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High Rise wrapped this afternoon. Tom unfortunately had to to rush off and didn’t have time to stop for pics and whatnot. However, he was ever the Gentleman, he stopped, got out of the car, apologised to the fans who were waiting for him (myself included) and thanked them for coming today and throughout the entirety of filming. He didn’t have to do it, but it was so nice to see how much he cares for his fans. Such a lovely guy, I have so much respect for him.

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I understand the concern about Hamlet but it is really not your place to tell other fans how to behave at a theatre performance. You could have made that post after the play had started when the first reports start filtering through from the likes of your friend Ana. But this inane post is just reinforcing the idea that fangirls are dumb and should not be allowed in a theatre venue, which is ridiculous and is something the regualar theatre goers get so smug about. Wait and see what happens.





that’s so fucKING rich oh my god. The sense of entitlement is so goddamn overwhelming in his fandom it’s mindboggling. WHY can I not make a post on my own blog reminding people, maybe some first timers, of proper theater etiquette? what the FUCK

I’m not saying fangirls are dumb, that’s an entirely different argument. If I thought that hiddlestoners or loki lovers or pine protectors whatever couldn’t handle a theater AT ALL I would have been upset with this whole Hamlet thing from the beginning.

But listen. LISTEN. I’m not GOING to wait and see what happens BECAUSE ITS GOING TO HAPPEN REGARDLESS OF WHETHER I SAY ANYTHING OR NOT. There are going to be hecklers during quiet moments, there is going to be someone who tries to record it and then whines about how they were unfairly treated, there is going to be someone who gets mad that there’s no stage door and says how they “deserve to have tom come outside and greet his fans.” Will it happen every night, or more than once? I have no idea, but IT WILL HAPPEN.

Because it happens every. single. fucking. time. tom does something. it happened for THREE months of coriolanus, it happened on the high rise set, it happened when THERE WAS A CLOSED ISTL SET. it happened on infinity wars.

I just freaking want people to remember to be respectful of the theater environment, okay? of tom, of ken, of the other actors, of the bloody CREW who makes it all run smoothly for those PAYING MONEY to see and escape for a little bit. A little respect goes a long, long, long way and if this quick run of Hamlet can go better than previous experiences then I will believe anything is possible.

Jesus I hope they don’t let you into a theater anytime soon tho


So today was the last day of filming for High Rise and me and some friends along with many others waited hours for Tom to come out, unfortunately he couldn’t stay for individual photos etc but as he was leaving he made a wonderful speech from his car thanking us all for our support and enthusiasm and apologising profusely for not being able to stay, he said how he’d had an amazing time here in Bangor, Northern Ireland how lovely and welcoming we all were and thanked us for being a part of it, he left us by blowing kisses “for all of you guys” and hoped we enjoy the movie. SUCH A SWEET HEART

Tom Hiddleston on His High-Rise Nude Scene | InStyle.com

The screams of gathering paparazzi were muffled by overeager super fans who didn’t shy from yelling, “You’re so sexy!” the second 35-year-old English actor Tom Hiddleston arrived at the Tribeca Film Festival screening of his much-talked-about film High-Rise Wednesday night inside Manhattan’s SVA Theater. And who could blame them? Hiddleston arrived looking as dapper as ever in an oxblood-toned Dolce & Gabbana suit that fit like a glove.

“I tried it on and it reminded me of the ‘70s, and High-Rise is set in the ‘70s,” he told InStyle of the inspiration behind his movie-going getup. Hiddleston always delivers a look worthy of a top spot on anyone’s best dressed list, but there’s one outfit he confidently sports in the new film that we’re ogling to get a glimpse of: his birthday suit. The brief, fully nude moment, which you can see in the trailer (below), offers a peak at his chiseled body, but the star says baring it all for the cameras is no big deal.

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So I met Tom Hiddleston! After waiting outside in the boiling heat and getting sunburnt very very badly I met him! He was so lovely, he shook my hand, said my name, took our selfie and to make the day even better he called me “Gorgeous” (even tho I did not look of feel it) altogether it was a great experience and the wait and sun burn was worth it!