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Destiny's a pretty cool game! It just got a sequel a couple weeks ago so lots of people are excited about it rn. There are a bunch of really quality chickens you can chase around and play with in one of the social spaces.

!!!!!!!!! tht sounds Wonderful???????? ;_____;

also it shows how uh. Barely ive been on general social media in general recently bc i dont think ive heard ab it till Right Now™

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What do you use to have everyone talk/be recorded at the same time over long distances for the podcast? I hear some people use Skype or google hangouts for group calls. The sound of the podcast is rather seamless and for a while I thought you were in the same room together lol

Felix: We use Cast! It allows different people to participate in the same audio feed via the Chrome browser, and as long as they use headsets the audio is great. It saves a high quality audio stream for each participant and has an audio editor that can be done in the browser so I never have to fiddle with a program for it. That means when audio does get low-quality, I can edit it out of individual streams, unless it’s while they’re talking.

Start streaming soon !

For a long time and as many artists as I follow, I wanted to start streaming while I draw in order to motivate myself, chat with people and have feedback. 

I had quite a lot of worries because my old computer wasn’t really effective, and now that I have a new one, I would like to get started ! I can’t promise high quality streams with grandiose designs, but I would try to do my best to advance my live creations. 

I will start the first stream shortly, waiting to set OBS ! 

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Why are u gonna die next week?

Hey anon!
It’s nothing serious :D Well, assuming that I survive the job interview I have tomorrow, Falsettos will be the cause of death since it’s coming out in high quality as a stream. And one particular song/scene is already too much for me to handle in low quality, so yeah - that will probably kill me. It will be a beautiful death though, so don’t worry. And since I’m going to die together with @missartemisholmes, everything is fine. :’D

I would have also accepted

“Warner Bros. Pictures are thrilled that over the last 48 hours countless numbers of our fans have been so excited to see exclusive footage from our upcoming Suicide Squad film that they’ve tolerated a low-quality version. It was our goal to release a high quality stream simultaneously, with the announcement from Hall H on Saturday, but we were unable to achieve that goal. Today we will release that footage. We hope you enjoy it! And to everyone who was in the Comic Con crowd, we hope you enjoyed your unique experience of being in the room for this awesome announcement!”

- Sue Kroll, President Worldwide Marketing and International Distribution, Warner Bros. Pictures

Welcome RayV!

By P.P.S. Narayan, VP of Cloud Platforms and Services

I’m thrilled to announce that we have acquired RayV, a company with an exciting approach to online video streaming in the rapidly evolving mobile space.

Watching mobile and online video has gone from being a novelty to a daily habit for millions of users. Yahoo is focused on growing video users and monthly streams, and while we’re only getting started, we’re very focused on this in 2014. This deal demonstrates our dedication to accelerating our video strategy and boosting our underlying technology infrastructure in the space.

At Yahoo, we are focused on building a video offering that delivers best-in-class quality and content, and can be streamed on-demand and live, on all platforms. The RayV team shares our passion for innovation and commitment to build a video infrastructure to deliver the ultimate video experience to our users. RayV has built a compelling technology that enables improved high quality streaming for online and mobile content partners.

The team lives and breathes video, and have become industry pioneers. Omer Luzzatti, Co-Founder and CTO and Ofer Shem-Tov, Co-Founder and Chief Architect are veterans in the audio and multimedia space with key VoIP startups under their belt. They have solid domain expertise and a passion for video that makes them a perfect fit for the Yahoo Video and CDN platform.

We’re thrilled to welcome the RayV team, most of whom will join the Yahoo R&D center in Tel Aviv. We are excited for the leadership that they will bring to Yahoo.