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To have Conference with Spirits

“Take Pedra di dura fruitta [the rock of a hard fruit like cherry or plum] On the day of St John Baptist [June 24th, old midsummer] Or in the vigil of St Peter [June 29th] Or in the third day after and burn it and cast it into a secret place And after the third day come thither and you shall find as many Devils as by them And thou shalt see them and bind them saying as followeth.
When our Lord descended down from Heaven to deliver the People In the name of the same Lord I Conjure you Spirits that you do whatsoever I command you And that you do no hurt to any creature And thereto I charge you + In the name of the Father+And of the Son+ And of the Holy Ghost+ Amen+ Then ask or bid them do what thou wilt and they will perform

From The Grimoire of Arthur Gauntlet (17th century) composed by David Rankine

  Big mix from High Rankin to get everyone feeling nostalgic about 2011. Some of the biggest bangers here last year had to offer and a couple of tunes that have already put 2012 on the map for dubstep. Enjoy!

Track List:

The Trickstas - Kill it Fuck it Eat It 
D Cals and Maksim - Jump 
High Rankin - Reincarnation 
Dodge and Fuski feat Tigerlight - Adrenaline 
Skism and Flux Pavillion - Jump Back 
High Rankin feat Tigerlight - Lift Me Up 
Porter Robinson - The State (Skism Remix) 
Skrillex - First Of The Year 
Killagram - Silence 
Temper D - Face The Door 
Mojo - Carnival 
Knife Party - Fire Hive 
Document One - Ace In The Pack 
Doctor P - Watch Out 
J Majik -In Pieces (Mike Delinquent Remix) 
Kavinsky - Nightcall 
Nero - Promises (Nero and Skrillex Remix) 
Document One - Tears 
Zomboy - Organ Donor 
Dodge and Fuski - Aerophobia 
Muffler - Calling Your Name (Skism Remix) 
Knife Party - Internet Friends 
Nero - Doomsday 
Feed Me - One Click Headshot 
Kriss Kross - Jump (TBMA Remix) 
Skrillex - Bangarang

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Inna Lillahi Wainna ilayhi Ra'jioon. My grandma just passed away if you all could make dua for her I would really appreciate it. May Allah grant us sabar. May Allah forgive all her sins, accept all her good deeds, fill her qabar with Noor and give her high rankin. Ameen.


favorite dubstep song forever

High Rankin - Meow Meow