high peak trail

An entire day on the Makalu Basecamp trail spent in shadow of this peak, Mahali, a six-thousander in the Makalu-Barun region. The mountain keeps grunting and groaning through the day, as ice blocks melt and reshape.

Our ride today took us from Carsington Water on a circular route via the Tissington Trail and the High Peak trail. The ford above is pretty but marks the start of what has probably been my hardest climb to date. Funnily enough I rode the first and possibly the steepest part fairly easy. You can just see the start of it in the top right of the picture. It was the grind that came afterwards that nearly did for me. Nearly 29 miles though. My thighs could crush walnuts.


May 3rd - Countryside cycling - errant wildlife is always a hazard. Here on the High Peak Trail, I watch helpless as this bunny runs before me.

Lucky escape there, Brer Rabbit!