high school ceramics


Two 17in fishes! Completed no less! Fired to cone six in oxidation. The black is amaco velvet jet black underglaze. The tan is just bare clay. The top one is my fav of the series.
These are for the Art100 show at the Piano Craft Gallery in South Boston coming up on December 2-17 this year.

How many pounds do you want to lose?
At least 20 right now so i can be under the weight limit for the slides at the waterpark we are going to in September.

What would you have been named if you had been born the opposite gender?

What’s one thing that makes your heart ache?
Animal abuse.

Is your hair naturally curly, wavy, or straight?
Straight af.

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After pigging out on food, it’s time to return to lesson planning, so I have a question for the fellow art teachers…Any answer will be appreciated.

I will be teaching color theory soon for my high school ceramics class; students will be painting one of their projects with acrylic paint, glazing another.

I need to decide the best method for students to practice mixing colors. Last year, I had students complete a color wheel (which works best for this type of class of mixed learners and grade levels), but students ended up ignoring it and forgot the point of creating one….I want to spend more than 1 day on this. I’m thinking of creating a packet (3 pages perhaps), where students have to choose colors to fulfill the different color schemes.

(I’ve taught color theory for my 2D art class, which is intuitive because we’re painting. But because this is a 3D art class, I feel that things should work a little differently. Or maybe not, maybe I’m just assuming that.)

What has worked for you?

Quaggan Chalice I made during my senior year of high school in ceramics class. It was literally the only thing I did that year in that class. It took me around 5 months to complete. It is made of fired greenware clay and tempera paint. I figured why not upload it because of Heart of Thorns coming out next month nyaaa.

Quaggan - Guild Wars 2 - ArenaNet
Artwork - Zraxi

[Submitted by zraxi]