high school cadance


Featuring High School Cadance the original teen princess Cadance tumblr! So lovely and shoujo mangaish!

Teen Cadance may have already started dating Shiny… but she’s no less afraid of him. Especially without her skirt. These two together would probably never get up the nerve to talk to him XD

Gray pony is Shining Armor’s friend, Palomides, from the fanfic. He think this is all very amusing.


Mod: and we’re back to the main story. if you miss the side story just go here

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also thank you all for those who has reblog their character and wish to be part of hsc. i won’t say who is going to be in it but i will start using them soon enough. sorry if i have not reply your msg… getting busy this days. i’ll try to reply soon.   

oh forget to mention all my text got fixed by Rolly

Oc Pony Needed

Artist requires OCs (Original Character) for background characters in High School Cadence.

Want to have your pony as a student in Equestria High? Here’s what you need to do: 

  • Reblog this! With full references of your character. Having descriptions is really helpful too!
  • I will not accept OC submissions without pictures
  • Students can only be original characters and NOT any characters/species from the series. I accept pony that are (BatPony/Unicorn/Pegasus/EarthPony/Zebra/donkey/mule).
  • I will pick the ponies at random to put in the story and scene at my discretion! So please don’t spam me asking why you’re character hasn’t appeared yet, if they’re accepted they will appear at some point.
  • Your character will be drawn wearing the uniform below!

if you have any question. send it here