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Arp 299: Black Holes in Colliding Galaxies : Is only one black hole spewing high energy radiation or two? To help find out, astronomers trained NASAs Earth-orbiting NuSTAR and Chandra telescopes on Arp 299, the enigmatic colliding galaxies expelling the radiation. The two galaxies of Arp 299 have been locked in a gravitational combat for millions of years, while their central black holes will soon do battle themselves. Featured, the high-resolution visible-light image was taken by Hubble, while the superposed diffuse glow of X-ray light was imaged by NuSTAR and shown in false-color red, green, and blue. NuSTAR observations show that only one of the central black holes is seen fighting its way through a region of gas and dust and so absorbing matter and emitting X-rays. The energetic radiation, coming only from the galaxy center on the right, is surely created nearby but outside the central black holes event horizon. In a billion years or so, only one composite galaxy will remain, and only one central supermassive black hole. Soon thereafter, though, another galaxy may enter the fray. via NASA


India sets new world record, launching 104 satellites at once.

Creating a new world record in the process, India successfully kicked off their 217 launch calendar February 14 by launching a Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle with 104 satellites. The rocket launched at 10:58pm EST from the Satish Dhawan Space Center.

Lofted into a sun-synchronous orbit by the rocket’s fourth stage, 101 cubesats accompanied three larger satellites on the mission. CartoSat-2D is the fourth in a series of high-resolution Earth-imaging satellites domestically designed by India. Less than ten seconds after CartoSat-2D was deployed, the INA-1A and 1B satellites were released. These two satellites are technology demonstrators for a new, smaller satellite bus that India hopes can attract universities and small businesses for space-based payloads.

Of the 101 cubesats deployed, 88 belonged to the Planet company, which - when combined with 100 identical satellites already in polar orbit- will photograph the entire surface of the Earth every day. Eight other cubesats belonged to Spire Global, and will measure atmospheric conditions and global shipping traffic. The remaining five are scientific and communication technology demonstrators

ISRO - the Indian Space Research organization - released a stunning video of the PSLV launch, the first time footage from onboard rocket cameras have been released. Key events in the rocket’s ascent can be seen, including the jettisoning of its six strap-on solid rocket motors, separation of its second and third stages, and jettisoning of the payload fairing. 



Happy Birthday to Charles Darwin! Born February 12, 1809, in Shrewsbury, England, Charles Darwin became one of the world’s most influential scientists. The Darwin Manuscripts Project has compiled full-color, high-resolution images of faithfully transcribed Darwin’s work.In these documents, you can trace the development of Darwin as a thinker and you will meet Darwin as a keen-eyed collector, an inspired observer, and a determined experimenter. You will also find Darwin the shrewd reader, attuned to his cultural context, and the strategic writer, ever reconsidering and revising. 

Explore the Darwin Manuscript Project here. 

Commissions for Feb-Mar

How to Order:

  • send me an ask or email [ashubinfreelancing@gmail.com] please make sure to include a reference and description of what you would like
  • you will receive a conformation email within the next 1-3 days [depending on if its a weeekend] stating that I have received your request and with a rough sketch for approval. Once you approve, I’ll send you payment information to my PayPal. Make sure you click “NO ADDRESS REQUIRED” when you pay!
  • Once you receive your commission it is for you to use however you want. And you will be sent a high resolution image, I will also ask if you mind if I put the image up on my social media.
  • At this time I ONLY accept USD, I’m sorry!

If you have any questions, please let me know! I’ll try to get back to you as soon as possible. My hours of operation are M-F 12pm-4pm & 9pm-10pm [I’ve got a 1 year old so I work around her, she’s my boss ;)]

Regarding a digital release!


Many people have been expressing interest in a pdf release. We’ve gotten lots of asks about the pro’s and con’s of a digital release and took some time to think about them! 

Currently, our primary concern is the the artists whose work we are compiling.

