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Character  Thoughts: Education Levels

Random thoughts on how educated and why my three main trolls are:

KIT | Kit has a very basic but well-rounded fleet-standard education, but it hasn’t progressed much past what you’d expect someone to know if they’re high-school educated, and he hasn’t had the opportunity to specialize or make up for places he had shortcomings because it’s not necessary for his role in the fleet.

He’s actually farsighted and has minor issues with dyscalculia, only the former of which he’s recently become aware of (he has reading glasses now), but both of those things resulted in him having a hard time with reading and math when he was younger, which he never got to catch up on, so his general perception is that he’s not great at either. He’s recently taken up trying to catch up on history readings so that he can try to keep up with his two overly academically-inclined crushes.

BONNIE | She dropped out of the troll equivalent of high school, has an extremely hard time with organized learning, and thinks higher academics are total bullshit. She’s also wickedly clever and has a talent for mental conceptualization of math, spacial reasoning, geometry, and physics, but can’t actually solve math problems past basic algebra in a standardized format despite being able to figure out the logistics of her stunts and heists on the fly.

LALEDY | Lal has a basic traditional conservative jade education, so he can and will get troll Shakespeare references and knows how to do weirdly old-timey formal dance, but after early high school-level math and science, he got cut from schoolfeed access because he was reclassified as mutant cullbait. He’s proceeded to educate himself in his own scientific interests based on publicly available material and research, and he’s been very successful in the respect that he designed and ran a peer-reviewed and published experimental study at his cavern - but at the same time, the lack of formal education is a large part of the reason his name was never put on the paper, and also why he will sometimes have really weirdly patchy holes in his education because he just didn’t read about something or other.

  • My kid: I want to drop out of high school
  • Me: Let me tell u a story about this band
  • My kid: Uh okay..dont know how this is relevant.
  • Me: One guy in this band thought flip flops were thongs
  • My kid: How is this relevant to my question
  • Me: Let me finish, that same guy thought the possibilities were endless and the drummer thought tadpoles were baby turtles
  • My kid: Mom answer my question.
  • Me: They dropped out of High school. Dont become luke and ashton.
  • My kid: ill ask dad.
  • Me: He was in the band. He was the bassist he said some dumb shit to

alright you know what i got mad anyway sorry

  • sally jackson is a phenomenal mother but she does a fucking lot more than bake cookies okay
  • this woman lost her family when she was five
  • this woman grew up being neglected
  • and then proceeded to drop out of high school to take care of the man who neglected her
  • and then she raised a fucking baby entirely on her own, with no family at all
  • a baby that had a death warrant on his head since the day he was conceived, no less
  • she had nothing and she worked her ass off to make a good life for her son, and she did a fucking good job of it
  • and then she spent years in an abusive relationship all while continuing to work her ass off and make a good life for her son, despite being verbally and physically abused about everything she did
  • and then she fucking got herself out of that abusive relationship, and there is nothing fucking cute about sally jackson feeling so desperate and afraid of her abuser that her only way out was to kill him okay
  • and then she uses her new money to get a new apartment for herself
  • and then she fucking saved up enough to fulfill her lifelong dream of going to college to become a writer
  • and she still routinely has to let her son risk his life to save the world because she knows it wouldn’t be fair of her to try and beg him not to, it’s part of who he is and she knows she needs to respect that, so instead of guilting him and giving him ultimatums, she fucking gives him her blessing
  • do you know how fucking hard that must be for her though? and do you ever hear her guilt him or take it out on him? n e v e r
  • so like fuck yeah she’s kind and beautiful and loving but she aint soft and sweet this woman is tough as fucking nails, she’s strong, she gets fucked over and over again and she still never gives up
  • she pulled herself out of tons and tons of extremely tedious and difficult situations even when literally all the odds were stacked against her
  • percy even says that there’s steel in her, that she has a rebellious streak that’s just like him
  • and like i really don’t wanna ever hear anyone forgetting this part of her ever again
  • so next time you talk about her baking cookies remember that she’s also an orphan who grew up in an abusive household, dropped out of highschool, became a single mother, survived an abusive marriage, and worked her ass off to get herself to where she is today

the difference between Percy Jackson and the MCs of Rick Riordans newer series like Magnus Chase and Apollo/lester, are intresting.

