high resolution photograph

‘ Strange Hydrange ‘  Directly scanned Hydrangea blooms with a second flower I forgot. By Bob Bauer  contact me if you know.  I always love Hydrangea blooms, their so vaired in the color of one bloom. In this case it is white and blue. I don’t get to see them much becuase in my low humidity area, they don’t do well.


Gemini XII Mission Image -  11/15/1966

File Unit: Gemini XII, 11/11/1966 - 11/15/1966Series: Photographs of the Mercury and Gemini Space Programs, 12/1960 - 2/1997Record Group 255: Records of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration, 1903 - 2006

The Gemini 12 mission returned to earth on November 15, 1966.  Over five days, astronauts Jim Lovell and Buzz Aldrin had conducted several technical and scientific exercises, including the collection of high resolution “synoptic” photographs of weather systems like this cloud formation over the Pacific Ocean.

This post comes from Carol Marquardsen, an eIntern with the National Archives via the Virtual Student Federal Service.

‘ Blue Dentition ‘    Maple leaves scanned and color altered by Bob Bauer. This is an older image.  But it is one that was my best ‘flower’ image of all time.  Which doesn’t say much.  hahaha I think I sold about 15.  I still think it is a great image.


‘ Tubal Flow Blush Bleu ‘   Hue altered scanned flower photograph by Bob Bauer.   I loved this piece so much I did 5 different hue altered versions of it. The original was a green stem and light burgundy colored blooms.  This is a high resolution image.  Super detailed.


Submission Guidelines

Do Your Own Dishes is a feminist zine created to promote South Asian/South Asian Diaspora artists, writers, musicians, filmmakers and photographers from across the globe. The zine is published quarterly.


We take submissions in four categories: music, visual art (painting,photography, film making etc), Fiction: (poetry, short stories etc), non-fiction (articles and narrative nonfiction).

General Guidelines:

- Please include a short bio (60-100 words) and the word count in your cover letter

- Please include a high resolution photograph of yourself to go along with your work.

- Label your attached Microsoft Word Files “Your Name_DYOD Category”. For example:

“Ahmed Pervez_DYOD Poetry”

- Please make sure your submission is relevant to our zine’s mission, objective and audience

- Please send all submissions as attached files


We accept nonfiction of the following genres: narrative, creative, micro, travelogue, essay etc.

- Kindly keep submissions between 800 - 2500 words


We accept fiction piece and poems of all forms. Preference is given to works that follow our theme (are feminist in nature) and demonstrate originality.

- Kindly keep submissions between  800- 1500 words

- For poet, please submit a maximum of three poems in an attached word file.

Visual Art:

We accept artwork of all kinds: paintings, doodles, comic strips, illustrations, digital photography and film etc.

- Please make sure you submit your artwork and photography in high resolution (300 dpi file format)

- For digital photographers: kindly submit up to 10 high resolution photographs explaining the theme of your work.

-For film makers: kindly submit a 2-3 minute trailer of your film. If you wish to submit a short film, kindly make sure it is below 10 minutes.


We are currently experimenting in this category. We are open to innovative submissions. Some examples may include: interviews, photo diary, album art, discography, lyrics etc

- if you/ your band wish to be interviewed, kindly send us a 150 word pitch of how your music fits our zine’s vision.

Although the zine is published quarterly, submissions are open throughout the year.