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“September 10th, 2013,
"I don’t know whether it’s harder for me to believe that if has been two decades since we began or that it’s still going strong after two decades with fresh viewers every day around the world.

"What I find most moving, aside from the persistent diehards and the protestations of ‘your show saved my life’ or 'my marriage’ are the parents who watched it live, back in the day, introducing their kids to if as if it were a right of passage or a secret kept behind closed doors until the right moment, and.the enjoyment 30 and 40 somethings are having in the re-visiting. Like mum introducing her oldest friend who happens to be a time traveler and is giddy with excitement for their adventures ahead. Sorry, I digress.

"The truth is, I am so grateful to have been a part of this groundbreaking trajectory and delighted that it still stands up against the high quality programming of today. Thank you to every last fan from all the corners of the [Earth] whether you were there with us in 1993 or are viewing for the first time in 2013.

"Thank you, Chris for having the nerve and conviction to cast me. Thank you to every last crew member and writer for working relentlessly hard to make the show look and sound so good to every cast member for surviving the hours and delivering great performances and last, but not least, thank you, David, for wearing those Speedos.

"Gillian AKA Dana Scully”

That Detailed Post About How I Met Michael Rooker And Sean Gunn And We Talked About Sexbots

You guys seem interested in how my weekend went (I’ll only focus on the Actually Exciting parts, aka Rooker and Gunn so I don’t bore you with my life lol) and I’m still reeling from how this might have been the most fun I’ve had at a small (ish, sort of, maybe I just think of it as small because it’s local for me) con, so I’m going to ahead and writing a big old post about it. So strap in, because this might not actually make any sense since this is the first chance I’ve had to breathe in like two days. (Also notice that my wifi is on!)

So rewind to like a week and a half ago. I’ve been planning on going to this con for a while since it’s close to me and I’ve been going for the past few years, so it’s sort of a situation where if I have the weekend free, I just show up (I cosplay a LOT so I go to tons of cons mostly to just hang out with people). I can’t remember the guest list at all and I don’t really care, because the people I CAN remember are from things I don’t really watch/read/whatever, so I’m planning on just going and hanging out and maybe shopping. I’m planning on just going for Saturday, and wearing a Star Wars thing. 


After seeing vol 2 a *few* times, I’m like okay, yeah, I think I especially love Michael Rooker now. So I follow him on facebook and twitter and instagram, and “related events” things start coming up as things that he’s going to, you know, to advertise, and I see THAT CON. So now I’m like….???????? Excuse me???? So I checked and yep, he’s right there on the guest list, and I’m an idiot who doesn’t actually pay attention to anything. So now I’m like well, shit…what do I even wear to see him? Because I HAVE to at least meet him, and I just CAN’T do that in a Star Wars cosplay. And then I realize that I’ve been putting some stuff together for Gamora ever since I saw vol 2 the first time, and I’ve got a wig and paint on the way (and this isn’t a big deal, because paint is kind of my thing, so I’m like yeah okay I can just throw this together the day of and probably things will not go wrong). But a week is not enough time for me to put together any of her canon outfits, especially because I really want time to make them nice. So I pull out a pair of black pants, a white tank, and a leather jacket from my closet and it’s like…okay, whatever, here we are, this is fine. So then I bought myself a little baby Groot with a Ravager jacket because I needed some kind of SOMETHING to carry around, and didn’t have time to make a sword or gun or anything (he was a hit by the way).

Then late last week I get the vol 2 art book and I’m super excited because of all the Iron Lotus girls in it and I’ve been super needing exactly that because I’m going to be making one over the summer so I’ve been STRUGGLING to find refs. So now I have refs…and a centerfold of a sexbot. So now I have exactly what I need Michael Rooker and Sean Gunn to sign. (Spoiler, they did. I will post it).

