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Timothée Chalamet winning Fiorello H. LaGuardia High School’s Alumni Award for Drama in 2013

Even the teachers knew he’d make it.

He mocks the Statistics dance a bit in the end.

Partial transcript:

The recipient into the alumni friends award – graduation award for drama is Timothée Chalamet. Timmy – Timothée has already distinguished himself professionally with his roles as Finn on Homeland and Luke on Royal Pains. (to Timmy) Come here…Tim will be attending Columbia University in the fall…Your teachers describe you as “the real deal”. (Timmy: “Really?”) Really! Able to act a wide spectrum from comedy to drama. Your peers love your character as Tiny Tim, a white rapper. Congratulations!


A new Lil Timmy Tim rap video has surfaced here.

Check out this video with Timothée singing in three languages.

How To Navigate College Alumni Interviews (Part 2)

I’ve compiled below a list of questions which might come up. If any of y’all are curious, shoot me an ask & I’ll talk about how I approached/answered them.

The Sales Pitch

Tell me about yourself ***

This should be around one minute long and give the interviewer a sense of who you are. What are your favorite classes? What activities are you involved with inside and outside of school? How do you see yourself?

What sets you apart?

I suggest emphasizing how you sought out opportunities. You want to demonstrate, ideally, that you’ll take advantage of a university’s resources and student organizations.

Contextual Questions

Interviewers often ask softball questions in order to ease you into the interview and (in some cases) obtain a better understanding of your particular circumstances. Some common questions are:

What do your parents do for a living? Do you have any siblings? Are you close to your family? What did you do over the summer? What do you do for fun? What is your favorite book? What courses have you taken? As a follow-up: which ones have you enjoyed?

These questions are (hopefully) trivial.

Tell me about your high school. What do you like/dislike about it?***

Now this question warrants a bit of thought. Is your high school STEM-oriented or focused on the humanities? Consider the social dynamics. Do you fit in with its prevailing culture? If not, have you found a niche?

Self-Reflection and Self-Perception

What is a stressful event that has brought out the best in you?***

Have you grown since you entered high school?

What is your greatest accomplishment/what are you most proud of?

What has been your greatest failure and what have you learned from it?

What are your best qualities/strengths?  

Think of three adjectives that describe yourself. None of my interviewers asked me this question, but you might as well err on the side of preparedness: it’s hard to come up with thoughtful words on the spot.

Conversely, what are your weaknesses?

Looking Forward

How do you hope college will be different from high school?

Why do you wish to study (your indicated major)?

Why do you want to go to (the school by which you’re being interviewed)?***

Do your research; don’t be afraid to cite the school’s course catalog or website. But whatever you do, have clear reasons. A poorly-articulated answer to this question can leave a negative impression.


Is there anything else you haven’t conveyed either during this interview or in your application?***

Every single interviewer I had asked me this question. I recommend saying something if possible, even if it’s only a reinforcement of what you’ve previously said—my most successful interviews have been the ones where I either elaborated on points I made earlier or talked about the impetus for joining much of my extracurriculars. Answering this question provides a memorable coda; saying ‘no’…does not. 

Come Home William Byers

Title: Come Home William Byers

Pairing: Mike/Will

Rating: General

Tags: Future fic. Adult characters. 1990′s references. Reunion. Brief appearances of an original male character. romance. Brief mentions of major character death (nothing graphic). Angst. Unrequited Love. Happy ending. Slight AU only because we don’t know what is canon in the future. 

(This was a story I was working on before I started writing The Snip. Snip./Revelations fics. The resolution to that is coming next. Sorry for the wait, but wanted to get this one done first.)

It had been ten years since Will had set foot back in Hawkins. Ten years since graduation and the unceremonious removal of caps and gowns as the gang had all gone their separate ways, scattered into the wind as if the last few years of their lives hadn’t meant anything. Will had run faster and further than any of them. Perhaps it had been too much, and the distance was the only thing that could save him.

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Speak Now, Part 12 (Jughead x Reader)

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7, Part 8, Part 9, Part 10, Part 11

Imagine: It’s your last chance to tell Jughead how you feel before he marries Betty Cooper.

