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- Yuri on Ice
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- Danganronpa (Faves: Mikan, Seiko, MunaSaka, Chisa/Kyousuke/Juzo, Komaeda, Chiaki, Gundham/Sonia)
- Binan Koukou Chikyuu Boueibu LOVE!
- TFA (Ships: Kylux + Stormpilot + FinnRey)
- Zero Escape Series
- Visual Novels in general

And maybe also The Adventure Zone, but I’m not that far into it so I’m avoiding spoilers!

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hey! i know you have a "steve breaks up with someone for bucky" tag but do you have any the other way around? like something like bucky is in a bad relationship and he meets/falls in love with steve but doesn't think he'll ever be good enough for him. sorry if this like really specific lol but my weakness is insecure bucky that doesn't think he could ever have steve even though steve wants him just as much. anything like that would be great!

Who doesn’t love a little insecure Bucky?!  I know i do! Here are some suggestions, Followers if you have more let me know!

Ain’t No Rest For the Wicked by Kellyscams

Steve’s just moved back to Brooklyn after spending ten years in California trying to make a life for himself as an artist right after high school. Having escaped to the other side of the country following the sudden death of his mother, Steve feels guilty about abruptly leaving all his friends for so long, unfulfilled, scared and nervous about started college at his age, and unbelievably lonely. So when he meets Bucky Barnes, a young sex-worker, at a bar the night before his first day of classes, temptations might be too high to resist.

One night paying for sex with the most sinfully gorgeous guy is nothing to brag to the papers about, huh?

S'not like he’ll ever see him again anyway…


Enjoy the Silence by neversaydie

Silence used to be peaceful for Bucky. These days it makes him feel like he’s waiting for something, like he’s listening for the warning sounds of predators approaching.

Now silence means he’s waiting for the other shoe to drop.

He lives in a beautiful apartment with his husband-to-be and tells himself that everything is just fine. He doesn’t sleep, he’s scared of putting a foot wrong in case Brock snaps again, and he’s desperately lonely, but he has everything he ever wants and that should be enough. It’s not like he can complain about being taken care of, even if parts of it aren’t exactly his choice.

Running into his childhood friend (literally) just might change everything. ‘Just fine’ doesn’t seem like enough once Steve walks back into his life. The problem is, Bucky’s been stuck in his cage for so long that he’s not sure he can leave it on his own.

Give Me A Week by perfect_plan

Bucky Barnes is used to attracting the wrong kind of guy and could never get someone like Steve Rogers who is funny, smart and attractive. But Steve is dead set on getting Bucky to go out with him and asks him to give him a week to convince him to go on a date. There’s no harm in letting him try, right?


anon sent in Nice Guys Finish Last (unless you’re Steve Rogers) by roe87 and @shivermeniall wanted to add Of Broken Dreams and Mended Hearts by Kellyscams

(Not So) Secret Admirer (by possible admin)

Member: Taehyung (V)/Reader
Summary: Taehyung has had his eye on you since he first saw you when he was a shy new kid, and now it’s prom season…
Length: 603 Words
Type Fluff/ School! Au

This possible admin will be called P.A. Mo

-Admin Kat

All possible admin work will be completely unedited

Originally posted by jeonsshi

It was no secret that Taehyung had a crush on you. One would have to be pretty out of it to not notice his blatant staring during class, or to not hear his nervous stammering whenever he talked to you. Yes, Taehyung’s affection towards you was pretty obvious, to say the least.

And you were okay with that. Taehyung was handsome, sweet, and smart. He was pretty much perfect boyfriend material. But you didn’t want to make the first move.

You two had been dancing circles around each other for the past eight months since he’d arrived at your high school. A sigh escaped you just thinking about it.

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Senior Year of High School Vs. Freshman Year of College

Skipping Class:

Senior Year of High School:

Are you kidding? If I even tried to escape high school, alarms would go off; the building would go on lockdown, and not only would I have to answer to teachers and principal, my parents would definitely get called, which means instantly grounded.

Freshman Year of College:

Depending on the size of the class, most professors won’t even know I’m there. BUT, I am paying thousands and thousands of dollars to go to school, and to get a degree… so as painful as it is to be expected to be a human at 8am, is skipping really worth it?

Group Projects:

Senior Year of High School:

Group projects = lol ok. It’s your senior year. The work will get done.

Freshman Year of College:

OMG why am I the only one carrying this team?!?


Senior Year of High School:

…. lol wut?

Freshman Year of College:

Like, why don’t I know how to study? WHY DIDN’T HIGH SCHOOL PREPARE ME FOR THIS STUFF?


Senior Year of High School:

11pm, every night.

Freshman Year of College:

Anywhere between 11pm and what is a bedtime?

The Future:

Senior Year of High School:

What am I going to do with my life?

Freshman Year of College:

What am I going to do with my life?