Now fast forward to yesterday, which was Saturday of the con. I’m in a Star Wars cosplay because folks were expecting that and it felt wrong to back out of it so soon before the con, and it was SUCH a struggle forcing myself not to go up for autographs because i HAVE TO WAIT until I’m wearing Gamora. BUT, they did a panel, which I waited an hour and a half in line for and sat just behind the VIP rows which was pretty good. And let me tell you, that might have been the best panel I have ever been to in my life, and I’ve been doing this for like 6 years now. 

Sean Gunn (who plays Kraglin and also did the onset Rocket where he wore a green morph suit and crept around on all fours, I saw a print of it at his booth, it’s absolutely incredible) was there right on time, and Michael Rooker was late, so we got like 20 minutes of what he just called “coherency” where he did the q & a by himself. Memorable points include:

  • The first song on Kraglin’s awesome mix would be Jukebox Hero by Foreigner. He said this immediately, with no hesitation at all, so he’s definitely been thinking about it. 
  • Sean’s favorite non-gotg MCU character is the Silver Surfer
  • He doesn’t know how much of his own whistling at the end of the movie was actually used and how much was just edited in, but he is an amateur whistler and he’s just started, so give him a break, okay??
  • They played around with a LOT of ideas about what kind of a character Kraglin should be. Originally he was supposed to cackle a LOT
  • On Gilmore Girls he was constantly afraid that he would be out of a job, because his character was never supposed to be recurring 
  • Michael Rooker is the world’s biggest Gilmore Girls fan

Then Rooker finally snuck in, and stood behind Sean to get everyone to cheer for Sean, and then the HOLLERING

  • His greeting was I’M MARY POPPINS, Y’ALL
  • He is, in fact, the world’s biggest Gilmore Girls fan
  • If he could play any other GOTG character it would be Kraglin, and again, this was said without any hesitation (Sean said he would play Yondu, because the guy who plays him SUCKS, which Rooker agreed with)
  • They went to the same film school
  • Michael Rooker says he can walk down any street anywhere and talk to ANYONE and make friends
  • His favorite line from GOTG 2 is “my underwears” because it isn’t underWEAR, it’s underWEARS 
  • He just says whatever pops into his head at the time and goes with it
  • He likes to believe that Yondu turned into stardust and went to another galaxy to kick some more ass 

Then there were still a lot more questions to get through, so they had to lightning round it, in which Rooker jumped up and walked down the middle aisle, put his mic in the face of whoever was next in line to ask a question, and answered YES to every single one

  • “How was it to work with Stallone again after–” YES
  • “What’s it like to–” YES

And then they went back to their tables and I didn’t see them again until Sunday (today). I spent like 45 minutes speed-painting myself, used my bf’s shirt as an umbrella in a torrential downpour, and managed to remember both my art book and Groot, and I got my ass in line to see Rooker and this was the most rewarding day of my life. I think I had to wait like 20 minutes, but I paid for a photo and an autograph, and when I pulled the book out everybody working at the table was super interested because like nobody (except Michael Rooker????) knew that it exists, so while I was up there everybody was just flipping through it and that was cool and all but my heart was going like 70 mph 

And then,,,,,,,it’s my turn, and I get a big ol HI, SWEETHEART (and for those of you who don’t know from anything else he’s done, he does sound exactly like Yondu, like that’s just default Rooker) and I’m just kind of hi :D and he said i looked good,,, and then he saw that I wanted him to sign the centerfold and he was pretty Happy with that and was like “Where should I sign?? OH, RIGHT HERE” at her entire pelvic/upper thigh region

Which is indeed where he signed it 

And he wrote YONDU WAS HERE

And then he was like “Oh yeah, i love this book, this is a good book” so we flipped through it some and it was A+ High Quality Content

ANd then he had to stand up for the photo because it was one of those deals of the security or staff guy on hand just takes one with your phone, which is a LOT cheaper than doing the official photo ops and tbh sometimes the phone ones come out a lot better, and you can actually talk to him which is neat. So he stands up, and he’s like ‘alright, c’mere baby’ and i’m like :D again 

and he put his arm around me which was A++++ 

And he rubbed my back which was like,, the BEST

And he was SO NICE

And he said sweetheart like 17 times 

And he’s just SUPER FRIENDLY and so easy to talk to so overall 10/10 will repeat this experience 

