high school cry

Me in 2006: man I hope ouran high school host club gets a second season

Me in 2016: man I hope ouran high school host club gets a second season


it’s ok Mark, you can get emotional, it’s your last high-school year after all

someone tomorrow: bru-

bruno mars? peter gene hernandez? born october 8th 1985? my lil dad? lil father? lil man? whom i love with his whole 3'2 tall ass? whom i would die for? n take a 24k gold bullet for? every day? For 24 days? Every day week month year and century?
WE 😩👏 THE 😩👏 FUTURE 😩👏 GENERATION 🔊🔊🔊🔊🔊 THAT'S 👌 WHAT 👌 I BELIEVE‼‼ 💯💯💣💀💣💣🔥💯💀💣🔥💀
High School
  • Freshman Year: Welcome to high school! Prepare yourself for four years of stupidly large work loads and social drama!
  • Sophomore Year: Junior year is the most important year of your entire high school career. Now that you're stressed about that, here's 4 hours of homework. Also start thinking about clubs and stuff that you can join to put on your college application.
  • Junior Year: WELCOME TO HELL! LEARN TO DRIVE! DEAL WITH YOUR FRIENDS' SOCIAL PROBLEMS AS WELL AS YOUR OWN! TAKE THE SAT! TAKE IT NOW! WHAT? YOU GOT AN 1880? NOT GOOD ENOUGH, TAKE IT AGAIN! Also here's another 5 hours of homework and don't forget about those clubs.
  • Senior Year: Fill out your college app, chill for a few months, then cry because you worked hard to score a total of a 2000 on your SAT, joined the honor society, were in the top 20% of your class, and president of the Key Club just to get $23 off your $50,000 college tuition.

Inspired by @im-area ’s fusion high au but way sadder. I started the first chapter of a fic based on a post I made forever ago about Mala being the angry wild child.
I gave her bat shaped wings because that would be rad af and I made her really human I guess because I just didn’t feel like fooling with another set of arms lol. Sorry