high school alumni

“This is Ben.
Ben made racist statements on social media.
Ben allowed Trump to gas him up.
Ben provided a half-ass apology.
Ben believes Trump can save him from an ass whooping.
Ben is unaware that he is also a marginalized minority.
This is the result.
Don’t be like Ben y'all.” - Fellow High School Alumni

SHARE THIS LIKE WILDFIRE. I went to highschool with this trash. I am simply spreading awareness, that is all.

[TRANS] Friends
  • Q: After 6 years of showbiz life, do you have colleagues you are close with?
  • Dongwoo: I'm close with Kyung-lim noona, Verbal Jint hyung, and Dongho. I also featured in Nicole-sshi's album. I put in my utmost effort to help her but her album came out well so I'm glad. Teen Top's L.Joe, M.Pire's Lumin, and EXO's Xiumin are friends who run over to me when I drunk dial them. Especially Xiumin, who is my high school alumni, and we stood on stage together during Daechukje.
  • trans. cr: inspiritddww

Shouri had some practice volleyball matches after gathering together a bunch of high school alumni.  They apparently had enough people for five teams!  Shouri was the Ace of his.  Everyone is excited about the Spring High tournament, cheering on the Osaka teams.  They also took some video of their practice, and if people comment a lot on his blog and twitter, he’ll post it.