Percy is described as being brave reasonably handsome, not booksmart but intelligent. He’s the son of a major god and is a good warrior his companions are: a smart pretty scary girl, goat boy, cyclopes kid, giant hell hound. 

Then we have Magnus, he’s reasonably friendly, but more of a smart ass than is good for him, he dropped out of high school, was homeless then died. he can heal, but all his fighting is done by his sassy talking sword. Also hes so salty. The sassiest. his companions are a scary muslim valkiry, a gay dwarf elf duo (which consists of his def elf and fashionable dwarf), and as I mentioned a sassy talking sword.

Then finally we have lester/apollo, who is flabby, acne prone, egotistical, self pitying, bi as fuck, and gets beat up alot. His powers include: feeling sorry for himself, singing the people around him into depression, regretting stuff, killing his loves, and kinda archery. His companions are: his blunt street urchin back stabbing child girl, his gay ass son, his gay ass sons emo gay ass boy friend, and his hippe grandma.

I see a trend, and I like it

What she says: I’m fine

What she means: Lim Changkyun dropped out of high school so he could pursue music and he didn’t even care if he was successful or not bc he just wanted to make music and be happy and then he joined Nu'Bility and they disbanded before they could start making music so he went on No Mercy and was treated as an outcast but he still worked hard to pursue his dreams of debuting and now he deals with feelings of inadequacy and the guilt of having stolen a spot in Monsta X from the other contestants despite the love and support he receives from the other members and he still works so hard and writes his own raps and he should be loved and accepted and appreciated for his efforts and all he does for Monbebes

one thing abt those “rethink homelessness” ads theyre always showing white people holding up signs like “i had a business/i was a dentist/i had a scholarship/i went to harvard”

like thats great.. good for them. but what about the homeless people who never “achieved” anything?

what about the homeless people who came from broken homes, got pregnant at 15, dropped out of high school, got addicted to drugs, never went to college, worked at mcdonalds since they were teenagers

“rethink homelessness” wants to show you the homeless people who were “worth something”. the “good” homeless people so you can look at them and think “oh look i guess all homeless people arent worthless bums after all! i should start caring about some of them!!”

those “rethink homelessness” ads seem to only promote homeless people who “made something of themselves” but then life took a tragic turn for them. as if theyre the only kind of homeless people who deserve empathy and respect

protect and respect ALL homeless people. even the ones who never got even a little close to being “successful”. even the “bad ones” who are the stereotypical homeless people

just because a person never “made something of themselves” doesnt mean theyre beneath you

“rethinking homelessless”?? more like subtle classism imo

thanks @ham-for-ham

okay here’s the Entirety of the space au:

john is a spaced out guy. he was a spaced out kid. he met alexander in middle school around the time alex’s mom died. john relates to alex bc even though he HAS parents, he feels like they are never there. he and alex become best friends.

in high school, they are still best friends. they take earth science together and john freaks out because he LOVES space and everything having to do with it. alex likes space too, and he loves how pumped his friend gets over aliens and such. they both agree to work around that industry some day and they watch all the space shuttle launches and such.

laurens— does not have his life together. he has shitty parents and a disorder and he kinda fails high school. he drops out. alex, on the other hand, soars through it and gets into a university. john is stoked for him! he doesn’t even care that he didn’t make it because alexander did. but.. he kind of does care? and he beats himself up about it.

john gets a shitty job, and alex becomes a fucking ASTRONAUT. they talk about being young, their dreams and stuff. laurens is just. so fucking happy alex made it. they drink to celebrate, john kisses alex even though neither of them has had enough to drink to even BE that tipsy. he pretends it’s nothing, but alex knows it’s not, and they kiss some more.

they move in together. john buys weird ass nasa shit and they get free stuff bc of where alex works and everything is so fucking great because their dreams came true! for the most part anyway.

alex’s time to go into space finally rolls along. alex is terrified, john comforts him. they kiss and draw constellations on each other and everything is okay.

the next day, alex gets all suited up and shit. john is in the crowd, his eyes glossy and he has binoculars and he’s all fucking decked out in nasa gear. he watches the shuttle take off and he’s so PROUD of alex.

the shuttle explodes before it can even get into space, killing all passengers. john watches helplessly from the crowd.