A/N: Thanks to @jasmineladjevardi for beta-reading and giving some great suggestions!

“If any of you has any reason why these two should not be wed, speak now, or forever hold your peace.”

It was as if you were standing on Blossom Peak again. Adrenaline coursing through your veins, heart racing, skin clammy. Every cell in your body was telling you danger. Every cell in your body was telling you to stop.

But then, you thought about how it felt to fly into the waters, Jughead’s hand in yours. You thought about every moment you had spent with Jughead since you arrived in Riverdale. Every frustrating, hurtful, happy, loving, amazing moment.

Then, you jumped.

“Wait,” you said, stumbling out from behind the corner.

Everyone turned towards you. You never felt that many eyes on you in your life. Alice Cooper stared daggers into your soul. Polly looked like you had just murdered a puppy in front of her. Jellybean hid a mischievous smile.

For someone who got terrible stage fright, you didn’t feel very concerned about the audience members,

The only eyes you were afraid of… were Jughead’s.

Hesitantly, you looked up to meet his gaze.

He didn’t look horrified, like much of the crowd. That was a good sign. He looked… confused?

“I’m sorry?” The minister said. “The line is merely an outdated legal formality….”

“One second,” Jughead said to the minister. He stepped away from the altar, carefully avoiding Betty’s death-glare.

He stepped slowly towards you. The sound of his dress shoes on the floor echoed throughout the church. It was as if the wedding had frozen in time. 

He leaned in, as intimate as a conversation can be when hundreds of people are eagerly listening. “(Y/N), what are you doing?”

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On a weekend night I found a fanfic based on this AU by accident!
I purposely did not keep defined any information of the job who have, and which relationship they have. because of the possibilities of these imaginations!!!
Of course there are a few minimum settings I have.
Example,Sera is from the Anonymous hacker, and likes to sarcastic to Graffiti.
Join the Inquisition was her own willingness.
Josie and Leli are same high school alumni, and Leliana was a band member. Josie longing to Leli, and she forms a band. but she gets involved in a murder case caused by the same alumni. so she gave up dream and turns herself into a minister of foreign affairs.
Anyway, these settings are not important. I am very happy. PLZ keep going on Many fanfic and imagination, some of little story!

And, at september wait something special.
Meanwhile I will have to do a few work. It’ll be makes me rarely came here. maybe.
I’m pleased that if you like my Fanarts. Comments are always good.
take care from heat. see you soon.

(this post’s cartoon is i’m not sure of completion. If it completes, i will upload.)

The Reunion: Carolina-Bleus

“Mr. Grimes?”

Rick looked up to see his assistant standing in the doorway of his home office. “Come on in, Taryn.”

“Here is your mail for today. All of the invitations to charity events, requests for speaking engagements and charitable donations are sorted and ready to be sent over to Jillian and David’s offices.”

Being a famous former baseball player, Rick was inundated with different requests from all over the country and beyond. Most of the mail went to the business address set up for such things, but sometimes people were able to find his actual address and send things directly to his home. Mail that came to his home was sorted by his assistant and either sent to his agent or business manager to look over and make their recommendations to Rick. All other personal mail came directly to Rick.

“Thank you, Taryn.” Rick collected the remaining mail from his assistant and started going through it. “Is there anything interesting in this pile?”

“Uh…well,” Taryn stammered.

“What is it? Did I get a piece of hate mail?” Rick laughed. “I know some folks are upset that I retired so soon.”

“No, that’s not it.”

Rick continued flipping through the mail until he came across the item he was sure caused his assistant’s reaction.

“Thanks again for the mail, Taryn. You can go now.”

“Is there anything else you need, Mr. Grimes? A drink or something?”

“No, I’m fine. I just need some time alone.”

“Okay. I’ll make sure no one disturbs you.”


Rick waited until the door closed behind Taryn before he opened the envelope from the court. He pulled out the papers and sighed.

“It is hereby ordered and adjudged that the marriage between Plaintiff, Loraine Halston-Grimes, and Defendant, Richard Grimes, is dissolved.”

