[Image title: Devil Child. Three panel comic strip.

Panel 1 Description: A teacher stops two girls in wheelchairs down a hallway in high school, and says “Well hey there girls! What you up to?”. The girls reply with a nervous smile, “Oh hi miss teacher.”

Panel 2 Description: The girls, dragging something behind them, sweat slightly, and say to the teacher “We’re uh, going to the garden to bur - I mean - plant stuff for Jesus!”

Panel 3 Description: The teacher waves as they pass by dragging a dead body wrapped and tied to the back of their chair. She smiles and says “Oh that’s nice! You go - go - go!”. The girls drive by with evil smirks on their faces, and say “We will!”]

Probably important to note AT NO TIME IN HIGH SCHOOL DID WE MURDER ANYONE, but we totally could have. No one ever expected the girls in the wheelchairs to be up to no good.

“If you could live in any time period...”

When I was a kid I used to fantasize about living in the Victorian Era. My family was white and solidly middle-class, and I had no feelings about the fashions (though they did seem a bit uncomfortable), but the social directives. Doing *this* plus *that* would equal response A, B, or C, which had their own tree of directives!

They were so CLEAR. So understandable. Oh, sure, as a headstrong and forward female, I didn’t always AGREE with the way Victoriana went about social engagements and personal interactions, but even that! Even that was something I wanted! If I’d been a placid and studious woman of high etiquette, I could have filled a role that had unambiguous assumptions and responsibilities. If I’d bucked those trends, maybe I’d go down in history as a trailblazer!

It took a very long time to realize that a hundred years from now, there will almost certainly be books written about us that make things seem as simplistic and understandable as the Victorian era was to me. Sure, back then there were fewer roles women were allowed to fill.
Things may have been simpler. But that doesn’t mean they were better - or that they were anywhere near as proscribed and simplistic as many books after the fact have made it seem.

I kind of hate that. I wish it were that simple. It was nice to have a time period to fantasize about, some period simpler than the current era, a time where Interaction A plus Interaction B led to Reaction A or Interaction C.

But life is more complicated than that. And it’s clear to me that it’s way more beautiful than that. But it’s so easy to get caught up in a desire for social simplicity while you’re still in middle school. That place is a labyrinth of social nightmares and hormonal minotaurs.


I realized over the past couple of months, increasing my production (camera, tripod, backdrops) has not been really conducive to creating videos for me… I’ve been wanting to make a sit-down chill video where I just kinda spoke my mind, so I used my macbook. Hope you don’t mind. Hope you get something from this jumbled rambly video of mine…?

BTW I didn’t say it but Albert Einstein supposedly said that last quote (about the fish climbing).

1. Evernote

2. http://ratemyprofessors.com
I don’t use this because UCLA has its own personalized/custom website called http://bruinwalk.com but I seriously use this every time I want to enroll in a class.

3. http://quizlet.com
online flashcard making website!

4. http://studyblue.com
An online locker/backpack for all your study materials ie. midterms, finals, notes, index cards, etc.

5. A class notifier - try to find one through word of mouth! A lot of schools have these, but it’s not official.
http://classscanner.com is the one I use for UCLA classes.


Today I studied Chemistry (such a difficult subject).
Did some note taking and reading.

You’re not seeing a weather snapchat as usual bc today it was really cold and “grumpy”.

Listening : “Le Fabuleux Destin d'Amélie Poulain” Soundtrack

Hope you’re having a good day
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Red light selfie on my drive home from today’s classes because it’s been over a year since I posted a pic of myself - and well - I’ve changed a lot! I apologize for my messy bun but it was a long day and I wanted to both have my windows down and be able to see the road that I was driving without my hair becoming an interference.


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Learning a language it can be one of the most exciting experiences someone can go through, it helps you a lot with so many things and it can also save you in many situations that you wouldnt imagine. Many people start with the iniciative of learning a language but most of them give up during the process, thats why I will give you many tips that might help you recover your motivation, or to start now in this adventure of learning a language:

1.-Start with a language that catches your attention

Before anything else, you have to start with a language that you seem interested on,  let me tell you that learning a language is not something easy, you might go through so many difficulties before you can really learn it, but it will be totally worth it (I assure you), so choose wisely!! I will leave you here some main languages that you can look up, but that doesnt mean that you have to choose from this ones, you can also make your own research:
Spanish, English, Hindi, ArabicPortuguese, Russian, Japanese, German, Vietnamese, Korean, French, Italian, Dutch, Greek, Swedish

2.- Lookup for applications in your cellphone or web pages

Theyre some really cool applications that might help you study many essencial words, one of them is called Duolingo, you might had heard about it, but let me tell ya that this app its really easy to use and super helpful when its about vocabulary words, grammar, etc. You can also search for web pages that help you learn in a fun way with games such as puzzles, etc.