After 79 long years of waiting, Margaret Bekema finally received her high school diploma. The 97-year-old was forced to drop out of school to take care of her family. She couldn’t hold back tears as she was presented with her honorary diploma.

The Initiation - A.I

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part ¼ for my mini gang!5sos series. I just want to say thanks to @malumie for destroying me with this idea. It was the best and worst thing that’s ever happened to me. This is also virgin!Ashton for all you people obsessed with virgin Ash

The street lamp shining down on the wet pavement was the only thing lighting Ashton’s route back to the ratty apartment he couldn’t afford to stay in. This wasn’t how he pictured his life, just barely eighteen, a high school drop out trying to make ends meet.

He didn’t have the support around him to push through in school which was such a shame. He had the grades to make it, but he didn’t have the motivation to continue when his sister died, especially when Ashton knew it was mainly him to blame. They had been in the wrong place at the wrong time and he just happened to piss off the wrong person…that was two years ago, and as much as his parents swore they didn’t blame him, he could see the disappointment in their eyes. So, he did what any sixteen year old at the time would do. He ran.

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Being the fifth member/only girl in the band would include...
  • wanting to drop out of high school because most of the boys did but luke trying his best not to let that happen by helping you finish on the road so the two of you do math together at 2:00 am in the tour bus
  • all the boys being super protective of you
  • “i’m sad so can i sleep in your bunk tonight? we’ll watch a movie”
  • “calum, you’re over 6 feet tall and this bunk is really tiny and - fine”
  • a different boy carrying you off stage each night
  • “that’s where my shirt went! i’ve been looking for it for a month!”
  • “ashton, it looks better on me anyway”
  • “well…true. you still have to give it back eventually though”
  • being smushed in between calum and luke during an interview and them joking that you’re “in the middle of a cake sandwich”
  • fans coming up with ship names for you and each boy and making edits, youtube videos, gifs, etc. of their favorite ship
  • wearing heels basically 24/7 to be closer in height to your giant band members
  • re-dying michael’s hair for him in a hotel room at midnight when it starts to fade
  • knowing every single thing about all of the boys
  • bonding with lauren and being like the big sister she never had when she comes to visit ashton on tour
  • “um…why would i date someone that she (you) doesn’t like?”
  • luke snapchatting you from the bunk directly above you
  • attending award shows with them and the five of you looking hot af on the red carpet
  • collectively agreeing that you’ll be the one to make the acceptance speech if you win because michael claims that “you sound smarter than us when you talk”
  • constant funny tweets and instagram posts
  • being able to say “i love you” to 4/4 at any given time without it being weird at all
  • them saying it right back
  • always having someone to cuddle and have deep talks with
  • writing songs with calum
  • being completely comfortable in front of the boys and vice versa
  • possibly dating your fav and being the best couple in existence because you literally get to travel the world together


Whatever you do, don’t think of a five year old Sally Jackson desperately wondering how her parents could leave her, not understanding why she was now all alone. 

Don’t think about a sixteen year old Sally Jackson having to drop out of high-school and take up several jobs to support her uncle, burying her dream of graduating and becoming a writer, because it was never going to happen now.

Don’t think about a seventeen year old Sally Jackson watching all her friends go on to college, slowly leaving her behind and forgetting about her. 

Don’t think about an eighteen year old Sally Jackson crying at her uncle’s funeral, because that was it, her family was fully gone, and she was all alone. 

Don’t think about a twenty year old Sally Jackson lying on the beach, after she found out Poseidon, the man she had fallen in love with so deeply and quickly, was a god, realising that he too would leave her. 

Don’t think about a twenty year old Sally Jackson finding out she was pregnant, and realising that her baby would be a demigod, and attract monsters… and then running into a man called Gabe at work that day.

Don’t think about a twenty-one year old Sally Jackson crying as she held her newborn baby, because if she was sure about one thing, it was that her baby was going to have a better life than she did, and she would never, ever leave him. 