Rick didn’t bother to finish reading the rest of the document. He knew the details of the divorce like the back of his hand at this point. Lori was to receive a generous divorce settlement, including a hefty financial sum and their New York estate, and Rick received custody of the kids. Rick really didn’t care how much money he had to pay or how many houses he had to give Lori as long as his kids remained with him.

Tossing the divorce decree onto his desk, Rick sat back and thought over his nearly 11-year marriage. It was a miracle it lasted as long as it had given the origins of it. But whatever other headaches and heartaches his marriage caused, Rick was forever grateful for his two kids the resulted.

Sitting back up, Rick went through the rest of his mail. The last item in the stack gave him pause. Opening the package, Rick pulled out an invitation and a picture.

“Fifteen years? Damn, I’m gettin’ old.”

The King County High School Alumni Association was throwing a reunion for Rick’s class in three months’ time. Rick had missed the ten-year reunion, but there was no way he could have shown up. There were things…people…he couldn’t bear to face at the time.

Picking up the picture, Rick smiled looking at the young faces of the kids he’d known since birth. His smile turned wistful when his eyes landed on one face in particular. That smile still made his heart clench all these years later.  

I wonder if she’s going to be at the reunion. She still lives in King County so she’ll probably be there. Things are different for her and for me now. And it’s been over ten years. Maybe we can at least be friends now. I just want her back in my life in some way.

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Taylor Swift: By High School Classmates

Preface: The following content was all voluntarily submitted over a period of 4 years by multiple persons claiming to have attended high school with Taylor. The aim of this excerpt compilation is to share previously untold memories regarding the American singer-songwriter Taylor Swift - not to fabricate childish rumours or spread hate. None of this is concrete proof of Taylor’s character or verified in any way.

According to an old classmate of Taylor’s at Hendersonville High School, throughout her high school years Taylor kept herself to her bubble of friends and was a “completely stereotypical high school chick” - a sharp contrast to the band geek she portrays herself as in You Belong With Me - but that then again, they hadn’t spoken to each other in at least 10 years. Their friend, however, was on relatively good terms with Taylor’s best friend, Abigail Anderson.

Another former classmate who sat next to Taylor during English 10 explained that Taylor was sponsored by Taylor Guitars way before commercial success, and that they even sent her free guitars every few months. He described Taylor as being “nice and kinda funny”, and that he used to try and talk her into selling him her extra guitars - she never agreed to it.

Touching on Taylor’s story of performing her song I’d Lie at her high school talent show in front of her crush, a Hendersonville High School alumni claims that the song was dedicated to their friend’s older brother, Grant Wood, and that it was “really awkward” just like Taylor described it as being, because he’d not felt the same way for Taylor and had allegedly found the performance so mortifying that he got up and left - a detail sadly corroborated by a separate person also.

A classmate who was never personally friends with Taylor but attended the same high school as her regrettably admitted that they knew people who were “friends” with her to her face, but would describe her as “annoying and super odd” behind her back. To conclude their statement, they confirmed that a lot of Taylor’s early music was very accurately based off her high school experience: she was back stabbed, experienced people being jerks towards her (although ultimately motivated by jealousy) and did most definitely have a “douche boyfriend”.

A claim made by a former classmate claiming to have known Taylor during their senior year suggests that fellow students weren’t always so kind to Taylor, tarnishing her reputation as that of being “stuck up” - which completely wasn’t the case, according to the alleged classmate, who described Taylor as “actually very smart and just introverted”. They described Taylor as a “great person with a big heart” and that she came from a “sheltered family”.

A young man that had nothing but praise to sing for Taylor despite having grown up with both ex-boyfriends in which Taylor’s debut album addressed claimed that he’d only had one class with her but that “she was beyond kind” and “awesome”.

During high school Taylor attended a mixed grade choir group, but didn’t mingle with the other members too much. A past member of the group choir who was a senior whilst Taylor was a freshman described her as never being “prude or uppity” despite some contrary allegations swirling around the internet, and that she was “an alright singer”.

