high peaks

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That is— that is— that is,


That is— that is— that is,


No doubt— no doubt— no doubt—

What did you say?

I’m getting chills, getting chills~

You alright?

What I longed for, what I longed for~

Strange, isn’t it?

I am— I am— I am— I am~

Just lucky.

But as for me— for me— for me—


As for me— for me— for me—


However, I never thought Togami-kun would go so far as to have night vision goggles~

H-HAHA! That was a fine play by Togami-kun! (ow!)

The super highschool levels standing against the despair of death!

Ah, it’s so wonderful~

So beautiful~

That’s why hope will win in the end!

I have confidence in that!

Please, don’t raise your voice at me~

Deep breaths, deep breaths…

The conclusion you reached is…

Totally right~~

Yes, everything was my fault!

Or was it?


Of course!

Whoever wrote that ugly note

Couldn’t be anyone but me— but me, right?

I declare it!

I am definitely

the lowest,

the worst,



No matter what human garbage…

"Oh no! He’s the type who killed animals when he was a kid!"

It’s the first time someone has praised my appearance.

Even my mother never praised me, you know?

Definitely, deep inside, they were looking for someone to stop them.

For example, even if there was such a reason, don’t you sympathize with them?

HKAHAHWAHAHA~ *awkward laughter*

So, Hinata-kun, won’t you have a little contest with me?




It’s despair, isn’t it?


It’s despair!