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“Did you ever think about kissing me?”

When Cas looks to his side, Dean is looking at him. He can’t help but smile because of the flower crown in Dean’s hair and the expecting, nervous look on his sun kissed face.

“Yes.” Cas admits.

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JUMPOST 02/09/2017: Hey Say 7

Itadaki High Jump, a Fuji TV series program which is air on Wednesday midnight will change its timeslot from October 2 to 2pm.

Okamoto: it would be great. In afternoon the middle and high school students can watch it.

It is a program where the members solve the viewer’s “important issues”. For the middle and high school students what are the things you would want to cheer?

Yamada: It depends on what they want us to do.

Nakajima: It depends on the submission of the important issues.

Yamada: Sports, cooking, and because anything is acceptable, if they have something they really want us to solve, we hope we can help them even a little.

Chinen: It will be a great opportunity to start something new.

There are also times where you risk yourself to investigate the viewer’s problem.

Yamada: Because we are young we can do the project, for the seniors this probably something they wouldn’t do now, so we’re going to risk and pushing ourselves. Like the sliding.

The big issues to find the fastest slide in Japan isn’t.

Okamoto: the middle and high school students probably thinks “this is dangerous”, but I will do everything that you have wrote to us.

Chinen: We received a special training, we are like superman!

What is the point you have to take note when move to daytime broadcasting?

Chinen: The older people might watch us so I should stop using bad words. So I think i’m going to act as high class idol.

Okamoto: I hope people will get to know JUMP’s good points. Considering the elderly will watch us, I will stop wearing jeans with holes on my knees.

Nakajima: when both grandparents and grandchildrens know about JUMP, it is good that both of them can enjoy our show together.

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How can you honestly say Betty Cooper plot became all about jughead and boring??? How???

Betty Cooper is such a FUCKING awesome complex character, she’s a writers dream and you come into our house to say she’s boring and just a love struck teenage girl when most of her plot has been a beautiful dance of truth vs secrets between herself and her mother and her family and her town!!!! I live, LIVE, for all scenes between Betty and her Mum.

And you must be skipping her scenes, because the other major part of Betty’s plot is her struggle with mental health and the pressure that others put on her, including her herself, to be this perfect girl next door. Her internal and external battles to fight this perception at the same time how she sometimes conform to it all and it’s a qhirky little Betty paradox that keeps me glued in to Lili and her face and her acting!!!

And then thank God for Jughead in her life because Betty Cooper is a FULL 3D character as she is also a teenager in high school who wanted silly things like being a cheer leader just like her big sister and she fell in love with an old friend who is, we find out, her soulmate and she wants them to be together and she is so protective of him because she is freaking Betty Cooper and no one she loves must get hurt and she is in love and it is the most healthy relationship she has in her life!

OMG how can you say that?