In correspondence with the above statements, Taylor’s former teacher’s at Hendersonville High School claim that she was a very quiet student.

[ENG SUB] EXO at Festivals & Concerts - 2012 pt.4

121012 - Cheolwon Taebong Festival

  • EXO K - MAMA [1]
  • Talk Segment 1 [1] <RAW>
  • Baekhyun & DO - What Is Love [1]
  • EXO K - Angel [1]
  • Talk Segment 2 [full raw] [subbed part]
  • EXO K - History [1]

121013 - The K Show

  • EXO K - MAMA [do]
  • Talk Segment 1 [1] <RAW>
  • Baekhyun & DO - What Is Love [baekhyun] [do]
  • EXO K - Angel [1] [baekhyun]
  • EXO K - History [sehun]

121013 - KCON in Los Angeles

  • EXO M - History + Angel [1]
  • EXO M - Intro Talk + What Is Love + Talk 2 [1]
  • EXO M - MAMA [1]
  • Ending [1] [fancam]
  • Q&A Session [1]
  • Fansign Session [1]
  • Backstage interview [1]
  • JJANG! Interview [1]
  • Promotional Message [1]

121019 - Love Sharing Bazaar

  • EXO K - Angel [1] or [1]
  • Talk Segment [1] <RAW>

121020 - Kyungbok High School Alumni Celebration

  • EXO K - History [1]
  • Talk Segment [1] <RAW>
  • EXO K - MAMA [1] or [1]

121028 - Yangtze River Music Festival

  • EXO M - History [1]
  • EXO M - Angel [1] [luhan]
  • Talk Segment [1]
  • EXO M - MAMA [1]

121101 - International E-Culture Festival

  • EXO M - History [1]
  • Talk Segment [1] <RAW>
  • EXO M - MAMA [1]
  • MAMA Rehearsal [1] or [1]

121101 - MU:CON Seoul 2012 Opening Ceremony

  • EXO K - MAMA [1]

121202 - Danny’s Cool FM Sharing Concert

  • EXO K - MAMA [1] or [1]
  • Talk Segment [1] <RAW>
  • EXO K - Angel [1] or [1]

121202 - KBS Golden Bell Challenge

121209 - Irreplaceable Concert in Chongqing

  • EXO M - History [1] or [1]
  • EXO M - Angel [1] or [1]
  • Talk Segment [1] <viet sub>
  • EXO M - MAMA [1]
  • Angel Rehearsal [1] or [1]

121211 - Super Asia Showcase in Malaysia 

  • EXO M - History [1]
  • Talk Segment [1] or [1]
  • EXO M - Angel [1]
  • Luhan & Chen - What Is Love [luhan] [chen]
  • EXO M - MAMA [1] or [1
  • Promotional Message [1]

121231 - Jiangsu TV 2013 New Year’s Eve Concert

  • Press Conference [1
  • EXO M - Two Moons + History + Talk Segment + MAMA [broadcast] [fancam]
  • Talk Segment - Subbed [1]
  • Standby [1] <RAW>
  • Concert Greeting from EXO M [1]
  • Press conference Report [1] <RAW>
  • Teaser [1]
  • EXO K Promotional and Greeting Message [1]
  • Rehearsal [broadcast] [mama] [two moons] [other]

Parts 12 | 3 


ship au moodboard: riarkle

riley and farkle went on their separate ways after high school. he, a stanford alumni astrophyisicist, and her, an up and coming poet, essayist, and journalist in new york. her most recent assignment brings them together even though they have felt further apart than they have ever been from the stars and the moon.

riarkle post college au.

“because i’ve realized no matter where you are or what you’re doing, or who you’re with, I will always, honestly, truly, completely love you.” - love, rosie

staypositivemg  asked:

Hi! Do you have any tips for an upcoming junior?