Then I was like okie doke, time for Sean Gunn, so I went over to his booth and stood in line and because EVERYBODY wants to see Yondu but less people want to see Kraglin it was a lot shorter and I could talk to him longer, so he signed the same centerfold and we went through the ‘where tf to put it’ struggle because Rooker took up the Good Spot, so now I’ve got KRAGLIN next to it, but he also hadn’t seen the book so we got to flip through it and talk. And I told him that I got it because I needed refs of the girls, and he was like wait why? and i was like well,, cosplay,, and he was SUPER interested in that so we talked about how I’m planning on making a sexbot cosplay (to go with a Yondu, that’s a long and different story but I’m Very Excited because he’s a Very Good Yondu) and then Sean asked what the girls are credited as, because on set they called them Sexbots, so uh, CONFIRMED. I told him that I’ve also been calling them sexbots, but they’re in the book as ‘lovebots’ which is just you know, the same fucking thing but family friendly

So he’s interested in my cosplay, and everything was fantastic, and also a lot of little kids really liked my Gamora, and also I got a free print out of it

And everybody loved Baby Groot

So it was a really good day

(if you want to see the centerfold and also the Me then I’ll post them)

anonymous asked:

I've been giving a lot of thought to the "never cross a picket line" stuff. I'm a nurse, and I know that if we went on strike the hospital would fall to its knees. That's great for hurting the administration (although for now we have no reason to strike), but I know that a lot of my patients would also suffer, and I would hate for them to be a casualty of a conflict that doesn't really involve them. Can you help me settle this?

I hear you - there’s no question that patient care suffers during a strike, and I know from my friends and family members who are nurses that this figures highly in a nurses decision to strike, which is never taken lightly.

Nurses care deeply about their patients, far more than doctors because you guys are around them long enough to form real human relationships with them. Disgustingly, it’s this decent and human aspect of nursing that the bosses and their pals in the media identify as a weakness and set out to exploit to break and prevent strikes. The idea of nurses as “angels” is peddled in order to create the idea that you’ll just put up with anything like saintly martyrs. It’s all closely tied to patriarchal ideas about femininity by the way, (sorry male nurses, but you know what I’m talking about)

If nurses aren’t paid and treated fairly, patient care suffers over time, high staff turnovers, tiredness, over work, stress - these have impacts on patients which degrade patient care insidiously and take long term toll, as opposed to a strike which is usually very short…It’s in patient’s interests to have satisfied, well rested and alert nurses, and the logic of capitalism means that they are under more and more pressure to get more out of you guys for less money - they’ll push until you push back. You could say that you have a duty to you patients to defend the profession of nursing from attack - and it is under attack because the hospital bosses have a vested interest in reducing your status and renumeration to the absolute bare minimum. 

As you say, the hospital falls to it’s knees without nurses. This is why not crossing the picket line is so important in nurses strikes. If the strike is going to be unanimously respected by all nurses, the bosses will avoid it at all costs, because they know it can win and win fast. They need to be afraid of you, they need to know that your gun has bullets in it, otherwise they’ll call your bluff. It’s the bosses who endanger patients by putting nurses in a position where they have no other option but to strike. By not crossing picket lines you are standing up for your patients right to high quality nursing, standing up for the nursing profession, and standing up for working class people everywhere against those who want to push us around and squeeze us dry.

2009 Castello Banfi Rosso di Montalcino

I found an old Rosso hidden away in my cellar! I generally recommend that you drink your rossos young and fresh (while you wait for your Brunellos to mature) but this one is of such high quality from a great producer that it was able to stand up to a bit of aging! Old red cherries, plums, bramble, anise, fresh leather, and a hint of balsamic on the nose. Plums and cherries on the palate with some lead notes and a touch of age. 

3/5 bones



14% abv

Tuscany, ITALY