We know some of you are not able to have a physical copy of a nsfw work product at home or don’t have the money to buy it, but there is also still a huge risk: the possibility of reproduction and reposting of high-resolution images. Even when we don’t want to think about this in this wonderful fandom - illegal reposts of work happens. Our main goal is to protect the artist’s work, who are working hard to make this a wonderful project for everyone. 

 However, we are currently discussing each option carefully, and will open discussion with the accepted artists and reach a final decision then!

Celebrating Black History Month! 

Frederick Douglass was born a slave in February 1818. At the age of 18 he escaped slavery and became an abolitionist, social reformer, orator, and writer. His 1845 memoir, Narrative of the life of Frederick Douglass, an American slave, is one of the most influential slave narratives published. This image is from the frontispiece of the first edition, which can be viewed in our 10th floor Reading Room. A high-resolution reproduction of the image is also viewable in the National Museum of African American History and Culture (NMAAHC) in their permanent exhibition: Slavery and Freedom.   


I used Signs.com. Get this, this is basically five different decals for the car and a survival kit in it, a total of twelve feet of decals over 97x5 inches…virtually every site wanted 70-90 dollars or more, Signs.com, 25 dollars with shipping included.

Also yes, you could totally make a Romulan one, I made these in clip studio by taking high resolution images of the logo and tweaking them a little then adding the pin stripes. If you can find a high res enough image of the romulan star empires Emblem or whatever details you wanted for your car then you just make a digital canvass the size you want for your vehicle, import the image, clean it up if it needs to have areas deleted or changed, clear the background on the digital canvass and save it as a png. Now you have a transparent decal sized appropriately for your car and ready for upload to signs.com to make. If you have any difficulty with it you can also send me a message to hash out what you’re trying to make and I can give it a shot and see what can be done.

llybian replied to your post “mochibuni replied to your photoset “My best characters right now,…”

It’s sad too because I really love Nowi but just… no. Absolutely not with that outfit.

lethalneuroses replied to your post “mochibuni replied to your photoset “My best characters right now,…”

i’ve only played fire emblem on the gba, and these newer games…just…the costumes….

Not all the newer Fire Emblem characters are horribly designed–I mean, Lucina is one of the most popular characters as far as I can tell and her outfit is perfectly great!  But there are some characters with some cringe-worthy outfits and Nowi’s is especially bad because her design is so young (even though she’s much older than she looks, which I assume is the justification) and because we’re getting high resolution images of them.  In sprite form, they’re not nearly as cringe-worthy (until you remember the full design, bleh).

I’m really :/ about Nowi because I like the character a lot, but I REALLY HATE HER DESIGN.  The sprite form isn’t so bad because you can’t see detail, but still bleh.

mochibuni replied to your post “mochibuni replied to your photoset “My best characters right now,…”


mochibuni replied to your post “mochibuni replied to your photoset “My best characters right now,…”


I think you’re nailing what’s bugging me about the outfit especially–it’s practically designed to draw your eye to those giant bows at her hips, which then forces you to look at the short shorts and heart-shaped garters and thigh-high boots.  The crotch belts draw attention to her crotch and that she’s baring more of her midriff and chest than she’s covering.  Like, try to look at that outfit and NOT have your eye drawn right to her crotch.

I like some of these things separately–I love thigh high boots!  I love giant pink bows! I love vampire capes! I love putting these things together with a green scale top!–but not… like this….  Which is a shame because her face is so cute and I love my tiny grandma who turns into a giant dragon!

Alphabet is selling its Terra Bella satellite imaging business
A high-resolution satellite image of Istanbul captured on September 29, 2016 from one of Terra Bella’s SkySat devices. Google parent company Alphabet is backing away from another one of its peripheral and far-out missions, this time satellite imagery. The company is selling its imaging unit, called Terra Bella and formerly known as Skybox, to startup Planet Labs for an undisclosed sum, the two companies announced today. Read more