3.- Learn a language with a partner or a friend

It could be really helpful to start this journey of knowledge with someone of trust with you, they can help each other and you will have someone to practice with.

4.- Search Youtube videos 

If youre a beginner I recommend you to start searching youtube videos that helped you learn the basics of the language. If you already know the essentials of this language start looking up for videos that you seemed interested in such as beauty tips, cooking recipes, study tips, etc.

5.- Listen to music 

Its an easy and funny way of learning some vocabulary words at the rythm of the music

6.-Search for movies

Search for a movie, it doesnt need to be made in the native place of the language youre learning about, it could be any movie that its translate it to the language, you can start first with subtitles and then you can later take them off

7.- Use tumblr or another website as a way to practice the language

It could be an easy way of practising the language as you can post, or commented about something you like 


You can also have an special notebook or even a blog where you can write poems, stories, notes, personal thoughts or even used it as a diary, but writting it in the language you want to learn

9.- Resolve tests 

To know the progress youre making, and if you dont feel like youre learning the same way as others do, just remember that all of us are different and thats why some people can learn faster than others, but if you really want to learned that i guarantee you that you will do it, its just a matter of perseverance

10.-Make conversations with native speakers

You can use tumblr or other social networks to communicate with native speakers of the language youre trying to learn!!

11.- Practice 30 min. or more a day

It would helped you a lot as you rehearse it and it will last longer in your memory!!

12.-Read books 

Read books that you seem interested on and search for words that you dont know about!!

13.- Try testing their traditional food or try to make it!!

Trying to learn a language is also trying to learn a new world full of culture and history, thats why you should try to make a research about the place you want to learn, and try testing their food and costumes even if you can visiting that place!!

Well heyyy there!! If you want more posts like this or have suggestions of what you would like to see just dm me!!

Topsy Turvy - Part 2

Plot: What happens when you get out in your last choice elective, Photography?
Pairing: eventual Peter Parker x reader
Characters: reader, Nina (OFC)
Word count: 560ish
Tags: high school age!reader
Warning: language
A/N: This is NOT a high school!au, mostly because the character that the reader is paired with is canonically a teenager. Also it’s gonna be Tom!Peter mostly because reasons.
Tagging: @stevergxrs @sebbytrash @writingruna @rogersxbarnesx @imagine-assembling-the-avengers @niallsberrie @emily-jane-girl-next-door-rp @akoya-pearls

Part 1

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The sound of your alarm clock rouses you from your slumber. You had only gotten a few hours of sleep since you spent a good amount of time laying in bed worrying about Photography. You had to convince yourself that you would be fine and that it wasn’t too big of a deal in order to fall asleep. Easier said than done.

You get out of bed and check your phone. No reply from Nina. You put on the clothes that you had put out the night before, then walk into the attached bathroom. You quickly brush your teeth, brush your hair, and put makeup on. Grabbing your phone and putting it into your backpack in your room, you hurry into the kitchen and grab a granola bar.

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this is kinda late for the high school tips, but do you have any tips for memorizing a lot in ap classes? I'm taking some next year and i'd love to hear what worked for you!!

Hello, anon! I used quizlet (quizlet.com) a lot especially if I needed to memorize new vocab/terms. (Making flashcards is also pretty helpful, but I personally didn’t want to buy a ton, which was why I used quizlet.) I also made one page review sheets, which were basically single pieces of paper on which I wrote down all the important information and key things to remember from a certain section or unit. If I had a test, I would go over my review sheets and made sure I had all the key ideas down. But, getting a good night’s sleep and living a healthy lifestyle are also super important! If you’re well rested and eating healthy, your brain is able to retain more information. Hope this helped :)


Hello I’m Abby very nice to meet you all, I’m a recessive lesbian *I can also be the dominant, Although I prefer being recessive* I’m here to meet new people and maybe get a special lady! *hint I like confident woman* I’m a huuuuuuge dork, I like Pokemon, Steven universe, Rick and morty, drawing, the last of us, and cuddling! Shoot me a message on my tumblr or on my kik Abberdeenie