Imagine going to your divorce lawyer, Tom, for the fourth time. He loves to tease you about the men you marry, joking that someday he’ll have enough money to pique your interest. Until then, he’s content in drafting your divorce settlements, all the while describing all the ways he can satisfy you like none of your husbands ever could.

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Imagine going on vacation with Tom and his family. You’ve hardly had any time alone together since arriving, and you’re just starving for some one-on-one attention. Before breakfast, you tease him with a little nibble on his ear as your hand slides into his pajama bottoms. He’s hesitant at first - his family is in the next room, after all. It just takes a few more strokes to convince him that he needs you as much as you need him. He just makes you promise to be as quiet as possible so no one finds out.

Imagine living next door to Tom. One summer afternoon, you hear a commotion coming from the backyard and rush to see what was going on. You step out onto the patio to see Tom, soaking wet from head to toe. His new puppy had escaped into your backyard and fallen into the swimming pool. Unsure if the little thing could swim, Tom didn’t hesitate to dive in to rescue him. He apologizes, but naturally you tell him not to worry about it. Seeing him climb out of your pool, his drenched clothes clinging to his body, was oh so worth it.

Imagine Tom waking you up in the middle of the night. You were having another nightmare, calling out in your sleep for help. He tries to calm you down, holding you close, reminding you that you’re completely safe in his arms. Once he’s convinced you’ll be okay, he wanders down to the kitchen to make you a cup of hot tea to help you drift back to sleep.

Imagine Tom sending you on a scavenger hunt. It’s your first wedding anniversary, and he wanted to make sure it was extra special. He records little video messages with riddles designed to lead you from clue to clue until you finally find your gift. In a perfectly wrapped box on the mantle is a delicate bracelet with one charm for each adventure you’ve had on this first year of your marriage.