I’ve had it told that junior year is always the most difficult and stressful year by upperclassmen and high school alumni. Once I entered, I realized that their words held a tone of sincerity because junior year was a challenging time for me, both academic and social-wise. As a junior, it is definitely the time to mature and to take your future in a more sophisticated, driven manner. You have to start thinking about college (the most frightening of all), taking your standardized tests, taking AP/IB classes, etc. It’s a stressful time, or it was to me. Here’s a few words of advice from a (soon-to-be) senior and post-junior in high school:

  1. Do not slack off! Junior year as a whole is an important year because colleges focus on your junior year (and first semester senior year) grades. Keep up with your schoolwork and study for those tests, because in the long run, it can be a deciding factor to whether a college accepts you or not. 
  2. Find something you’re passionate about and stick with it. Whether it be sports or marching band, if you have something that you love, don’t push it away. Embrace what you’re passionate about even if others disagree. You’ll be happier in the long run.
  3. Take hard or challenging courses. I say this because not only colleges, but important people in your life, such as teachers, relatives, and of course your parents, want to see you test your limits and explore your boundaries. Difficult classes can stimulate your mind and are important factors of deciding what you want to do in life. Push yourself because you can always be better if you decide to put the work in. 
  4. Start researching colleges and universities. Ah, yes. It is that time of your life where you think, “Oh, senior year is a year away. I still have time.” Wrong. That’s what I assumed and now I’m two weeks away from the end of another school year and I’m beginning the process of college applications. Start researching now while you have the opportunity so you won’t get stressed about it later. Go on college visits! (Those are always so much fun). Find facilities where you can see yourself on that campus, find institutions that have potential for the major you want to focus in, find universities that offer significant financial aid so that you can go to college. It all starts now, guys. The journey has just begun.
  5. It’s never too early to start thinking about college essays or finding financial aid/scholarships. There are already scholarships out there for juniors; it’s never too early to start looking for ways that can help you get to where you want. Always pay attention to deadlines, and try not to go on scam websites. I suggest Cappex or Fastweb for scholarships. As for college essays, the five prompts that the Common App provides are available online 24/7. Start piecing together an idea of what you want to portray to the college of your dreams. It’s the one chance you get to show them the real you. Don’t take it for granted. Side note: For minority students, please check out the Bill Gates Millennium Scholarship. It will pay for all four years’ tuition at any college of your choosing (so long as you’re accepted). I’ve had two kids from my high school win two years in a row, and seeing them get to fulfill their dreams is something I wish I get the chance to do to.
  6. Study for standardized tests! Two words – er, acronyms. SAT and ACT. These are basically the foundation for your college applications. Though they are extremely important from a certain viewpoint, don’t strive to be perfect. Just do the best you can do, and that’s that. Test scores do not define a person. Even though, you should definitely try either out and see which test you prefer. If you take the SAT, I encourage you to take subject tests because those are also quite helpful and you get to do a bit of showing off in subjects you are well acquainted in. I believe in you guys!
  7. Be well rounded in extracurricular activities. These are important because colleges want to see what you’re passionate in, how you budget your time, and what you put your effort into. If you love band, stick with band. If you’re a musical theater tycoon, show colleges that you love being on that stage. Just don’t try and sign up for everything, because then colleges will be confused as to what exactly your passions are and just see an applicant trying to kiss ass by being in everything they can.
  8. Help out in your community. Give back to your community! Volunteer and help out. Volunteering is never a bad thing. Maybe set up your own fundraising to help out an organization or charity. Be a good citizen.
  9. Remember to relax. Listen, I know the upcoming year seems terrifying, and that’s probably why you messaged me in the first place (I hope this reply doesn’t terrify you too). But honestly, just relax. High school is supposed to be “the best four years of your life.” Don’t scoff at that; make it happen. This year, and the next year, and the years after that, are what matters. Not this day. It will be gone as soon as the sun rises in the morning. But just remember that you are you, and when you realize that, everything will just fall into place.

Shouri had some practice volleyball matches after gathering together a bunch of high school alumni.  They apparently had enough people for five teams!  Shouri was the Ace of his.  Everyone is excited about the Spring High tournament, cheering on the Osaka teams.  They also took some video of their practice, and if people comment a lot on his blog and twitter, he’ll post it.