Don’t think about her kissing her baby’s forehead, and, recalling all the myths her parents had told her when she was young of one particular hero, whispering, “I name you Perseus.”  

Thanksgiving with BTS

nj: hey seokjin im here and I brought the kids like u asked

sj: oh good I’m still cooking but u can all sit down

jh: who’s bringing the turkey again??

sg: jimin’s dad is bringing it when he drops him off. dumbass how’d u forget ?

jh: hey maybe he can bring u a personality too since u dont have one! :)

sj: y'all don’t start I’m not in the mood my pie is giving me hell

jk: maybe that’s a sign u shouldn’t be making one??

sj: maybe the fact that ur still in high school after 5 yrs is a sign u should just drop out but that doesn’t stop u for going in for ur 6th :))

nj: lol why do u even keep trying

jk: idk maybe the same reason why ur still trying to release a second mix tape even tho it’ll never beat yoongi’s

th: omg???

jm: hey guys my dad and I are here and we brought the turkey

sg: ur just in time jungkook was just telling namjoon that he’s a failure and that I’m the best rapper in bts

jh: lol ok and I’m mariah carey

sg: that explains how high ur voice gets when u see a roach

jh: it’s a phOBIA ITS NOT FUNN Y

jm: guys my dad’s here be respectful???

th: oh sorry hey jimin’s dad u raised a very swell little dude

th: he hugs me when I’m sad even when it was because he and jungkook took all the lines in lost and left me with like 2

jm: I told u I was sorry???

th: but u always go and do it again??

jm: it’s not my fault I have a more superior voice??

jk: lol superior where u sound like a freshly neutered dog having sex with an owl

jm: dont fucking come @ me like that u fucking lopsided coconut head ass





sj: jesus fucking christ the jungle can’t come sooner

nj: guys sit down before he tries to feed us to his mario collection again

jh: this is great all of us together sharing a wonderful meal and being successful

jm: hey daddy can u pass me the salt

yoongi and jimin’s dad both reach out:


jimin’s dad:


sg: can u let go now he asked me for the salt

jm: yoongi?? shut?? the?? fuck?? up??

jk: lol this is awkward

nj: so is the fact that u have no top lip

th: hey leave him alone it’s not his fault he was born lipless

jk: ur literally not helping

th: I’m doing as much as I can, I can’t juggle singing, acting, defending u, AND work on my verse for cypher pt5- that has so far exactly 27 lines and 3 different ‘sick beats’ to add both diversity and color to an otherwise bland track known as “every cypher without kim taehyung”

th: not to shade or anything.

nj: yea ur not getting on cypher pt5

th: why not I’ve been working so hard on my verse!!

nj: u can’t even rap??

sj: namjoon u can’t even remember to pull out so leave the poor boy alone and eat ur greens

nj: that’s was one time??

jh: then why do we have 3 kids here??


sg: whoa babe it’s okay calm down I’m alright

jm: I was talking about my real dad plS SHUT THE FUCK UP MY DAD DOESN’T NEED TO KNOW ABOUT MY SEX LIFE

jk: too late lol

jm: oh is it too late for u to graduate too




sj: NOw I want to go around the table and say what we’re most thankful for

sj: namjoon u start

nj: I’m most thankful for our precious army’s that go above and beyond for us all the time we love them so much and appreciate all the army’s all over the world and thank you all so much and thank you-


sj: kay that’s creepy yoongi u go next

sg: I was gonna say I’m most thankful for my fire mixtape but then I realized that I brought that to myself so I only really have myself to thank so thanks min yoongi u the true og

jh: ok that was tragic so I’ll go now

jh: I’m thankful for the sun that rises each morning-

sj: aw that’s nice

jh: -because it just goes to show that I shine brighter and there’s really no one who is better or brighter than me but the fact that the sun tries so hard is so cute and uplifting it feels great to squash it each morning :))


sj: taehyung how about u

th: I’m most thankful to the toilets because without them this world would be a really stinky and dirty place and people would have to poop in buckets or the woods and that’s nasty cos bears poop there so if we poop in the woods where do bears poop?? in our homes that’s where cos then they want revenge and-

sj: ur a disappointment I hope u know that

sj: jimin?

