And I know I am not a costume. I am Latino, I am transgender, and I am queer. I am going to be marginalized and disrespected, but in this stupid journey of life I can be strong. And I am.

My name is Nathan, and I’m not just someone to be pushed aside.

Advent Day 4: Teachers!AU

Pairing: JongKey
Rating: G
Length: 600~
Warnings: Again, nothing. Um jokingly threatening students? Sort of, but not really. 

Summary: Their students ship them.

“I’m going to punch every one of my kids from eighth period straight in the face,” Key said as he stormed into the music teacher’s classroom. 

“You know that you sound deranged, right?” Jonghyun asked as he saw the theatre teacher walk in fuming. He didn’t stop grading the original compositions that had been turned in by his last period students, though, unsure of where this was going. “You can’t actually hit kids. They did away with corporeal punishment long before we were even teachers.”

“I know,” Key let out a long sigh. “It doesn’t mean that I can’t fantasize about it though.” 

Jonghyun chuckled, understanding the frustration of his fellow teacher. It was difficult to teach high school, even more so when your subject was an elective. There was always kids who were just looking to get an easy A without really trying at anything. “Wait, eighth period? Aren’t those your theatre company kids?” 

Being company kids, in whichever performing art they were in, meant that the kids were actually interested in the subject as they were a set group of performers who were involved in most productions. They were usually upperclassmen who had been with the teachers for longer than a year. Jonghyun rarely heard Key complain about those kids. Sure they got on his nerves from time to time, as all teenagers did, but never to the point of threats of physical violence. That was usually reserved for freshmen who thought they were cool because they were in high school now.

“Yeah, but those little shits,” Key continued to huff, “they think they know everything about me and that they can just make assumptions about my personal life!” 

That gave Jonghyun pause; he raised his head and saw that not only had Key stormed into his classroom in a snit, but he was also blushing from the tips of his ears down to his neck where his button up shirt began. “What did they say?” 

“They said they shipped us!” Key said, sounding vaguely indignant, but mostly mortified. “I didn’t even know what the hell that meant until Jin took pity on me and explained.”

Jonghyun chuckled loudly and continued grading papers. “I told you to download Urban Dictionary onto your phone. It comes in handy when teaching high schoolers.” 

“Yeah well,” Key sighed loudly again, surely trying to justify himself and why he never listened to Jonghyun. “I thought I was still with it.” 

“No one says ‘with it’ anymore, either,” Jonghyun said shaking his head. 

“Shut up,” Key said, with no heat in his voice. The original surge of anger seemed to have died down as soon as he sat down on the edge of Jonghyun’s desk. “Can you believe those twerps though? They said that because we were the only two openly gay teachers that we should get together.” 

“That’s kind of really close minded,” Jonghyun replied, finally done with the composition that he was grading. 

“I know, right?” Key questioned with raised eyebrows. “Like just because we’re both gay doesn’t mean that we should date.”

Jonghyun cocked his head to the right, scrutinizing his boyfriend. “So…” 

“Well I mean we’re obviously dating, but they don’t know that. And I’m not dating you because of proximity or anything. We’re together because we have compatible personalities and we love each other and all that.” Key explained with an eye roll. 

Jonghyun stood up and stepped between Key’s spread legs. Just as he leaned in for a quick peck, Jonghyun chuckled quietly, “Imagine if they knew their ship was canon.” 

Key’s confused grunt was swallowed by Jonghyun’s kiss, but he knew he’d have to look that one up too.  

Title: Hello, I Love You. Let me Jump in your Game.

Summary:  The obligatory high school au continues! Sort of a prequel to this story. This is the first time Jason and Dick actually talk instead of just making googly eyes at each other from afar.

A/N: Title from The Doors song “Hello, I Love You”

Jason is enjoying his lunch, sitting on the bleachers and absorbed in his book. He’s rudely interrupted from his reading when a volleyball abruptly smacks him in the face.

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Places to study.

So as a high school student I’ve learnt how difficult it is to concentrate at times; and a thing that I found out that helps me very much to just focus on my work and get things done is to create a good environment for studying (in or outside the house).So today I’m going to recommend you some “study places” that may help you finish your school work easier.

• The cafeteria: So that’s my basic place to go when I want to leave the house and do my homework for whatever reason (too much noise,not inspiring environment or even too many distractions).Grab your books,your phone and earphones and go to the nearest café order coffee or chocolate or anything it is that you drink and get your work done, I promise it’s so helpful.

• Living room/Bedroom/Office: If you don’t want to leave the house cause it’s too hot or too cold or whatever and want to stay home then create a study corner there.Go to your room or living room, make some coffee (or again whatever you want to drink) prepare all of your stuff and try not to get distracted no matter what.Put classical music on,open your books and laptop and finish that damn assignment.

• Library: I think this one is the best choice if you’re like me and get distracted by literally anything.Take what you need and leave, it’s always quite and a good place to go and study if you’re tired of your room.Also let’s not forget about the books😂😂, you have access to so many books that you might need in your essay or research that it’s crazy not to use them (I know internet is good too, but it’s not always reliable).

EXO Reaction meeting the girl they liked in high school after a total change (Alert)

Alright so… this one is a little difficult to make because bullying is something serious and I really don’t want to offend anyone, specially if you are living something like this. I won’t do it exactly as the anon requested because it’s really serious and I want to try my best and make you all feel better. I know how hard it can be by experience so I’m always here for you all. Love, Admin A~
/I don’t own any of the gifs used, unless stated otherwise/ 

Chanyeol: He really liked you back then. He knew it was hard for you because girls didn’t like you were different and prettier so he never got close to you to save you from more troubles. But now he found you once again and can’t hide anymore that fact that he has been in love with you all this time. You were beautiful back then and now that you have more confidence you look even better.

