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“This is Ben.
Ben made racist statements on social media.
Ben allowed Trump to gas him up.
Ben provided a half-ass apology.
Ben believes Trump can save him from an ass whooping.
Ben is unaware that he is also a marginalized minority.
This is the result.
Don’t be like Ben y'all.” - Fellow High School Alumni

SHARE THIS LIKE WILDFIRE. I went to highschool with this trash. I am simply spreading awareness, that is all.

at some point i was added to my high school’s official alumni page and everyone who posts on it is so earnest and genuine that i can’t help but use it as like a method of realignment for how to interact with family members who drastically do not understand sarcasm.

someone posted an announcement about an upcoming pancake breakfast to support our football team (zzz). she listed all the items they’d be serving and i asked if there would also be bacon. the poster replied “I will work on getting bacon 🥓. I love bacon” and i responded “woo hoo!!!” and she liked my comment.

worth noting: this school is three thousand miles away and i am absolutely not attending this fundraiser breakfast but i feel more wholesome and genuine just having interacted unironically online.


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riley and farkle went on their separate ways after high school. he, a stanford alumni astrophyisicist, and her, an up and coming poet, essayist, and journalist in new york. her most recent assignment brings them together even though they have felt further apart than they have ever been from the stars and the moon.

riarkle post college au.

“because i’ve realized no matter where you are or what you’re doing, or who you’re with, I will always, honestly, truly, completely love you.” - love, rosie

staypositivemg  asked:

Hi! Do you have any tips for an upcoming junior?

I’ve had it told that junior year is always the most difficult and stressful year by upperclassmen and high school alumni. Once I entered, I realized that their words held a tone of sincerity because junior year was a challenging time for me, both academic and social-wise. As a junior, it is definitely the time to mature and to take your future in a more sophisticated, driven manner. You have to start thinking about college (the most frightening of all), taking your standardized tests, taking AP/IB classes, etc. It’s a stressful time, or it was to me. Here’s a few words of advice from a (soon-to-be) senior and post-junior in high school:

  1. Do not slack off! Junior year as a whole is an important year because colleges focus on your junior year (and first semester senior year) grades. Keep up with your schoolwork and study for those tests, because in the long run, it can be a deciding factor to whether a college accepts you or not. 
  2. Find something you’re passionate about and stick with it. Whether it be sports or marching band, if you have something that you love, don’t push it away. Embrace what you’re passionate about even if others disagree. You’ll be happier in the long run.
  3. Take hard or challenging courses. I say this because not only colleges, but important people in your life, such as teachers, relatives, and of course your parents, want to see you test your limits and explore your boundaries. Difficult classes can stimulate your mind and are important factors of deciding what you want to do in life. Push yourself because you can always be better if you decide to put the work in. 
  4. Start researching colleges and universities. Ah, yes. It is that time of your life where you think, “Oh, senior year is a year away. I still have time.” Wrong. That’s what I assumed and now I’m two weeks away from the end of another school year and I’m beginning the process of college applications. Start researching now while you have the opportunity so you won’t get stressed about it later. Go on college visits! (Those are always so much fun). Find facilities where you can see yourself on that campus, find institutions that have potential for the major you want to focus in, find universities that offer significant financial aid so that you can go to college. It all starts now, guys. The journey has just begun.
  5. It’s never too early to start thinking about college essays or finding financial aid/scholarships. There are already scholarships out there for juniors; it’s never too early to start looking for ways that can help you get to where you want. Always pay attention to deadlines, and try not to go on scam websites. I suggest Cappex or Fastweb for scholarships. As for college essays, the five prompts that the Common App provides are available online 24/7. Start piecing together an idea of what you want to portray to the college of your dreams. It’s the one chance you get to show them the real you. Don’t take it for granted. Side note: For minority students, please check out the Bill Gates Millennium Scholarship. It will pay for all four years’ tuition at any college of your choosing (so long as you’re accepted). I’ve had two kids from my high school win two years in a row, and seeing them get to fulfill their dreams is something I wish I get the chance to do to.
  6. Study for standardized tests! Two words – er, acronyms. SAT and ACT. These are basically the foundation for your college applications. Though they are extremely important from a certain viewpoint, don’t strive to be perfect. Just do the best you can do, and that’s that. Test scores do not define a person. Even though, you should definitely try either out and see which test you prefer. If you take the SAT, I encourage you to take subject tests because those are also quite helpful and you get to do a bit of showing off in subjects you are well acquainted in. I believe in you guys!
  7. Be well rounded in extracurricular activities. These are important because colleges want to see what you’re passionate in, how you budget your time, and what you put your effort into. If you love band, stick with band. If you’re a musical theater tycoon, show colleges that you love being on that stage. Just don’t try and sign up for everything, because then colleges will be confused as to what exactly your passions are and just see an applicant trying to kiss ass by being in everything they can.
  8. Help out in your community. Give back to your community! Volunteer and help out. Volunteering is never a bad thing. Maybe set up your own fundraising to help out an organization or charity. Be a good citizen.
  9. Remember to relax. Listen, I know the upcoming year seems terrifying, and that’s probably why you messaged me in the first place (I hope this reply doesn’t terrify you too). But honestly, just relax. High school is supposed to be “the best four years of your life.” Don’t scoff at that; make it happen. This year, and the next year, and the years after that, are what matters. Not this day. It will be gone as soon as the sun rises in the morning. But just remember that you are you, and when you realize that, everything will just fall into place.

Shouri had some practice volleyball matches after gathering together a bunch of high school alumni.  They apparently had enough people for five teams!  Shouri was the Ace of his.  Everyone is excited about the Spring High tournament, cheering on the Osaka teams.  They also took some video of their practice, and if people comment a lot on his blog and twitter, he’ll post it.  



Wala talaga akong balak umattend dito sa event na ‘to kaso inambush ako ng mga Madre sa working place ko sa SM San Jose. Binigyan ba naman ako ng fun run kit which cost 750 pesos! Kakaloka. Hindi ako nakatanggi. Same scenario sa mga iba kong kaklase nung high school, kaso mas malala kasi sa bahay na pinuntahan ng mga Madre. Grabe. Ang tyaga nila Sister. Hahahahayyy.

[TRANS] Friends
  • Q: After 6 years of showbiz life, do you have colleagues you are close with?
  • Dongwoo: I'm close with Kyung-lim noona, Verbal Jint hyung, and Dongho. I also featured in Nicole-sshi's album. I put in my utmost effort to help her but her album came out well so I'm glad. Teen Top's L.Joe, M.Pire's Lumin, and EXO's Xiumin are friends who run over to me when I drunk dial them. Especially Xiumin, who is my high school alumni, and we stood on stage together during Daechukje.
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Peter: We know.

Q: I’d heard you were traveling through Europe.

Petra: We were. We’ve been to Madrid, Paris, Prague, London… but all that traveling was tough on  our relationship. We decided to come back here for a quick break and some quality time together.

Q: Oh, so you were traveling separately?

Peter: No. We were together.

Q: Oh. So back in Hester, you two were the hottest in school, but you famously never dated anyone. Has that changed in college?

Peter: Not really.

Petra: It’s hard because, we would never want to date someone the other didn’t approve of.

Peter: And I don’t think anyone is good enough for Petra.

Petra: And I don’t think anyone is good enough for Peter. So…

Peter: We’re just stuck with each other! Ha ha!

Q: I see. So what are you studying in college?

Petra: I’m pre-law.

Peter: And I’m pre-med.

Q: And your ultimate career goal is…

Peter & Petra: Modeling.

Q: Got it. Well thank you, I really enjoyed talking to you both.

Peter: We know.