jm: I’m thankful for my daddy who always treats me right and loves me no matter what right dad?

yoongi and jimin’s dad: that’s right

sg: seriously why do u keep doing this

jm: I fucking hAtE mY Lif E

jk: guess it’s my turn

jk: I’m most thankful for this turkey for not being as dry as seokjin’s humor or jimin’s hair. thank u.

sj: that’s it I’m going to the jungle early I hope u all choke on ur dinner

not to be a preachy freak but community college is an awesome, underutilized resource. if people could get their heads out of their asses and stop stigmatizing cc, everyone could save so much money.

for some people like myself, it is a 2nd chance. in high school i was seriously considering dropping out but i graduated w a 2.5-2.7 gpa that no uni was gonna take. now im in 1 of the top 10 design programs in tha country. some people did fine in hs but can’t afford a 4 yr right away and cc almost halves that cost. Or maybe u just want ur associates degree.. or maybe u just need to stay close to home to take care of ur fam…or u’re an older student and cc gives u the chance to work while taking night classes. there are so many reasons ppl go to cc and there’s nothing wrong with any of them…stop shitting on cc and cc students

In case this was needed for a fanfic or some shit:

High School AUs

When Billie Joe Armstrong was 17 (dropping out of high school), bandom was:

Gerard Way (MCR): 12
Ray Toro (MCR): 12
Pete Wentz (FOB): 10
Bob Bryar (MCR): 10
Mikey Way (MCR): 9
Andy Hurley (FOB): 9
Dallon Weekes (P!atD): 8
Frank Iero (MCR): 8
Patrick Stump (FOB): 5
Joe Trohman (FOB): 5
Jon Walker (P!atD): 4
Ryan Ross (P!atD): 3
Brendon Urie (P!atD): 2
Spencer Smith (P!atD): 2
Tyler Joseph (21p): 1
Josh Dun (21p): 1
Halsey, Melanie Martinez: literally not even fucking conceived yet

Killjoy AUs:

In the year 2019, bandom will be:

Billie Joe Armstrong (GD): 47
Mike Dirnt (GD): 47
Tre Cool (GD): 47
Gerard Way (MCR): 42
Ray Toro (MCR): 42
Pete Wentz (FOB): 40
Bob Bryar (MCR): 40
Mikey Way (MCR): 39
Andy Hurley (FOB): 39
Dallon Weekes (P!atD): 38
Frank Iero (MCR): 38
Patrick Stump (FOB): 35
Joe Trohman (FOB): 35
Jon Walker (P!atD): 34
Ryan Ross (P!atD): 33
Brendon Urie (P!atD): 32
Spencer Smith (P!atD): 32
Tyler Joseph (21p): 31
Josh Dun (21p): 31
Halsey: 25
Melanie Martinez: 24

American Idiot AUs:

At the time AI was set, bandom was:

Billie Joe Armstrong (GD): 32
Mike Dirnt (GD): 32
Tre Cool (GD): 32
Gerard Way (MCR): 27
Ray Toro (MCR): 27
Pete Wentz (FOB): 25
Bob Bryar (MCR): 25
Mikey Way (MCR): 24
Andy Hurley (FOB): 24
Dallon Weekes (P!atD): 23
Frank Iero (MCR): 23
Patrick Stump (FOB): 20
Joe Trohman (FOB): 20 
Jon Walker (P!atD): 19
Ryan Ross (P!atD): 18
Brendon Urie (P!atD): 17
Spencer Smith (P!atD): 17
Tyler Joseph (21p): 16
Josh Dun (21p): 16
Halsey: 10
Melanie Martinez: 9

I better not ever see an inaccurate fic again. 

I am so sick of women
being reduced to titles.
Like our names don’t represent
the hours our mothers spent in labour
just to see us, just to look in our eyes,
and know everything that we would accomplish.
Everything that we would be.

I was given my name
because I was meant to be different
(and a writer, funnily enough).
I am not His Girlfriend.
I am not a High School Drop Out.
I am what I say I am,
what I demand that you call me,
and no other names that you wish to give me
are permitted to leave your mouth.

—  My Name is Not Girl, I.S.