Kris: It took him by surprise that you decided to change your hair and go on a diet. For him you have always been pretty and he liked you because you didn’t follow anyone. You were unique and you still are. He knows you had some struggles and it’s normal for wanting to change but he is now here to make you realize that you are perfect the way you are and you don’t need to change because others tell you too.

Sehun: He was in a store when he heard your name and looked up to see if it was really you. At first, he didn’t recognized you. You looked really good and smiled a lot, something you didn’t do back then. When he cuaght a better sight of you, he couldn’t believe it. Slowly he approached you and shyly asked you how you were doing. He wants to be closer to you again but he is scared you might think it’s only for your looks, after all he never said he always liked you.

Tao: “You’ve been through a lot, haven’t you? I know how hard it was for you, I was always watching but I didn’t know what to do. I now know I was wrong and I wanted to apologize. You were all alone and I could’ve been of some help. And now you have changed because of all the horrible things they say and even if you look great I’m sure your heart is still wounded. Will you let me heal it?”

Kai: *Cries at the thought of your past* “How have you been Y/N? It’s been a long time. You remember me right? I gave you a love letter but you thought it was a joke… I don’t blame you, you didn’t trust anyone. I’m sorry… You are still beautiful tho and I see you chased your dreams. I’m glad you did…” *Hugs you for a long time* “I thought I’d never see you again”.

Xiumin: He knows how hard it is; he knows hoe lonely it can be; how broken you can feel. When he sees you he doesn’t say anything just runs to you and hugs you tight. You feel shocked as he does so but you don’t stop him. Somehow he gives you the warm feeling you’ve been looking for, all this time. “Now I’m here for you Y/N. Those years might be over but the memories aren’t gone. But I’m here to remind you how pretty you were back then and how beautiful you’ve become now”

Baekhyun: *You bump into the popular guy from your High School: Byun Baekhyun* “Y/N? Is this you?” *smiles* “Time has really passed huh? You seem surprised, of course I remember you. I had a crush on you back then, I thought you noticed because I was always trying to get closer… Yeah maybe you thought wrong, but I was always on your side, standing for you. Say, would you like to have some coffee with me? I really want to be part of your life again and make up for all these lost years” 

Luhan: He sees you in some Awards event and is really surprised by how much you’ve changed, how pretty you still looked and how successful you became. “You see the redhead over there?” *Talking to Xiumin* “We were together in High School. She was really quiet and people treated her wrongly for being a foreigner. But she has come this far and I’m so happy for her, I always knew she was special man. She still makes me smile whenever I see her”. *Lost in thoughts*

Chen: You never lost contact; in fact, you two were best friends. He has been with you through all the hard times and also the good ones. He never left your side and supported you no matter what. You liked him but you never thought he would actually like you back, so you never mentioned it. But he did like you, and still does. He didn’t say it back then because he knew you needed to love yourself first and realize what a beautiful girl you were and are. But now that you’ve become more secure, he decides to show his feelings and promise you that he will always be there for you.

Kyungsoo: You were always his secret love. He watched you from the distance and always cheered on you. Sometimes he even backed you up but you were never aware of it, you kinda thought he never cared for you. He did, but didn’t feel strong enough to protect you and that tortured him all his high school years. But now that he saw you again, he wants to tell you the truth but doesn’t know how. It still makes him sad, thinking how hard and horrible it was. But there’s also the fact that you still make his heart beat really fast and still feel the need to protect you. Even if it seems impossible and you don’t trust him at the beginning, he won’t give up this time.

Lay: *Lovely as always, feeling safe with him like in the old times* “You are still beautiful Y/N. You’ve been okay? How is your heart? Should I take care of it? Remember how I always stood by your side? I was so sad when I heard you transferred but I could understand, it was really hard for you. But I won’t let you go ever again. I’ll protect you better this time”

Suho: You see someone watching you form afar. When you realize it’s him, he is already in front of you, smiling like an angel. You don’t know what to do or say but it’s alright. He takes your both hands, kisses your forehead and says, “I finally found you Y/N. I thought something really bad happened to you. I haven’t forgotten you after all these years and I don’t think I can let you go again. I’ve been dreaming of this day for quite some time. You never let me tell you back then, how much I loved you. But I’ll protect you from now on so you don’t feel the need of leaving”

So, on the tail end of hell week I got a most lovely Halloween costume.

But let me tell you, do you know how difficult it is to:

1) Find a plus sized Halloween costume not online


2) One that covers all the necessary bits and doesn’t have a farmer’s field worth of cleavage so that it can be worn to work at a high school?

SO DIFFICULT. In the entirety of the Spirit Halloween store (other than the weird blow up costumes which???? so weird) there were 3 costumes that met that criteria. THREE. And two of them were almost identical poodle skirt dress situations the only difference being the colour and one comes with a jacket.

As you can probably guess I got option #3, which is a vampire queen situation with a hoop skirt thing and a giant ass collar. I look fucking great. Like SO GOOD! 

And I was all ready to do the vampire thing, see if I could get some fake fangs online or whatever but noooooooooooooooooooooo my extra ass brain had to come up with a better idea. 

I’m gonna be Elizabeth Bathory, Blood Countess. Super hardcore and terrifying serial killer. 

I’m gonna need a tiara.

anonymous asked:

Wow your situation is almost the opposite from mine. Spanish is native language, I can speak English but I think my accent sucks. And I had French lessons for six years at middle school and high school but I didn't improve much. French is so difficult !!

Wow it really is. Yeah I know French is hard even to French people. I am forever grateful for my mom who was really strict about grammar when I was young. A lot of French actually are terrible at writing French and it is really a weakness when you want to get a job etc.. I also think it’s quite sad to not know your own language.