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The Walking Dead’s Chandler Riggs celebrated the end of his high school career this weekend in epic fashion. It all began a few weeks ago when he took to Twitter to express his relief at finishing exams

This weekend he finally graduated and posted about it on his Instagram

If that wasn’t exciting enough, his TV dad and star of The Walking Dead Andrew Lincoln surprised him by showing up at his graduation after-party! His mother Gina broke the exciting news on her Instagram

Not only that, but it appears other notable Walking Dead actors showed up for the festivities, including Danai Gurira and Lennie James

Outside of The Walking Dead Chandler and Andy have always remained close. “I am definitely closest to Andy,” Riggs confirmed to Cryptic Rock when discussing who he related to more in the cast. For fans it’s exciting to see that Chandler’s relationship with the cast has transcended the show. Look forward to seeing all your (alive) favorites again when The Walking Dead returns for its eighth season this Fall.

“Physical Education” by Candlejill


After an accident took Carl’s eye, he quickly becomes more isolated as he learns to cope with his loss. Other kids stare at him, friends slowly stop speaking to him, even the teachers don’t know how to act around him. All except one. Carl finds his gym teacher Negan to be his sole comfort.
After a traumatic event leaves Carl questioning what he wants from life, he soon learns to take his frustration out a different way. A violent way. With Negan’s reluctant help, they form a new kind of friendship.