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Top 5 fave skirts please?

okay here are my top five skirts (honestly i was so close to making this my top five jean skirts ahaha);

  1. brielle skirt (peach is also wearing the matching top here)
  2. high-rise denim skirt (my #1 fav ok !!!)
  3. hello summer skirt
  4. simple flare skirt (featured in this lookbook)
  5. cotton maxi skirt (for all ur i forgot to shave my legs needs)

i may make this into a tag/section on my tumblr (like wcifs) if more people are interested - we just dont know (๑˃̵ ᴗ ˂̵)و

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hullo! what're your top 5 cc female skirts & dresses?

Hiya, thanks for asking!! ♥ Here are my current Top 5 skirts & dresses :)

Left to Right; Click here for HQ pic

1. Sentate’s Lydia Skirt

2. Rusty’s High Rise Denim Skirts // Non-Belted Version

3. Our-Dazed-Sims’ Denim Days Skirt

4. Trillyke’s Dorothy Skirt

5. YounZoey’s Hello Summer Skirt

Left to Right; Click here for HQ pic

1. Pixelunivairse’s Casual Summer Dress

2. Beo’s Claire Short Dress

3. Trillyke’s Lorelei Dress

4. Rusty’s Lily’s Wedding Dress

5. Magnolianfarewell’s Vesper Gown

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Mhm. For the Dan prompt thing, how about some rubberbang? As Dan's present, Ross dresses up as a cute maid, eagerly fulfilling Monsieur Dan's every wish. And yes, one of those wishes is definitely a blowjob or being bend over a horizontal surface while being plowed by Dan. Maybe some shenanigans with a feather duster. Keep being awesome, my love!

Ross/Dan | Role play 

“Oh my God,” Dan says, his jaw dropping a little at the sight before him.

“I-I hope you like my new outfit, Sir,” Ross says, straightening the hem of his frilly little maid costume, brushing invisible dust off the ridiculously short skirt.

Dan’s eyes drink Ross in. He’s got a tight little maid outfit on, the skirt ruffled and short, sleek black tights that stop at the upper thigh so Dan gets a hint of skin between the bottom of the skirt and the top of the stockings. The top of the outfit is concealing, a tight bodice, long sleeves, a cute little white hat perched on Ross’s head, and low black heels.

“Um…” Dan says, and Ross looks panicked for a second, “No!” Dan says, “No! I mean, Goddamn Ross, you look…fuck, dude.”

“Anything for my master,” Ross says overly sweet, a real smile spreading across his lips. Dan watches as Ross reaches behind him to the counter and picks up a feather duster, “Would Master Dan like me to dust for him?”

“I…” Dan says, still reeling, still feeling breathless, “Sure, yeah. You can dust.”

Ross nods and he turns around, the skirt doing little to hide the curve of Ross’s ass that peeks out from the bottom of the ruffled skirt. Dan’s eyes are locked on Ross’s hips and ass, the cute curve of his waist in the outfit. Shit. Ross was fucking him up so bad right now.

Ross reaches up on his toes, the low heels making him a little taller as he tries to dust a high shelf. The skirt rises with Ross’s body and then Dan sees the little detail that almost kills him. Ross’s skirt goes up enough for Dan to spot the pale pink panties that Ross is wearing under the maid outfit.

All of the air leaves Dan’s body and he lets out a small groan. Ross looks back over his shoulder, smiling innocently. “You know,” Ross says, “I’m here to serve my master in several ways.”

“Fuck,” Dan says and he takes a step closer, almost hesitant, like at the last minute Ross will confess this is all some big fucking joke.

Ross though, his cheeks go pink and he plays with the end of the skirt, “Did Master see something he liked?”

“The, uh, the panties.”

“Oh,” Ross says, and he lifts his skirt up, giving Dan a quick peek at the front, where the fabric is barely concealing Ross’s semi-hard cock. A small pink silk bow attached to the front of the panties. The skirt falls and Ross is looking at Dan all innocent again, “Does Master have an order for me?”

“Um,” Dan says, mind reeling between Ross and the panties and the fact that both he and Ross are getting hard, “I.. I want you to bend over the counter, lift your skirt up for me.”

Ross nods and to Dan’s amazement he does exactly what Dan had asked. Ross bends over the counter, sticking his ass out and flipping the skirt up so that leaves his cute little ass sticking out, clad in panties. Dan licks his lips as he steps up behind Ross.

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she stares at pretty girls. not really looking for anything, not really finding anything. they’re all small noses and slim waists and cute butts and nice breasts and
she gets sick very easily.

she stopped wearing bikinis when she understood how heavy her stomach feels and she stopped going out when she learned how tight her pants were and
all of her friends play spin the bottle with each other while she stands on scales and sucks in.

she lost control last night. baked a kitchen and scraped the brownies into the garbage, drank her tears in wine glasses, tried to put out the fire in her cheeks with an apple core and
it didn’t work.

she’s always said psychiatry feels fake, always dug fingernails into wires, preferred shock therapy over one on one conversations about dinner and dessert and how much she eats and
she skips breakfast sometimes.

she dates boys with large hands, more of a palm to even out the ratio when he holds her, finds safety in larger things to make her shrink, gives herself prizes in partners she meets in the dairy aisle at jewel and
they never stay the night.

she keeps staring at pretty girls in high rise skirts, pretty girls in tight shirts, pretty girls in little shorts, pretty girls in skinny jeans on skinny bone on bone transplants and wondering how heavy a heart feels inside a doll like ribcage, the sign said life size and
she said not proportional

pretty girls say they eat like cows.

she says she doesn’t eat.

she reads a lot of magazines with health tips

last month
someone told her to stop

she did

last week
she saw a pretty girl spilling skin out and in a gray sundress, saw a pretty girl with fat arms in a dull pink bikini, saw a pretty girl in thick thighs, saw a pretty girl in big belly, saw a pretty girl in a beauty pageant who brought a talent to step on scales and smile every hundred pounds

—  and i hope to God she learns to love herself like that someday

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stuff from Urban Outfitters under $40? thanks!!

Skirts & Shorts

Knit Snap-Front Skater Skirt

Knit Circle Skirt

Knit Circle Skirt

Classic Circle Skirt

Denim A-line Skirt

Chevron Circle Skirt

High-Rise Sailor Short

Faded Floral Denim Mini Skirt

High-Rise Sailor Short - Ships Ahoy

Denim Short - Floral Print

Kimchi Blue Rosie Pinup Short


Tie-Back Cap-Sleeve Blouse

Off-The-Shoulder Cropped Top

Off-The-Shoulder Top

Prairie Scallop Tank Top

Eyelet Flutter-Sleeve Blouse

Afternoon Delight Tee

Ruffle V-Neck Top

Cropped Peasant Top

Mama Tank Top

Georgia Tank Top

Embroidered Cropped Cami

Baby Girl Cropped Pullover Hoodie Sweatshirt

Frill Seeker Cami

Racerback Tank Top

Lettuce-Edge Cami

Truly Madly Deeply Daisy Cropped Tee

Daisy Chain Racerback Tank Top

Prairie Scallop Tank Top

Winking Eye Cropped Tee

Ruffle Cropped Top

Mickey Mouse Ringer Cropped Tee

Printed Cropped Halter Top

Button-Down Chambray Bra Top

Dresses & Rompers

’90s Blossom Mini Dress

Sheer Chiffon Cross-Back Dress

Floral Cross-Back Tank Dress

Stripe V-Back Cami Dress

Ruffle-Top Fit + Flare Dress

Floral Lace-Back Slip

Deep-V Open-Back Romper

Denim Daisy-Trim Tank Dress